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On June 21, 2011, the bi-weekly #measurePR Twitter chat featured Megan Berry (@meganberry) of Klout, who answered several questions about the service.

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#measurePR Twitterchat transcript 6-21-11

  1. 1. Time(PDT)   Username   Update   Im  heading  into  #measurePR  with  @meganberry  -­‐  snooze  me  for  the  next  hour   6/21/11  8:58   shonali   if  youre  not  interested!   And...  its  time!  Welcome  to  the  bi-­‐weekly  chat  on  all  things  PR  &  SM-­‐ 6/21/11  9:00   shonali   measurement  related.  Whos  joining  today?  #measurepr   Our  guest  today  is  @meganberry  of  Klout.  Thanks  for  braving  the  hordes,   6/21/11  9:00   shonali   Megan.  :)  #measurepr   RT  @shonali:  And...  its  time!  Welcome  to  the  bi-­‐weekly  chat  on  all  things  PR  &   6/21/11  9:01   kmueller62   SM-­‐measurement  related.  Whos  joining  today?  #measurepr   Well  start  the  chat  soon,  but  as  you  settle  in,  please  introduce  yourselves,  who   6/21/11  9:01   shonali   you  are,  what  you  do,  etc.  #measurepr   Ill  start:  Im  a  #solopr  pro  in  the  DC  area,  measurement  fiend  (hence  this  chat),   6/21/11  9:01   shonali   @SAISHopkins  faculty  &  @wgbiz  editor.  #measurepr   6/21/11  9:02   meganberry   @shonali  thanks  for  having  me!    #measurepr   6/21/11  9:02   shonali   @kmueller62  Hiya!  Are  you  joining?  Great  to  have  you  if  so!  #measurepr   Few  things  before  we  get  started  (we  have  a  LOT  of  questions  to  get  through   6/21/11  9:02   shonali   today)...  #measurepr   1,  remember  to  use  the  hashtag  AND  index  your  tweets  w/  Q  no.  E.g.  "Re:  Q1"   6/21/11  9:03   shonali   or  "A1,"  etc.,  when  youre  chatting.  #measurepr   6/21/11  9:03   mikedonatello   o/          VP  of  research  at  Bulletin  News,  LLC    #measurepr   2nd,  we  have  groups  on  Facebook  &  LinkedIn,  if  youd  like  to  join,  just  search  for   6/21/11  9:03   shonali   the  hashtag.  #measurepr   6/21/11  9:03   shonali   @kmueller62  LOL!  #measurepr   Got  questions  about  @Klout?  Check  out  @shonalis  #measurePR,  with  guest   6/21/11  9:03   prtini   @meganberry.  Twitter  chat  taking  place  right  now!   Good  morning  from  Anchorage.  Im  an  independent  pr/comm  counselor.   6/21/11  9:03   mdbarber   Looking  forward  to  learning  more  about  @klout.    #measurepr   6/21/11  9:03   shonali   @mikedonatello  Hey,  Mike,  thanks  for  joining!  #measurepr   RT  @prtini:  Got  questions  about  @Klout?  Check  out  @shonalis  #measurePR,   6/21/11  9:03   midlife_celiac   with  guest  @meganberry.  Twitter  chat  taking  place  right  now!   6/21/11  9:03   shonali   @mdbarber  Great  to  see  you!  #measurepr   Checking  out  this  weeks  #measurepr  chat.  RT  @shonali:  And...  its  time!   6/21/11  9:04   CARMA_Tweets   Welcome  to  the  bi-­‐weekly  chat  on  al…  (cont)  http://deck.ly/~1zhBR   3rd,  this  is  where  all  chat  recaps/transcripts  are  posted:  http://ow.ly/3OdC8   6/21/11  9:04   shonali   Might  want  to  bookmark  it.  #measurepr   6/21/11  9:04   SandraSays   Joining  the  #measurepr  conversation  today   6/21/11  9:04   shonali   @midlife_celiac  @PRtini  Thank  you!  #measurepr   Apologize  to  rest  of  my  followers  for  all  the  tweets  4  the  next  hour.  If  youre  into   6/21/11  9:04   mdbarber   measuring  comm,  or  want  info  on  Klout,  join  #measurepr   6/21/11  9:04   40deuce   Hi  #measurepr  folks!  Am  I  late?  #measurepr   Hi  there  -­‐  Ted  Weismann  with  @LPP_PR  in  Boston.  Great  to  be  here  and  chat   6/21/11  9:04   TedWeismann   with  @meganberry  and  others.  #measurepr   Hi  everybody!  Im  a  young  PR  professional  at  a  marketing  firm  in  Philadelphia.   6/21/11  9:04   Elaine_Hughes   Looking  forward  to  my  first  time  at  #measurepr   6/21/11  9:04   shonali   @CARMA_Tweets  Great  to  see  you!  #measurepr   6/21/11  9:04   mdbarber   @shonali  I  try  to  be  here.  Really  interested  in  this  topic.  #measurepr   6/21/11  9:04   shonali   4th:  Ill  be  sending  questions  to  @meganberry,  but  all  are  welcome  to  chime  in.  
  2. 2. If  you  have  MORE  qns  for  her,  please  DM  to  me.  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:05   40deuce   Sheldon,  community  manager  for  @Sysomos  here!  #measurepr   Its  been  a  while  since  Ive  been  able  to  attend,  but  Im  ready  to  join  in  for  6/21/11  9:05   TRGioia   #measurepr!!   @Elaine_Hughes  A  newbie!  Welcome.  :)  @tedweismann  Great  to  see  you  again,  6/21/11  9:05   shonali   and  also  @40deuce  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:05   KRKring   When  is  it?  RT  @SandraSays  Joining  the  #measurepr  conversation  today  6/21/11  9:05   shonali   @sandrasays  Hiya!  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:05   shonali   @krkring  Right  now!  12-­‐1  pm  bi-­‐weekly  on  Tuesdays.  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:05   shonali   @TRGioia  Great  to  see  you!  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:06   shonali   @wabbitoid  LOLOL!  Ill  be  posting  a  recap/transcript  for  sure.  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:06   shonali   OK  -­‐  about  to  kick  off  with  Q1  -­‐  lots  to  get  through  today!  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:06   annebuchanan   Hello  #measurePR  gang.  Anne  from  @BuchananPR  in  Philadelphia.   Hi,  first  time  joining.  Glad  to  be  hear!  6/21/11  9:07   Sandee_Jackson    #measurepr   Popping  in  again;  Ill  be  doing  lots  of  listening  today.  Ligaya  from  @crttanaka  in  6/21/11  9:07   kauaiianSun   Los  Angeles  here!  #measurepr   Q1:  Why  should  we  take  Klout  seriously?  Doesnt  seem  to  have  rhyme/reason  6/21/11  9:07   shonali   right  now  other  than  tweeting  a  lot  (from  @MattLaCasse)  #measurepr   @shonali  Thanks,  been  wanting  to  get  in  with  ya  on  these,  always  more  to  learn  6/21/11  9:08   wabbitoid   IMHO.  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:08   shonali   @kauaiianSun  @Sandee_Jackson  @annebuchanan  Welcome!  #measurepr   @wabbitoid  Definitely,  for  all  of  us.  Also,  I  like  how  you  spelled  "bizzy".  ;)  6/21/11  9:08   shonali   #measurepr   @shonali  Q1:  Best  way  to  answer  is  talking  about  how  we  DO  measure.  Its  not  6/21/11  9:08   meganberry   based  on  tweet  volume  but  ability  to  drive  action  #measurepr   RT  @prtini:  Got  questions  about  @Klout?  Check  out  @shonalis  #measurePR,  6/21/11  9:08   cloverdew   with  guest  @meganberry.  Twitter  chat  taking  place  right  now!   Because  its  the  most  recognized  measure  of  social  influence.  Even  those  who  6/21/11  9:08   Sandee_Jackson   doubt  it,  recognize  it.  #measurepr   RT  @shonali:  Q1:  Why  should  we  take  Klout  seriously?  Doesnt  seem  to  have  6/21/11  9:09   MegBiallas   rhyme/reason  right  now  other  than  tweeting  a  lot  (from  @MattLa  ...   @shonali  A1  (pt  2)  we  look  at  the  engagement  you  receive  (RTs,  @msgs,  likes,  6/21/11  9:09   meganberry   comments,  etc)  and  how  influential  those  people  are  #measurepr   joining  #MeasurePR  with  @shonali.  I  do  B2B  PR  in  Florida  for  AEC  industry.  Have  6/21/11  9:09   LoriePM   a  few  minutes  at  lunch  to  chat.   RT  @meganberry:  Q1:  Best  way  to  answer  is  talking  about  how  we  DO  measure.  6/21/11  9:09   shonali   Not  based  on  tweet  volume  but  ability  to  drive  action  #measurepr   Oh  man!  Great  day  for  me  to  make  into  this  chat.  Didnt  even  know  my  homegirl  6/21/11  9:09   40deuce   @meganberry  from  @klout  was  the  special  guest  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A1  (pt  2)  we  look  at  engagement  you  receive  (RTs,  @msgs,  6/21/11  9:10   shonali   likes,  comments,  etc)  &  how  influential  those  people  are  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:10   shonali   @LoriePM  Welcome!  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:10   kdpaine   @shonali    #measurepr  Im  here   @shonali  A1  (pt  3)  we  measure  that  influence  on  Twitter,  Facebook  and  6/21/11  9:10   meganberry   LinkedIn  with  more  networks  to  come  soon  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:10   TedWeismann   @meganberry  Sounds  sort  of  analogous  to  Page  Rank  #measurepr  
  3. 3. 6/21/11  9:10   meganberry   @40deuce  great  to  see  you  here!    #measurepr  6/21/11  9:10   shonali   @kdpaine  Heya!  #measurepr   @tedweismann  yes  definitely!  We  often  say  we  are  like  PageRank  for  people  6/21/11  9:10   meganberry   #measurepr   Off  to  a  great  start  w/  @meganberry!  Just  a  reminder,  Klout  gets  a  LOT  of  us  6/21/11  9:11   shonali   talking  (me  included).  Lets  be  civil  today,  eh?  #measurepr   What  is  Klout?  RT  @meganberry:  @tedweismann  yes  definitely!  We  often  say  6/21/11  9:11   annebuchanan   we  are  like  PageRank  for  people  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A1  (pt  3)  we  measure  that  influence  on  Twitter,  Facebook  6/21/11  9:11   shonali   and  LinkedIn  with  more  networks  to  come  soon  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:12   kikilitalien   @shonali    Im  here!  :-­‐)    #measurepr   A1:  I  like  @klout  and  other  tools  to  get  an  idea  of  who  to  look  closer  at,  but  6/21/11  9:12   40deuce   never  take  any  as  the  end  all  answer  #measurepr   Q2:  Does  the  addition  of  LinkedIn  &  Facebook  scoring  improve  professional  6/21/11  9:12   shonali   credibility  or  make  it  more  personal?  (from  @KratzPR)  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:12   shonali   @kikilitalien  Hey,  there,  great  to  see  you!  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  @shonali  Q1:  Best  way  to  answer  is  talking  about  how  we  DO  6/21/11  9:12   TRGioia   measure.  Its  not  based  on  tweet  volume  but  ability  to  drive    ...   RT  @40deuce:  A1:  I  like  @klout  and  other  tools  to  get  an  idea  of  who  to  look  6/21/11  9:12   bnotions   closer  at,  but  never  take  any  as  the  end  all  answer  #measurepr   @40deuce  yes  I  actually  agree.  People  are  more  than  score  whether  that  be  6/21/11  9:12   meganberry   SAT,  credit  or  Klout  -­‐-­‐  but  they  are  useful  shorthands  #measurepr   Three-­‐part  answer  by  @meganberry  makes  me  think  most  of  us  do  not  fully  6/21/11  9:13   annebuchanan   understand  how  to  use  @Klout!  #measurePR  6/21/11  9:13   shonali   @kanter  @kdpaine  LOL!  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:13   alanchumley   One  eye  on  @shonali  s  #measurepr  chat  with  @meganberry  from  @klout   RT  @40deuce:  A1:  I  like  @klout  and  other  tools  to  get  an  idea  of  who  to  look  6/21/11  9:13   shonali   closer  at,  but  never  take  any  as  the  end  all  answer  #measurepr   agree  RT  @40deuce:  A1:  I  like  @klout  and  other  tools  to  get  an  idea  of  who  to  6/21/11  9:13   TedWeismann   look  closer  at,  but  never  take  any  as  the  end  all  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:People  are  more  than  score  whether  that  be  SAT,  credit  or  6/21/11  9:13   annebuchanan   Klout  -­‐-­‐  but  they  are  useful  shorthands  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:13   shonali   @alanchumley  Wheres  the  second  eye?  ;)  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  @40deuce  yes  I  actually  agree.  People  are  more  than  score  6/21/11  9:13   Sandee_Jackson   whether  that  be  SAT,  credit  or  Klout  #measurepr   @shonali    #measurepr  and  what  if  your  campaign  is  focused  on  YouTube  or  6/21/11  9:13   kdpaine   Flickr  like  @cariegrls   @shonali  A2:  Our  goal  is  to  measure  everywhere  people  are  creating  content  6/21/11  9:13   meganberry   and  influencing  each  other  online.  #measurepr   @annebuchanan  I  agree  on  the  3-­‐part  answer  and  know  thats  why  I  wanted  to  6/21/11  9:13   mdbarber   be  here  today.    #measurepr   @meganberry  exactly!  I  tell  people  the  same  thing  about  @Sysomos  "authority  6/21/11  9:13   40deuce   ranking"  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  @shonali  A2:  Our  goal  is  to  measure  everywhere  people  are  6/21/11  9:14   annebuchanan   creating  content  and  influencing  each  other  online.  #measurepr   @shonali  A2:  For  most  Facebook  is  more  personal  and  LinkedIn  more  6/21/11  9:14   meganberry   professional  but  we  see  influence  happening  in  both  platforms  #measurepr  
  4. 4. RT  @meganberry:  People  are  more  than  scores  whether  that  be  SAT,  credit  or  6/21/11  9:14   shonali   Klout  -­‐  but  they  are  useful  shorthands.  #measurepr   @meganberry  how  to  you  make  sure  Im  real  and  not  a  "bot"  just  trying  to  6/21/11  9:14   kdpaine   boost  my  rank?    #measurepr  6/21/11  9:14   aurorameyer   checking  out  my  first  #measurepr  (at  least  I  think  its  my  first).  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A2:  Our  goal  is  to  measure  everywhere  people  are  creating  6/21/11  9:14   shonali   content  and  influencing  each  other  online.  #measurepr   RT  @40deuce:  A1:  I  like  @klout  and  other  tools  to  get  an  idea  of  who  to  look  6/21/11  9:14   MediaJohnD   closer  at,  but  never  take  any  as  the  end  all  answer  #measurepr   Me,  too,  Mary!  RT  @mdbarber:  @annebuchanan  I  agree  on  the  3-­‐part  answer  6/21/11  9:14   annebuchanan   and  know  thats  why  I  wanted  to  be  here  today.    #measurepr   @shonali  A2:  For  instance,  on  Facebook  I  may  influence  my  friends  to  see  6/21/11  9:14   meganberry   Midnight  in  Paris  (do  it!)  but  on  LinkedIn  its  jobs  #measurepr   RT  @shonali:  RT  @meganberry:  People  are  more  than  scores  whether  that  be  6/21/11  9:15   kauaiianSun   SAT,  credit  or  Klout  -­‐  but  they  are  useful  shorthands.  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:15   40deuce   @kdpaine  because  everyone  knows  who  YOU  are  Katie!  =)  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A2:  Eg,  on  Facebook  I  may  influence  my  friends  to  see  6/21/11  9:15   shonali   Midnight  in  Paris  (do  it!)  but  on  LinkedIn  its  jobs  #measurepr   Q2  follow-­‐up  from  @kdpaine:  Then  what  about  if  your  campaign  is  focused  on  6/21/11  9:15   shonali   YouTube  or  Flickr?  #measurepr   @kdpaine  I  believe  @shonali  already  has  a  q  on  gaming/bots  planned  so  stay  6/21/11  9:16   meganberry   tuned  :)  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:17   shonali   @meganberry  @kdpaine,  Yes,  I  do.  :)  #measurepr   @shonali  @kdpaine  A2  follow-­‐up  -­‐  we  hope  to  add  those  networks  soon!  6/21/11  9:17   meganberry   #measurepr   A2  -­‐  then  its  time  to  roll-­‐up  your  sleeves  and  do  some  native  research  and  your  6/21/11  9:17   KaryD   own  analysis.  :-­‐)  cc  @Kdpaine  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:17   JGoldsborough   Hi,  all.  Justin  from  KC  jumping  into  #measurePR.  Great  topic.   RT  @meganberry:  A2  follow-­‐up  -­‐  we  hope  to  add  those  networks  6/21/11  9:17   shonali   [YouTube/Flickr]  soon!  #measurepr   @meganberry  The  difference  bet  how  people  use  each  network  seems  2  make  6/21/11  9:17   mdbarber   measuring  multiple  networks  4  1  score  really  challenging.  #measurepr   Q2:  There  is  no  professional  and  personal  anymore.  And  the  personal  side  of  6/21/11  9:18   JGoldsborough   someones  life  online  often  why  niche  makes  sense.  #measurePR   @meganberry  @shonali  Now  I  dont  connect  @klout  to  my  FB,  but  I  do  to  6/21/11  9:18   40deuce   Twitter.  Does  that  have  an  effect  on  my  score?  #measurepr   @mdbarber  yes  it  is  a  huge  challenge,  luckily  we  have  a  whole  team  of  brilliant  6/21/11  9:18   meganberry   scientists  @Klout    #measurepr   Q2:  That  said,  Twitter,  LinkedIn  and  Facebook  only  scratch  the  surface  of  the  6/21/11  9:18   JGoldsborough   research  we  need  to  do  to  find  TRUE  influencers.  #measurePR  6/21/11  9:18   selena_cameron   joining  the  #measurepr  chat  late,  but  happy  to  be  here!   Q3:  How  do  you  stop  people  gaming  the  system?  Eg  posting  nonsense  on  6/21/11  9:18   shonali   Twitter  -­‐>  increased  activity  &  score?  (from  @JGoldsborough)  #measurepr   Good  ?:  RT  @40deuce:  @meganberry  Now  I  dont  connect  @klout  to  my  FB,  but  6/21/11  9:19   mdbarber   I  do  to  Twitter.  Does  that  have  an  effect  on  my  score?  #measurepr   RT  @mdbarber:  @meganberry  Diiferences  in  how  people  use  each  network  6/21/11  9:19   annebuchanan   must  make  assigning  1  @Klout  score  really  challenging.  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:19   mdbarber   @meganberry  Thanks.  Good  to  hear  also.  #measurepr  
  5. 5. RT  @mdbarber:  @meganberry  Difference  how  ppl  use  each  network  seems  2  6/21/11  9:19   JGoldsborough   make  measuring  multiple  networks  4  1  score  challenging.  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:19   shonali   @selena_cameron  Nice  to  see  you!  #measurepr   re:  Q3,  very  interested  to  hear  this  response.  Gaming  the  system  is  or  will  be  a  6/21/11  9:19   jenzings   big  problem.  #measurePR   @meganberry  Will  we  be  able  to  look  at  scores  by  network  or  will  it  be  one  total  6/21/11  9:20   mdbarber   score.  #measurepr   Just  watching  a  few  of  the  #measurepr  Q&As    Will  definitely  need  to  schedule  6/21/11  9:20   LisaDJenkins   time  for  attending  next  time.   Yep  RT  @KaryD:  A2  -­‐  then  its  time  to  roll-­‐up  your  sleeves  and  do  some  native  6/21/11  9:20   JGoldsborough   research  and  your  own  analysis.  :-­‐)  cc  @Kdpaine  #measurepr   @40deuce,  not  connecting  to  FB  makes  a  massive  difference  in  your  score  6/21/11  9:20   selena_cameron   #measurepr   @mdbarber  we  have  one  combined  score  but  we  will  likely  provide  individual  6/21/11  9:20   meganberry   metrics  for  each  network  #measurepr   @kikilitalien  Ill  add  that  question  to  the  queue,  if  we  can  get  to  it  today,  6/21/11  9:20   shonali   definitely  will!  cc  @meganberry  #measurepr   RT  @KaryD:  A2  -­‐  then  its  time  to  roll-­‐up  your  sleeves  and  do  some  native  6/21/11  9:21   kdpaine   research  and  your  own  analysis.  :-­‐)  cc  @Kdpaine  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:21   kikilitalien   @shonali  Thank  you!  #measurepr   Thanks!@  RT  @meganberry:  @mdbarber  we  have  one  combined  score  but  we  6/21/11  9:21   mdbarber   will  likely  provide  individual  metrics  for  each  network  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:21   40deuce   @selena_cameron  really??  In  a  good  or  bad  way?  And  why?  #measurepr   Think  of  implications  of  having  one  brand  (vs.  2:  personal  &  company)  on  6/21/11  9:21   annebuchanan   multiple  networks  for  @Klout  score.  #measurePR   A3  instead  of  looking  at  total  tweets  with  a  hashtag  we  look  at  ones  that  didnt  6/21/11  9:22   aurorameyer   use  gibberish.  Makes  the  insight  more  meaningful  #measurepr   Really  great  conversation  going  on  re:  @klout  w  @meganberry.  If  youre  in  6/21/11  9:22   mdbarber   comm/PR,  or  need  to  measure  comm,  join  us  now.  #measurepr   @JGoldsborough  yes,  what  if  u  have  bothconsumer  and  b2b  brands-­‐-­‐  i.e.  HP  or  6/21/11  9:22   kdpaine   Dell.  Shouldnt  there  be  different  influencers?    #measurePR   @selena_cameron  @40deuce  connecting  to  Facebook  impacts  Score  depending  6/21/11  9:22   meganberry   on  how  influential  you  are  on  that  network.    #measurepr   RT  @kdpaine:  @JGoldsborough  yes,  what  if  u  have  bothconsumer  and  b2b  6/21/11  9:22   kikilitalien   brands-­‐-­‐  i.e.  HP  or  Dell.  Shouldnt  there  be  different  influencers?  ...   Yes  -­‐-­‐  RT  @annebuchanan:  Think  of  implications  of  having  1  brand  (vs.  2:  6/21/11  9:22   mdbarber   personal  &  company)  on  mult.  networks  for  @Klout  score.  #measurepr   A4  I  suspect  reality  is  the  system  will  always  be  gamed,  which  is  why  it  cant  be  6/21/11  9:22   KaryD   relied  on  as  a  measurement  tool.  #measurepr   @40deuce  depends  how  active  you  are  in  each  channel.  my  2  cents.    6/21/11  9:22   selena_cameron   #measurepr   RT  @annebuchanan:  Think  of  implications  of  having  one  brand  (vs.  2:  personal  6/21/11  9:23   TedWeismann   &  company)  on  multiple  networks  for  @Klout  score.  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  we  have  one  combined  score  but  will  likely  provide  individual  6/21/11  9:23   shonali   metrics  for  each  network  #measurepr   RT  @mdbarber:  Terrific  conversation  going  on  re:  @klout  w  @meganberry.  In  6/21/11  9:23   annebuchanan   comm/PR,  or  need  to  measure  comm,  join  us  now.  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:23   40deuce   @meganberry  @selena_cameron  but  can  I  suffer  by  not  connecting?  
  6. 6. #measurepr   @kdpaine  Absolutely.  Influence  is  contextual,  not  universal.  There  is  no  such  6/21/11  9:23   JGoldsborough   thing  as  universal  influence.  Does  NOT  exist  :).  #measurePR   @selena_cameron  Im  active  everywhere,  I  just  have  different  purposes  for  6/21/11  9:24   40deuce   different  networks  #measurepr   @40deuce  theres  no  penalty  for  not  connecting  but  if  you  are  very  influential  6/21/11  9:24   meganberry   on  FB  and  we  cant  see  that,  we  cant  include  it  #measurepr   Good  question:  RT  @40deuce:  @meganberry  @selena_cameron  but  can  I  suffer  6/21/11  9:24   mdbarber   by  not  connecting?  #measurepr   RT  @shonali:  RT  @meganberry:  we  have  one  combined  score  but  will  likely  6/21/11  9:24   SandraSays   provide  individual  metrics  for  each  network  #measurepr   RT  @JGoldsborough:  @kdpaine  Absolutely.  Influence  is  contextual,  not  6/21/11  9:24   jenzings   universal.  There  is  no  such  thing  as  universal  influence.  Does  NOT    ...   @40deuce  @meganberry    #measurepr  so  I  get  different  scores  if  I  log  on  via  FB  6/21/11  9:24   kdpaine   vs  Twitter?   Agree.  RT  @JGoldsborough:  @kdpaine  Absolutely.  Influence  is  contextual,  not  6/21/11  9:24   Sandee_Jackson   universal.  No  such  thing  as  universal  influence.  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  theres  no  penalty  for  not  connecting  but  if  you  are  influential  6/21/11  9:25   40deuce   on  FB  and  we  cant  see  that,  we  cant  include  it  #measurepr   How  can  you  use  Klout  to  measure  a  Facebook  page  when  the  only  way  to  log  in  6/21/11  9:25   kathleenmcf   is  through  the  admins  personal  account?  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  @40deuce  No  penalty  for  not  connecting  but  if  u  r  very  6/21/11  9:25   annebuchanan   influential  on  FB  and  we  cant  see  that,  cant  include  it  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  theres  no  penalty  for  not  connecting  but  if  youre  v  6/21/11  9:25   shonali   influential  on  FB  &  we  cant  see  that,  we  cant  include  it  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:25   40deuce   @meganberry  Thats  a  fair  answer.  Was  just  wondering  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:25   alanchumley   &  influence  is  topic  and  it  fleeting.    #measurepr  @jgoldsborough  @kdpaine   @shonali  A3  (gaming):  1)  We  look  at  the  influence  level  of  those  responding  to  6/21/11  9:25   meganberry   you  so  getting  RTed  by  a  bot  will  likely  not  help  #measurepr   @KaryD  Problem  is  lazy  PR  ppl  who  rely  on  @Klout  as  ONLY  influence  measure  6/21/11  9:26   JGoldsborough   tool.  Real  influencer  tracking  takes  time,  research.  #measurePR   @shonali  A3:  Also,  we  are  working  on  bot  and  spam  detection  systems  that  will  6/21/11  9:26   meganberry   discount  any  influence  signals  from  them  completely  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A3  (gaming):  1)  We  look  at  the  influence  level  of  those  6/21/11  9:26   mdbarber   responding  so  getting  RTed  by  a  bot  will  likely  not  help  #measurepr   RT  @JGoldsborough:  @KaryD  Problem  is  lazy  PR  ppl  who  rely  on  @Klout  as  6/21/11  9:26   kdpaine   ONLY  influence  measure  tool.  Real  influencer  tracking  takes  time,  ...  6/21/11  9:26   cassie_holman   Jumping  into  #measurepr.  Talking  @Klout.  Great  conversation.    #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  @shonali  We  look  at  the  influence  level  of  those  responding  6/21/11  9:26   Sandee_Jackson   to  you  so  getting  RTed  by  a  bot  will  likely  not  help  #measurepr   @meganberry  @shonali  Right,  but  per  @MackColliers  post  a  while  back,  isnt  6/21/11  9:27   JGoldsborough   @Klout  still  measuring  activity  more  than  influence?  #measurePR  6/21/11  9:27   KaryD   @JGoldsborough  Absolutely.  And,  that  laziness  is  dangerous.    #measurePR   @JGoldsborough  True  but  it  seems  @klout  is  a  good  start  at  measuring  too,  6/21/11  9:27   mdbarber   dont  you  think?    #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  @shonali  A3:  Working  on  bot  &  spam  detection  systems  that  6/21/11  9:27   annebuchanan   will  discount  influence  signals  from  them  completely  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:27   shonali   RT  @meganberry:  A3  (gaming):  1)  We  look  at  influence  level  of  those  
  7. 7. responding  to  you.  Getting  RTed  by  a  bot  will  likely  not  help  #measurepr   @KaryD  okay,  you  can  take  over  the  class  skeptic  role  for  the  rest  of  6/21/11  9:27   kdpaine   #measurePR  I  have  a  call  with  @traackr    :)   @JGoldsborough  activity  is  not  part  of  our  algorithm  but  if  youre  not  creating  6/21/11  9:27   meganberry   content  people  are  rarely  sharing  and  responding  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A3:  Also,  were  working  on  bot/spam  detection  systems  6/21/11  9:28   shonali   thatll  discount  any  influence  signals  from  them  completely  #measurepr   RT  @annebuchanan:  RT  @meganberry:  @shonali  Working  on  bot  &  spam  6/21/11  9:28   Sandee_Jackson   detection  systems  that  will  discount  influence  signals  from  them  #measurepr   @kdpaine  Oh,  I  love  @traackr  -­‐  have  fun  with  them  on  the  call  and  thanks  so  6/21/11  9:28   shonali   much  for  stopping  by!  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  @shonali  A3:  Working  on  bot  &  spam  detection  systems  6/21/11  9:28   cassie_holman   @klout  that  will  discount  influence  signals  from  them    #measurepr   @mdbarber  If  used  as  a  starting  pt,  could  c  benefit.  But  tools  can  only  tell  us  so  6/21/11  9:29   JGoldsborough   much.  Too  many  ppl  use  tool  as  only  measure.  #measurePR   Q4:  Will  Klout  include  blogs,  commenting  systems  like  Livefyre/Disqus  into  what  6/21/11  9:29   shonali   you  use  for  measuring?  (from  @skypulsemedia)  #measurepr   Good  ?  RT  @shonali:  Q4:  Will  Klout  include  blogs,  commenting  systems  like  6/21/11  9:30   Sandee_Jackson   Livefyre/Disqus  into  what  you  use  for  measuring?    #measurepr   @JGoldsborough  True.  I  dont  think  theres  any  ONE  measurement  but  this  6/21/11  9:30   mdbarber   seems  a  good  piece  of  it.  I  need  geographical  segment  2.  #measurepr   @jgoldsborough    no  good  alternative  to  @klout  is  part  of  the  problem,  right?    6/21/11  9:30   selena_cameron   #measurepr   @shonali  you  should  try  BlogLevel.com  which  has  a  common  methodology  that  6/21/11  9:30   JonnyBentwood   analyses  influence  across  blogs  and  twitter  #measurepr   @shonali  A4  yes,  we  would  definitely  like  to  include  more  networks  for  6/21/11  9:31   meganberry   measurement  -­‐-­‐  those  are  very  likely  but  no  set  dates  yet  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:31   shonali   @JonnyBentwood  Interesting,  Ill  check  that  out.  Thanks!  #measurepr   RT  @shonali:  Q4:  Will  Klout  include  blogs,  commenting  systems  like  6/21/11  9:31   40deuce   Livefyre/Disqus  into  what  you  use  for  measuring?  #measurepr   For  hashtag  #measurepr,  the  top  users,  links,  phrases  and  usage  according  to  6/21/11  9:31   JonnyBentwood   #tweetlevel(http://t.co/PxJ1kgg)  is  http://t.co/wtMKIqb   @selena_cameron  There  is  a  great  alternative  to  @Klout.  Good  old  fashioned  6/21/11  9:31   JGoldsborough   research  :).  Just  takes  more  time.  #measurePR   RT  @meganberry:  A4  yes,  wed  definitely  like  to  include  more  networks  for  6/21/11  9:31   shonali   measurement.  Those  are  very  likely  but  no  set  dates  yet  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A4  yes,  we  would  definitely  like  to  include  more  networks  for  6/21/11  9:31   40deuce   measurement  -­‐  those  r  very  likely  but  no  set  dates  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  @shonali  yes,  we  would  like  to  include  more  networks  for  6/21/11  9:32   Sandee_Jackson   measurement-­‐-­‐those  are  very  likely  but  no  set  dates  yet  #measurepr   @40deuce.    it  doesnt  distinguish,  which  is  part  of  the  problem.    because  its  all  6/21/11  9:32   selena_cameron   about  sharing  and  interactivity  #measurepr   RT  @JGoldsborough:  There  is  a  great  alternative  to  @Klout.  Good  old  fashioned  6/21/11  9:32   shonali   research  :).  Just  takes  more  time.  #measurepr   A4  -­‐  adding  blogs  and  commenting  systems  wld  add  to  validity,  but  what  about  6/21/11  9:32   KaryD   txt  analysis?  Content  and  tone  matters.  #measurepr   @shonali  im  setting  up  invte-­‐only  usernames/passwords  for  bloglevel  and  6/21/11  9:32   JonnyBentwood   tweetlevel  -­‐  want  me  to  set  this  up  for  you  too?  #measurepr  
  8. 8. #measurepr  Will  Klout  create  partnerships  with  specific  blogs  &  #sm  sites  that  6/21/11  9:32   bdionline   could  give  more  credit  to  users  of  one  over  its  competitior?   RT  @meganberry:  activity  not  part  of  our  algorithm,  if  youre  not  creating  6/21/11  9:32   TedWeismann   content  ppl  are  rarely  sharing  and  responding  #measurepr   @JGoldsborough  i  mean  no  good  quick  alternative  that  has  the  same  impact.    6/21/11  9:32   selena_cameron   everyones  looking  for  a  number,  rating,  scale  #measurepr   RT  @KaryD:  A4  -­‐  adding  blogs  and  commenting  systems  wld  add  to  validity,  but  6/21/11  9:32   shonali   what  about  txt  analysis?  Content  and  tone  matters.  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:33   shonali   @JonnyBentwood  You  bet,  thank  you!  Are  they  a  client  of  yours?  #measurepr   RT  @dannydevriendt:  Analytic  wizard  @IsraelMirsky    dissects  the  sessions  of  6/21/11  9:33   darbtx   #Canneslions  t  http://ow.ly/5mC8v  #pnid    #measurepr   RT  @KaryD:  A4  -­‐  adding  blogs  and  commenting  systems  wld  add  to  validity,  but  6/21/11  9:33   mdbarber   what  about  txt  analysis?  Content  and  tone  matters.  #measurepr   RT  @JGoldsborough:  There  is  a  great  alternative  to  @Klout.  Good  old  fashioned  6/21/11  9:33   AmritPa1   research  :).  Just  takes  more  time.  #measurepr   @JonnyBentwood  Ugh,  ignore  that  last  question,  just  clicked  through  to  your  6/21/11  9:33   shonali   profile!  #measurepr   True.  Spammers  there  too.  RT  @KaryD:  Adding  blogs  &  commenting  systems  6/21/11  9:33   Sandee_Jackson   wld  add  to  validity,  but  what  about  txt  analysis?    #measurepr   Q5:  How  do  you  track/account  for  people  who  are  "klout  bombing"  the  K+  6/21/11  9:34   shonali   system  e.g.  using  #kloutbomb  hashtag?  (from  @prtini)  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:34   KratzPR   @shonali  thanks  for  using  my  Question!  Hope  #measurepr  is  going  well  :)   @selena_cameron  Right.  But  thats  prob.  I  no  quick  answer  2  influence.  Like  6/21/11  9:34   JGoldsborough   measurement.  Ppl  look  4  holy  grail.  Doesnt  exist.  #measurePR   RT  @shonali:  Q5:  How  do  you  track/account  for  people  who  are  "klout  6/21/11  9:34   40deuce   bombing"  the  K+  system  e.g.  using  #kloutbomb  hashtag?  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:35   Smallbizlabs   Joining  late.    Tough  crowd.    I  like  Klout:)  #measurepr   @JGoldsborough  agreed  100%.    moving  from  AVEs  to  klout.  were  farther  6/21/11  9:35   selena_cameron   ahead,  but  not  really  #measurepr   Good  Q  RT  @shonali:  Q5:  How  do  you  track/account  for  people  who  are  "klout  6/21/11  9:35   cassie_holman   bombing"  the  K+  system  e.g.  using  #kloutbomb  hashtag?    #measurepr   @kratzpr  Yes,  #measurepr  has  a  great  discussion  going  on  right  now  and  6/21/11  9:35   shonali   @meganberry  is  doing  a  fab  job!   @JGoldsborough  Agree  theres  no  holy  grail  -­‐-­‐  never  has  been.  In  30  years,  6/21/11  9:35   mdbarber   rarely  use  exactly  same  measure  tools.  Not  new  to  SM  #measurepr   A5:  Its  my  understanding  (as  told  by  @JoeFernandez)  that  +K  is  just  a  bonus  6/21/11  9:35   40deuce   thing  and  doesnt  affect  @klout  scores  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:35   annebuchanan   Me,  too.  RT  @Smallbizlabs:  Joining  late.    Tough  crowd.    I  like  Klout:)  #measurepr   LOL  Take  cover,  Steve!  ;)  RT  @Smallbizlabs:  Joining  late.  Tough  crowd.  I  like  6/21/11  9:35   shonali   Klout  :)  #measurepr   RT  @40deuce:  A5:  Its  my  understanding  (as  told  by  @JoeFernandez)  that  +K  is  6/21/11  9:36   Sandee_Jackson   just  a  bonus  thing  and  doesnt  affect  @klout  scores  #measurepr   @shonali  A5:  +K  right  now  doesnt  affect  K  Score,  we  are  in  process  of  6/21/11  9:36   meganberry   examining  the  signals  given  to  see  how  best  to  incorporate  #measurepr   RT  @40deuce:  A5:  Its  my  understanding  (as  told  by  @JoeFernandez)  that  +K  is  6/21/11  9:36   cassie_holman   just  a  bonus  thing  and  doesnt  affect  @klout  scores  #measurepr   This  kerfuffle  over  @Klout  is  nothing  new  to  PR.  Since  inception,  PR  has  6/21/11  9:37   annebuchanan   struggled  to  "prove"  its  worth  to  non-­‐believers.  #measurePR  
  9. 9. RT  @meganberry:  @shonali  A5:  +K  right  now  doesnt  affect  K  Score,  we  are  in  6/21/11  9:37   selena_cameron   process  of  examining  the  signals  given  to  see  how  best  to  in  ...  6/21/11  9:37   Elaine_Hughes   What  is  the  highest  score  that  an  influencer  can  achieve  on  Klout?  #measurepr   @shonali  A5:  People  are  using  +K  in  different  ways  -­‐  we  want  to  distill  down  to  6/21/11  9:37   meganberry   influence  signals  and  then  use  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A5:  +K  right  now  doesnt  affect  K  Score,  we  are  examining  the  6/21/11  9:37   40deuce   signals  given  to  see  how  best  to  incorporate  #measurepr   Agree.  RT  @annebuchanan:  This  kerfuffle  over  @Klout  is  nothing  new  to  PR.  6/21/11  9:37   Sandee_Jackson   Since  inception,  PR  has  struggled  to  "prove"  its  worth  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry  A5:  +K  right  now  doesnt  affect  K  Score,  were  in  process  of  6/21/11  9:37   shonali   examining  signals  given  to  see  how  best  2  incorporate  #measurepr   @shonali  Why  do  you  want  to  rain  on  our  #kloutbomb-­‐ing  parade?  6/21/11  9:37   brittenwolf   @sjhalestorm  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:38   danperezfilms   A5:  A  rather  desperate  attempt  to  boost  low  self-­‐esteem?  ;)  #measurepr   Isnt  it  100?  RT  @Elaine_Hughes:  What  is  the  highest  score  that  an  influencer  6/21/11  9:38   Sandee_Jackson   can  achieve  on  @Klout?  #measurepr   RT  @annebuchanan:  This  kerfuffle  over  @Klout  is  not  new  to  PR.  Since  6/21/11  9:38   SandraSays   inception,  PR  has  struggled  to  "prove"  its  worth...  #measurepr   Q1  Would  love  to  know  this  too  R  @Elaine_Hughes:  What  is  the  highest  score  6/21/11  9:38   selena_cameron   that  an  influencer  can  achieve  on  Klout?  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A5:  People  are  using  +K  in  different  ways  -­‐  we  want  to  distill  6/21/11  9:38   shonali   down  to  influence  signals  and  then  use  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:38   shonali   @thebrandbuilder  LOL!  #measurepr   RT  @shonali:  Q5:  How  do  you  track/account  for  people  who  are  "klout  6/21/11  9:38   lynneluvah   bombing"  the  K+  system  e.g.  using  #kloutbomb  hashtag?  (from  @prtini)  ...   RT  @meganberry:  @shonali  A5:  People  are  using  +K  in  different  ways  -­‐  we  want  6/21/11  9:38   SandraSays   to  distill  down  to  influence  signals  and  then  use  #measurepr   Amen!  RT  @annebuchanan:  This  kerfuffle  over  @Klout  is  not  new.  PR  has  6/21/11  9:38   mdbarber   always  struggled  to  "prove"  its  worth  to  non-­‐believers.  #measurepr   RT  @mattiasostmar:  Public  Relations  Industry  Sets  Top  Measurement  Priorities  -­‐  6/21/11  9:38   darbtx   http://icio.us/KC5Xq8  -­‐  #PNID  #measurepr   @shonali  me  too..  this  is  a  great  convo..  congrats  on  haviing  a  much  higher  6/21/11  9:38   kdpaine   Klout  score  :)      #measurepr  6/21/11  9:39   meganberry   @Sandee_Jackson  @Elaine_Hughes  correct,  highest  score  is  100  #measurepr   Q6:  How  is  +K  helping  you  achieve  your  business  goals?  (from  @ginidietrich)  6/21/11  9:39   shonali   #measurepr   Looks  like  #measurepr  is  talking  about  &  fails  to  appreciate  a  well-­‐constructed  6/21/11  9:39   sjhalestorm   #kloutbomb.  Everybody  loves  a  good  influential  topic.  6/21/11  9:39   shonali   @kdpaine  ROFL!  For  heavens  sake  dont  YOU  start  about  that!!!  #measurepr   @Sandee_Jackson  @annebuchanan  Agree!  I  say  it  all  the  time.Industry  has  6/21/11  9:39   KaryD   always  had  trouble  measuring  anything  thats  actionalble.  #measurepr   Better  question;  when  is  my  @klout  going  to  lead  someone  to  give  me  an  6/21/11  9:39   40deuce   iPad2?  ;)  #measurepr   Heh  heh!  RT  @40deuce:  Better  question;  when  is  my  @klout  going  to  lead  6/21/11  9:40   shonali   someone  to  give  me  an  iPad2?  ;)  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:40   Elaine_Hughes   Thanks  @sandee_jackson  @meganberry  #measurepr   Now  were  talkin!  LOL  RT  @40deuce:  Better  question;  when  is  my  @klout  going  6/21/11  9:40   annebuchanan   to  lead  someone  to  give  me  an  iPad2?  ;)  #measurepr  
  10. 10. @sjhalestorm  what  exactly  is  this  #kloutbomb  thing  everyone  is  talking  about?  6/21/11  9:40   40deuce   #measurepr   LOL!  Let  the  bots  start!  RT  @40deuce:  Better  question;  when  is  my  @klout  6/21/11  9:40   mdbarber   going  to  lead  someone  to  give  me  an  iPad2?  ;)  #measurepr   Thx  for  asking.  Wondering  same  thing.  RT  @40deuce:  @sjhalestorm  what  6/21/11  9:41   annebuchanan   exactly  is  this  #kloutbomb  thing  everyone  is  talking  about?  #measurepr   Best  question  of  the  day  RT  @40deuce:  Better  question;  when  is  my  @klout  6/21/11  9:41   DocSuess   going  to  lead  someone  to  give  me  an  iPad2?  ;)  #measurepr   Who  else  besides  Justin  Bieber  has  a  @Klout  score  of  100?  Any  non  celebs?  6/21/11  9:41   Sandee_Jackson   #measurepr   Never  heard  of  it  either...  RT  @annebuchanan:  Thx  for  asking.  Wondering  same  6/21/11  9:41   Sandee_Jackson   thing.  RT  @40deuce:  @sjhalestorm  #KloutBomb  #measurepr   wondering  the  same  thing  -­‐-­‐>  RT  @40deuce:  what  exactly  is  this  #kloutbomb  6/21/11  9:42   SandraSays   thing  everyone  is  talking  about?  #measurepr   RT  @40deuce:  @sjhalestorm  what  exactly  is  this  #kloutbomb  thing  everyone  is  6/21/11  9:42   mdbarber   talking  about?  #measurepr   @annebuchanan  @40deuce  @Sandee_Jackson  Just  making  light  of  the  6/21/11  9:42   sjhalestorm   influential  topics  Klout  so  kindly  applies  to  people...  #measurepr   @40deuce  Apparently  @prtini  has  seen  some  people  using  #kloutbomb  as  a  6/21/11  9:42   shonali   hashtag  to  try  to  "bomb"  +K  system...  #measurepr   @shonali  A6  we  want  to  understand  the  topics  people  are  influential  on,  +K  6/21/11  9:42   meganberry   allows  people  to  tell  us  who  influences  them  on  topics  #measurepr   Same  here!  RT  @SandraSays:  wondering  the  same  thing  RT  @40deuce:  what  6/21/11  9:42   BuchananPR   exactly  is  this  #kloutbomb  thing  everyone  is  talking  about?  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  we  want  to  understand  topics  people  are  influential  on,  +K  6/21/11  9:43   SandraSays   allows  people  to  tell  us  who  influences  them  on  topics  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A6  Want  to  understand  topics  people  are  influential  on,  +K  6/21/11  9:43   shonali   allows  people  to  tell  us  who  influences  them  on  topics  #measurepr   @sjhalestorm  Well,  you  are  probably  trending  right  now,  just  by  making  a  joke.  6/21/11  9:43   annebuchanan   ;)  #measurePR   @shonali  A6  As  a  company,  we  want  to  get  as  much  data  on  influence  as  6/21/11  9:43   meganberry   possible  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A6  As  a  company,  we  want  to  get  as  much  data  on  influence  6/21/11  9:44   shonali   as  possible  #measurepr   @shonali  @prtini  @sjhalestorm  hmmmm,  but  if  +K  doesnt  affect  @klout  score,  6/21/11  9:44   40deuce   its  kind  of  a  pointless  exercise  then,  no?  #measurepr   RT  @shonali:  RT  @meganberry:  A6  Want  to  understand  topics  people  r  6/21/11  9:44   annebuchanan   influential  on,  +K  allows  folks  to  tell  us  who  influences  them  #measurepr   Love  that  the  #kloutbomb  hashtag  @sjhalestorm  and  I  started  is  taking  off.  6/21/11  9:44   brittenwolf   #measurepr   @40deuce  I  think  @meganberry  s  point  is  that  +K  helps  them  understand  what  6/21/11  9:45   shonali   topics  people  are  influential  on.  #measurepr   @40deuce  we  believe  topics  are  vital  to  what  were  doing.  Its  not  just  a  Score  6/21/11  9:46   meganberry   but  a  Score  and  topic  that  matter  #measurepr   @40deuce  i.e.  knowing  that  someone  has  a  score  of  50  is  much  more  6/21/11  9:46   meganberry   interesting  if  you  know  what  they  influence  people  in  #measurepr   @40deuce  @shonali  @prtini  +K  kicks  specific  topic  to  top  of  individuals  Klout  6/21/11  9:46   sjhalestorm   profile.  And  its  tweetable.  So  yeah,  pointless.  #measurepr  
  11. 11. Q7  Whats  the  real  +  of  Klout  Perks?  Many  of  us  get  em,  never  mention  6/21/11  9:46   shonali   anywhere  online.  Seems  waste  of  client  $  via  @ginidietrich  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  knowing  that  someone  has  a  score  of  50  is  much  more  6/21/11  9:47   SandraSays   interesting  if  you  know  what  they  influence  people  in  #measurepr   RT  @SandraSays:  RT  @meganberry:  knowing  someone  has  score  of  50  much  6/21/11  9:47   annebuchanan   more  interesting  if  you  know  what  they  influence  people  in  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  we  believe  topics  are  vital  to  what  were  doing.  Its  not  just  a  6/21/11  9:47   SandraSays   Score  but  a  Score  and  topic  that  matter  #measurepr   Agree:  RT  @meganberry:  knowing  that  someone  has  a  score  of  50  is  much  more  6/21/11  9:47   mdbarber   interesting  if  you  know  what  they  influence  people  in  #measurepr   Havent  &  likely  wont)  done  empire  avenue,  but  +k  seems  to  put  Klout  on  that  6/21/11  9:47   KaryD   level.  Good  concept,  but  gaming  of  influence=gross.  #measurepr   @shonali  A7:  We  dont  require  people  to,  but  the  majority  DO  tweet  and  share.  6/21/11  9:48   meganberry   As  our  targeting  gets  better  we  think  %  will  go  up  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  knowing  that  someone  has  a  score  of  50  is  much  more  6/21/11  9:48   shonali   interesting  if  you  know  what  they  influence  people  in  #measurepr   @shonali  A7:  For  instance  if  you  are  influential  on  TV  and  we  give  you  a  preview  6/21/11  9:48   meganberry   of  a  new  show,  you  will  WANT  to  share  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A7:  We  dont  require  people  to,  but  majority  DO  tweet  &  6/21/11  9:49   shonali   share.  As  our  targeting  gets  better  we  think  %  will  go  up  #measurepr   Q7  follow-­‐up:  @meganberry  you  mention  %  w.r.t.  Klout  Perks  -­‐  what  is  the  6/21/11  9:49   shonali   average  right  now?  #measurepr   @meganberry  Good  to  know.  Now  I  want  to  see  if  people  have  +Kd  me  on  any  6/21/11  9:50   40deuce   topics  #measurepr   @meganberry  @40deuce  What  do  you  think  about  @traackr  and  how  they  6/21/11  9:51   justindorfman87   account  for  relevance  in  their  influence  measurement?  #measurepr   A7:  I  know  I  talked  about  my  @virginamerica  @Klout  perk  last  year  even  though  6/21/11  9:51   40deuce   I  didnt  have  to.    #measurepr   +K  seems  interesting  in  that  people  can  +K  others.  Can  also  give  a  -­‐K  to  6/21/11  9:51   mdbarber   someone?  #measurepr   @shonali  I  cant  share  that  exact  info,  but  the  majority  do  tweet  or  share  with  6/21/11  9:51   meganberry   audience  #measurepr   Perks  make  me  happy.  I  talk  more  when  Im  happy  (even  though  I  talk  a  lot  all  6/21/11  9:51   40deuce   the  time)  #measurepr   RT  @mdbarber:  +K  seems  interesting  in  that  people  can  +K  others.  Can  also  give  6/21/11  9:52   annebuchanan   a  -­‐K  to  someone?  #measurepr   @justindorfman87  @meganberry  @traackr  Im  not  allowed  to  talk  about  them.  6/21/11  9:52   40deuce   @Sysomos  only  ;)  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:52   MackCollier   @KaryD  Yes  I  can  see  a  lot  of  quid  pro  quo  with  the  +K  #measurepr   @mdbarber  ha  weve  talked  about  -­‐K  but  I  think  were  staying  away  from  it  for  6/21/11  9:52   meganberry   now  ;)  #measurepr   Q8:  Are  there  future  plans  to  help  comms  pros  determine  the  real  influencers  in  6/21/11  9:52   shonali   their  industry/vertical  market?  via  @ginidietrich  #measurepr   love  it  RT  @40deuce:  Perks  make  me  happy.  I  talk  more  when  Im  happy  (even  6/21/11  9:53   meganberry   though  I  talk  a  lot  all  the  time)  #measurepr   Probably  a  good  idea  but...RT  @meganberry:  @mdbarber  ha  weve  talked  about  6/21/11  9:53   mdbarber   -­‐K  but  I  think  were  staying  away  from  it  for  now  ;)  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:53   annebuchanan   RT  @shonali:  Q8:  Plans  to  help  comms  pros  determine  the  real  influencers  in  
  12. 12. their  industry/vertical  market?  via  @ginidietrich  #measurepr   @shonali  the  way  we  do  this  now  is  through  Klout  Perks  -­‐  which  allows  you  to  6/21/11  9:53   meganberry   reach  influencers  in  given  topics  and  offer  a  Perk  #measurepr   @brittenwolf:  And  I  thought  you  were  spamming  me...ha!  Little  did  I  know  it  6/21/11  9:53   cassie_holman   was  the  beginning  of  something  big!  ;)  #kloutbomb    #measurepr   @justindorfman87  @40deuce  Well,  I  can  (no  affiliation)  -­‐  I  love  @traackr,  I  think  6/21/11  9:53   shonali   what  theyre  doing  is  really  smart.  #measurepr   Good  ?:  RT  @shonali:  Q8:plans  to  help  comms  pros  determine  the  real  6/21/11  9:53   mdbarber   influencers  in  their  industry/vertical  mkt?  via  @ginidietrich  #measurepr   @MackCollier  Have  you  seen  open  solicitation  for  a  +K?  As  in  a  "will  you  6/21/11  9:53   KaryD   endorse  me"?  I  havent...yet.  #measurepr   @shonali  A8:  We  dont  want  to  just  sell  lists  because  people  might  get  6/21/11  9:54   meganberry   spammed,  we  want  to  protect  peoples  data  and  privacy  #measurepr   RT  @shonali:  @justindorfman87  @40deuce  Well,  I  can  (no  affiliation)  -­‐  I  love  6/21/11  9:54   justindorfman87   @traackr,  I  think  what  theyre  doing  is  really  smart.  #meas  ...   @meganberry  So  right  now  the  only  way  Comms/PR  pros  can  determine  true  6/21/11  9:54   shonali   influencers  is  through  Klout  Perks,  do  I  have  that  right?  #measurepr   @KaryD  @MackCollier  Funny,  one  of  my  FB  friends  just  mentioned  today  he  6/21/11  9:54   shonali   gets  a  lot  of  +K  requests.  #measurepr   @shonali  That  is  correct,  although  you  can  simply  look  someone  up  on  the  site  6/21/11  9:55   meganberry   as  well  (just  a  manual  process)  #measurepr   @KaryD  I  havent  either,  but  I  havent  been  doing  +K  for  anyone  else  yet  either  6/21/11  9:55   MackCollier   #measurepr  6/21/11  9:55   40deuce   @shonali  @justindorfman87  @traackr  haha!  #measurepr   @danielhonigman  @ginidietrich  LOL!  Funny  thing  is  I  did  get  the  $10  Subway  6/21/11  9:55   shonali   card,  but  I  probably  wont  get  the  avocado  sammy.  #measurepr   RT  @JGoldsborough:  @KaryD  Problem  is  lazy  PR  ppl  who  rely  on  @Klout  as  6/21/11  9:55   gojohnab   ONLY  influence  measure  tool.  Real  influencer  tracking  takes  time,  ...   @MackCollier  @kikilitalien  Yeah....Ive  resisted  going  there,  too.  Feels  like  a  big  6/21/11  9:55   KaryD   ol  can  of  worms.    #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  @shonali  That  is  correct,  although  you  can  simply  look  6/21/11  9:55   shonali   someone  up  on  the  site  as  well  (just  a  manual  process)  A8  #measurepr   RT  @shonali:  @meganberry  So  right  now  the  only  way  Comms/PR  pros  can  6/21/11  9:56   cassie_holman   determine  true  influencers  is  through  Klout  Perks?  #measurepr   @shonali  @karyd  or  like  on  @empireave,  Ill  buy  your  stock  if  you  use  money  to  6/21/11  9:57   MackCollier   buy  back  mine  #measurepr   +1  RT  @shonali:  Heh  heh!  RT  @40deuce:  Better  question;  when  is  my  @klout  6/21/11  9:57   jaykeith   going  to  lead  someone  to  give  me  an  iPad2?  ;)  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:57   shonali   @MackCollier  @karyd  Ha!  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:57   kikilitalien   @shonali  Thanks  for  including  my  question!  +K!  ;-­‐)  j/k  #measurepr   Cool!  Just  checked  and  apparently  people  are  giving  +Ks.  I  had  no  idea  6/21/11  9:58   40deuce   http://klout.com/#/40deuce/topics  #measurepr   RT  @40deuce:  Cool!  Just  checked  and  apparently  people  are  giving  +Ks.  I  had  no  6/21/11  9:58   SandraSays   idea  http://klout.com/#/40deuce/topics  #measurepr  6/21/11  9:58   shonali   @kikilitalien  LOL  and  youre  welcome!  #measurepr   @cassie_holman  @shonali  @meganberry  So  is  long-­‐term  goal  2  provide  more  6/21/11  9:58   JGoldsborough   contextual  influence  by  niche?  #measurePR  6/21/11  9:58   meganberry   @shonali  A9  you  can  see  some  example  of  those  using  our  API  here:  
  13. 13. http://tcrn.ch/dFcXc7  lots  of  great  companies  #measurepr   RT  @JGoldsborough:  @cassie_holman  @shonali  @meganberry  So  is  long-­‐term  6/21/11  9:58   Sandee_Jackson   goal  2  provide  more  contextual  influence  by  niche?  #measurepr   When  are  we  going  to  start  measuring  in  dollars?  That  mean  sales.  Then,  well  6/21/11  9:59   jasonkintzler   have  something.  #measurepr   RT  @meganberry:  A9  you  can  see  some  example  of  those  using  our  API  here:  6/21/11  9:59   shonali   http://tcrn.ch/dFcXc7  lots  of  great  companies  #measurepr   @shonali  et  all  -­‐  been  great  chatting.  Awesome  convo!  Now  have  to  head  to  6/21/11  9:59   meganberry   airport  for  conf  in  San  Diego.  Hit  me  up  with  qs!  #measurepr   Great  conversation  today.  Thanks  for  coming  @meganberry.  Hope  youll  come  6/21/11  9:59   mdbarber   back  again.  Obviously  lots  of  interest  in  topic.  #measurepr   @meganberry  Thanks  for  answering  our  questions  and  being  so  much  fun  6/21/11  9:59   kikilitalien   today!  Thanks  to  @shonali  for  being  awesome  in  general.  :-­‐)  #measurepr   @MackCollier  @shonali  @karyd  @empireave  And  then  were  not  measuring  6/21/11  9:59   JGoldsborough   influence.  Just  friends  patting  each  other  on  the  back.  #measurePR   6/21/11   Were  out  of  time,  folks.  Thanks  much  for  joining  todays  chat  and  to   10:00   shonali   @meganberry  for  fielding  questions  with  grace!  #measurepr   6/21/11   @JGoldsborough  @MackCollier  @shonali  @empireave  Precisely.  Back-­‐patting   10:00   KaryD   in  the  echo-­‐chamber.    #measurePR   6/21/11   RT  @mdbarber:  Great  conversation.  Thanks  for  coming  @meganberry.  Hope   10:00   Sandee_Jackson   youll  come  back.  Obviously  lots  of  interest  in  topic.  #measurepr   6/21/11   RT  @kikilitalien:  @meganberry  Thanks  for  answering  our  ?s  &  being  so  much   10:00   mdbarber   fun  today!  Thanks  to  @shonali  for  being  awesome.  :-­‐)  #measurepr   6/21/11   Great  conversation  today  on  #measurePR.  Thank  you  @shonali  and   10:00   annebuchanan   @meganberry  for  taking  us  on  a  dive  into  @Klout.  +K  to  both  of  you!   6/21/11   The  "official"  chat  is  now  over,  but  hopefully  youll  keep  using  the  hashtag  for   10:00   shonali   relevant  convos.  :)  #measurepr   6/21/11   10:00   shonali   Safe  flight  @meganberry  and  thanks  again!  #measurepr   6/21/11   @JGoldsborough  @shonali  @karyd  @empireave  Yep,  we  arent  measuring   10:01   MackCollier   influence,  we  are  measuring  activity  and  reciprocity    #measurePR   6/21/11   The  next  chat  will  be  on  Tuesday,  July  5,  12-­‐1  pm  ET.  Do  save  the  date  and  I   10:01   shonali   hope  to  see  you  there!  #measurepr   6/21/11   Thanks  for  the  great  chat  everyone!  And  special  thanks  to  @meganberry  and   10:02   40deuce   @shonali  for  hosting!  #measurepr   6/21/11   @40deuce  @annebuchanan  @sandee_jackson  @kikilitalien  @mdbarber  Thank   10:03   shonali   you  all  for  joining!  #measurepr   6/21/11   @MackCollier  @JGoldsborough  @shonali  So,  Klout  can  be  interesting,  but  not   10:03   KaryD   one  to  measure  influence.And  with  that-­‐#FullCircle  :-­‐)  #measurePR   6/21/11   @shonali  @meganberry  Thanks  for  a  really  enlightening  chat  today.    Look   10:03   TedWeismann   forward  to  staying  in  tune  with  @Klout  evolution  #measurepr   6/21/11   10:05   kikilitalien   @shonali  I  LOVE  #measurepr  chat!  I  was  thrilled  to  be  able  to  participate!   6/21/11   @MackCollier  @JGoldsborough  @shonali  @karyd  Totally  agree!  Until   10:05   EmpireAve   computers  can  measure  trust,  sentiment  &  rep  its  not  influence!  #measurepr   6/21/11   RT  @darbtx:  RT  @mattiasostmar:  Public  Relations  Industry  Sets  Top   10:06   PRNews   Measurement  Priorities  -­‐  http://icio.us/KC5Xq8  -­‐  #PNID  #measurepr   6/21/11   Sandee_Jackson   Thanks  to  @shonali  for  hosting  and  @meganberry  for  answering  questions  on  
  14. 14. 10:07   @Klout.  Awesome  chat!  #measurepr  6/21/11   10:09   shonali   @Sandee_Jackson  @tedweismann  Thanks  very  much  for  joining.  :)  #measurepr