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I’m sorry. I will try to do better. - Rabbi Joel       wronged, building up the courage and
N. Abra...
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                                “Would you like to say a prayer together?” This is the question
President’s Monthly Memo
                     In her most well known            and the children were supposed to enter
Religious School News and Views
                    This year we are starting the school year with an experiment in commun...
Happy Birthday
German Serna               9/1   Suzanne Lyte              9/10        Walter Schroder       9/19
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May you and your
                        loved ones be
                      healthy and happy,
                      and ...
Cycle of Life
Congratulations to:
Chuck and Molly May on the birth of their son Jesse Aaron on July 5.
Cheryl Polios, CHMM (Certified Hazardous Materials Manager) , daughter of Mike and
Marion Portnoy, will receiv...
Report From Israel
                                                                       Claire Bisgay, Marjorie Cohen, J...
Report From Israel (continued from previous page)
support he continues to receive from the wonderful people at Children’s ...
                                    Rachel Schack will become a Bat Mitzvah on September 5
With Best Wishes
 for a Happy,
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 Jodie, Chet, Rachel and
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Happy and Healthy
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Health and Happiness to
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The Officers and Board of Trustees
          wish all members
         of Temple Sholom
 a Happy and Healthy New Year!

                                                 The 3 girls pictured left, from
Left, in June, the Temple Sholom Men’s Club
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Temple Topics 2009 Sept

  1. 1. September 2009 Elul 5769/Tishri 5770 Temple T pics The Newsletter of Temple Sholom 1913-2013 – Looking toward our second century Respecting our traditions…. Focusing on the future Welcome back to a New Year at Temple Sholom! HIGH HOLIDAY SCHEDULE S’lichot - Saturday, September 12—5:00 pm family activity Sanctuary Setup 6:00 pm—Pizza Dinner, 6:30 pm—Havdalah, 6:45 pm—Oneg, 7:00 pm—Service, 7:30 pm—Study session If you can help set Erev Rosh haShanah – Friday, September 18, 8:00pm up the Sanctuary (Sanctuary) at 1pm on Sep. Rosh haShanah I – Saturday, September 19 19th or Sep. 27th, Shacharit (Sanctuary), 10:00 am contact Mark Children’s Service (ages 3 – 2nd grade, Chapel), 10:00 am Nussenfeld at Children’s Service (3rd – 6th grade, Chapel), 11:00 am Children’s Torah Service (Sanctuary), 2:00 pm (Open to all) Rosh haShanah II – Sunday, September 20, 10:00 am (Chapel) Fall Worship Shabbat Shuvah - Friday, September 25. 8:00pm (Chapel) Kol Nidre – Sunday, September 27, 7:30 pm (Sanctuary) Schedule: Yom Kippur – Monday, September 28 Beginning Friday, Sep- Shacharit (Sanctuary), 10:00 am tember 11th, services will Children’s Service (ages 3 – 2nd grade, Chapel), 10:00 am begin at 8:00pm, except Children’s Service (3rd to 6th grade, Chapel), 11:00 am Discussion (Chapel), 1:00 pm for the last Friday of Musical Meditation (Chapel), 2:00 pm each month which is the Children’s Torah Service (Sanctuary), 2:00 pm Mincha (Afternoon) Service (Sanctuary), 3:30 pm Sunset service, starting Yizkor (Memorial) Service (Sanctuary), 5:15 pm at 6pm. Saturday Ne’ilah (Concluding) Service (Sanctuary), 5:45 pm morning services resume Break Fast to follow See page 18 for information on Sukkot and Simchat Torah September 5th. Our Mission Statement: Temple Sholom is a Reform Jewish congregation that welcomes traditional and non traditional Jewish families and individuals, aspiring to create a warm and caring Jewish atmosphere fostering inclusiveness and community. We engage in life long learning, worship, lifecycle events and social action (Tikun Olam), while cultivating a love and understanding of our Jewish heritage and promoting the perpetuation of Judaism.
  2. 2. Temple Sholom Let Us Know… A Reform Congregation affiliated with the What Is Going On in Your Life! Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) Rabbi Joel N. Abraham Please let us know about your good news and Rabbi Emeritus Gerald A. Goldman simchas. We would love to print it in Temple Student Cantor Vicky Glikin Topics so that our entire congregation can kvell President Steven H. Saltzman, Ph.D. and shep nachas with you. Just call, fax or e-mail Director of Education Michelle Shapiro Abraham, RJE the Temple office and share your glad tidings. Editors Cathy Salomon/ Judaism has a moment to share joys and Linda Nieporent sorrows with the community—an Aliyah. Advertising Coordinator Linda Nieporent Please call the Temple office by Wednesday Events Photographer Ed Bort morning of any given week if you would like an Aliyah for the following Shabbat. Office Administrative Asst. Barbara Cooke Bookkeeper/ Rel. Sch. Admin Asst. Larry Berman If you become ill or are hospitalized, please let us know. Rabbi Abraham would like to visit you, Temple Phone 908.889.4900 and we would like to add your name to our Mi- Fax 908.889.9920 Sheberach list. The hospital is NOT allowed to contact the Temple or the Rabbi unless you E-mail explicitly request them to do so. Rel. School cell phone 908.230.2393 (school hrs only) Note: To let us know about your news, please Temple Topics is published 10 times each year by contact the Temple office directly. Temple Sholom, Martine and LaGrande Avenues in Fanwood. This newsletter is available at no cost to subscribers. September Events 9/4 Last Summer Service Thank you to our 9/11 B’day/Ann Service/ Board Installation Benefactor Members: 9/12 S’lichot Anonymous 9/13 1st Day Religious School—Special Program Ellen Berman Sandra Berman 9/15 1st Day Hebrew School Ron & Ilene Blitzer 9/18 Erev Rosh haShanah Margaret Cohen 9/19 Rosh haShanah Natalie Darwin William & Sandra Dreier 9/25 Sunset Kabbalat Shabbat Lynda Goldschein 9/26 Congregational Minyan The Lyons Family David & Deborah Richmand 9/27 Kol Nidre/Erev Yom Kippur The Stevens Family The Weingarten Family Susan Weiseman 9/7 Labor Day -Office Closed 9 20 & 9/27 No Religious School 9/28 Yom Kippur—Office Closed 2
  3. 3. From The Rabbi’s Study I’m sorry. I will try to do better. - Rabbi Joel wronged, building up the courage and N. Abraham (and others) humility to speak to that person, and having the strength to make that wrong right, can Let me start off by saying that other than not take a great deal of effort.) However, there is apologizing at all, apologizing through a no better model for a healthy community with Temple bulletin column is probably about as strong interpersonal relationships than a weak an apology as you can offer. Even in a society in which its members can admit their sermon, there is at least some measure of eye errors and heal hurtful ruptures. Perversely, a contact – sadly lacking in the printed page much better future can be created by those which you are now (hopefully) reading. I’m who have made the effort to fix the errors of sorry for that, too. the past than by those who would close the door on However, if I have not yet had previous actions, as if there was a chance to speak to you in no possible redress. person, or over the phone, or I have erred or failed to do what A further benefit of t’shuvah is I should as your Rabbi, please that, although it is available and take this apology as the encouraged all year, there is a beginning of t’shuvah – the special calendrical moment that Jewish process of repentance. reminds us to engage in that process. As individuals in a T’shuvah may be one of the community, we prepare most underrated of Jewish separately and together to put innovations. Consider for a our best foot forward in the new moment – other religious systems consider year, by healing our past. The time is now – errors (whether classified as “sins” or as the Hebrew month of Elul leads into Tishri otherwise) as either permanent or as – to review our (mis)deeds, to take removable through the intervention of an responsibility for our actions, and to seek outside source. Again, once you do forgiveness from those whom we have something wrong it is either held against you wronged. forever; or some other Divine entity can absolve you of that sin, without you even I take this precious gift very seriously, and I having to speak to the person that you may implore you – if there is anything that I have have offended. Not in Judaism – the Mishnah done in the past year to offend, or have not tells us that the Day of Atonement (Yom done that may have insulted or slighted, Kippur) atones for sins between the human please let me know – that I may seek t’shuvah being and God, but for sins between one from you and that both of us may go into the human being and another, the Day of sweet new year together. Atonement does not atone, until that person L’shanah tovah u’mtukah, has made peace with the other. T’shuvah may not be as easy on the individual. (After all, Rabbi Joel N. Abraham having to figure out whom you may have 3
  4. 4. Cantor’s Corner “Would you like to say a prayer together?” This is the question that I asked the patients and the patients asked me this summer at Overlook Hospital, where I was completing a program in Clinical Pastoral Education. This eleven-week program comprised of students from various faith backgrounds and included patient visits, reflection on our pastoral development, and instruction on various health-related topics, ranging from bio-ethical issues to addiction. My experiences this summer included times of happiness when hospital patients went home after a successful surgery or got cleared from a dangerous diagnosis. But, there were also many sad times: times when relatives and friends lost their loved ones, times when patients left the hospital on hospice, times when patients had unexpected and traumatic complications. These were times of tragedy, loss, and deep distress. What all of these times – the good and the bad - had in common was the patients’ and their loved ones’ need to reach outside of themselves to find comfort and consolation, or to express gratitude. This act of looking outside of oneself can take different forms, but very frequently people want to turn to God for strength, courage, and comfort. It helps if in this time one has an established relationship with God, even if it is a troubled or skeptical one. With the High Holidays right around the corner, comes a tremendous opportunity to explore our individual and communal relationship with God, or to initiate one. What do you believe is God’s role in the world? How do you think God relates to God’s people? Where can you see God in your life? How do you relate to God? Our job is not necessarily to find concrete answers. However, it is our task to search and to struggle with our understanding of God, just like our forefather Jacob physically struggled with God. Jacob came out of his struggle with a limp, but he was also a changed man, as signaled by his receiving a new name – Israel, along with the promise of greatness. (Genesis 32:4-33:17) It is for this reason that we are known to the world as the People Israel, not the People Jacob. Like Jacob, we, too, can be transformed through our exploration of and struggle with God. This High Holiday season, may you and your loved ones be healthy and happy. May you find the curiosity and courage to ask difficult questions and the insight and wisdom to struggle with the answers. May you have opportunities for transformation and inspiration and may you be blessed with many simchas. L’Shana Tova Tikateivu – May you and your loved ones be inscribed for a good year! Vicky Glikin L’Shanah Tovah Have a healthy & Happy new year Warmest Wishes for a Healthy, Bob & Jeremy Enda Happy, and Peaceful New Year Neil, Ruth and Amy Smith 4
  5. 5. President’s Monthly Memo In her most well known and the children were supposed to enter book The Death and Life the building there while adults entered of Great American Cities from a different door near the back of the (1961), Jane Jacobs main sanctuary. This was intended to argues that the lifeblood minimize inter-generational interactions. I of cities comes from the suggest that our new building will not only interactions of people on be more energy efficient but will also the streets and encourage a greater sense of sidewalks, and that community. And I feel very strongly this urban renewal projects is what we need. Many families join the and high rise buildings and housing Temple to give their children a religious projects - such as Lefrak City or education in preparation for B’nei Stuyvesant Town - which create large Mitzvahs, but if they have not become empty spaces between buildings actually part of the community by the time their destroy urban life and rob cities of their children are thirteen, some simply leave. vitality. Made famous by Le Courbousier This is unfortunate for them as well as for the French urban planner in the early 20th the life of the congregation because we century, high rises were supposed to be are losing people who could contribute sleek, modern and convenient urban more to the Temple as their children’s spaces that organized what for him had needs for constant supervision been the chaos of 19th century European diminish. How many members will stay cities. Jacobs’ work had a profound effect on who do not feel themselves a part of on urban planning after its publication and the Temple community? has influenced an entire generation or two already. So, you ask, what has this to do With the rapid approach of the High Holy with Temple Sholom or has our president Days, I would like to encourage all of the finally gone off the deep end? Well, leaders of the congregation to create maybe it’s a little of both. activities for members’ participation, and would also like to encourage everyone to The design of our new home which has get involved. If you don’t see any been called “green” because of the interesting activities coming from the maximization of one large room for Temple for you please let me multiple functions (sanctuary, social hall, know. Wishing you all a healthy and classrooms), also maximizes the happy New Year. interactions of all our children as well as our children with their parents and other B’ Shalom adults. In our old building we actually had Steven H. Saltzman, Ph.D. a separate entrance for Religious School Good Health, Prosperity and Joy Best wishes for a healthy, to our TEMPLE SHOLOM COMMUNITY SUSAN, NEIL, REBEKAH, Prosperous New Year Mark, Tish, Nora & Magda Isack & JORDAN SEDWIN 5
  6. 6. Religious School News and Views This year we are starting the school year with an experiment in community building. The Board of Education began this idea with the belief that Jewish education can not take place in a vacuum. To be truly successful, Jewish education needs to take place in the context of a community. Jewish life and learning is not something you do alone on a mountaintop. It is something you do with others. Our tradition teaches that there are certain prayers that you can not say with out at least ten people present. Why? Because prayer is something we do together. The Talmud teaches that there are certain Jewish texts that you can not study alone. It goes as far as to say that when people study Jewish text together, the presence of God sits among them. The Hebrew word for “study group” is chevruta and comes from the Hebrew root meaning “friend.” “You should not study Judaism alone,” the word reminds us, “you should study Judaism sitting among your friends.” We all know, however, that sitting in a large room with a hundred people is not the way we make friends. We make them over a great food, over meaningful conversations, over shared experiences. We make them watching our children hang out together, and our children make them in unstructured socializing and play. Our tradition teaches us that to live Judaism we need to foster these friendships and build this community. Not in the artificial, over-used modern way we throw about the word “community,” but in an authentic, meaningful way. We need to know one another, celebrate with each other, and be able to support each other when in need. So, this year we are starting the school year with an experiment in community building. On Sunday, September 13th we are gathering in people’s homes for the first day of religious school instead of coming in to the building for regular class. During the one and a half hours that families will spend together we will do some eating, some socializing, and some learning together with one of our religious school teachers and Temple Board members. There will be name tags, class lists, calendars and parent handbooks handed out. But, most importantly, there will be time to eat, spend time together, and really get to know a few other families in our congregation. We are placing families together by age of children and location. Families will receive an e-mail in late August telling them which house they are going to and what they should bring. On the second day of class (October 4th) parents will be invited to come to the classes at 11:40 to meet their child’s teacher and find out information about their specific curriculum. The first day of religious school, however, is an opportunity to take part in an experiment in community building. It is chance to help build for yourself a “chavurah” – a group of friends to learn and celebrate with. Join us and see what we can build together. L’shalom, Michelle Shapiro Abraham 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. Happy Birthday German Serna 9/1 Suzanne Lyte 9/10 Walter Schroder 9/19 Lucille Taub 9/1 Jody Saltzman 9/10 Jed Feibush 9/20 Alison Balkan 9/2 Ira Stoloff 9/10 Robert Raymar 9/20 Tom Smith 9/2 David Richmand 9/11 Clifford Sobel 9/20 Merrill Taub 9/2 Eugene Schulman 9/11 Jason Breit 9/21 Stacey Meyers 9/4 Eric Sokolsky 9/11 Matthew Kempner 9/22 Charles Johnston 9/5 Lenore Gordon 9/14 Ruth Rutenberg 9/22 Sari Dorn 9/6 Ilene Schulman 9/14 Rory Szeto 9/22 Nancy Koye 9/6 Eileen Feinberg 9/16 Samantha Levenstein 9/23 Maria Lichtenstein 9/6 Susan Saunders 9/16 Jessica Madeira 9/23 Robert Harrington, Jr. 9/7 Jacob Scovronek 9/16 Justin Koizumi 9/24 Michael Teschner 9/8 Jason Steinfeld 9/17 Elisha Monzella 9/24 Emma Beckerman 9/9 Sharon Bort 9/18 Jocelyn Michnowski 9/25 Mitchell Brenner 9/9 William Dreier 9/18 Deborah Bort 9/27 Frank Dresdale 9/9 Brandon Meyers 9/18 Sandra Nussenfeld 9/27 Alex Kaufman 9/9 Miriam Zhibek Korngruen 9/19 Jeff Nagourney 9/29 Noah Harold Lieberman 9/10 Adam Monzella 9/19 Nathanial Roquet 9/30 Happy Anniversary Mitchell & Dana Brenner 9/1 Mark & Jean Rosen 9/17 Ross & Gale Miller 9/1 Jeff Messing & Grace Braverman 9/25 15th Edward & Deborah Bort 9/3 20th Stephanie & Michael Madeira 9/26 10th Randi & Dave Martorano 9/6 Philip & Mrs. Estelle Brenner 9/27 Corrine & Jules Lippe 9/12 David & Sara Hutt 9/28 Andrew & Elyse Breit 9/15 Emily & German Serna 9/28 SAVE THE DATE! The fourth annual Temple Sholom Holiday Boutique and Book Fair will be held on Sunday, November 22, 2009 from 9am –1pm. We need vendors! If you or someone you know is interested in being a ven- dor at the boutique, please contact Karen Schack at or 908-889-6912. 8
  9. 9. May you and your loved ones be healthy and happy, and may peace and good fortune fill your days The Darwin Family The Saltzman family wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year L’shanah Tovah Ann and Steven Blanche Dori Saltzman and Marius Cocus Jody Saltzman and Adam Wangerin 9
  10. 10. Cycle of Life Congratulations to: Chuck and Molly May on the birth of their son Jesse Aaron on July 5. Remembering: September 4—Harry Adelman, Rose Korngut, Gloria St. Lifer, Victoria Carter, Rose Feibush, Rachel Levy, Ray Levy, Harvey Silver, Marian Weigl, Arlene Winokur, Sylvia Kaplan, Harry Lyons, Tillie Zuts, Jack Garkofsky, Harvey Leffler, Harvey Rothberg, Florence Schwartz, Herman Klein, Harry Steinig, Theodore Irsay, Charles Katz September 11-Rose Marks, Estelle Miron, Adolph Tepper, Mayer Warren, Jack Kaplan, Lillian Levy, Norman Yood, Helen Rothberg, Michael Lifson, Laura Keller Lowe, David Marshall, Louise Nussenfeld, Victor Serota, Rose Fromm, Sarah Gilestein, Jacob Lowe, Ruth Scher, Molly Goldstein, Mirel Meyerson, Alex Schoenberger, Jacob Weyuker, Andres Contreras, Fannie Epstein September 18-Sam Bort, Elissa Hammer, Elvira Kestenbaum, Ira I. Miller, Stanley Dorn, Louis Sheff, Nathan Silverman, Myra Snitsarenco, Bella Zatkowsky, Lillian Katz, Lou Reich, Mercedes Sass, Louis Gelfond, Harry Lewis Glass, Mina Abraham, Charles Blume, Sylvia Kadushin, William Richard, Edward Sachar, Isadore Braveman, Arlene Levy, Jerry Weiiner September 25-Benjamin Goldschein, Glenn Dee Gordon, Anne Jaffe, Anne Kaplan, Sara Zanyatin, Benjamin Fisher, Jane Freedman, Miriam Lipton, Clara Armm, Saul Unger, Elly Berger, Harry Hackman, Kate Rayner, Rose Slavin, Morris Usdanksy, Louis Jasin, Philip Klein, David Krugman, George Groschefsky, Esther Breiman, Rachel Tannenbaum. October 2-Robert Bail, Barbara Fermaglich, Dora Lowenthal, Miriam Lipton, Harry Mergler, Yetta Ross, Floyd Gusack, May Nagourney, Richard Zinn, Fredy Levy, Martin Rosoff, Mary Rothseid, Irving Block, Louis Lubin, Norma Messing, Enid Nieporent, Morris Vogel, Julius J. Sand, Maurice Taylor, Fred Walters, Bernard Lipman Condolences to: Ellen Diamond on the death of her brother Joshua Diamond on July 11. Suzanne Lyte on the death of her father, Dr. Mark Friedman. Kim Lietner on the death of her grandmother. Marjorie Cohen on the death of her sister, Paula Berger, on July 21. Larry Berman on the passing of his mother-in-law, Elsie Freedman on August 19. OCTOBER HOLIDAY PREVIEW October 2—Erev Sukkot October 3—Sukkot in the Woods & Open House at Rabbi & Michelle Abraham’s Home October 4—BYO Picnic in Sukkah October 9—Erev Simchat Torah and Consecration Service October 10—Simchat Torah 10
  11. 11. MEMBER NEWS Cheryl Polios, CHMM (Certified Hazardous Materials Manager) , daughter of Mike and Marion Portnoy, will receive the Hazardous Material Manager of the Year Award from the Alli- ance of Hazardous Materials Professionals in September. This award is given to an outstanding, peer-nominated member of the AHMP who, during the previous year, has made outstanding ac- complishments in the fields of Hazardous Materials Management or related aspects while promot- ing the vision & mission of the AHMP and the integrity of the CHMM credential. This award also recognizes that individual who has actually demonstrated skills in operations, planning, training & education. This award, which is not given every year, is given to only one AHMP member in the years when it is awarded. Temple member William M. Robins has written a book titled Stanley Elkin: A Comprehensive Bibliography that is being published by The Scarecrow Press of Lanham, MD. Among the finest Jewish-American writers in recent history, Stanley Elkin's works include the novels The Magic Kingdom, The MacGuffin, and the award-winning George Mills and Mrs. Ted Bliss. In addition to a chronology of Elkin's life and a discussion of his critical reception, this extensive work addresses all of Elkin's novels, short stories, drama, non-print media adaptations, quotes, and editorial ven- tures. This volume also includes important items written about Elkin, such as interviews, criticism, awards, obituaries, manuscripts, and Internet references. Currently, Dr. Robins is the administra- tor and municipal clerk in the Borough of Dunellen, New Jersey. He is a member and past- president of the Dunellen-Green Brook Rotary Club and he is active in several local and state-wide disabilities advocacy groups. He is married to Elizabeth and has two daughters, Gwendolyn and Madolyn. Renaissance Mark your calendars for Renaissance paid-up membership luncheon on September 23rd. New members encouraged to attend. Flyer with more information to fol- low… Renaissance Goes Camping! In July members of Temple Sholom Ren- aissance joined members of other NJ synagogues for a weekend of fun and friendship at Camp Kislak. We en- joyed services, music, crafts, boating and the opportunity to make new friends. We are looking forward to more joint activities. At left, Claire Greenberg shoving off. 11
  12. 12. Report From Israel Claire Bisgay, Marjorie Cohen, Judy Felmeister We recently traveled to Israel as volunteers to teach English to elementary school students through an organization called “Living Bridge, Partnership 2000 Arad/Tamar – New Jersey/Delaware.”We spent two weeks in Arad, which is located on the east coast of Israel in the Negev Desert, near the Dead Sea and Masada, and it is very safe to be there. Our Rabbi, Joel Abraham, Temple Sholom, Fanwood, and Amy Cooper, a vice –president of Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey, encouraged and assisted us in planning our trip. In Arad, Shimon Shamilla, the Partnership Director, and Ofra Bezalel, the Living Bridge Coordinator, made our visit in every way an enjoyable and memorable one. For the two weeks, we stayed at a lovely inn called “Boutique Yehelim.” Dalia Yehel, our hostess, served delicious and nutritious breakfasts and dinners. Moreover, we got to know Dalia, her husband, Dror, and their five beautiful chil- dren.We met many of their friends at dinnertime when we had wonderful conversations. They even took us to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, where we had a lovely time. During mornings, we taught at the Democratic School where we worked with lovely children and dedicated teachers. We learned as much from them as they learned from us. After school, we visited wonderful museums in Arad, such as the Glass Factory and the Puppet Museum. Ofra and our driver, Avi Ben Ezra, took us on a day trip to Jerusalem and because it was a Thursday, many b’nei mitzvah were being held. We felt excitement and exhilaration as we stood at the Western Wall surrounded by thousands of people from all over the world. After, as a lovely contrast, we had a delicious, quiet picnic in a nearby forest. One Shabbat morning, we visited the Ethiopian Synagogue of Arad and sat in the women’s section. The women were chanting the prayers in Hebrew with high spirit but when they saw us, they were very friendly and immediately handed each of us a siddur. Throughout the service, if you closed your eyes, you might imagine yourself back to your childhood, sitting in an orthodox shul while the Rabbi and congregation were davening. The women wore beautiful long, white dresses, and we learned that the congregation was celebrating a young couple’s marriage.After services, several congre- gants invited us to attend the party in honor of the couple. We declined, however, because we were meeting Ofra and her lovely family for lunch. Our visit to the Ethiopian Synagogue was both pleasurable and meaningful. During this trip, we were fortunate to learn about a group that protects and shelters children—Children’s Village. Children’s Village Kfar Neradim SOS of Arad is an organization that helps children who are orphaned and those who live in unbearable situations at home. Its aim is to take a child from hopelessness today to a brighter future tomorrow. The village consists of individual homes in which eight children live with a “mother.” The “mother” is not related to the children. However, she lives with them, buys the food, prepares their meals, and purchases their clothing. She takes the youngsters to and from school, and they also at- tend Hebrew School. “Mother” disciplines the children when necessary and shows them much affection. An “aunt” takes over the “mother’s” duties when it is necessary to do so. The women who take these positions change children’s lives in the most profound way. They help develop produc- tive, positive human beings; they make the children feel that things can and will get better. The women try to instill val- ues that will help them make appropriate choices throughout their lives. It all takes much love and patience. On a lovely Shabbat evening, we had dinner with Ziva Choen, a “mother”, and her eight children. “Aunt” Sandra Mariasin was also there. The table was set beautifully. The children were well behaved and recited the Hebrew prayers over the wine and challah. Ziva served a delicious meal while we became acquainted with the youngsters. After dinner, without being asked to do so, the children cleared the table. Throughout the evening, it was obvious that the children loved Ziva and Sandra; lots of hugs all around. We noticed, however, that if a youngster got out of line, Ziva stopped it immediately. Later on, many of the children went out to play while Ziva and Sandra introduced us to “mothers” in other houses in the village. We also met many of the youngsters. It is safe for the children to be outdoors because all the houses are in close proximity, and they are surrounded by a large fence. Children’s Village relies on contributions from individuals for its support. In addition to the obvious necessities, the organization provides a therapy and treatment center, a daycare center, and programs to prevent children from dropping out of school. The following Friday evening, we had Shabbat dinner with Ofra and her family. One of her guests was a handsome, articulate young many who had come with her to Marlboro, NJ to tell American teenagers about Israel. In passing, Ofra mentioned that at one time this young man had been a resident at Children’s Village but that now he lived with his par- ents. We have since learned that he has returned to Children’s Village because he no longer wants to stay in his parents’ home. Despite his difficulties, this young man will “make it”’ he will lead a successful life because of the love and 12
  13. 13. Report From Israel (continued from previous page) support he continues to receive from the wonderful people at Children’s Village Kfar Neradim SOS. Israelis are warm, hospitable and generous, and we felt at home from the moment we arrived in Israel. One eve- ning, we met with two wonderful women, Monique Hersh and Ruth Goldberg, who catalog books in the library in Arad. In passing, they mentioned that the library was in need of books, and we immediately knew what our next project would be. To that end, our fellow congregants at Temple Sholom generously contributed over one thousand gently used books, and we deeply appreciate their making the project a success. Jewish Federation of Central NJ as well as other Federations in New Jersey and throughout the United States work diligently to build a living bridge between American Jews and Israelis. In order to be part of the living bridge, Federation provides the opportunity to volunteer through Partnership 2000. Some ways to contribute your talents are: working with adolescents, childcare/preschool, clerical work, health care services, teaching, bulding/construction, sports/coaching, computers, elder services, art, music, and much more. Throughout this article, we have tried to convey our love of Israel and its people. Please join us on our next trip to Arad as we continue to build that living bridge, a strong bond, with our Israeli brothers and sisters. You will find great meaning in your visit to Israel. Claire Bisgay, Marjorie Cohen, Judy Felmeister Best Wishes for a Good Health Happy and and Healthy New Happiness to Year to all at all our Temple Temple Sholom Family! Michael and Marion Bob Raymar & Ronnie Liebowitz Portnoy 13
  14. 14. THIS MONTH’S B’NAI MITZVAH Rachel Schack will become a Bat Mitzvah on September 5 and is entering the 8th grade at Park Middle School. She lives in Scotch Plains with her parents, Karen and David, her younger brother Aaron and her dog Hailley. In her free time she enjoys being with her friends, listening to music and dancing. During the school year she participates in several classes at Dance 2000. For her mitzvah project she has volunteered with Lifeline Animal Rescue to help with pet adoptions. She has also been collecting pet supplies that will be donated to animals in shelters. In addition she has helped out at St. John’s Soup Kitchen, babysat during the High Holiday Services and baked cookies for the Religious School’s Consecration Service. Garrett Szeto will become a Bar Mitzvah on September 12. Garrett will be attending 7th grade at Park Middle school. Garrett lives with his family in Fanwood. He has two brothers; Geoffrey, 23 and Rory, 16, and a new puppy named Cody. Garrett enjoys playing lacrosse and tennis and hanging with his friends. He loves to cook, is a big Red Sox fan and constantly makes his family laugh. Garrett teamed up with his neighbor Pierce Johnston to collect and create welcome baskets for Homefirst, an organization that finds temporary and permanent housing for the homeless. Let’s join together to wish Garrett a mazel tov! Best Wishes for a Happy and THANK YOU Healthy New Year I would like to thank all the members of MallAry, Tom, Clara & Ellie Temple Sholom who so generously contributed to the Jewish World Watch Darfur Solor Cooker Project. Your response was greatly appreciated and the women in Darfur will benefit from your generosity. L’Shanah Tovah Thanks again, David, Linda & Elana Marge Cohen Nieporent 14
  15. 15. With Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy New Year! Jodie, Chet, Rachel and David Van Wert 15
  16. 16. Happy and Healthy New Year to the Temple Sholom Family Health and Happiness to All of Us Jed, Susan, Samantha and Kenneth Feibush 16
  17. 17. Notes from The other sign was that for the first time in ten years, Sim Shalom was invited to send Abroad (from our representatives to an annual conference sister congregation in sponsored by the Neolog Movement. The Budapest, Sim Shalom)   theme of the conference was how to rebuild There is some good news and some bad Judiasm in small communities which had news this month. The good news is small lost most of their Jewish population to the changes for the better in the recognition of death camps in WWII. There were attendees Sim Shalom Congregation as a legitimate not only from Hungary, but people of part of the greater Jewish community. One Hungarian ethnicity from the surrounding sign of change was that our Rabbi, Kati countries of Slovakia and Romania where Kelemen, was invited to participate in a only tiny communities remain. Our past Holocaust Victim Memorial Service at a President, Bernadette Gardos, attended the restored Synagogue in a small provincial conference. It was very appropriate to be town called Janoshalma, in southern included in this conference, since the goals Hungary. Rabbi Kelemen gave the main of Sim Shalom are very much in line with address, in which she spoke about the need this rebuilding effort. And as you can see, for all parts of the Hungarian community, the ashes of the Holocaust continue to play both Jewish and Gentile, and Gypsy, to a big part in the life of the Jewish speak together, and work toward a diverse communities of Central and Eastern Europe. and integrated society that accepts all people of good will. This is a particularly The bad news has to do with the dashing of timely message after the recent surprising our hopes that we had finally found election of several Hungarian Radical premises that were suitable for our religious Rightists to the European Parliament. It was and educational programs, and that we rather different from other sermons given in could afford. Two months ago I reported such circumstances which usually dwelt on that we thought we'd found such a place, but the persecutions which Jews had suffered, that the financial feasibility of renting it and how one could try to understand how it depended on conversion of its heating could have happened. Very few Jews live in system from very expensive electricity to the Janoshalma anymore, and the audience cheaper gas heat. We've just learned that it contained many of the local governmental is not reasonable to install gas heating officials and town leaders, mostly Gentile. because of the great expense of connecting The Special significance of this invitation is to a very old gas supply system in the that the synagogue is nominally under the building. Also, the City is not willing to control of the Neolog branch of Judaism allow us to count the renovation costs which in the past has refused to give any against the rent, as they had earlier recognition to the legitimacy of Reform indicated. This is very sad news, and means Judaism in Hungary. However, the leader of we have to go back to searching again for a the renovation has become a good friend of suitable place to live in. Sim Shalom and our Rabbi. Jesse Weil, Sim Shalom 17
  18. 18. L’Shanah Tovah From: The Lynch Family Dan, Judi, Daniel, Jennifer & Jack Robin, Roberto, Amanda & Andres Chang Barbara Rosen and Family Mark & Sandra Nussenfeld Eric Josh & Elyse Roy and Penny Margolies Neal & Kim Leitner and Family Doris & Frank Dresdale All our warmest best wishes Shelly Freedman Harold & Emily Grodberg Danny and Sam Adrienne & Roger Graubard & Family David & Kathy Korngruen Mia & Miriam Mr. & Mrs. M. Szuch Angela, Forrest, Mike, Stephanie The Koerner Family Happy New Year The Johnston Family Sandra and Ellen Berman 18
  19. 19. The Officers and Board of Trustees wish all members of Temple Sholom a Happy and Healthy New Year! Temple Officers Steven Saltzman Mallary Saltzman Susan Sedwin Kim Leitner Pam Dorn David Richmand Bob Enda Mark Isack Board of Trustees Honorary Trustees Dana Brenner William Dreier Allen Darwin Sandra Dreier Richard Jacobs Catherine Gilbert David Korngruen William Gindin Sharon Levy Luna Kaufman Jackie Lieberman Penny Margolies Ronnie Liebowitz Brett Neuhauser Robin Lyons Stephen Ritz Suzanne Lyte Morton Rutenberg Gale Miller Neil Smith David Nieporent Martin Schwartz Mark Nussenfeld Lucille Taub Sandra Nussenfeld Susan Weiseman Michael Portnoy Seth Weingarten 19
  20. 20. SUMMER PHOTOS The 3 girls pictured left, from our sister congregation Sim Sha- lom, visited us this summer and were hosted by Ellen and Dan Wolf . From left to right, Zsofi Kozma,Julia Fedoszov and Zoe Hegedus At right, the choir at its end-of -year gathering (with a couple of young prospective mem- bers). Left, Jeff Brenner and Noah Sokolsky enjoy a treat during the Temple Sholom Men’s Club to a Somerset Patriots’ game. 20
  21. 21. Left, in June, the Temple Sholom Men’s Club and the Fanwood-Scotch Plains Men’s Club (Men on a Mission, or MOM) had a joint meeting at the Stage House Restaurant in Scotch Plains. Happy participants at the Temple Sholom Men’s Club Barbeque. Recycle your used inkjet cartridges and old cell phones and help the Confirmation Class at the same time! Bring your old cartridges and phones to the Temple office or to Religious School on Sundays and deposit them in the marked boxes. The Confirmation Class will recycle them with the proceeds going toward the annual Confirmation Trip to Central Europe. 21
  22. 22. Thank You for 10 Years of WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! sharing & looking forward Ronnie & Sean Manette & their to many more. daughters Elisabeth & Rachel Julie & Gil Isaacs & their daughters From Eva and Shoshana Rabbi Joel, Michelle, Avital Devorah, and Ezri Barak THANK YOU Abraham The Cantor and I would like to thank Dan Wolff for donating a functioning L’SHANAH TOVAH UMETUKAH keyboard for the Cantor's computer! Thanks, Dan! Marion Portnoy GET YOUR 15 MINUTES OF FAME! Got an event to announce, such as a wedding, birth or bar mitzvah? Know someone at Temple Sholom who as received an honor or has done something newsworthy, such as raised money for charity? Tell the PR committee about it! You'll help us get the word out about Temple Sholom and have fun seeing yourselves and your loved ones in the local news. Just e-mail Jackie Lieberman at or call her at 908-322-7886. PUT YOUR AD HERE—FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL: 908-889-4900 22
  23. 23. Higgins Home for Funerals, Inc. • Serving the Jewish community since 1868 • Prearranged Payment Plans • Out of State Services • Family owned and operated for over 135 years. Two Locations Watchung Plainfield 752 Mountain Boulevard 209 West 8th Street Stephen Szczubelek , Mgr. Robert Szczubelek , Mgr. NJ Lic. No. 4446 NJ Lic. No. 4566 (908)756-0017 Cohen Partners LLC Insurance, Risk Management, Financial Solutions Mark M. Isack CFP®, ChFC 500 Fifth Ave, Suite 2210 New York, NY 10110 Tel: (212) 661-0465 x202 Fax: (212) 661-0538 Email: Full Service Upscale Off Premise Catering Call for a free consultation at 732.577.0490 Physical Therapy VtàxÜ|Çz tà gxÅÑÄx f{tÄÉÅ f|Çvx DLKF CELEBRATE YOUR NEXT EVENT & BE “STRESS FREE” Bar/Bat Mitzvahs ° Kiddushes ° Weddings All Celebrations ° Hotels ° Home Corporate ° Tents ° Clubs ° Beachfront YOUR LOCATION...OR ONE OF OURS! 23
  24. 24. Please deliver first week of September TEMPLE SHOLOM FUNDS (Please Indicate One) The following are funds that members of Temple Sholom have created to encourage activities by and for members of the congregation and the surrounding community. Named tributes (minimum of $10) as well as regular donations are welcome. I would like to donate $18 $36 $54 Other $ ____ to the fund marked below in Honor / Memory of ______________________ By ___________________ My check is enclosed Please bill my Temple account (Temple members only) GENERAL FUNDS EDUCATION FUNDS Harold Schwartz Presidents Fund Irving Bussel Fund for the benefit of the Religious School To provide a steady stream of unrestricted income, from the income Used for teacher education workshops Building Beautification Fund - For new building Norman & Iris Pianko Innovative Education Fund A. A. Null/ Lang Kodesh Fund for Youth Activities For teachers and/or students of the Religious School To send Temple youth members to leadership training & other Rabbi Nathanson Adult Education Fund worthwhile activities For special & other adult education programs Cantor’s Music Fund - To purchase music for the Temple Religious School Equipment Fund Congregants’ Emergency Fund To purchase equipment for the Religious School To provide short term financial aid to members in dire straits Dreier Family Fund for the Religious School Hospitality Fund To enhance the Religious School through art, theater, or music Marie Fuss Senior Citizen Fund programming To provide an annual special program for this membership group SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS Frances & William Goldstein Library Fund Goldschein/J. Schwartz Confirmation Trip Scholarship Fund To purchase & repair publications, books & equipment Sarah Fund For Religious School Scholarships Prayerbook Fund Litner/Podolier Membership Assistance Fund President’s Discretionary Fund ————————————————————————————— To be used by the President for/to the benefit of the Temple New Building Donation Tzedakah Fund for Social Action & Caring Committee Unrestricted Temple Donation Activities Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund 24