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Outright: The Pteranodon of Accounting Solutions


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Is Outright the right accounting solution for you? This series, sponsored by, is dedicated to reviewing five different small business accounting solutions so that you can determine which one is right for you and your business. And to spice things up a little, we’ve put a prehistoric twist on it!

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Outright: The Pteranodon of Accounting Solutions

  1. 1. TM “The Pteranodon ofAccounting Solutions”
  2. 2. TM Toll Free: 1 (888) 369-4269Outright at a glance:• founded in 2008, Outright is an industry leaderin the online accounting space• a simple, lightweight accounting solution builtfor anyone and everyone• used by 200,000+ small businesses worldwide• both free and paid versions available
  3. 3. TM Toll Free: 1 (888) 369-4269Outright strengths:• links directly with PayPal, eBay, Etsy and almostall financial institutions• no downloading or installation• helpful tax deadline notifications• easy-to-understand financial reports• automatic transaction categorization
  4. 4. TM Toll Free: 1 (888) 369-4269Outright weaknesses:• tax categories based on the U.S. tax system(no international support)• based on the complexity of your bookkeeping,an accountant may be required prior to tax filing• no built-in invoicing/billing options• reported issues with reconciliation
  5. 5. TM Toll Free: 1 (888) 369-4269Outright is ideal for:• freelancers• solopreneurs and microbusinesses• online retailers (eBay, Etsy, etc.)• those with home offices• anyone new to accounting
  6. 6. TM Toll Free: 1 (888) 369-4269Like Outright, a Pteranodon:• glided high above prey for long periods of time• was encouraged to leave the flock and fly soloat a young age• could change directions quickly, due to howlightweight and agile it was• outlived many of its contemporaries
  7. 7. TM Toll Free: 1 (888) 369-4269More information availableFor a complete Outright product review, includingmore information on why Outright is the Pteranodonof accounting solutions, please visit the ShoeboxedBlog:
  8. 8. TM Toll Free: 1 (888) 369-4269About ShoeboxedSince 2007 Shoeboxed has been the industry leader in online receipt scanning andorganization, serving over 500,000 small business owners worldwide. The pioneers ofcloud-based receipt scanning, Shoeboxed saves users time, money and hassle by turningreceipts into a categorized, IRS-accepted archive of secure online data.Shoeboxed offers a fully functional free plan, as well as premium plans that include aprepaid mail-in service for physical receipts. Shoeboxed also accepts receipts via theirfree smartphone apps, with their free desktop uploader, or at is based in Durham, North Carolina, and has growing offices in both SanFrancisco, California, and Sydney, Australia.