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Shopsial TVSS week 4

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Shopsial TVSS week 4

  2. 2. CustomersVendors End-Users
  3. 3. Problems - Large queues in- No feedback from clients. stores- Stock - No access to real timemanagments knowledge
  4. 4. - Gather User Information (No feedback from clients) - Personalized marketing campaings (Stock managments) Vendors
  5. 5. - User smartphone as a P.O.S (Large queues in stores) - Connecting across Social Networks (No access to real time knowledge) End-users
  6. 6. Case 5-9 min 2-3 min NO queue
  7. 7. End Users“20% de los internautas españoles poseeun Smartpohone” by“El 73% de internautas móviles accede alas redes sociales en su smartphone” by Everyone with Dynamic and Active in social smartphone. Modern people. networks.
  8. 8. Vendors Burger king Dunkin donutsHigh street vendors Mc donalds H&M Starbucks Zara
  9. 9. -Real time knowledge-Manage inventory (according to needs)- Save Time - Save money- Information
  10. 10. Buy is aGameAwardsReal TimeDiscounts Users must use shopsial
  11. 11. Monetizing Subscriber plan knowledge for marketing Advertisment Direct pay tax Pre paid credit (something like skype)
  12. 12. Staff Marketing Technology Cost •Servers (300€) 15.000€ 12.500€ •Salaries (8000€) 10.000€Designer, 2 developer, founders, marketing,lawyer 7.500€ •Marketing (5000€) 5.000€Agressive discounts, gifts for the best users,advertisment. 2.500€ 0€ Month COSTS
  13. 13. • Subscriber Program 1000 Vendors (39.995€) (39,95€/month) Avg 15h/vendor users• Marketing campaigns (7.500€) (0,5€/user)• Geolocated discount 100 transaction/day alert (1€/h) (450k€)•Transaction fee (2,5%) Prepaid plans 4,95€, 9,95€, 24,95€, 49,95€•Pre paid credit REVENUE
  14. 14. 1. Improving domain architecture2. REST API3. Android app4. Starting background app5. Restkit framework for iOS6. Survey7. Market ( PROGRESS THIS WEEK
  15. 15. Business PrototypeDeterminate the market Problems with hibernateMarket dimension sessionsCost estimation Svn repository down iOS restkit framework PROBLEMS
  16. 16. 1. Complete buy workflow2. Adquire more real data3. Work on a business NEXT WEEK