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B.Sc. Non-medical colleges in India


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Check out Top B.Sc. Non-medical colleges in India

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B.Sc. Non-medical colleges in India

  1. 1. B.Sc. Non-medical colleges in India
  2. 2. B.Sc. Non-medical has always been in the topmost educational choices. With regard to attaining a respectable and remunerative job position, a lot of people choose this degree. Hundreds and thousands of people choose this course each year, every year. The craze for this course has induced a quick and impressive reaction: the emergence of B.Sc. colleges in India.
  3. 3. There are innumerable colleges which proffer B.Sc. Non- medical degree to science students but do all of them have the same and equal prestige? All might provide the degree but only a few have the tendency to provide excellence.
  4. 4. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran is an ordinary college with extraordinary teaching practices. It provides a multitude of educational programs and has just introduced some new disciplines. B.Sc. Non-Medical is one of them. After observing the trends nationwide, the college has designed this course which integrated theoretical and experiential postulates.
  5. 5. With the help of training, guest lectures, research, and seminars, the college provides an in-depth sight of the B.Sc. Non-medical degree. Furthermore, the college arranges annual placement drive for the students where a plethora of companies come to absorb the students. So far, the college has managed to receive about 6314 placement offers where 31.77 LPA stands the highest.
  6. 6. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran also has a student exchange program where the students can very easily study overseas. It has won many awards and titles in only eighteen years. By delivering the promised facilities, it is all set to keep the same eminence alive.
  7. 7. ForMoreInformation • Kindlyvisit OurWebsite • • • Chandigarh Group Of Colleges • Sector 112, Landran Greater Mohali, Punjab – 140307 ( INDIA)
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