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View the marketing strategy for SandBox (Let's Play) product.

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Shoga Deck: Marketing

  1. 1. Marketing / Revenue: Who is Our User / Customer? What Do They Want? People with smartphones and Smart TVs, upper-income audience by today's standards. In 3-5 years? Ubiquitous. Worldwide growth Our customers want to quickly, easily and inexpensively connect with their groups, making it a fun and overall enlightening “Experience”. Our goal is to acquire and retain 10M+ active users worldwide within 36 months or less, inexpensively.
  2. 2. Marketing / Revenue: What’s Our Marketing Strategy? PR, SEO, WORD OF MOUTH We want customers to open and use regularly. To make people want to share. We want to Delight them! To build a loyal and loving audience. The User Experience must be stellar to hook early adopters. We will grow our fan base from the inside / out So our audience grows fast and inexpensively.
  3. 3. Marketing / Revenue: Strategy: International We intend on developing products for international audiences by using spare, easy-to-understand user interactions and English wording that speakers of all levels may easily interpret. We will grow our customer base worldwide! “
  4. 4. Marketing / Revenue: Why Buy From Us? What's our competitive angle? How are we different? We will build a loyal and loving audience by the following: Easy help / instructions via ichat Tutorials on how to get the most from the app Very friendly, easy-to-use interface Special, curated Top10 content (10 categories), not available anywhere else. Safe, private Fun!
  5. 5. Marketing / Revenue: How Will We Make Money? Quick, inexpensive and efficient user / customer acquisition, active Social Networking and PR campaigns and an avid loyal fan base will result in fast-growing revenue. Business, tech and creative advisors will keep us on the leading edge, thereby maintaining that $100M annual business with good margins.