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FC Bunyodkor is the Best Team in Uzbekistan and one of the Best Teams in Asia.

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Fc Bunyodkor 2013 eng

  1. 1. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 Commercial offer 2013 Professional football club BUNYODKOR fcbunyodkor.com
  2. 2. CONTEST: 03 Club history 04 Achievements 05 Stadium 06 Academy FC BUNYODKOR 07 VIP 08 Fans 09 Fan club 10 Television 11 Football in Uzbekistan 12 Attendance 13 Uniform Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 14 AdvertisementChampionship Cup 15 Branding events 16 Press conferences and interviews 2008 2008 17 Store 2009 2010 18 Web-site 2010 2012 19 License 2011 20 Media 21 Audio and Video
  3. 3. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 CLUB HISTORY 3 2005 team started to participate in the Tashkent city championship as Quruvchi. After the team started to play in 1 league and won it. In 2007 Quruvchi started to play in professional league of Uzbekistan where set some national records. Besides Ilkhom Mumindjanov became the best forward of the championship. 2008 Quruvchi was renamed as BF Bunyodkor FOOTBALL CLUB WITH OWN TRADITIONS AND WILL TO THE VICTORY... Bunyodkor is the football team that always takes FC BUNYODKOR place on pedestal. fcbunyodkor.com
  4. 4. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 ACHIEVEMENTS 4 The winner of the second league championship in 2005 The winner of the first league championship in 2006 Silver medalist of the 2007 championship Finalist of Uzbekistan cup 2007 Semifinalist of AFC 2008 Winner of Uzbekistan cup 2008 Server Djeparov – the best player of Uzbekistan championship 2008 Server Djeparov – the best player in Asia 2008 Uzbekistan champion in 2009 The finalist of Uzbekistan cup 2009 Uzbekistan champion 2010 Uzbekistan cup winner 2010 Uzbekistan champion 2011 Silver medalist of the 2012 championship Semifinalist of AFC 2012 Uzbekistan cup winner 2012 BUNYODKOR – LEADER OF THE LAST 4 CHAMPIONSHIPS.… Bunyodkor participated FC BUNYODKOR 6 times in the championship and won 4 of them.… fcbunyodkor.com
  5. 5. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 STADIUM 5 "BUNYODKOR" STADIUM – BIGEST In 2013 Bunyodkor will accept FOOTBALL ARENA IN UZBEKISTAN... competitors in a new stadium "Bunyodkor". It is a modern sport construction in Uzbekistan. Arena can accept 34 000 people. Also there are VIP lounges at the stadium. National team of Uzbekistan will play all the matches on the "Bunyodkor" stadium starting from next year. Also it is planned to organize some cultural events in the stadium. FC BUNYODKOR Stadium "Bunyodkor" – sport city in the capital of the country. fcbunyodkor.com
  6. 6. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 ACADEMY 6 "Bunyodkor" academy is 3-level sport complex which is conveniently located near the subway station "Chilanzar". Starting from October 2012 talented kids were selected to the academy from all over Uzbekistan. Kids are getting football and educational knowledges at the academy. "BUNYODKOR" ACADEMY – ONE OF THE STRONGEST FOOTBALL SCHOOLS OF UZBEKISTAN... The are all conditions have been created by high qualified personal of "Bunyodkor" FC BUNYODKOR academy to grow future champions. fcbunyodkor.com
  7. 7. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 VIP 7 There are more than 50 VIP lounges at the stadium where people can get the best view of the match and enjoy the highest level of hospitality. STADIUM VIP LOUNGES – HIGH LEVEL OF HOSPITALITY... FC BUNYODKOR "Bunyodkor" stadium always welcome for the guests! fcbunyodkor.com
  8. 8. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 FANS 8 TOGETHER WITH THE TEAM... "Bunyodkor" famous not only in Uzbekistan, there are a lot of fans all over the world. The fan goes together with the team to support the players over the world. Mostly fans live in Tashkent also… ……you can find Bunyodkor fans everywhere in Uzbekistan and all over the world... FC BUNYODKOR fcbunyodkor.com
  9. 9. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 FAN CLUB 9 FAN CLUB UNIFIES FANS FROM Bunyodkor is a famous not only in Uzbekistan and also ALL OVER THE WORLD… all over the world. Bunyodkor builds relations with the fans on the base of European standards, it gives benefits to the club and partners. FC BUNYODKOR fcbunyodkor.com
  10. 10. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 TELEVISION 10 Football the most frequent and expected guest on Uzbekistan television. The matches of FC Bunyodkor broadcast on the main sport TV channels, some of them on satellite TV. MOST FREQUENT GUEST ON TELEVISION... FC Bunyodkor plays the best and most entertaining FC BUNYODKOR football in Uzbekistan.… fcbunyodkor.com
  11. 11. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 FOOTBALL 11 IN UZBEKISTAN Football is number one sport in Uzbekistan."The game of millions" always broadcasts on TV, takes main pages in newspapers and magazines, plenty of the radio broadcasts and internet. THE MOST FAMOUS EVENTS IN UZBEK FOOTBALL BELONGS TO FC BUNYODKOR... The government of Republic of Uzbekistan pays attention FC BUNYODKOR to develop the football in the country … fcbunyodkor.com
  12. 12. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 ATTENDANCE 12 REAL SUPPORTERS… The different type of target audience comes to see the matches of FC "Bunyodkor" FC BUNYODKOR fcbunyodkor.com
  13. 13. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 UNIFORM 13 BUNYODKOR IS THE MOST POPULAR The logo of the partner BRAND IN UZBEKISTAN... on the uniform remains under the attention of TV and photo images. The players are most accepted guests on TV and Media. The partners get an opportunity not only to advertise the product plus to associate with famous football brand in Uzbekistan. The logo of the partners on the FC BUNYODKOR uniform remain under the attention of TV and photo images fcbunyodkor.com
  14. 14. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 LED PITCH SIDE SCREENS 14 THE ADVERTISEMENT ON THE STADIUM Partner can place the advertisement on LED pitch side screens in the IS EFFECTIVE AND PROFITABLE... TV camera vision zone. The advertisement takes aprox 70% of the broadcast. Nearly 70% of the match FC BUNYODKOR time the advertisement is visible….… fcbunyodkor.com
  15. 15. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 BRANDING EVENTS 15 Partner gets big opportunities to place the advertisement materials all over the new stadium. Also partner can make different events on the stadium to advertise own product.* BIG OPPORTUNITIES OF BIG STADIUM... FC BUNYODKOR *All the events should follow the rules of the football tournaments according to the contract. fcbunyodkor.com
  16. 16. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 PRESS CONFERENCES 16 AND INTERVIEWS The coaches and players give interviews on the background of the billboard with the logo of the partners. After game interviews are broadcasts on main TV channels and sport internet resources*… BUNYODKOR AND PARTNERS ARE ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACTION… After match interviews FC BUNYODKOR are mandatory parts of broadcasting *All the events should follow the rules of the football tournaments according to the contract. fcbunyodkor.com
  17. 17. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 STORE 17 Bunyodkor Sport Partner has a right to put own goods and advertisement in the Bunyodkor store and fan club. FC BUNYODRORS STORE ALWAYS WELCOMES FANS… Bunyodkor has a wide assortment of goods... FC BUNYODKOR fcbunyodkor.com
  18. 18. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 WEBSITE 18 The partners advertisement will be placed on the official website of the club. Fcbunyodkor.com is the most popular website in the league. Partners advertisement could be placed in the official website of the club as a logo or as a separate page. Website refreshes regularly and has a lot of ways to cooperate with fans. FANS ALWAYS INFORMED... The website of the club is the best football site FC BUNYODKOR in Uzbekistan. fcbunyodkor.com
  19. 19. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 LICENSE 19 THE PLAYERS PARTICIPATE IN ADVERTISING PROMOUTIONS OF THE CLUB… Partner has a right to use logo and players of FC Bunyodkor in own advertising promotions. Partner also can use photo and video materials of the club. OFFICIAL MOBILE PHONE OF BUNYODKOR FAN OFFICIAL MOBILE OPERATOR OF BUNYODKOR FANS Partner has a right to use logo and players of FC Bunyodkor FC BUNYODKOR in own advertising promotions.* *According to the contract fcbunyodkor.com
  20. 20. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 RESOURCES 20 AND MEDIA Bunyodkor is very famous in media resources. Club has good relations with TV and Media. It gives big opportunities for partner projects. WIDE ADVERTISING RESOURCES... Bunyodkor is very famous FC BUNYODKOR in media resources… fcbunyodkor.com
  21. 21. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 AUDIO AND VIDEO 21 ANNOUNCEMENTS Visual advertising on the stadium panel is one of the most effective methods. This is direct communication with the public in the stadium. The partner can advertise using the stadium panel. DIRECT COMMUNICATION WITH THE PUBLIC IN THE STADIUM... Audio and video advertisement in the stadium is the most effective method. FC BUNYODKOR fcbunyodkor.com
  22. 22. Football club “Bunyodkor” Tashkent 2013 профессиональный футбольный клуб BUNYODKOR Contacts: Marketing manager of FC Bunyodkor Revaz Shoniya E-mail: sh.revaz@gmail.com