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Seo modules

  1. 1. SEO & Blog Writing Course Content
  2. 2. Goals of the Training: • Explaining the global marketplace to trainees. • Describing the importance of learning SEO in order to take part in the Global Marketplace. • Detailed description of SEO. Classification, Practical Work to ensure proper learning of the topic. • Incorporation with Blog & Article Writing. Practical work involving writing and uploading proper written work. • Feedbacks, Question & Answers and Home task shall be given on all four days. • Certificate shall be distributed after successful completion of the five day training.
  3. 3. Day 1: Introduction • Introducing & Starting Program • Brief on Outsourcing • Brief on Search Engine • Brief on SEO(Search Engine optimization) • Classification of SEO • Home Task Day 1 focuses on introducing the trainees to the world of online work. Brief description on SEO shall be provided to get them ready for the coming training days.
  4. 4. Day 2: SEO Theory and Practical (On Page) • On Page SEO • What Is On page SEO • Name of on page SEO method • How to do On page SEO (practical) • Introducing SEO tools • Home Task Day 2 reaches out to explain On Page SEO to the trainees. The training shall include theory and practical work by the trainees. The day ends with description on SEO tools.
  5. 5. Day 3: Off Page SEO & Methods • Reviews (on page SEO) • Off Page SEO • Brief on Off page SEO • Off Page SEO methods • Practical • Home Task Day 3 focuses on ‘Off Page SEO’. Theory shall be provided along with practical work again. Methods on SEO will be introduced.
  6. 6. Day 4: Reviews on SEO and Blog Writing • A review of On Page and Off Page SEO. Feedback, Questions and answers. • Blog & Article Writing tips • Posting (practical) • Home Task Day 4 starts with review of the last three days. Feedback, Questions & Answers shall be answered. Introduction of Blog & Article writing. Rules and regulations of online writing along with how to upload.
  7. 7. Day 5: Reviews/Practical Work and Closing. • Tips & Tricks • On page & Off Page SEO reviews • Question & Answer • Exam on previous classes • Certificate • Ending Ceremony Day 5 summarizes the last 4 days. Tips on successful online work shall be provided. Quiz may be taken to understand the position of the trainees. Certificate distribution and closing ceremony ends the five days Training schedule.
  8. 8. Thank You for your attention! Learning & Earning Programme Presented By: SEO Team