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Fela kuti presentation


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This is a presentation that I made for one of my music education classes. It is about Fela Kuti and his music.

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Fela kuti presentation

  1. 1. FELA KUTIHis Life and Music
  2. 2. Birth and familyBorn as Olufela Olusegun OludotunRansome-Kuti on 15thoctober 1938in Abeokuta, Nigeria.Mother was Funmilayo Ransome-Kutiwas a feminist activist in the anti-colonial movementFather was Reverend Israel OludotunRansome-Kuti, a Protestant ministerand school principal.
  3. 3. NIGERIA STATISTICS:•Most populous country inAfrica•English is the nationalLanguage•Has over 500 languagesSpoken in the country.•It has been ruled by theMilitary for the past 47 yearsSince independence from theBritish on October 1st1960.
  4. 4. In 1958, Fela went toLondon to study Medicine buthe ended up doing music atTrinity College.While at Trinity he formed theKoola Lobitos Band.
  5. 5. TimelineSignificant Years in Fela’s life
  6. 6. 1963- Fela moves back to Nigeria and reforms the Koola Lobitos.1967- Went to Ghana to think up a new direction for his music. He called itAfrobeat1969- Travels with his band to the US and meets Sandra Smith whointroduced him to the black panther movement and the black powerMovement. Band name changes to “Nigeria ’70”1970- Moves back to Nigeria and names his band “The Africa 70”. His musicchanged from love to social issues.- He set up the Kalakuta Republic and the Afrika Shrine which served asa commune for the band and people associated with them.
  7. 7. Date: 1977Action: Fela and Afrika ‘70 release the album Zombie.Effect: People all over Nigeria sing the song and the government is infuriatedEnd result: Kalakuta republic is attacked by a thousand soldiers and burnt down: Fela is beaten severely: Funmilayo is thrown out thewindow and is in a comma for8 weeks until her death.: A more resilient Fela Kuti.
  8. 8. Fela wrote delivered his mother’s coffin to Olusegun Obasanjo’s residenceand wrote 2 songsUnknown soldierCoffin for head of State
  10. 10. CharacteristicsAfrobeat has a touch ofTraditional African Style drummingFunkHighlifeHighlife is a musical genre that originated from Ghana in the 20thcenturyand spread to Nigeria and Sierra Leone among other West Africancountries by 1920.It is characterized by jazzy horns, and multiple guitars,which lead the band
  11. 11. Instrumentationase rhythm of drums and shekereor more electric guitarshorns (tenor, alto, 2 baritones , trumpet)ass guitarrgan/ electric piano
  12. 12. Elements of afrobeatall and responseong preludes before the vocals set inolosepetitionnterlocking rhythms between the bass and the guitars as well as the
  13. 13. Fela’s Contributionse created and made popular the Afrobeat which is a great part ofAfrican music now.e encouraged young Pan Africanists to strive to have betterfunctioning governmentse encouraged use of music to create change in society.
  14. 14. FELABRATIONEvery year in October,people all around the world travelto Nigeria to celebrate the life ofFela Kuti and his contribution tosociety.Other events are also held indifferent parts of the world tocelebrate him.
  15. 15. THE LAST DAYS OF FELAHe was diagnosed with AIDS and he died from complications thatwere caused by the virus on August 2 1997 in Nigeria.He believed in the power of music and he once said:"With my music, I create change...I am using my music as a weapon."
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