Shed Belly Fat & Stay Healthy


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Dieting for weight loss tips

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Shed Belly Fat & Stay Healthy

  1. 1. Losing Weight the Right Way
  2. 2. What Does it Take to Keep aHealthy Weight and a ShapedBody? It all starts with “Knowledge” and “Will Power”. The imminent result you get from a diet would mostly be a better image, but this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the good you do to your general health and your future well being. The food you ingest and your eating habits can affect directly not only your weight, but also your skin and hair. In addition, diet has a big impact on your internal organs functions and your immune system vitality and strength. Diet is linked directly to your mental health too.
  3. 3. Prepare for Action Plan When your main goal is to lose belly fat and drop the extra pounds, you need to set a plan. The first step should be to decide how much weight you want to lose, how you drop weight and in what time. For lasting results, experts always recommend that weight loss should not exceed 8-10 pounds per month. To start off you will need to know your Body Mass Index. You can find an online BMI calculator to help you determine a healthy weight according to your height. You can also calculate your target daily food intake in terms of calories consumption and physical activity level.
  4. 4. Prepare for Action Plan-Cont. Knowing ALL the above mentioned information would be useful no matter what your BMI level is. Individuals with normal body mass index, under weight, or over weight can all benefit from a healthy diet and exercise plan that fits the body shape they want to get. Dont forget that the goal is long term health and longevity. We can all benefit from more exercise and an active life style. The rule of thumb though; if you wanted to lose weight, you need to drop 300 – 500 calories from your food intake. This would allow you to lose between 1 – 1.5 lbs per week, assuming that you increase your activity level too. Going more often to the gym, taking long walks, using public transportation instead of driving everywhere, or even taking dancing lessons could all add up and make a difference and help you lose weight.
  5. 5. So You Wanted Exact Numbers? There are important factors that affect the speed at which we lose weight. Weight loss is closely related to the amount of energy we consume. Our daily needed calories vary depending on the individuals’ age, sex, physical activity, and metabolic characteristics. There is no one size fits all formula in weight loss management. Your body is unique in its needs and the way it handles food and responds to exercise. You will need to be patient while trying to find out your balanced plan without disturbing your system harmony.
  6. 6. What Food to Eat? Going into a diet plan and weight loss program doesn’t mean you starve your body. Believe it or not, you body needs a certain amount of calories and nutrients to start losing weight and burn fat. Your diet should contain all the necessary nutrients, indispensable amino acids and fatty acids; fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Your meals should be balanced and varied. The main focus should be eating less junk and fatty food and focus on eating more vegetables. Vegetables provide less calories, yet contain lots of nutrients, fiber, water, and support all your digestive system. For example, 500 grams of veggies provides about as much energy as 34 grams of fried bacon.
  7. 7. What Food to Eat-Cont. Fruit provide more calories than vegetables because of the sugar they contain. However, fruit contain a lot of minerals, vitamins and important nutrients and you should aim to have at least 2-3 pieces a day. Your healthy diet will contain whole grain products in form of bread, cereal, or pasta with limited quantity. Low fat dairy products are recommended for healthy diet. Cottage cheese or yogurt with fresh berries makes a good snack. Fish is recommended at least once a week. Poultry is another great source of protein, but if you insist on red meat, make sure you are getting lean cuts as they contain less fat.
  8. 8. What Kitchen Appliances Will INeed Dont make a big fuss over your diet. The trick is to modify your diet and eating habits at the same time. If you want to keep a healthy weight you need to watch your diet always. You might want to buy a veggies steamer, to steam your broccoli and carrots. a blender would help you prepare smoothies and soups. You can also prepare a variety of juicing recipes with a good juicer . Having some food processing tools would give you more options with you daily food preparation.
  9. 9. What Options are Available forVegetarians? If you are vegetarian or prefer vegetarian source of protein, then you can increase your intake of beans as they are a wonderful source of protein, fibers and minerals. You can also try Whey powder to make shakes that are fulfilling and rich with abundant amounts of nutrient and protein.
  10. 10. Last Word Losing weight this way should be an enjoyable experience and new life style that you are able to adopt for the rest of your life.