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An MBA after Engineering Degree - Why do it


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Know why should do An MBA after Engineering Degree.

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An MBA after Engineering Degree - Why do it

  1. 1. An MBA after Engineering Degree - Why do it
  2. 2. Engineering is one of the most opted for fields in India. It is on the priority list among those who complete twelfth with mathematics, physics, and chemistry. B. Tech Engineering Courses has become a popular discipline for in modern time. With about 80% of students picking this domain, there has been a shortage of jobs for all. So, going for an M. Tech after bachelors is not the very right idea. But considering an MBA is, well, more than right. For those wondering why to do MBA after Engineering, here is the answer.
  3. 3. First things first, MBA pays more. Yes, you read that right. With the escalating number of engineers in India, there is a kind of fewer jobs and more aspirants. It has adversely affected the remuneration across companies. MBA or Master of Business Administration is more than just paying discipline. Since Engineering graduates only get a chance to work on one hierarchal level, there is less growth as an employee.
  4. 4. On the other hand, when one does an MBA, he has a leeway to proceed upward in the organizational hierarchy. It means that an engineer can become a manager as well. Engineering graduates should also know that mere making an outstanding product is not profitable unless you don’t know how to sell it. With an MBA Degree, the engineers get to know how to do perfect marketing.
  5. 5. There is no doubt that engineering is a field packed with the scope but the MBA is more voluminous. There are limited engineering companies whereas there are management designations in almost every country in the world. Evidently, MBA after Engineering is one witty decision
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