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Why android is better than other mobile operating system? what features makes android best and pros & cons of android.

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  2. 2. Mobile Operating System A mobile operating system (OS) is software that allows smartphones, tablet PCs and other devices to run applications and programs.
  3. 3. Types Of Mobile Operating SystemAndroid Operating SystemSymbian Operating SystemIphone Operating System(iOS)BlackBerry Operating SystemWindows Phone Operating System
  4. 4. What Is ANDROID Android is an Open Source, Linux-based mobile phone Operating System. The good thing android being open source is the speed of development and community contributions to the advancement of the operating system. Android Market has more than 400000 apps.
  5. 5. BlackBerry Operating System The first BlackBerry device, the 850, was introduced in 1999 in Munich, Germany. The name BlackBerry was coined by the marketing company Lexicon Branding. The native BlackBerry Messenger(BBM). Push e-mail service for all email accounts . Over 60,000 apps available on BlackBerry app World.
  6. 6. VS BlackBerry app World (the app store)lacked decent amount of applications. BlackBerry has the most sluggish response time when it comes to browsing the Internet. BlackBerry failed to realize how important the average user can be.
  7. 7. Windows Phone Operating System Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone on February 15, 2010, at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona. The home screen, called the "Start screen", is made up of "Live Tiles". Fantastic integration (texting, social networking and etc.) Easy-To-Use Camera Function.
  8. 8. Comparison (More Clear View) Centeralized Notification System withNo centeralized Notification System,rather updates from Facebook & other individual “Tiles”. No Customization apps.Customization illustrated.
  9. 9. • Announced in December 1998 and after 10 years Nokia acquired all shares of Symbian. Open Source- now Symbian is Open Source. More than 150,000 Apps for Symbian Available in Market. Generic input mechanism supporting full keyboard, handwriting recognition etc.
  10. 10.  The Android stock browser is the most popular,it can support Adobe 10.1 full flash, which enables full browsing experience. The number of applications is also much higher in Android Market (4,00000) compared to OVI (40,000). Most of the Android phones comes with the multiple home screen capabilities .
  11. 11.  Announced in Macworld conference & Expo, January 9,2007. Apple’s Apps Store contains more than 500,000 iOS applications. Strong Operating System But it is too expensive. Highly Featured & High Tech. Applications.
  12. 12.  Desktop: Android phone adds widgets to the desktop. Open source: anyone can get access to the source of android. Applicatons: mostly apps are free and built in. Apps. Store: Not limited to the ‘Android Market’.
  13. 13. ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM PROS CONSAndroid is an open platform and free.(very  Very unstable and often hang or crash.biggest advantage) Extremely inconsistence in design amongA more mature platform apps.More apps. Relatively few if any updates because theWith Google Chrome you can open many updates come from phone manufacturerwindows at once. not Google.
  14. 14. QuestionSession.