Developing your Lag Putting Skills


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We all can't get the ball within 3 feet from the cup every time. Even the professional golfers cannot do this. That's why it's important to develop your lag putting skills. This presentation gives quick tips to help you develop your lag putting.

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Developing your Lag Putting Skills

  1. 1. Developing Your Lag Putting Skills
  2. 2. In golf, lag putting is one very important skill that can be used to positively influence all aspects of your game, and effectively lower your scores in the long run. According to some experts, the real difference between junior golfers and veterans in the game is their lag putting ability and it seems to be the skill most underrated by golfers. Outlined below are some simple steps that can help you develop your lag putting skills
  3. 3. Understand What is Required of You
  4. 4. The very first step in developing your lag putting skills is to understand what is required of you. Basically, lag putting requires you to be able to infuse speed and control into the ball during your stroke, especially on windy days and rough greens where the ball faces greater resistance on the ground. You should be able to hit the ball such that it rolls smoothly toward the hole regardless of the distance of the putt.
  5. 5. Practice Regularly
  6. 6. After gaining a good understanding of what is required the next thing you need to do is to practice regularly. This is very important in developing your lag putting skills as you would need to improve on your stroke delivery, your control of the ball and generally identify areas where you should put more effort. To achieve great speed and control during your stroke, you should be able to hit the ball directly with the putter face and from the base of the ball. Hitting the ball at the middle or just at the top gets you nowhere when you are trying to lag putt.
  7. 7. Maintain a Well-Balanced Stance
  8. 8. Also, you need to maintain a stance that gives you the greatest balance during lag putting. This is essential because it is the only way you can hit the ball with the desired power and also maintain control of where the ball gets to. Do not stand too close to the ball, widen your stance a little and prevent your whole body from flailing while delivering your stroke. Rather, let your shoulders deliver the swing.
  9. 9. Waggle the Club to Get a Feel for the Putter
  10. 10. Furthermore, you should waggle the putter back and forth while focusing your eyes on the ball for effective lag putting. Visualize a line of putt and do not concentrate on what will happen to the ball, but rather how well you will hit it. This way, you will be able to properly pace your stroke without distorting the motion of the putter.
  11. 11. You can be sure of developing your lag putting skills in no time if you follow these procedures and practice them consistently.
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