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Passport real


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Passport real

  1. 1. A passport is imperative when travelling out of the country. It’s basically an identity of an individual regarding his/her citizenship. So passport is really a necessary thing to carry when travelling to any other country. Without a valid passport in your pocket, you won’t be able to even enter in a different country. The airline authorities check the passport regarding A Indian passport
  2. 2. According to reports regarding passport about Indian government, published on date may 7, 2013. Indian Embassy and Consulates have outsourced passport application services to BLS International. You must apply at the India passport application center and NOT at the Embassy/Consulate. Earlier passports in India were usually issued with a promise of following of a act which included “ecnr” endorsement. But new passports are not having these kind of troublemaking rules by default. Here r d few information's u would need regarding d application of applying passport online in India.
  3. 3. Steps 2 apply for passport online There are different steps regarding application of a passport online. But a candidate must have to follow these basic steps regarding passport online in India. By using these steps, a person can find himself/herself to get out of hassle free process of queuing and all. These steps are as follows- 1.Firstly you need to visit the passport Seva website. Login and explore it. 2.Secondlly you need to register on the website. Its a basic and simple procedure, which would cost you some basic information about you. 3.Now the next imperative step you need to take is by filling out the form. After filling out the form, your account in the passport Seva website will be created. Now just select the passport of the city in which you are living in right now. Just remember that you need not to fill your native information in that portion. The other steps of the form is just as simple as opening a different account. 4.Now click on the register now box, when done. 5.Now you have created your account. 6.Click the green login button. 7.Enter your email and password in that portion and login to continue.
  4. 4. 8.Click the option “apply for fresh passport/reissue of passport”. 9.Its your choice to either download the form or directly simply fill it as it is. But it’s a great idea to fill the form directly to online website instead of downloading it, filling it and further uploading it further on the website. This procedure will take a plethora time. In case you want to download the form, then click on “here to download the soft copy of the form” in the first heading of the page titled “alternative one”. 10.If you want to fill the form online then all your got to do is choose a second option named “alternative 2”.This option is basically a lot more easier than the first option of “alternative one”. Generally we all must apply only this option to the application of our data. 11.On next page, you will have to choose one option in between the given four options–a fresh passport or reissue passport or a normal passport or a tatkal passport. Obviously you need to select it according to your requirement.
  5. 5. 12.After doing all these things, you will be guided by another option which is called as “next” option. All you got to do is enter your personal information in that option. Make sure that your prescribed information is up to the point and correct and matching your real documents. After your work is done, click on the submit button to submit your provided information. 13.After filling out the form, click on submitted applications. 14.You will see the application you just submitted. After doing this, click on the button next to it which is called as “pay and schedule appointment button”.
  6. 6. 15.Select online payment and then click “next”. You would see a list of available passport seva Kendra's from all over India. Choose a particular passport seva Kendra from your city with date and time. 16.Select one of these from the drop down menu to get the desired psk location. 17.Enter the characters seen in the image and click the “next option”. 18.Now click on the option “pay” and ‘’book an appointment”. 19.This step would take you to a another step which is called as “payment gateway”. Now complete your payment and this will take you to passport seva website. 20.Now after doing all these things, you will see a appointment confirmation page, where you can see all the details of your appointments regarding passport. 21.Now click on print application receipt to print the application. This printout would help you to get a flicker of all the details you have posted while filling the form of your passport. 22.You would definitely need the required documents while visiting the psk(passport seva Kendra). 23.Your receipt would tell you when and where should you pay your visit regarding passport. You will be getting the required passport of your choice after police verification.
  7. 7. Name: Legalzon Address: S.C.O. 177, Sector 37- C,Chandigarh – 160037, India Phone: +9199153374 48 Contact us & we would love 2 respond 2 your queries with a smile