How to Save Money During Your Move


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Shleppers demonstrates how to save money, time and energy during “the big move”. For both families and individuals, moving can be exhausting, expensive and stressful for everyone involved. In this presentation we outline the simple steps to alleviate these problems and while at the same time save money and time in the long run. Shleppers is dedicated to community and happy to help make your moving process as easy and safe as possible. Contact us today.

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How to Save Money During Your Move

  1. 1.  No matter the distance, planning a move can often be a stressful and exhaustive activity. The last thing you want to do is find yourself packing and organizing last minute, giving yourself little time to make sure everything is done properly and with care.  Put simply, the more you plan and organize in advance, the less strenuous and expensive your move will be. We will go over some tips on how to specifically not only make your move easy, but also how to save money in the long run.
  2. 2.  Organizing your move is important, but the first crucial step is choosing a date for moving. The time you choose to move can affect the entire process. For example, summertime is a popular season for moving, leaving you little options for movers, trucks and supplies which would be at high demand during peak moving season.  An alternative to summertime moving would be to schedule your move during less popular moving seasons or while moving sale days are available. This way you can benefit from lower rates as well as deals and moving specials.
  3. 3.  Lighten your moving load and you will thank yourself later. It can be hard to let go of items, but it is important to at least declutter your items by throwing away or donating the things you’re certain you don’t need. On the brighter side, starting new is a refreshing opportunity as well.  By purging items and reducing the bulk of your move, you’re saving money on packing, transport and storage. Unnecessary items only cost money, time, space and energy to keep around.  Aside from trash, these unused or neglected items can be passed onto a better future by either donating, giving away or selling it online for a little extra cash.
  4. 4.  Moving larger items require special attention. Without proper care, these sensitive items can be damaged and/or broken. Not to mention, moving heavy items without precaution can invite the high risk of injury which would only make your moving day more stressful than it needs to be.  Handle with care. Moving heavier items can damage your vehicle during transport, or your new home upon carrying it inside. There are many variables to be aware of when moving hefty or fragile items. To save long-term money on injury or repair bills, it’s a smart choice to hire professional and experienced movers.
  5. 5.  For plant owners, moving plants can prove as difficult if not more difficult than heavier items. Plants are sensitive to their environment. Temperature and light are important factors to consider, not to mention handling. For long-distance moving, plants need special care to endure the trip.  Be sure to reduce the travel time for your plants as much as possible by making them the first items off the truck. For larger plants, its often a smart idea to prune them to a compact size, easy for travel and handling. Before moving day, remember to hydrate your plants but not so much to promote fungus or freezing in extreme weather.
  6. 6.  Making a major move into a new home can be confusing for a child. If its the first moving experience for the child, it is especially important to consider how they feel and to nurture a sense of encouragement during the move.  Supporting your child through a move can bring a family closer. Present the positive sides to the re-location and allow them to be involved with the move where they can. Having your children involved with a move can bring excitement and joy into this transitional period. Celebrating the move with a welcoming or goodbye party can be a great idea as well to help ease any stress or anxiety after a move.
  7. 7.  Organizing your move is of course the most complex step in planning your move. There are a lot of easy, cost efficient and extremely helpful techniques to use when organizing your items:  Checklists are a fail safe way to ensure you have everything you need. At the beginning and end of the move. Color coding your items by room is a great idea. Have your color code on the wall of the room to navigate movers as well. Clear sandwich bags are a great way to store smaller important items like nuts or bolts accumulated after the breakdown of your furniture or miscellaneous accessories. Be sure to label these as well.  
  8. 8.  On moving day the best strategy for saving time, money and energy is making it as quick and painless as possible. There are small adjustments you can make in your day to work toward saving money and time in the long run. Here are some quick tips:  Review your checklist first thing in the day and be ready to move. The more prepared you are on moving day, the faster and more stress-free your day will be. Knowing your furniture and how to disassemble and reassemble it on your own can save you a lot of extra time Location is important to consider when moving things in, if you’ve color-coded or labeled your inventory in accordance with your rooms, it will be easier to navigate items throughout the home for both you and the movers.  
  9. 9. Since 1978, Shleppers have grown a successful reputation in offering customers with only the highest standard of quality moving and storage services. We are proud to be a leader amongst moving companies in New York and continue to show unyielding appreciation and dedication to our customers. Our long range of services can accommodate local and long distance travel for both residential and commercial moving. No matter the size, the distance or circumstance, we’ve built our moving and storage services to your needs. In fact, Shleppers also offers boxes and packaging accessories to make your moving experience as easy and safe as possible. Our mission is to provide excellent service and value to our clients with a professional and experienced staff and customer service team. Contact us today for a free move quote. We are looking forward to hearing from you!