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A exclusive gathering of senior Level In house IP Attorneys from across North America.

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Global Ip Exchange Agenda

  1. 1. Delegate Information Package Global IP Exchange TM Positioning IP at the Cutting Edge of Business Strategy Barton Creek Resort & Spa Austin, Texas February 22-24, 2009
  2. 2. Global IP Exchange TM Positioning IP at the Cutting Edge of Business Strategy Barton Creek Resort & Spa Austin, Texas The Venue The Venue February 22-24, 2009 Barton Creek Resort & Spa, Austin, Texas Resort & Club provides the perfect The Boca Raton backdrop to inspire the free flow of ideas. Situated on Welcome to the 2009 Global IP Exchange Barton Creek Resort & Spa -- a AAA Four-Diamond luxury acres in fabled South Florida, it acres in the heart of 356 hotel in Austin – spans 4,000 is a truly complete The growth of intellectual property as the single most important corporate the glorious Texas Hillthe amenities, facilities and of the resort offering all of Country, and boasts some region's most breathtaking views. This Austin luxury hotel asset class in the world has elevated IP strategy to a critical component of services found at the most entertaining beachfront and resort offers 303 guest rooms and suites furnished in business success and growth. properties in the world. Discover the extensive array of an elegant Texas style. It is home to a variety of recreational features that distinguish this freshly redesigned Boca options, including the #1 and #2 ranked resort golf courses Increasingly, IP Strategists are expected to bring more to the corporate table, in Raton beachof Austin's most luxurious spas, a full-service Texas, one resort, including: and the 3rd annual Global IP Exchange™ has been designed to provide today’s fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, a miniature golf Chief IP Counsel even more value for time out of office. By providing you course, a fully-supervised children's program, as well as ■ Two 18 hole championship golf courses four exceptional restaurants. Barton Creek’s award-winning innovative and exciting presentations, topics for discussion and one-to-one ■ Highly acclaimed Spa Palazzo conference and meeting facilities accommodate groups business meetings, as IP strategists attending the Global IP Exchange™ you of ■ World-class restaurants and dining options all sizes. will come away with new ideas, insights and information that will re-energize ■ 30 award winning tennis courts your departments and enhance your contribution to the bottom-line. 8212 Barton Club Drive ■ Three state of the art fitness centers, and six Austin, Texas 78735 swimming pools Phone: 512-329-4000 ■ Half 866-572-7369 Toll Free: mile stretch of private Atlantic oceanfront The 2009 Global IP ExchangeTM case study speakers include: Fax: 512-329-4597 ■ Newly renovated, 32 slip, full service marina • John H. Doll, Commissioner for Patents, USPTO ■ Extensive collection of onsite shops and boutiques • Marian Underweiser, Intellectual Property Law Counsel, IP Law Strategy & ■ Premier Club membership, with newly enhanced Policy, IBM features • Jennifer Wuamett, Chief IP Counsel, Freescale Semiconductor • Dr. Judy Jarecki-Black, Global Head, Intellectual Property, Merial Ltd. • Hildy Bowbeer, Assistant Chief IP Counsel, 3M • Carl Roof, Global Trademark Director, Associate General Counsel – Intellectual Property, Procter & Gamble • Raymond S. Parker, III, Ph.D., Associate Vice-President & Head, Internal Medicine, US Patent Department Operations, Sanofi-Aventis • Fabio R. Silva, Corporate & IP Counsel, Burberry Limited • Timothy Witkowski, Executive Director of IP Litigation & Executive Counsel, IP, Boehringer-Ingelheim USA Corporation • Douglas Luftman, General Counsel, IP, Palm, Inc. This event is a must attend for all heads of intellectual property, and promises to deliver the strategic information you need to make your IP department more efficient and effective in today’s business environment. 2
  3. 3. Global IP ExchangeTM • February 22-24, 2009 The speakers at the Global IP Exchange have been invited specifically because of their level of expertise and thought leadership in the intellectual property arena. Boasting a wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience, this elite group will help plant the seeds of discussion that will make this Exchange one of the most unique events you attend this year. John J. Doll Eric Shih Commissioner for Patents Deputy General Counsel-Chief IP Counsel USPTO Verigy Ltd. Michael Noonan Timothy Witkowski Director of Intellectual Property, Chief IP Counsel Executive Director of IP Litigation & Executive Counsel Laird Technologies, Inc. Boehringer-Ingelheim USA Corporation Douglas Luftman Kevin Cranman General Counsel, Intellectual Property General Counsel, Americas Palm, Inc. TANDBERG Television, Part of the Ericsson Group Distinguished Speaker Faculty 2009 Kevin O’Brien Senior IP Counsel Hildy Bowbeer Goodrich Corporation Assistant Chief Intellectual Property Counsel 3M Raymond S. Parker, III, Ph.D. Associate Vice-President & Head, Internal Medicine, US Russell Boltwood Patent Department Operations Vice President of Licensing & Intellectual Property Sanofi-Aventis SA UTStarcom Incorporated Jennifer Wuamett Vice President & Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Eric Janofsky Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Vice President of Intellectual Property Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Carl Roof Global Trademark Director, Associate General Counsel – Robert Hart Intellectual Property Chief Intellectual Property Counsel The Procter & Gamble Company Harman International Industries, Inc. Ankur Shah Associate General Counsel – Intellectual Property Dr. Judy Jarecki-Black Freddie Mac Global Head, Intellectual Property Merial Limited John Flynn Senior Counsel - IBM Systems and Technology Group Thomas J. Kowalski IBM Partner Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP Fabio Silva Corporate & Intellectual Property Counsel BURBERRY LIMITED Alexander Montagu General Counsel Fabricio Vayra Lipper, Inc., a Reuters Company Senior Counsel – Intellectual Property Time Warner Inc. Dr. Lulin Gao Peter Hlavnicka Former Commissioner of China’s State Intellectual Property Enterprise IP Licensing and Brand Management Office Nortel Networks Corporation Marian Underweiser Andy Cadel Intellectual Property Law Counsel, IP Law Strategy & Policy Managing Director & Associate General Counsel IBM JPMorgan Chase & Co. Kareem M. Irfan Margie Milam General Counsel - IP & IT Corporate Secretary and General Counsel Schneider Electric MarkMonitor Stephen Cohen Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel, Division of Enforcement Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) | 1-866-296-4580 | 3
  4. 4. Global IP ExchangeTM • February 22-24, 2009 A Forum Exclusively for Senior Strategists The Global IP ExchangeTM has been developed to cater to the unique needs of the most senior intellectual property executives. The only way to effectively ensure that each and every participant at the Exchange is able to extract true strategic value from the event is to strictly limit attendance. Who you will meet: Exchange delegates This is why participation at the event is by invitation-only. To ensure the Exchange offers the highest degree of relevancy for attendees, only senior executives responsible This ensures that you are able to tap into a network of influencers and for the intellectual property within their organizations are decision makers – people with their eyes on the future and with proven invited. This exclusive format allows you to connect with solutions to your most pressing needs. those peers whose insights you respect most – through exceptional networking, business meetings and strategic information sharing sessions. You are in the Driver’s Seat IP Executives in attendance will include: Your time is valuable. Which is why, at the Global IP ExchangeTM, you will customize your itinerary to reflect your current objectives and future goals. Chief Intellectual Property Officer / Counsel • Chief Patent Officer / Counsel • Your agenda will be made up of conference sessions, one-on-one Chief Trademark Officer / Counsel • business meetings, our signature Brain WeaveTM discussions, and other Head of Intellectual Property • innovative networking opportunities. Prior to the exchange you will Deputy General Counsel (IP) customize your itinerary by making your selection of: • General Counsel (IP) • Conference Sessions Assistant / Associate General Counsel (IP) • The highly crafted conference sessions reflect the strategic issues that VP, Intellectual Property • senior IP executives have identified as priorities during our lengthy VP, Licensing / Business Development – Intellectual • research process. You will choose from a selection of plenary and Property concurrent sessions covering a myriad of issues that will create the VP, IP Strategy • foundation of your agenda. One-on-One Business Meetings Exchange Service Providers An integral part of your agenda is the one-on-one business meetings with leading Service Providers. Service Providers are invited based on the requirements of attending delegates. The service providers at the Global IP When you register for the Global IP ExchangeTM we ask you to identify the ExchangeTM specialize in the following areas: solutions and services you are currently considering. We then invite Advertising and Branding Due Diligence • leading vendors who can supply problem-solving prescriptions for your Anti-counterfeiting & Anti-diversion • business. Automation and Technologies • Cost Containment and Spend Management Prior to the Exchange, you will be able to assess the service providers • who will be attending and select 6-8 who you would like to spend time International IP Management • with at the event. IP Evaluation Solutions • IP Licensing and Business Development • Your selections are then incorporated into your customized agenda. These Insurance Services • private 30 minute one-on-one meetings give you the opportunity to hear Language and Translation Services • from leading specialists, whose industry knowledge and experience enable them to make a valuable contribution to the requirements of your business. Legal Process Outsourcing • They offer objective, flexible and relevant strategies for success. Litigation Management and Support • Matter Management Solutions • This unique aspect of the Global IP ExchangeTM serves to simplify the Online Brand Protection • process for sourcing new solutions; switch you on to answers that are Patent Portfolio Management • working for others; and offer you early previews of emerging TM Portfolio Management technologies. • | 1-866-296-4580 | 4
  5. 5. Global IP ExchangeTM • February 22-24, 2009 Efficiency at the USPTO: Are Applications Reviewed Fairly and Given an Equal Chance? Sunday, February 22nd: 2:15 p.m. – 3:00p.m. Although the USPTO takes pride in declaring its transparency to the IP World, it has been in the hot seat for years, criticized for its lack of efficiency and fairness. How has the USPTO responded to this criticism, and have their attempts toward improvement been successful? What areas are still in need of improvement, and how can you, as your company’s representative, work with the USPTO to bring about critical and necessary change? Discuss with John Doll, Commissioner for Patents of the USPTO: How a patent application is treated from the moment it arrives at the USPTO • Tactical methods used to prepare patent applications that will give them the greatest chance of receiving approval • Practical suggestions for improving the efficiency within the USPTO and how to make it happen • John J. Doll Commissioner for Patents USPTO Managing Patent Litigation: Withstanding Enforcement Threats Sunday, February 22nd: 3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. IP enforcement activity, especially regarding patents, continues to increase. Patent (and other IP) litigation is expensive and drains resources. As an IP strategist, you must know how to proactively protect your client and manage enforcement activity and litigation in a cost and time efficient manner. Discuss with your peers how patentees enforce their rights – and how to manage and mitigate risks and costs posed to your client. Response to offers of license/sale, cease and desist letters, and other types of assertions • Best strategies for defending against attempts at patent enforcement • Patent trolls: know their habits, and discuss best practices for protecting against them • When to escalate a licensing defense with legal or administrative action (e.g., reexams, infringement suits, declaratory judgments, or “ITC”) • Kevin Cranman, Michael Noonan General Counsel, Americas Director of Intellectual TANDBERG Television, Property, Chief IP Counsel Part of the Ericsson Group Laird Technologies, Inc. Optimizing the Use of Mediation as a Tool for Resolving Intellectual Property Rights Disputes The benefits to using ADR, and particularly mediation, as opposed to litigation are many, yet IP counsel still fail to recognize its suitability and effectiveness in resolving intellectual property rights disputes. The flexibility of the process and the outcome makes it ideally suited to helping your company meet its business objectives, regardless of whether it is the plaintiff or the defendant. Discuss with your peers how to leverage ADR with an emphasis on: Running a business savvy operation by recognizing the advantages of ADR versus litigation and ADR’s potential for efficiently resolving IP disputes • Preparing yourself and your clients to optimize the opportunities that arise through mediation • Common mistakes made by parties in preparing for mediation and how to avoid them • Hildy Bowbeer Assistant Chief Intellectual Property Counsel 3M How to Hire & Retain Top Talent while Competing with Big Law Firm Salaries Sunday, February 22nd: 3:45 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Retaining top talent is always a challenge, yet it will be increasingly difficult in an era of shrinking supply and growing global demand. Organizations not only have to compete with each other, but they also must compete with large law firms that continue to offer comprehensive compensation and benefits packages. This problem becomes even more burdensome in a downturn economy, when corporations cannot afford to compete with large salaries and must use other methods to prevent costly turnover. Discuss with your peers: Implementing an attractive cost-effective incentive program to counteract the high salaries of law firms • Retaining talented team members by instituting a competitive performance development program • Encouraging innovation and transparency among your IP team • Creating a properly focused and committed environment • Eric Janofsky Russell Boltwood Vice President of Vice President of Intellectual Property Licensing & Intellectual Marvell Technology Property Group Ltd. UTStarcom Incorporated A New Trend in Europe: Germany as a Hotbed for Patent Litigation Enforcement of intellectual property rights in Germany • The efficiency of the German judicial system and distinction between the civil and patent courts • A cost-effective analysis of choosing to file for patents and litigate in Germany • Why Germany has become such a hotbed for patent litigation • | 1-866-296-4580 | 5
  6. 6. Global IP ExchangeTM • February 22-24, 2009 Challenges and Realities of Compliance with the FCPA Sunday, February 22nd: 4:45 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Government enforcement of the FCPA has become increasingly strict, and the SEC and DOJ have been aggressively trying to crack down on violations. As Chief IP Counsel, your responsibilities typically include involvement with executing global business strategy. As companies focus on expansion of international operations, Chief IP Counsels must be aware and able to recognize violation traps, especially when the illegal conduct is not the payment of bribes per se. This session will involve an overview of the FCPA and recent enforcement activities by the DOJ and SEC. The session will also cover various violations that can arise during global business activities and how to prevent violations of the FCPA including: Identifying risks in relationships with third-party licensing agents • Instituting a robust compliance program for international based R&D operations, dealing with joint venture partners, distributors and agents • How to handle investigations when problems arise so that attorney client privilege is not waived • Robert Hart Stephen Cohen Chief Intellectual Property Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel, Counsel Division of Enforcement Harman International Securities and Exchange Commission Industries, Inc. (SEC) Practical Strategies for Enforcing Rights against Gray Market Goods in the US Due to the lack of protection under US law, enforcing rights against gray-market goods remains an ongoing concern for Chief IP Counsel. This becomes a global issue in an unstable US economy as consumers have motivation to exploit gray market goods to make profit from currency fluctuations. Discuss with your peers practical strategies to enforce your rights in light of inadequate current laws including: Unique branding of identical products in different countries to track the influx of gray market products • Actively eliminating sources of illicit goods by implementing procedures to proactively track and monitor your distribution channels • Policing initiatives to proactively limit production of and access to gray market goods • Peter Hlavnicka Enterprise IP Licensing and Brand Management Nortel Networks Corporation Breaking out of your Comfort Zone and Getting Involved with “Non-Traditional IP Matters” Sunday, February 22nd: 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Increasingly, IP Counsel are expected to bring more to the corporate table. This requires you to switch gears from thinking as a lawyer, to thinking more like a business partner. By aligning focus with the company’s business strategy, the IP portfolio has the potential to make a major contribution to the bottom-line. Discuss with your peers how you can increase profit by getting involved with non-traditional IP matters with a focus on: Entering the corporate boardroom and driving corporate initiatives with IP strategy • Results-driven strategies for protecting your global portfolio once you go off-patent • Innovative strategies for protecting your products in absence of a patent • Integrating your IP strategy with M&A and joint ventures to realize the most value out of your IP portfolio • Thomas J. Kowalski Dr. Judy Jarecki-Black Partner Global Head, Intellectual Frommer Lawrence Property & Haug LLP Merial Limited Implications for Your Company’s Intellectual Property Rights When Expanding Your Monday, February 23rd: Business in Asia 8:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. After experiencing much scrutiny, enforcement of Intellectual Property rights in Asia is improving. The increase in protection combined with the current status of the US economy, and the relatively low cost of doing business there has encouraged many companies to expand their business into Asia, and as a result, facing intellectual property challenges. This interactive session will involve a comprehensive discussion on: Best practices for protecting your patents, trademarks and trade secrets in major Asian markets; • Avoiding common pitfalls that befall Companies that are unaware of foreign IP environment: Cybersquatters in Korea; Counterfeiters in China; • software thieves in India Dr. Lulin Gao Alexander Montagu Former Commissioner General Counsel of China’s State Lipper, Inc., a Reuters Intellectual Property Company Office | 1-866-296-4580 | 6
  7. 7. Global IP ExchangeTM • February 22-24, 2009 The Real Creation of Secondary Markets for Patents: Realizing the Value of Unused Patents Monday, February 23rd: 10:15 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. In the United States, some observers claim that over 95% of issued patents are unlicensed and over 97% of issued patents never generate any royalties. Companies who have embraced these statistics by entering secondary markets are maintaining a vital competitive edge over companies whose unused patents are just collecting dust on shelves. Although there is much to gain, there are certain pitfalls that the Chief IP Counsel must be aware of. Discuss with your peers best practices for realizing the value of unused patents including: Procedures for analyzing which unused patents would be most profitable • Exploring different types of patent brokers and deciding which type is the best fit for your strategy • Understanding the motivation behind potential acquirers in secondary markets • Best practices for successfully negotiating IP contracts • Eric Shih Deputy General Counsel- Chief IP Counsel Verigy Ltd. Patent Reform: What, When and How? Monday, February 23rd: 12:00 p.m. – 12:45 p.m. Patent law remains largely unchanged after a long history of failed attempts to reform. A lack of consensus and cooperation among major US industries has only frustrated any forward progress. Despite any divergences, the one resounding agreement is that change is certain. What changes are likely to take place and is it possible to reach some common ground among battling industries? How can you take responsibility in protecting your IP portfolio by preparing for what’s to come? This session will take an in-depth look into how you can take responsibility in protecting your IP portfolio with a focus on: Critically analyzing proposed legislation toward harmonization and why attempts have failed • Using the most effective resources to lobby for your cause • Practical suggestions for reaching middle ground among conflicting industries in an effort to collaborate and lobby to make the patent system more • efficient Douglas Luftman Timothy Witkowski General Counsel, Executive Director for IP Intellectual Property Litigation & Executive Palm, Inc. Counsel Boehringer-Ingelheim USA Corporation Achieving a Balance: Duty of Information Disclosure & Candor Issues Although the amount of information required to be disclosed when filing for a patent has been reduced, IP counsel are still faced with the daunting challenge of knowing how much information is enough. It can become quite costly for the Chief IP Counsel to provide outside counsel with too much information to review prior to filing, but on the other hand, if you withhold too much knowledge, you have the potential to be in serious trouble with the PTO. Is it possible to reach a balance? Discuss with your peers: How to efficiently streamline your processes using a comprehensive analysis of costs incurred through information disclosures • Implementing an efficient IP training program for your company’s inventors and engineers so that they are knowledgeable about what type of • information needs to be disclosed to prevent unnecessary expenditures Achieving the right balance in your training program to avoid costly mistakes from under-disclosing • Executive Roundtables: Trends and Challenges in Managing Patent Litigation Monday, February 23rd: 1:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Patent litigation is high stakes, sometimes bet-the-company, always expensive. The extraordinary challenges in managing patent cases are heightened by continuing changes in litigation tactics and judicial approaches to patent cases. In this session, we provide an array of roundtables, so that each conference participant can discuss and share insight on a pressing or emerging issue of particular interest in patent litigation. These roundtables, led by Covington and Burling LLP, will provide the right forum for you to ask the hard questions and collaboratively develop strategies that will help you prepare and meet the demands of changing litigation landscape. Topics to be addressed include: Significant recent decisions and developing trends in patent litigation • The International Trade Commission as an emerging forum of choice for “trolls” • Judicial impacts on avoiding or ending litigation by license or covenant not to sue • Harnessing electronic discovery • Increasing patent infringement risks from cross-border product development and assembly • George F. Pappas Partner Covington & Burling LLP | 1-866-296-4580 | 7
  8. 8. Global IP ExchangeTM • February 22-24, 2009 Protecting and Reexamining your Trade Secret Strategy Monday, February 23rd: 4:30 p.m. – 5:15p.m Deciding whether or not to seek registration for a patent as opposed to maintaining a trade secret is a difficult burden to bear for IP Counsel. The extreme downside of an improper filing, jeopardizing your proprietary rights, requires extensive risk analysis. While existing regulations present a costly hurdle, the threat of pending reforms create an even more uncertain playing field. Discuss with your peers: Reexamining your trade secret strategy in light of pending legislation • Best practices for protecting your trade secrets including proactive measures and litigation strategies • Pitfalls and dangers involved in turning a trade secret into a patent and how to mitigate those risks • Kevin O’Brien Senior IP Counsel Goodrich Corporation Post-Grant Opposition Practice in the US: Should we Conform to the European Model? It has been said that the re-examination process adopted by the USPTO has been long and slow. Delays have been attributed to the sheer number of bad patents being issued. One of the solutions being debated is the adoption of the European model and more specifically, the element of third-party policing. This session will involve a critical analysis of: Challenges that would arise in attempting to switch to the European system • Whether the European system would improve or decrease efficiency within the USPTO • Litigation determining elements resulting in cost-effective solutions • Raymond S. Parker, III, Ph.D., Associate Vice-President & Head, Internal Medicine, US Patent Department Operations Sanofi-Aventis SA Increasing the Efficiency of your IP Strategy in Times of Economic Uncertainty Monday, February 23rd: 6:15 p.m. – 7:00 p.m Companies are battling to gain the competitive edge in this volatile marketplace, and those that will come out victorious are the ones that alter their IP strategy with changing times. During times of economic uncertainty, Chief IP Counsel must evaluate their IP strategy to proactively forecast whether it will withstand economic downturns. Benchmark with your peers how to prepare and alter your IP strategy during critical times with a focus on: How to make your patent portfolio cost-effective by strategically prioritizing what patents should be filed • Taking a global approach and analyzing where your patents would be most lucrative • Analyzing alternative suppliers to negotiate the best price optimized legal support • Jennifer Wuamett Kareem M. Irfan Vice President & Chief Intellectual General Counsel - IP & IT Property Counsel Schneider Electric Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Cooperation among Departments in Strategically Managing a Global Trademark Portfolio Tuesday, February 24th: 8:00 a.m – 9:00 a.m. Encouraging cooperation among all involved departments when launching new initiatives is vital to the protection of your global trademark portfolio. This involves not only a deep understanding of the company’s intellectual assets among non legal departments, but also collaboration of ideas from those departments prior to launch. Otherwise, checking the box on the backend is way too late to have an impact. Discuss with your peers: Instilling an understanding of what is potentially protectable and what is not in the realm of TM/TD • Encourage marketing, design and related groups to have IP in mind at the outset of a project or initiative • Ensuring that senior business leadership fully understand the relative strength of IP for any initiative • Ensuring that the various legal disciplines (including TMs and Patents) are aligned on the overall IP approach for each business/initiative. • Carl Roof Global Trademark Director, Associate General Counsel – Intellectual Property The Procter & Gamble Company | 1-866-296-4580 | 8
  9. 9. Global IP ExchangeTM • February 22-24, 2009 Expanding your IP Portfolio by Leveraging Employee Innovation Tuesday, February 24th: 10:30 a.m – 11:15 a.m. US law sometimes works against innovation, as all ideas cultivated on the job legally belong to the employer, and employees have no motivation to go above and beyond the call of duty. As Chief IP Counsel, you have the opportunity to implement programs that encourage employee invention, not only among your inventors, but among the rest of your staff as well. Adequately capturing all of the IP possible enables you to maintain the competitive edge, but there are certain pitfalls and dangers you must be wary of in taking an idea from invention state through monetization. Discuss with your peers: Encouraging innovation and expanding your IP portfolio through an internal inventive reward program • Analyzing the patentability of employee inventions • Pitfalls and dangers that arise with employee-employer transactions • Leveraging open-source internally • John Flynn Ankur Shah Senior Counsel - IBM Systems Associate General and Technology Group Counsel – Intellectual IBM Property Freddie Mac Using your Global IP Strategy to Create a Defensive Shield against Trademark & Brand Infringement The effective monitoring and protecting of your company’s valuable marks and brands is an essential component to any successful IP strategy. Lack of strong protection can result in less profit and a damaged reputation. Complex global marketplaces and social technology make protecting your marks and brands particularly difficult. Discuss with your peers best practices for monitoring and protecting your trademarks and brands including: Effectively managing your trademark monitoring system that services your global IP portfolio’s specific needs • The Intellectual Property Rights Act of 2008 and its implications for trademark infringement • How to assert against a claim using the “safe harbor” provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) • Best practices for protecting your domain name and implementing a defensive shield against cybersquatting • Fabricio Vayra Margie Milam Fabio Silva Senior Counsel – Corporate Secretary and Corporate & Intellectual Intellectual Property General Counsel Property Counsel Time Warner Inc. MarkMonitor BURBERRY LIMITED Modifying your Internal IP Strategy with Recent Case Law Development Tuesday, February 24th: 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 a.m. As the principal IP strategist for your organization, it is your responsibility to make certain that all initiatives are up-to date with shifting case law. What steps can you take to ensure that your IP strategy is flexible enough to withstand major changes? Discuss how to alter your IP strategy in light of the following case law development: The standard for obviousness after KSR v. Teleflex • Drafting and negotiating licenses after Quanta Computer v. LG Electronics • The end of business method and/or software patents after in re Bilski • The courts’ broader declaratory power after MedImmune v Genentech • Marian Underweiser Andy Cadel Intellectual Property Law Managing Director & Counsel, IP Law Strategy Associate General & Policy Counsel IBM JPMorgan Chase & Co. Here's what delegates had to say about the 2008 Global IP Exchange Global IP Exchange packed a great deal of critical + It was a welcome escape from the office to network with contemporaries, gain pertinent information into a short space of time; the valuable insight into best practices, and to meet with exceptionally qualified content was well paced and on point – VP & DGC, JDA service providers – VP of IP & AGC, Biomet Inc Software Group, Inc Rewarding, educational, productive!! – Chief Patent Counsel, Credit Suisse “.. promised and delivered. I enjoyed this conference” This was one of the most productive CLE conferences I’ve ever attended – Head – Chief Patent Counsel, Thomas & Betts of IP, RTI International Corporation | 1-866-296-4580 | 9
  10. 10. Global IP ExchangeTM • February 22-24, 2009 WHAT YOUR PARTICIPATION INCLUDES: This exclusive event is strictly for senior intellectual property executives. If you haven’t received an invitation to this event and would like to know if you qualify to attend please call 1-866-296-4580, email or fill in an invitation application online at Participation for qualified delegates includes: 2 nights accommodation at the resort • Access to the secure pre-event website to customize your schedule for the Exchange • Selection of Brain WeavesTM, keynote presentations and conference sessions • Selection of one-to-one business meetings with service providers • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments • Welcome Dinner on Day 1 and Networking Dinner on Day 2 • CLE Accreditation IQPC will seek CLE accreditation in those states requested by registrants which have continuing education requirements. This is subject to the rules, regulations and restrictions dictated by each individual state organization. Application for accreditation of this course or program in all CLE approved states is currently pending. To request CLE credits, please indicate when registering for this event. Barton Creek Resort & Spa, Austin, TX Call 1-866-296-4580 Email Apply for an invitation online | 1-866-296-4580 |