Birthplace of Political Parties


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Intro to Political Parties

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Birthplace of Political Parties

  1. 1. The Birth of Political Parties So, who wants to party?????? Learn about our political party system and get your students IN THE GAME!!!!!!!
  2. 2. Washington’s Farewell Address •Abolish Sectionalism •Avoid political factions •Avoid foreign entanglements
  3. 3. Birth of Political Parties AKA: Do you want to Party? Purpose: To simulate the formation of early American political parties in order to evaluate Washington’s assessment that political faction was detrimental to democracy.
  4. 4. You have each been assigned a role. Assume that role and find like-minded individuals in the classroom- these will be your “friends.” * If you are a banker find other bankers
  5. 5. Introduce yourself to the other members of your social circle. Discuss what you have in common. Discuss how you and your friends feel about the new federal government, the economy, slavery, Taxes, etc. (Record your ideas on the poster.)
  6. 6. Building Consensus: Working in your group, complete the Comparing Hamilton and Jefferson worksheet to Decide which political party best fits the needs of your community.
  7. 7. Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson Federalists DemocraticRepublicans •Strong Federal Government •Commerce and Manufacturing •Broad federal powers •Strong state governments •Farming based economy •Narrow Federal Powers
  8. 8. Federalists Anti-Federalists
  9. 9. National Archives and Records Administration Clifford K.Berryman, 1919