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  • U.Va. Library's SciDaC group, along with teams at several other research institutions, developed the DMPTool application to help researchers generate data management plans. California Digital Library (located in the UC Office of the President) UC-systemDataONE – NSF funded program
  • launched October 2011Online Data Management Plan creation toolHelps researchers meet requirements of NSF and other U.S. funding agenciesStep-by-step wizard for generating a DMP Open to anyone Links to institutional resources Directorate information & updates
  • Helps researchers meet requirements of NSF and other US Funding agencies.Guides researchers thru the process of creating a DMP
  • Tool is for multi-institutionsAvailable to everyoneProvides additional help for researchers @UVa
  • Home PageSlide is Clickable to go to DMPTool page
  • Many ways to get started & logged in
  • UVa is set up to use Netbadge as authentication, do not need to create a separate account (passwords)
  • Dmp tool presentation

    1. 1. for Data Management Plans Sherry Lake Carly Strasser July 31, 2012 University of Florida Data Management Workshop
    2. 2. DMPTool Project• Partners: CDL UCSD DataONE UIUC Smithsonian UVa UCLA Digital Curation Centre (UK)• Started working in January 2011• Developed requirements, divided work among partners, self-funded
    3. 3. Step-by-step wizard for generating DMPCreate | edit | re-use | share | save | generate Open to community Links to institutional resources Directorate information & updates
    4. 4. Goals of the DMPToolI. To provide researchers a simple way to create a DMP for their funding agency • Questions asked by the agency • Additional explanation/context provided by the agency • Links to the agency website for policies, help, guidance
    5. 5. Goals of the DMPToolII. To provide researchers with DMP information from their home institution • Resources and services to help them manage data • Help text for specific questions • Suggested answers to questions; easy to cut-N-paste • News & events related to data management on campus
    6. 6.
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Accessing DMPTool• DMPTool added to campus single sign-on service (InCommon / Shibboleth)• Researchers use their campus login to use the DMPTool• Access to institution-specific resources
    9. 9. Institution-Specific Information• Help text• Links to resources and services• Suggested answers• Can provide specific info at different levels – All DMPs – All DMPs for a particular funding agency – A question within a data management plan
    10. 10. Increasing ParticipationOrganizations Michigan State University UC San Diego Moss Landing Marine UC San Franciscowith Shibboleth Laboratories (CSU) University of Chicagolog-in set up North Carolina State University University of Illinois at Chicago Northwestern University University of Illinois at Urbana-American University Ohio State ChampaignArizona State University Old Dominion University University of IowaCal Poly State University Penn State University of MiamiCal State Chico Purdue University of MichiganCal State Fresno Rice University University of Nebraska-LincolnCal State Los Angeles Smithsonian Institution University of North Carolina-Cal State Office of the Texas A&M Chapel HillChancellor Texas State University San University of Notre DameClemson University Marcos University of Texas at AustinGeorge Mason University Tulane University University of VirginiaGeorgia Tech University of Arizona University of Wisconsin-Humboldt State University UC Los Angeles Madison(CSU) UC Berkeley Yale UniversityIndiana University UC DavisIowa State University UC IrvineJames Madison University UC MercedJohns Hopkins University UC Office of the President
    11. 11. Increasing Use 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12Unique Users 180 548 772 1146 1399 1624Plans 114 398 582 882 1090 1291Institutions 65 155 206 288 331 381
    12. 12. Assessment: User Survey Did you use these features? (n = 62)100%90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10% 0% Links to Help for Suggested DMP News DMPTool Funder Video demo resources funder answer guide requirements question Yes No
    13. 13. Ongoing Work• Continually updating DMP requirements• Adding funders: NOAA, NASA• Adding functionality for editors• Addressing accessibility issues• Improving speed and performance• Articulating security & privacy policies• Providing multi-author access to DMPS (sharing)
    14. 14. Future Work• Integration with other systems initiatives (e.g., Databib)• Routing DMPs to institutional support personnel• Analytics• Integrating educational materials
    15. 15. Governance and Sustainability Self-funded Sustainable initiative model• Ideal model: Transparent | Nimble | Community input• Meeting July 23-24 – Funded by DataONE – Will include 2 experts to facilitate discussion of sustainability and governance issues – Cost of service will be determined prior to meeting by CDL
    16. 16. Final Takeaways1. Potential to be a data management focal point for the community2. Can function as the coordinating mechanism for an institution3. Can be used to scale services at both big and small institutions, with or without dedicated staff
    17. 17. How UF Can Participate• Configure Shibboleth login (“single sign-on”)• Add links to local resources, help text, suggested answers, contact information• Blog for local news and events• Stay tuned for updates and changes after July governance meeting