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Presentation on international chain of hotels

frankfinn surat presentation for hospitality

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Presentation on international chain of hotels

  1. 1. C h a t t e r je e B a tc h : H 2 S u b je c t : p r e s e n t a t io n o n In t e r n a t io n a l a n d d o m e s t ic c h a in o f h o t e lsS u b m it t e d t o : A ja y s ir
  2. 2. Presentation on international chain of hotelsSubject : Four seasons hotels and resorts
  3. 3. In t r o d u c t io n o f ho te lo This is a private type of industry for hospitality and tourism .o Ultra luxury , 5 star hotel ( canadian based ) .o Travel + leisure magazines ranked this hotel , among the 85 properties .o Names as one of the “ 100 best companies to work for “ by the fortune every year survey in 1998 .o Readers of “ conde nast traveler voted the Golden triangle property in Thailand as the favorite place for 3 consecutive years .
  4. 4. H is t o r y This hotel is founded by a Canadian businessman is adore sharp in year 1960 . The first hotel is designed for the business travelers in 1961 . In 1990s there is a direct competition between , Ritz cartilon and four seasons , but at the end , four seasons gained the market shares . The first full service spa was introduce in 1986 at Las colainas , which is one of the property of four seasons . During the economic downtowns , the company was affected badly . Due to the attack on sept 11 , which cause 21 deaths , and in this case , company has to cut off the value of rooms .
  5. 5.  Company recovered in 2007 . And it is agreed to buy out the company to the Microsoft chairman Bill gates Prince Al-Walled bin Talan for $3.8 billion . They owns 95 % of the shares and share them equally . And rest of the shares , is owned by sharp (management company). In sept 2010 , Kathleen Taylor was appointed CEO of the company . Then after four seasons add more and more hotels in all over the world , and they had open one of its branch in Mumbai in 2009.
  6. 6. A c c o m m o d a t io n s o f h o t e ls A room at four seasons begins with a liberating sense of space . Its beauty connects u with the surrounding environment , while ensuring your comfort and convenience .
  7. 7.  You will enjoy while sleeping because of the well defined finished work and the comfort ability of the bed .
  8. 8. H o t e l t o d e s c r ib e d We are going to talk about Four Seasons Alexandria at San Stefano, Egypt.
  9. 9. a n d S u it e s in Four S e a s ons A le x a n d r ia a t S a n S te fa n o , Four seasons executive Suite• E g yp t. Sea View Room• Pool-Terrace room• Superior room Suites• Royal Suite• Precedential suite
  10. 10. Pool-Terrace room Spacious Pool Terrace Rooms have a large terrace with direct access to the pool deck. The 15-square- metre (161-square-foot) terrace is furnished with a lounge and a small table and chairs. A comfortable sitting area features an arm chair, a writing desk, an 81-centimetre (32-inch) LCD television with DVD and CD player.  Additional amenities include a private bar, an in- room safe and dual-line telephones. All rooms have wired and wireless high-speed Internet access.  Size 61 meter sq.
  11. 11. Four seasons executive Suite: Sea view Room A marble entrance leads to a comfortable sitting area featuring an armchair, writing desk, 81-centimetre (32-inch) LCD screen television with DVD and CD player. Additional amenities include a private bar, an in-room safe and dual-line telephones. All rooms have wired and wireless high- speed Internet access.  The full marble bathroom features a vanity, deep soaking tub, separate glass-enclosed shower.  Size 48 meter sq
  12. 12. Superior room Spacious Superior Rooms, located on all floors of the Hotel, have views of the city from furnished private balconies. Beyond a marble entrance, a comfortable sitting area features an armchair, writing desk and 81-centimetre  (32-inch) LCD screen television with DVD and CD player.  Additional amenities include a private bar, an in- room safe and dual-line telephones. All rooms have wired and wireless high-speed Internet access.  Size 53 meter sq
  13. 13. S u it e sRoyal Suite • French furnished design • 3 bedroom royal suite • Overlooking the Mediterranean sea • Expensive furnished balcony • Luxurious sofa and 32 inch LCD • 8 guests dining arrangement • 373 meter sq
  14. 14. P r e s id e n t ia l r o o m s Two expensive furnished balconies and 3 luxurious suites bedrooms.  Classic furnings in the living room  Size 350 meter sq
  15. 15. S p a f a c ilit ie s  Spa services are available from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm .  Number of treatment centers , 14 .  Treatments are as follows Paranoiac massage Aroma massage Head , neck and back Body cleansing Purifying Valconic clay
  16. 16. D in in g • Byblos• Stefanos
  17. 17. B y b lo s Byblos is the Hotels Lebanese fine-dining restaurant.  The highlight an expansive view of the Mediterranean.  Indoor sitting , 62.  Outdoor sitting , 25.    
  18. 18. S te fa n o ’ s • This stylish restaurant serves a selection of authentic Southern Italian cuisine, including seafood specialties.•  The open kitchen Chinese decor and warm Italian hospitality create an intimate ambience. • 54 indoor sitting.
  19. 19. C o n c lu s io n As you can see the specialty and the décor of this hotel , this makes the hotel the one of the best for the tourism spot. The house kipping of the hotel is excellent .  And the room servicer of the hotel is adorable and punctual .  That’s why , Four seasons is very well known for their services and facilities .
  20. 20. P r e s e n t a t io n o nd o m e s t ic c h a in o f h o t e ls  Subject :ITC Hotels in India
  21. 21. In t r o d u c t io n o f h o t e lsITC Hotels is India’s second largest hotel chain with over 100 hotels .  ITC Hotels is regularly voted amongst the best employers in Asia in the hospitality sector. There are 80 properties of ITC in all over India. 
  22. 22. H is t o r y  ITC ltd entered the hotel business on October 18, 1975, with the opening of a hotel in Chennai, which was named Hotel Chola.     ITC hotels currently owns and operates 100 hotels in 75 destinations. ITC Hotels have a reputation of playing host to visiting royalty and world leaders time and again.  
  23. 23. A c c o m m o d a t io n s o f h o t e ls  A Room at ITC begins with the liberating sense of space . Luxurious beds , LCD And many more additional facilities are available. Privacy can be maintained. Proper connection with environment , well designed balcony , and roofs .
  24. 24.  These hotel provides two different types of rooms .  Suites  Presidential suite  
  25. 25. S u it e s  ITC suites a fine tuned balance between high technology and complete service. It includes LCD ,Personal computers , Wi-Fi services, telephone , and international direct calling.  There are separate female executive rooms.  It also includes non smoking rooms. 
  26. 26. P r e s id e n t ia l s u it e s  It includes fine Furnish of Italian and Canadian style .  Three bedrooms with fully uploaded with all the technologies and means of communication.  Well furnished and luxurious balcony.  It includes Seats of 7 guests.  Ancient monuments and items are presented in a newly terrified manner .
  27. 27. D in in g F a c ilit ie s in IT C H o t e ls Restaurants and Lounges • Dakshin • Dublin
  28. 28. D a k s h in Dakshin is an Indian Restaurant.  Dakshin having Coastal and regional specialities. Dakshin having a south Indian cuisine.
  29. 29. Dublin  It is the only Irish pub in the city. It offers a combination of all the charmings and Irish.  It having the specialized centre of soft drinks and hard drinks with finger foods .
  30. 30. C o n c lu s io n Due to the luxurious surroundings ,  and good services and life style , this  chain of hotels can be said as a 5satr  hotel . That’s y it is a domestic 5 star hotel.