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  1. 1. Obaidullah-Al-MasudDeputy DirectorExpenditure Management DepartmentBangladesh Bank, Head Officee-mail:
  2. 2. Payroll contentData MaintenancePayroll RunReportcheck/correctionComplete payrollprocess
  3. 3. Data Maintenance T_code: PA30 Personnel No Gross/Net Payroll Tab Infotypes: Basic Pay, Recurring Payments/Deductions,Bank Details, Provident Fund, Loans Wagetype Create/Copy/Change
  4. 4. Simulation
  5. 5. Payroll Run Process Release Payroll International Payroll Check Result Correction Exit Payroll Remuneration Statement Post to FI
  6. 6. Release payroll
  7. 7. Release payroll
  8. 8.  1. Pop-up to enter Payroll area 2. Enter Payroll area to release payroll 3. Payroll Processing will confirm to release payrollperiod for payroll 4. If Payroll period is correct, press YESRelease payroll
  9. 9. International Payroll
  10. 10. Payment of monthly salary ZHR_PAYSLIP ZBANK ZHR_MAIN_VOUCHER
  11. 11. Multiple selection What to select? When to select? How to select? Personnel no. Personnel area Payroll area Employee group Employee subgroup
  12. 12. Correction? Y/N
  13. 13. Correction? Y Click YesCorrection? N = Exit Payroll
  14. 14. Exit Payroll
  15. 15. Bonus Off-cycle run Don’t Release Payroll Zbasicsalary Filter using MS Excel
  16. 16. Provident fund Central PF Management Reports maintained at HO Accounting maintained through FICO Zpfstatement Q/A Discussion