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Increasing Website Traffic With Pop Unders


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Increasing Website Traffic With Pop Unders

  1. 1. Increasing Website Traffic With Pop Unders
  2. 2. Increasing traffic with pop unders can happen in as little as 24 hours, and you can see a definite difference within the first week. Within the first month of using pop unders you will hardly remember what it was like to try to market with outdated instruments such as banners and link exchange.
  3. 3. Pop unders are proven to be one of the most effective ways to market on the Internet because they give youdirect access to your audience. Exchanges are much more ideal with pop unders that they are with banners or any other means of driving your traffic.
  4. 4. Better than Banners
  5. 5. Pop unders are simply more visible than banners are. Think about it, banners are something that most peoplescroll past every day on every Internet site that they visit. If you think about your favorite website, do you even know if they have banners?
  6. 6. More Accurate
  7. 7. More people will follow up on a pop under and actually do business with such a business when you compare it to banners. The exchange rates for a pop under are about every three out of five, meaning three out of five people that see your pop under will follow up and you may be able to do business with them.
  8. 8. Banners often drive a bit of traffic to your website, but it is often not real traffic, or people that have intentionally come to your website. Pop unders will bring you realtraffic so that you can make real money whereas less than 50% of the people that view a banner will even take a second look.
  9. 9. More Efficient
  10. 10. It is widely known that pop unders are more than 120 times more efficient than banners, links, or any other marketing technique. The reason for this is that themarketing is more direct and can really be geared toward your specific target audience.
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