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Conventions of a Thriller Movie Opening


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Published in: Education
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Conventions of a Thriller Movie Opening

  1. 1. Conventions of a Movie Opening In a thriller
  2. 2.  The purpose of a film opening is to entice to continue to invest themselves in the plot of the film  The opening should establish it’s genre and sub-genre clearly.  They should set up for the appearance of the main characters, the film’s main landscape and general tone.  With thrillers, this can be done in many creative and eerie ways Panning landscape Pictorial Narration Title Sequence Flashback/ forward Action
  3. 3.  Thriller film openings tend to follow similar plot lines such as: A normal, serene situation is produced but something is ‘off’ By doing this, they are establishing the normal status quo which is going to be drastically changed and distorted which is at the centre of the plot. Or, a drastically abnormal situation such as spies or aliens  The length of thriller film openings are difficult to measure as they tend to dissolve into the plot of the film. The only way to tell is to note when the credits stop.