Org. politics & backstabbing


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Org. politics & backstabbing

  1. 1. O rganizationP olitics &B ackstabbingHow does one deal with office politics and backstabbing?KASBIT MBA (W)By:Shoaib0092-3227971360
  2. 2. How does one deal withoffice politics andbackstabbing? Imagine At work there are many who side up to the that aboss and do things that please them. Most of the colleaguetime achievement of such people is also toshowcase others shortcomings (and not their own isstrengths!) When you know someone is runningyou down slowly but surely, what can you do? engaging toEvery organization should cultivate a climate/environment wherebackbiting and politics cannot survive. All employees are expected illegitimatto be mature individuals who are more concerned aboutproductivity and growth (of the organization as well as e politicalthemselves) rather than indulge in such silly antics. behaviorThis is a very common situation in offices. I have towardsbeen through this and I can understand thissituation. Having said that, I was able to come out you. Whatof this situation by following some basic things: steps might you1. Put in all your efforts to perform your JOB well.Showcase the results to the right people. take to2. Talk to the person directly (if the person is reduce orreceptive). In case the person is obnoxiouslyarrogant / not open to listening or talking. Move to eliminateStep 4. this January 28, 20113. In case the person is willing to talk toyou...explain..."I like the way you give your behavior?opinion and feedback on various things to theBoss...however, I was just thinking, sometimesyour feedback sounds like a severe criticism andmight not be constructive...can we be more
  3. 3. constructive while giving feedback or commentingon each others work...". Try to work out a solution [Type sidebarand try to build a working relation. content. A sidebar is a standalone supplement to the4. Talk to the people who matter...explain your main document. Itsituation in clear manner ..."I feel, so n so gives is often aligned ongood feedback on various activities that we do, the left or right ofhowever I sometimes feel certain feedback might the page, ortake the morale of the team down / is not located at the top or bottom. Use theconstructive / doesnt focus on solutions. What do Text Box Tools tabyou think about it? How do you think we can to change theimprove? ..." formatting of the5. The outcome of this discussion should be fruitful. sidebar text box. Type sidebar6. Win the confidence of the management, content. A sidebarshowcase good results, buy in support of the peers is a standaloneand boss. supplement to the main document. It Alway conduct yourself in a professional manner, is often aligned onthey might be siding up to the boss, but the boss the left or right ofwill also note who is gossiping and who isnt. the page, or located at the top or bottom. Use the Text Box Tools tab to change the formatting of the sidebar text box.] January 28, 2011
  4. 4. I think its a grand illusion that people grow up and beginacting like true adults. Gossippng and back-biting seem justas prevalent among adults as in kids. Not until we learn torespect others and foster a sense of self-worth in ourselves Whatwill we stop making ourselves feel important at the expenseof others. factors, inHere are some more factors which help in addition tocreating grounds for backstabbers and lead thoseto illegitimate political behaviors: cited, doEarly—Pretending to be a Manager youHere are some behaviors to help identify these managers believeearly: lead toDecisions about even minor issues are difficult to get. illegitimatManagers are paid to make decisions. The first warning signis if it is difficult to get a decision from the manager. When e politicalan unpopular decision is made, passing the responsibilityaway from himself, is another early indication that this person behaviorsis not competent. such asSuccess is declared early and by proclamation. backstabbiAlternate perspectives are not fairly considered. ng?Responses are dogmatic and serve to end the discussion.Criticism is often harsh. The criticism often degenerates into apersonal attack, particularly when the other person is not inthe room.Speaks differently to subordinates, peers and supervisors.The difference is in both tone and content. January 28, 2011Encourages secrecy, particularly with like-minded cronies.This withholding of information allows the manager to distortthe situation.
  5. 5. Dont be discouraged by Organizational Politics!Learn how to influence without authority and advance in yourcareer and your organization ... Do youBenefits of the Political illegitimate political behaviors: believe it isPolitical illegitimate behaviors provides you 2-3 times* the everlikelihood for career success indicators such as: justifiable • Bonuses • Merit Increases to engage • Choice Assignments in illegitimat • Promotions • Career Satisfaction e politicalUsing the Political illegitimate behaviors behaviorssuch as backstabbing: such asThe Political illegitimate behaviors is grounded in the backstabbihard facts of today’s business realities. Technicalexpertise is necessary but often not sufficient for success ng? If so,in business. Fortunately, you don’t have to sell yoursoul to get ahead. In fact, despite those locked into a what arenegative stereotype of organizational politics, masteringorganizational politics is a crucial aspect of leadership. someThe sad fact is how so many intelligent people don’tunderstand how acting ethically can actually increasetheir influence. It provides ‘shark repellent’ to avoid conditionsbecoming victimized by organizational politics.Political Savvy also works with top leadership levels to that mightturn competitive turf wars into collaborative teamwork.It also provides a way to create a realistic productive justify suchculture in ever changing global competitiveness. behavior? January 28, 2011Negative organizational politicshampers creativity, productivity,fairness, motivation, teamwork, anda host other critical issues thatalmost everybody knows but is notallowed to speak about in theofficial hierarchy.
  6. 6. • When employees feel discriminated against, abused or unappreciated, they may resort to one or more of the following harmful options: o Defecting to competition o Resort to sabotaging the company, e.g., by sharing confidential information with competitors or the media o Employees may become emotionally distant and have no interest in the success of the company o They will display passive-aggressive behaviors, become uncooperative, work less or produce substandard results • Key talent will leave the company. Good honest workers generally dont have the skills or disposition for functioning in a highly political environment. • Company develops a reputation for being political and an unpleasant place to work, making it more difficult to recruit good talent to compete effectively. • Employees will lose faith and motivation. When the leadership comes up with good initiatives, they are met with skepticism and resistanceThe Bottom line: Business performance will suffer.The worst thing that could happen to a company is the staff losesconfidence in the leadership team. January 28, 2011
  7. 7. In additionto theobviousnegativeeffects ofillegitimatepoliticalbehavior onvictims,such asthosedescribed inthe abovecase, whatmight besomenegativeeffects ontheperpetrator January 28, 2011s? On theorganization as awhole?