Smart PR Measurement in the Digital Age


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While some principles of public relations haven't changed, the digital age has given us new tools and technologies with which to measure our work. This is a presentation on smart public relations measurement for the digital age that I made to PRSA Orlando on March 15, 2012.

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  • What: to get the word out about Oxfam America’s work empowering women around the world. Why: to build its eCommunity. How: blogger outreach promoting the sending of IWD eCards and giving a personalized eAward to a woman who’s made a difference in her community.
  • Smart PR Measurement in the Digital Age

    1. 1. Image: Amenlu – Ani Mendez via Flickr (CC)
    2. 2. Cartoon: HubSpot, Flickr (CC)
    3. 3. Image: liwenli via Flickr (CC)
    4. 4. … when impressions are the be-all & end-all … “AVE” – gasp, shudder and barf … anyone remember “research”? … not quantifiable or time bound … not focusing on what we’re trying to achieve … not using measurement to inform decisions … not tying it to business outcomesImage: Matti Mattila via Flickr (CC)
    5. 5. Image: shareski via Flickr (CC) Image: Dave Dugdale via Flickr (CC) Image: adesigna via Flickr (CC)
    6. 6. Ask YourselfImage:
    7. 7. Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery First-ever OutwinBoochever Portrait Competition (2005-2006)Used with permission from the National Portrait Gallery
    8. 8. What Was the Problem?• Perceived as outdated• Lack of connection• Portraiture not “cool” or “hip”• Aimed to reach emerging & mid-career artists• 2,000 entries to be viable Used with permission from the National Portrait Gallery, image via Tim Caynes Flickrstream (CC)
    9. 9. The Plan • Media outreach • Media buy • Direct mail • “Portrait of an Artist”Used with permission from the National Portrait Gallery
    10. 10. Image: saaby, Flickr (CC)
    11. 11. Results• Changed creative• Impacted tactics & collateral• Influenced media buy• Influenced media outreach• Net-net: 4,000+ entries (double goal) Used with permission from the National Portrait Gallery
    12. 12. The Case of The OKC Jeweler @dangordon @samuelgordons© Daniel Gordon, used with permission
    13. 13. The 4-1-1 • Local focus on OKC customers, slowly-growing national customers • Brick-and-mortar storeWho •107-year old jewelry store in OKC •Not just jewelry: love, commitment to service, trustWhat • Grow sales • Build community… and convert themWhy • 2004 - 2010When • Some advertising • Traditional earned mediaWhere • Social sites
    14. 14. © Daniel Gordon, used with permission
    15. 15. © Daniel Gordon, used with permission Blog traffic
    16. 16. © Daniel Gordon, used with permission
    17. 17. Oxfam America’s 2012 International Women’s Day Campaign Used with permission from Oxfam America
    18. 18. The Core of the CampaignUsed with permission from Oxfam America
    19. 19. Multi-pronged Outreach & Coverage
    20. 20. Results eAward downloaded approx. >5K recipients got >2K eCards 1K times (March 7-10) Oxfam America secured 752 new constituents via eCards (compared to 261 in 2011 for a similar initiative)Used with permission from Oxfam America
    21. 21. … and More Results (thank you, Bloggers!) 14.86% search traffic 38.35% email traffic 46.61% referral traffic, with 31.73% from external sites Used with permission from Oxfam America Of Note: 14 of 42 blog posts secured were among the top 28 (>5 visits) traffic sources… that’s half! Strong correlation between blog posts publishing and search traffic, particularly for keywords “international women’s day ecards,” “international women’s day ecard,” “women’s day ecard,” etc.
    22. 22. Image: Samuel Maycock, Flickr (CC)
    23. 23. Tie It TogetherCourtesy: KD Paine & Partners
    24. 24. Step 1: Begin at the EndWhere do you want people to Direct people from yourgo? A website? A landing page? social outposts to your hubAnd what needs to happen? Image: stacyjclinton via Flickr, CC
    25. 25. Image: Wonderlane via Flickr, CC
    26. 26. Step 3: Track Track Track!
    27. 27. Analytics Tell Stories Overall Traffic Campaign TrafficUsed with permission from USA for UNHCR
    28. 28. Image: argbx via Flickr (CC)
    29. 29. “You Can’t Cure Suck”(h/tPierre-LoÏcAssayag, Traackr) Image: dennis via Flickr (CC)
    30. 30. Remember…Image:
    31. 31. A Few More Resources•••••••••• Bi-weekly #measurePR Twitter chat• measurement/measurePR categories•
    32. 32. Questions? Image: Håkan Dahlström via Flickr, CC @shonali Thank you!