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Successful products are not an accident


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The product has become a flagship offering (a first in the Australian market), driving market growth and supporting the movement of advertising spend from offline to digital in terms of revenue.

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Successful products are not an accident

  1. 1. @jarrodsco)   @shoaibshaukat   CREATING  SUCCESSFUL  PRODUCTS   With  Measure  and  Learn  
  2. 2. @jarrodsco)   @shoaibshaukat   V24.6   #measurelearn   #agileaus     CREATING  SUCCESSFUL  PRODUCTS   With  Measure  and  Learn  
  3. 3. What  we  will  share  today?   •  Who  we  are   •  How  our  purpose  defines  us   •  Our  approach  to  product  development   •  The  role  of  Measure  &  Learn     •  Examples   •  Culture  as  an  enabler  
  4. 4. Our  purpose  defines  us,  not  our   products.     It  helps  us  to  be  part  of  a  bigger  goal  and  gives  us  a   responsibility  to  achieve  something  bigger.      
  5. 5. MulJple  soluJons  
  6. 6. Progressive  discovery  
  7. 7. Discovery  is  governed  by  a  desire  to   understand,  and  ulJmately  fulfill,   needs.   •  Understand  markets   •  AnJcipate  change     •  IdenJfy  constraints   •  PrioriJse  needs   •  State  hypothesis   •  Define  learning  goals  
  8. 8. OPen  this  is  sans  technology  
  9. 9. Understanding  Needs   Home  Buyer  
  10. 10. Understanding  Needs   Seller   Home  Buyer  
  11. 11. Understanding  Needs   Seller   Investor   Home  Buyer  
  12. 12. Understanding  Needs  and  constraints   Seller   Investor   Home  Buyer  
  13. 13. Agile  outcome   1  page  canvasses  that  give  a  sense  of  direcJon,  without  all  the  answers  
  14. 14. Case  study  
  15. 15. Property  (Project)  Buyer  
  16. 16. Property  (Project)  Buyer   Property  Buyer   Project  
  17. 17. Hypothesis:       Buyers  will  get  the  right  property  AND  project   informaJon  they  need  from       We  will  increase  conversion  of  buyer  interest  and   provide  customers  an  efficient  way  to  manage  their   properJes  for  sale.      
  18. 18. Hypothesis:       Buyers  will  get  the  right  property  AND  project   informaJon  they  need  from       We  will  increase  conversion  of  buyer  interest  and   provide  customers  an  efficient  way  to  manage  their   properJes  for  sale.     We  got  this  wrong  
  19. 19. Tools  down  –  stakeholder  management     1)  validated  our  hypothesis       2)  tested  sequenJal  assumpJons     3)  Measure  and  learn  plan  
  20. 20. Need  was  idenKfied,  but  not  enKrely  understood   Focused  on  founding  assumpJons  and  hypothesis   Focused  on  opJmising  experiences  when  needs  were  clarified  
  21. 21. Property  Investors       “Market  data”   “Financial  metrics  for  properJes”   “Expert  Jps  and  guides”   1.56M   people  own  1   investment   200K   people  own  2+       478K   people  looking   to  invest   2.24M  people  and  2.7M  properKes     are  currently  connected  to  property  investment  
  22. 22. BUT  we’re  sJll  not  where  we  expected  to  be:     “Market  data”   “Financial  metrics  for  properJes”   “Expert  Jps  and  guides”   “Property  lisKngs”     -­‐  Evolving  our  approach  to  this  market     -­‐  Learnt  that  want  and  need  can  be  very  different   -­‐  Measuring  behaviour  and  abtude  change  is  key  
  23. 23. Learning  in  market      
  24. 24. culture  
  25. 25. “I've  failed  over  and  over  and   over  again  in  my  life.  And  that   is  why  I  succeed.”   •  Missed  9000+  shots   •  Lost  almost  300  games.     •  26  Jmes,  trusted  to  take  the   game  winning  shot  and  missed.     trusted  
  26. 26. -­‐  accepts  change  and  be  paJent   -­‐  promote  trust,  team  work  and  collaboraJon   -­‐  look  for  passion  and  curiosity   Role  of  Culture  in  a  growing  company  
  27. 27. Failure  is  part  of  the  process   We  value  recovery  from  failure  
  28. 28. Be  Purposeful   SupporJve  Culture   Understand  Needs  and  Context   Design  to  Learn   Be  in  Market   Measure  and  Learn  drives  success