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Presentation homeseekers


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Presentation homeseekers

  1. 1. What is real estate group buying? ABC Builders is a real estate company. The company has just builta housing complex comprising of 100 flats. Since the real estatemarket is down, ABC Builders could not sell all the flats and is leftwith 30 flats still up for sale! ABC Builders is ready to give heavydiscounts if someone can buy in bulk, say 10 flats. Quite a fewbuilders are in a similar situation as ABC Builders. In spite of theheavy discount for a bulk purchase offer, there were no takers as whywould anyone want to purchase 10 flats in one go?Mohit, Rahul and Suneet are software engineers atPune, Mumbai, and Bangalore respectively. They know that themarket is down and want to make the most of this situation to buy ahome. However, they are not able to find a good property deal withattractive discounts in such a subdued market.How can ABC Builders and potential home buyers like Mohit, Rahuland Suneet get in touch with each other? It seems obvious that ifthese potential buyers and ABC Builders got together, a mutuallybeneficial arrangement can be worked out!
  2. 2. How it works? So the Potential home buyers i.e. Rahul, Mohit and Suneet connect with one another through, and form a group. The company then goes to the ABC builder with a couple of orders and negotiates for possible discounts. The builder, sensing a good opportunity to sell a number of his properties, agrees to the discount. Typically, there is negotiation on discount but the discount is higher than what is offered in individual cases.
  3. 3. How it works? Contd…Lets see how group buying works. Essentially, there are two ways. Buyer initiates the deal In this case, the potential home buyer posts his or her wish to buy a home in a housing complex. The deal is then listed on the website and potential home buyers are encouraged to form a group if they want to buy a house in the same housing complex or from the same real estate developer. The home buyer can also visit the office of the company and get the required information. Once the group reaches the critical number, the sales team contacts the home buyers, aggregates the demand and submits the bid to the builder. The deal is then negotiated, and finalized. The home buyers get the agreed group discount. The other way buyer can initiate the deal is to provide his or her requirement to the company. The company looks at its database and find out home buyers with similar requirements.
  4. 4. How it works? Contd…Based on their requirement, the company proposes some of the housing complexes. Once a criticalmass accepts the recommendation, the sales team negotiates with the builders and gets the discount asapplicable.Broker Company initiates the dealIn this case, the company posts a potential housing complex that will come up or an existing one. Thedeal is displayed with discount on offer at the website of the company. The deal also has an expiry dateafter which buyers cannot form the group. The buyers are encouraged to form a group to avail thediscount. Buyers typically register and then show interest in the property posted by the company.Once the group achieves the critical number, the company submits the bid to the builder. The deal isthen negotiated, and finalized.The home buyers get the agreed group discount.
  5. 5. How to buy home as part of a group Register with . The registration is free. Check the deals available online and show interest for one or you can join multiple groups Alternatively, you can also start a new group for an unlisted property you are keen on. Once the group reaches to required number of buyers for a particular deal you are informed for further processings if you are interested. The deal will be then confirmed in group.
  6. 6. Advantages of group buying The typical home buyer is in constant search for a better deal. As individuals, home buyers cannot negotiate for a better deal since it will not make economic sense for developers. The transaction cost with each individual will be high for developers. Also, an individual home buyer will not have bargaining power in a market dominated by real estate developers. By coming together and forming a group, the individual buyers can increase their bargaining power and hence will be able to bag a better deal!
  7. 7. Advantages of group buying Contd….For example, suppose ABC builders prices 2 BHK apartments in its residential complex at 2800 persquare feet. The company can negotiate the price and bring it down to 2300 to 2700 per square feet forgroup buying of apartments. This discount will be much more than what an individual home buyer cannegotiate with the builder. Typically, the company which negotiates on behalf of the home buyers willprobably be able to get a 4% to 10% discount on the price of the property. This means if the price of yourdream home is 40 lakhs, you can save up to 4 lakhs in discount!Another advantage is that the group can share common services needed to complete the transaction suchas a home loan, lawyers fee, and compliances. In these areas the individual home buyer as part of agroup, will have more power for negotiation.
  8. 8. Advantages for Property DevelopersOne of the reasons for the popularity of group buying is the advantage it offers to builders. Usuallydown payment in group buying is higher and hence developers who are just starting to build thecomplex get much needed cash. In the era of high interest rates and uncertain stock market, thehigher down payment comes as a blessing for cash strapped developers.Moreover, developers get a readymade market to sell their properties in bulk without spendinganything in customer acquisition and marketing. This reduces their cost of selling. This savings can bepassed to the home buyers in the form of extra discount.Group buying also helps developers sell the properties faster and focus on the next venture.
  9. 9. Happy Buyers At homeseekers we will keep you posted on the progress of the property you are interested in. We will help you with the processing of documents. We will also help you in buying other things such as home loans, furniture, security systems that to on good discounts. Transparency in transactions. We will also help you in after sales service such as we will keep you informed about your installments, possessions and other legal dealings and also in resale.
  10. 10. Builders ListAkshar Developers DLF Heritage PrincesACME Group Ekta Group IndiabullsAdhiraj Constructions Era Group IndusAHCL Esteem Group Jai Mata DiArihant Universal Emaar MGF Jaypee GreensBeverly Towers Pvt. ltd. Eta Star JP Infra [Mumbai] Pvt. Ltd.BU Bhandari Landmarks Felicity Jain HeightsBrigade Falco Developers Lodha GroupBearys Group Godrej Properties Lokhandwala GroupB Raheja Builders Goodwill Developers Lunkad RealtyCCI Projects Pvt Ltd Gajra Group LGCL GroupCosmos Group Goel Ganga Developments L&T RealtyCentury Group Goel Ganga Man InfraconstructionConfident Group Hirco Mahindra LifespacesCSC Builders Hiranandani Upscale Marathon GroupDB Group H M Constructions Marvel GroupDheeraj Realty Indu Group MagarpattaDosti Group Inno Nirmal LifestyleDSS Isha Homes Neptune
  11. 11. Builders ListNational Builders Sheth Developers Vakil HousingNeel Sidhi Sanghvi Western ConstructionsNisarg Group Sai Wadhwani ConstructionsOrbit Corporation Soham Wadhwa GroupOberoi Constructions Sagar Builders Wave InfratechOmkar Realtors & Constructions Tirumala Zenith EnterprisesOm Developers Tata HousingOzone Group True Value HomesPuranik Group TATA HousingParadise Group Teerth DeveloperPegasus UnitechPRA Realty Usha SpacesPride Housing UmiyaQVC Realty Ushodaya constructionsRavi Group Unitech GroupRNA Corp. Vijay Associates Wadhwa DevelopersRed Brick Vijay GroupRajesh Lifespaces Valmark GroupRaunak Group Vaishnavi Group
  12. 12. Cities Ahmedabad Jaipur Bangalore Kochi Bhubaneshwar Kolkata Chennai Mumbai Delhi Nagpur Faridabad Noida Ghaziabad Pune Goa Gurgaon Hyderabad
  13. 13. For More Details: Log Email us: you can also visit us on facebook: Us on: +91 9622472614