Selection and justification


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Selection and justification

  1. 1. Selection andJustification Materials, Processes, Resources S
  2. 2. MaterialsMaterials are those things that you use in thedevelopment of your projectThis includes: Consumerables Tools
  3. 3. ComponentsThese are parts of your project.A multimedia product includes a mix of: Text Images Animation/Video Sound Hyperlinks
  4. 4. There are things youneed to think about for each S
  5. 5. TextSerif or sans-serif Standard or non-standard?Communication or Decoration Saved as text or image?Reading Level Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Will people read it? Printed or screen?Colour? RGB or CKMY Anti-aliased?ReadabilityFonts
  6. 6. ProcessesAre the way in which you work to perform any function.Eg, if you have an image that needs to be on thecomputer, you can scan it, take a photo of it, draw it byhand, or using graphics tablet, use a digital pen....howwill you decide what to do?
  7. 7. How to do a selection and Justification
  8. 8. Selection and Justification: Logo Option Selectio Justification s nLogo File Type Jpeg Gif Although Gif has limited colour Gif pallete, in this situation, where we PNG will use limited colours, this Psd limiting factor is irrelevant. Gif produces better sharp lines than jpeg for images of this type. PSD is not a suitable iamge type as it is not standardised enough. PNG would be another suitable option, as it has similar features to gif, however, is not as standardised as gif. Therefore, since gif would produce a better quality, sharper image, which is highly standardised, this format will be
  9. 9. Options Selection JustificationLogo A analogou Although the Contrasting colourColour (analogous) s scheme seems to be more fun, B the analogous theme is more (Contrasting proffessional and easier to view. ) Most people (90%) that we surveyed regarding this preffered the analogous one over the contrasting. As part of our SOI, one of our goals was to appear proffcessional, and in line with this, the analgous logo scheme is more suitable.analogous Contrasting Images from Beaird, J (2007) Principles of Beautiful Web Design, Site Point
  10. 10. Options Selection JustificationLogo CYMK RGB As most of the companysColour RGB business is done online, withProfile little in print, RGB is a more appropriate colour profile, due to its’ closer reflection of colours on computer monitors than CYMK, which is designed more for print. For those elements that are printed, we will still stay with RGB, as we do not want to have two different colour versions of our logo for practical usage reasons. Since most of our business is online, the slight improvement in quality of colour by using CYMK for print is not relevant to us. RGB will be used whenever the logo is used. Images from Beaird, J (2007) Principles of Beautiful Web Design, Site Point
  11. 11. Options Selection JustificationThe Draw by Draw in Illustrator is the best option here,production hand and illustrator as it creates the best solid lineof the logo scan vector art. A sketch will be drawn Draw in for communication and as a illustrator template for the higher quality Draw in illustrator file, which will be photoshop imported into illustrator to trace by hand. This will be done as this allows us to more freely and easily focus on design in the process of hand drawing. Tracing this in illustrator allows for better reproduction of straight lines, and will look more proffessional than a sketch, and will also be better for production of text. Images from Beaird, J (2007) Principles of Beautiful Web Design, Site Point
  12. 12. Options Selection JustificationText Use existing Create Creation of our own font will font own font allow us to get the exact font Create own that we need. Since our logo is font what people will recognise of our company, the text is a major contribution to that, and we want the text to be recognisable to our company (like the Disney font is to disney)Process of Font Lab Font Allows more control over fontcreating Studio Forge creation than the online fontfont (US$600) generator, and FontLab, Font Forge although industry standard, is (free) beyond the budget for this Online Font project. Generator (http://www.yourfonts. com/ $15) Images from Beaird, J (2007) Principles of Beautiful Web Design, Site Point
  13. 13. Geeze, this seems like a lot… What’s the point? S
  14. 14. Why?Conducts and explains a wide range of relevant research, justifying the selection of appropriate materials, processes, technologies and resources S
  15. 15. The BOS marker should… S Know exactly how you plan to do your project
  16. 16. Link to exam
  17. 17. Digital camera Scanner Stills camera Webcam, videocamera
  18. 18. When formatting text for a website a developer mustuse a font size that is easy to read and not too small.They must also consider the font colour as it may behard to read against certain background colours.Font types may not be available to some users, so acommon font type is safer to use. Some font types canbe hard to read unless large in size. Use a font typethat is easy to read in a small font size, preferably inserif fonts, as it is easier to read on screen
  19. 19. Breaching copyright – both customer and video storemust follow copyright laws to avoid liability andpossible prosecution. Recognition of the artist andowners of copyright materials should be sought byobtaining permission. Loss of profits of the rightfulowners. Loss of profits for artists, owners, industryCopyright laws/permission/theft Recognition of artistswork
  20. 20. File formats could be incompatible (specificplayers/software) Resolution (eg HDV) sizes couldresult in large file sizes (slow streaming or downloadspeeds) Files sizes of all video files will add up andrequire large amounts of storage.Resolution and screen size eg standard definitionscreen compared to HDV widescreen Video codecsInternet bandwidth Video file types. OS compatibility(eg wmv not available for Apple) Browser compatibility