Policy Driven Control of Unstructured Content

                                      Trusted Edge ICE Solution for
Policy Driven Control of Unstructured Content

Server Features:
▪   Centralized Policy Management

▪   Metadata Databas...
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Trusted Edge Ice For Desktop Documents 2009


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Trusted Edge Ice For Desktop Documents 2009

  1. 1. Policy Driven Control of Unstructured Content Trusted Edge ICE Solution for Desktop Documents Trusted Edge Information Classification Engine (ICE) for Desktop Documents allows the enterprise to quickly comply with their corporate information management policies at the desktop on the edge of the net- work. Trusted Edge ICE can intercept, capture and manage any docu- ment and apply an asset identifier which tracks and audits the docu- ment from creation to disposition. Trusted Edge ICE reduces corporate Benefits risk by ensuring documents requiring preservation are retained accord- ▪ Comprehensive document ing to corporate policy. capture ▪ Classification of documents Trusted Edge Ice asset identifier tracks the document asset throughout ▪ Manage document to business the enterprise including convenience copies, emailed copies that have objectives been open and viewed by others and filed within the enterprise. ▪ Optimize storage usage with policy Policy Managed Documents ▪ Litigation Hold—flag individual Trusted Edge ICE enables the enterprise to quickly define and imple- records or entire computers as ment policies for document retention and filing throughout the docu- “Under Litigation” using poli- ment lifecycle. Policies can be based upon the roles of users, the con- cies preventing the modifica- tent of documents, or custom attributes defined by the organization. tion and deletion of documents ▪ Reduce eDiscovery cost ▪ Seamless online and offline Problem: operation Content proliferation increases the cost of storage, content manage- ment, eDiscovery and the ability for knowledge workers to reuse con- ▪ Centralized policy manage- ment tent assets. Information workers do not want classification to impact their productivity. ▪ Comprehensive application- independent document cap- ture Solution: ▪ Seamless online and offline Managed desktop documents according to corporation retention poli- operation shred documents on cies. desktops, laptops and file servers once their retention How: has expired within the reposi- tory ♦ Centrally managed classification and filing policies How to Contact Us ♦ Classification branded asset ID within the document ♦ Documents are managed in place on desktops or laptop FileTek, Inc 9400 Key West Avenue ♦ Policy can direct content to a repository for advanced management Rockville, MD 20850 ♦ Enforcement of “Litigation Holds” on desktop documents Phone 301.251.0600 ♦ All copies of documents are disposed according to retention policy Email info@filetek.com Web www.trustededge.com ♦ A solution that conforms to existing workflow tasks www.trustededge.com
  2. 2. Policy Driven Control of Unstructured Content Server Features: ▪ Centralized Policy Management ▪ Metadata Databas ▪ Reporting, Analytics and Foren- sics ▪ Heterogeneous Infrastructure Support ▪ Supports Active Directory Ser- vices and Group Policies for as- signing classification rules ▪ Centralized deployment of soft- ware installation through Micro- soft's System Management Server Desktop Client Features: ▪ Comprehensive and Application Independent Document and Email Capture ▪ Interactive and Automated Classification ▪ Intelligent Filing ▪ Digital Disposal ▪ Litigation Hold FileTek, Inc 9400 Key West Avenue Rockville, MD 20850 Phone 301.251.0600 Email info@filetek.com Web ww.trustededge.com (C) 2008 FileTek, Inc. www.trustededge.com