Compare Electricity Rates to Find Lower Energy Prices


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Even when energy consumers are happy with their power provider, it is best to compare electricity rates offered by the competition.

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Compare Electricity Rates to Find Lower Energy Prices

  1. 1. Compare Energy Rates to Find Lower Electric Prices Even when energy consumers are happy with their power provider, it is best to compare electricity rates offered by the competition. For the last decade, businesses and households across Texas have had the ability to switch their utility companies, once the deregulation laws broke up the statewide monopoly on electricity. Now, every energy consumer can have the same electricity delivered to the home or business, but can pay a lower price for the products and services they receive. Changing Providers Is Easy It takes longer to compare electricity rates to find a cheaper energy provider, than it actually takes to make the switch. It is important that every household and business take the time to comparison shop between the different providers, and evaluate their pricing structure, incentives, plans and programs they offer. Every provider will sell their electric services based on the kilowatt hours that are used by the consumer. Business and large households that consume a significant amount of electricity every month seem to fare better in obtaining lower fixed prices on structured plans. However, they are required to sign a contract for a specific predetermined amount of time, which can last three months, six months, a year or longer. Smaller households and businesses that do not consume a large amount of electricity might do better to compare electricity rates of energy providers that offer low variable prices. These types of variable rates will often increase and decrease based on energy demands caused by outside forces, including the fluctuating price of oil, gas, and other fossil fuels used to generate electricity. Perspective Energy Service Providers In addition to comparing electricity rates, it is important to research information on every perspective energy service provider offering low prices. This includes reading feedback on the provider’s response time, and their ability to answer all important questions. By contacting their support line, and reading their performance guarantees, it will be easy to decide which provider is offering the best customer service along with their low energy prices.
  2. 2. The ability to compare electric prices has made the process of picking provider easy. The energy deregulation has brought beneficial opportunities for businesses and residential homes in Texas. With an easy comparison of energy rates, consumers can control their monthly utility bills. So taking the time to compare electricity rates is a simple way to help reduce monthly utility bills in nearly every location in Texas. Learn more at
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