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Terrica springer Powerpoint


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Terrica springer Powerpoint

  1. 1. Terrica Springer4th hour.December 17th,2012
  2. 2. Louisiana State University 3848 W. Lakeshore Drive  Baton Rouge, LA 70808 (225) 578-3202
  3. 3. HistoryLSU was founded in 1853 by the LouisianaGeneral Assembly. Under the name LouisianaState Seminary of Learning and MilitaryAcademy & was located near Pineville,Louisiana with the first session beginning onJanuary 2, 1860.3 of LSU’s presidents weremilitary generals. The land of the current LSUcampus was purchased in 1918, and the moveto the campus began in 1925. It was not,however, until 1932 that the move was finallycompleted. The campus was dedicated April30, 1926. The first women to enroll to LSU wasAnnie Boyd.
  4. 4. Tuition and Required Fees
  5. 5. Degrees offeredBachelor DegreeMaster’s DegreeDoctor’s DegreeThere are Graduate Degrees andUndergraduate Degrees.
  6. 6. Major ProgramWhen/if I go to LSU I will study “SocialWork” I will ultimately get my degree inMaster of Social Work.Social Work Is a MASTERS degree.
  7. 7. Curriculum Of Major Program The Master of Social Work degree requires two academic years of full-time study (15 hours of credit per semester for a total of 60 hours). Students admitted to the MSW program must elect to enter either the full-time (15 hours per semester) or the part-time (six hours per semester) program. CLASSES 3.0 HOURS EACH CLASS Introduction to Social Work, Child & Community, Skills in Working with People, Crisis Intervention, Penology, Community Services & The Aged, Special Topics in Social Work
  8. 8. Other informationMelvin Lee “Kip” Holden -Holden became the first African-American Mayor-President of East BatonRouge Parish on Jan. 3, 2005. He previously served in the Louisiana House ofRepresentatives for District 63 from 1988-2001 and was a Louisiana Senator fromDistrict 15 from 2002-2004.Joanne Gignilliar Woodward -Woodward is an Academy Award-winning actress for best actress in the 1957 film The Three Faces of Eve. In addition, she was nominated for the best actress Academy Award again for Rachel, Rachel, Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams, and Mr. and Mrs. Bridge. On Feb. 9, 1960, Woodward became the first person to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Eric Arturo Delvalle -Delvalle was the president of the nation of Panama from 1985-1988 after serving as the countrys vice president from 1984-1985
  9. 9. Why I want to attend thiscollegeI really want to go to LSU because I feel likeit’s a better choice when deciding whatcollege to go to. I also want to go to an instate school so I can be closer to my family. Ieasily get home sick. LSU also offers a lot ofactivities that I like. The sports teams thereare also very good. The education system thereis also good, plus in-state tuition is cheap.
  10. 10. References/Sites I got theinformation from http://