Electronic and Communication Engineering 6th Semester (2010-December) Question Papers


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Electronic and Communication Engineering 6th Semester (2010-December) Question Papers

  1. 1. IJSN 06EC51 Sixth SemesterB,E. Degree Examination, Decenber 2010 Digltal Gom]nunication NoL. Ahsvel ab! FIyE fu questions, sekctihs a, teast TwO questiohs froh each ,tn, d rre .c .dplrg rt.o?a Sov ra .c "pc.u ol r tnpr" ira a.(f)=! Ic(f nf.). Expla,n the quadrtuE saDplins wilh rclated block diasran, specta and equalions {06 rrk) with elated block dirymm- equadons and parefoms, explain orieinal signal g(1) rocolery ftom B flat-lop sanpled signal, usin8 sample and hold cncun. @7M ,;; Wh is memt by ldle chamel noise? lxplain Nith two mcnorylc$ quanlizq tyls:+ (06 M-ks) 24 dalos signah, each halins a 6andwidrh of l0 kHz are io bd rime-division mulriplexed and lransmined vio lA,rAM. A guard band of 5 tHz h required lor sigDal reconskuclion iron tne P,M samples oieach sisnal!, Dcrenrin. fic safrpling rare lbr e&h sisml.,iai ii) FindlhetBnsmissionb drvillh. iii) Daw lhe tunclion l diagran olrhe tmsmitiei md ft.eiver ol TDM sienal. c. Vhatisne lbyrcbuslqu lizalion? Derivo thc equadon forrrrt..." (6i ) noh $e bsh principle of no. unilom quanrizer "fq*"rlriil#::::1:! What e the l}?es olqumlizalion noiles, whicn occur n) Jeha nodnlation? Exphin $nh a neal skc&n dd eqrari.ns 07 Nilrks) DBw the digiraldala lomal lor a given sequence 0l i 0 001 l0l i) Bipolar RZ ii) Manchesrer iii) PoIm quatsney (naruBl .odg. Obn n rh. poeer s!e(mldensi! olNRz lolar t.mrrt; Explain modified duobimry technique, $nh a block diagan alo ihpulse rcsponse skelches. z-G oF .r,i o,M kl tal is neanl byeye patern ib rhe dala rJanshhsion sysie u;1;fit ., ".,.., Wnle a nole on adaptive cqulialon, ii;* ," Wilh a block liasm conccpt, explain the cohercnt binarl l sK l Iora given input binary *qu€nce 0l I 010 0 0, skerch the i.phase dd quadEture phasc comoonenB QPS(.o rh.i ts) Bddrnc rhese .o udetomi. du+ Lhe oos< i.r c, Explai! the non-coherent DPSK system.
  2. 2. 05EC6la. Dennecon@ptu l oodel oladigit l mnmic.lion sysm.b, Pole th. Gnn-S.h, id onhogdrliari@ pocedE.a. Srole and lde d€ tbre pmFrti.s ofnrrch€d 6trer,b- Wilh a neat bl@k di.gmm, qplain tte qudErm &ceivn, uing coftl.to6... Iseudo noise (PlO sequencec, Sprcad lirtry PS( syslebd. Applicados ofspead sDectrm,
  3. 3. 068C61 USN Sixth SemesterB.E. Degree ExamiratioD! Mty/June 2010 Digital Gommunication Not , Ats*q M! FIVE lul questiohs, selecting at least 1-Wo qu.stions Jrom eo.h Porl. PART _ A 3 ViL a block diagram, explaih lhe b6ic signol processing operaiioN involved itr a digitai comuicario. syien. (07 M8rk)3". ExDlain ilaltop sdplins, usins sayefoms and equtions (07 M"rB) lte sisnal x(t) = 2 @s 4()Ort + 6 cos 640m h ideally sepled at fs = 500 Hz. if the smpledEi siglaL is p$sed tlroush m ideal low pa$ fihei with cul offrequency of400 Hz: i) Der€mine rne spectm ol ihc s@plcd siglal md sketch.z>. i]) Whal neqnency conrpone.rs will appe in rhe nlld oulput? (06Mrri5) Vrire a notc on -TDM. (orMrrks);+ ShoN rhal the sisnal to qdmlizlion noke po*6 iatio of a urifom quanizei is lSNRl", =1.8+6n and n = nmbd of bilvsmlle. (06 M,rk,1= &rr is the ne@$ity of mn uifom quotizatio!? Explain comPoundi.g. A telepl$ne sisnal band limiled to 4 KHz is to be lr&snirled by PCM. I]E sic@l t qudtization noise powr Etio is lo be al lea( 40 dB. rind tbe numbei of lcvels into *hich the signalla ro be ocoded. Also 6nd thc Eansnission bmd widlh. (0,l M,rk)=3 wirh neal diagms, explain lhe opeGtion ol DPCM. (07 Msk, A DM systen is tesled with a I O (]]z sinueidal sislal rv,1h I v peak to Peak at llt i/p Ii isti smpled al l0 tnnes the Nlquist rate. whal h lhe step size r oeloadi li91_t,,,,i.,9q FprM. r can.er.y{en tit c(r. ",otv{k /:;/ ^.,. , t lorrrbtrryor roEle.o loloo.d"wrova.ebm Jtina I noaM,Li ,gE iiUr.polr 47 . JniDoluRZ i, Pold !R7 Breold,Ilz.:E i4 , - .,-- -,.-,-,).:Y,/ ."-",-,,.- Describe Nyquistt oireria lir disronionlBs bdebod 1i&smissr.-.sr:.;lrZ/ @6$*ks)i; Explai. the need lor a pr€cods in a duoblnary signaling. lor i/p binary data l0l I l0 i, obtain the o/p rEcods ed o/p of duobin ry coder Explain hoq data cm be detecled al thca9 c. What is equaliation? Explain adaplive equ.lization for dala rbsnissiotr. PAIIT - B i) Cohere$ BFSKtrmniner ed ii) QPSK tiansnitd. (loMrrk) The bil sticm lolll000ll is lo be lrtushined Bing DPSK lecnnique. Det mire lhe encoded sequencc md kbsmitied phde seqEnce. Also Mile the block dasrd of lhe modulator d demodulalor lor the sme dd expl.in. O0 M,rkl
  4. 4. 06EC61A bimry dala is liasnited using aS( over a AWGN chmel al a rate of 2.4 Mbps. hecdjer mplitude at rhe Eceivd is I uv. Nohs specnal density NJ2 is lons waitrHz. Find 6. (06Ihe average probahi liry of emr if the delecti on is conerenl. Take € rfd5 ): 3 x 1 O M-t5)wilh a diasrm, explain fie model ol dignal commuicalion systen. (03 M..b)Explain geometic inlerpreiation of sisnals. (06 Mtk)Explain the delection ol knoM sigrak in nois.wdte a nore on minimum meo sq@e e@ eslimale.A polar NRZ walefom is to be €ceived by a narched nier. Binary,eciangular posilive pulse dd binary 0 G represnted by a recl&guleoul lhe impulse response ofrbe malched finer ed skelch it.Ivlentio. the applicalions of spread spedrm syslem. Explain Ihe pinciFlesequence sprcad sp4rnm syslen.Explain the fiequency hopped spread spectm systen,A sbw FrrMrsK sysr€n has the following ,&meres:The nmber ol bits / MISK synbol = 04The nmber of IfFSK sydbol / hop = 05Calcuh& tbe processing gain oflhe syslem in decibels.
  5. 5. a 06EC615 a. Gir the steF ued for fnding bah fiied@ Ning ortlDgonqlization prcad@, fd N = 2. (06 Mrrr,) l Denre MAP dirda ir a Eceiver &d aplain how ML cnc.ion is usd i, @Eclalion Or Mtr!,) a Derive thedlr€siotr for SNR for a natch€d fiIer, b. Explai! &it fleqEncy hop sp.ead specl$n syslem. c. Nolion of srEad spectiE syst€B. ; .
  6. 6. O6EC5 PART Ba. Explain wilh a near block dlaglm the cohqmt QPSK Ttuittq md R*€iva (03 Mrk)b. A birary FS( system tasmils dala at a dte of 2MBPS over m AWGN cnmcl. The noise n zeo mu wilh PSD. .0 = 10 "w Hz . Ie mptude oI R* ved ciCrl rn de ao>ence of noie is I IV. Detemine lhe sveBse ptubability of €mr for coheErt deteclion of FSK. Take dc!6f; = o.ooo41 (06 Mrrk)c Show Ltat lh. enersy of sisnal S (t) is equal to the sque of lensrh of lle coEespondins WIat do you D@ by d oplinM @iv.r with pfercn@ to a digirrl modulalion sclehe? Vrit€ tne shene of a .orelalio. ieceiver ed descnbe ils f@tes. (06 Msrl.,) l-ud rl e oLQur o,lhe mar.hed 6ltsand deEmine tne munm alue ol S- rle inpur Ni s(r) is a @ranguld puls of anplirude A and duarion T.c. Calculale lhe bddwidth emciency ofm M-ary sisraline scheme.a. Cotuidq the s€t ofsienals, s,(,)=fry("rt-r;) uhee r = O. l.2.I and r is m ,I nkeei nurrok of !. i) Detemine lhe dimensionaiity N ofihe sig.rl set. ii) Deternine a ser of oldogo@lity N ofihe sigal set. iii) Detemire tnc co.licients Si ofthe sisnats S,O, iv) Cive lhe si$al constelalion diagrm. WlEl is spEad spe.ruh comuicalion? Wla! is its comoily used sprcad speean technique? Vrite the applietioB ol spEad specftm rchniqu€.d, TDM,
  7. 7. EC61 Srtth Scmester B.E. Desree Examination, Dec.07 / Jar.08 Digital Communication Note. l.Ant|9er nnr FIVE fil questions. 2, A*the hltsiry dataiuitablta. Exphia vshE conmunicalion chaNeh lor dieilal commuication. (03 Mark)b. Brins olt B€!tus and dendns ol digihl coddunicalion ovor ealog communicationc. Eplartrqu.dtuE samrlints ol Mnd pa$ sisnah.a. wharisndroFsarpting?DeilcmexpEssionaorthenartopsamptedsignal.(o7M,rk,b E4lai" rif,e division mu liplexing (TDM). (05M.rk)0 A sigml x0) = 2 cos l00ar + 6 cos 640tr1 is idcally sdpled at I. = 500HZ.lfthe sanpled signal is ped rhrotrgn an ideal lolv pss filler N,rh cut olI rr€!r+.19E--{0Hz iind i) x{0 and skerch its spectM. ii) Smpled ri8n.l X6(0 dd skerct its spectm iii) Tlecomprne s that wiu lppea. ar the nlier out pnta. what is the Rc.$iiy or non uifom quanrizarion? Explairti,i-h-comperndi.c medods --:,,: ,_/ (06Mrk) Wirh dias@s, explain nl detail. thc op.raliotrolDPCM lEnsnittainnd tuceiver. (l0il,rks) A lelcpilof si$al rvirh hmd width 4KIL n disitized in to an 8_bil PcM; samPled at Nyquis de Calculate l,CM lra.snission band Rid{h and signrl lo qnantialion doise Etio (SlR). (04 rhrk)a Explaitr Tr ccrier sysrein (06 iu,.k,b Explaix. ho$.Ehed cosine specrm can bc rsed b reduce IS1 (06 Nl,rkt.. A bindy d.ia squence is l00ll0ll sketch thc$rve form for thc following lomats (04 rerBld lhe oupu of a digilal conputer h ai a nre ol64 kbps. Find the bmdwidth Fquired o Ira miithr.$(ausins a binary PAM syncm Nnh a rahcd cosinc specirum ilthc rcll of fadose=Lmd02i (0{ thrBl Exphnr Duo bnrary sicnaling schener and oblain $e iransfer irnction ollhe Duo bnraD filter (widitri pEcode4. (07M,rk, Explain t[e med lor a prccodcr i. duo bin:ry signaling. For inFut binry data 1011101. obrai! ine dupul olprecodcr. duo binary uncoder ouqru and decoder oulpur. (0eMsiks) wnte a Dt4 @ cqualiTation. (0r Mrrks)
  8. 8. 06EC61 Siilh Semest€rB.E. Degree Examiration, Junc-July 2009 Dlgltal communication Note.l. ANbe, ary FIVE Iull qrcstims, selectihg ot |e"n IVO q@stions ftun each Port ) ad Po.t B. 2. MissinE ddta ba! be suilabv dssuued. PART - Aa. Obhin e expEssion for rouier Trdsfom of a smPled signal. Asme flat rop smrling (03 Mrrk)b. A bddpds siclal s(0 wift a speclru shoM b€low fisule Ql O) is id4ilv smpled skelch fie s!.clm of sdpled sisnals !t i = 25 ed 45 Ilz lndioate if ed [ow the signal cm he r€cove*d 03 Mrrk) r,,, I Fie. Ql (b) Whatis apedm efecf? !io* is il oliminated? Explain the need for noduifom q@tialio, Also exPlain p-laq Il E denoles the eneryl of a srictly badlimiFd sig€l 8(0, tho E=l el-1L uherc u 6 fie hish.* fiequenc, codlonenr or8(t)c. c(t)=2oos(2000fi) 4sin(4ooonris qumliud bv rcuding oll, uinE a 12-bit The sicnal q@li@r. $hat is lhe ms qudliation etur dd the q@tizliotr SNR? (06M&rk)a. Considcr a speech signal with a lroimud iequency of 3 4 kI1z ed msif,m mplitude of 1 lolr lhc ap*ch sigml n applied lo a D.M. wili i1s bil rar€ al 20 kbilshec. Di$uss thc choice of an appopnatc stepsia for the delra modulator. (05 Mrrk)b. Compd€ PCM 6d D?CM. (olMrk)c. Oblai, powr spectral density ofNP.Z biPol& tomal md dmw its nomalized PSD. (rrMrik)a. D6ien a bina,y bde6Md PAM sy*em to lr@smit dsta al a bit iate of 3600 bitvsec, with a bil dor prcbability < I o{ . The cn@€l Esponse h given by, lrl. r4oo H rr,=lro [0 eheqbere fte noisc !owe! spdral density is c,(f)=io vansarz, Q(y) s r oi , r > 3.?5, pmeter p-:. . OoMrrIs)b ,Abindydat3sequence is 011011 Sketch the wavetom for the following fomats: l) Rzuipold ii) NRZBipols (o{Mr.k)c wnh a n@t stdctue, explain the concell ofthe adaptive equalialion process. (05M.rk)
  9. 9. ,fi1 €L 8uun,,,r ( b le d ntf",":g.YJ ,., rc6l Sitth Semest.r B.E. J:w#,.",""";,, E Dlgital Commrihication Not I Aasv MJ FlYEJu qa$tions. Slate and prcve sanpling anii econsrrucion of low pds sisnsls usins Nyquisl eiterion. (07 ihrk, Sisal s(t)=2cos400n+6os640d is ideally enpled d a" =500H2. If thc smpled signal is pssed though an idcal low pass filtor with a cur or ftequenoy .J00 Ilz wla( lkque.c, co mponen6 wi ll appea at rhe 6ller ollput? osM t love that mcan squarc eroi ol reconstrucred ne$age pr@ess is ao lor Nide sense stationary mcssaee pioces whoe power spelml densny k srrlctl, bandlinited. (03 illrrk)a. Sho tnal shifted sinc tunctions used in reconsrrucrion of smpled signrs i.e. sinc(2n,n) are mutullly onhogonal. (05 Mrk,b. ExplainthephcricalproceduErorsampling Sllle and pmve iar rop smpJing. (0rr,rk)c. Six independent nessage eures of bandwidfis w, w, 2 2w, 3w &d h are to b€ lmnsmlned on alime division muhiplexin8 basis usidg comon channel. Set up a sc[eme lor acconplkhing ihh vith qch message beins sanpled ar irsNrquhr dte. Detemlne the minimum lEnsnission bandlridrh of chrnei.a. D*ivc the expresion for pobabifuy ol dor io estinare rhe performance of PcM system nansniuel along channel dsoci,red wnh AWGN, lo3 M,k)b. Signal m() =6sin2I1 is xmmined usins 4 bil PCM systoh. QuanliEr k ot midrher rype with step size I v. skotch the PcM lor one conplete cycle. Asm. samplins ralc of 4.ampre*c Ni,h ssmp e!,orcn *, = r )l.r%.r%"*. Derive the SNR ol delu modulator lor .o slope overload .o.diron and wirh an input x(!)=aocos2ar)t. Fudhq obtain SNR lor a ca* where rcceiveroutpulconrains lowpass nller, *hose bandNidlh is ser equal L me$age bandwidth N such lhar f0 < p . 10. Mrk) Civen the binary sequence 01i010110 onslruct polar NrZ, u.ipol NRZ, Bipolar, Manchesler and nat!$lquanemary Iine codes. (0s Mrk) D*ire rhe Nyquist oirerion aor ditortionlcss baseb.nd binary tnnsmission and menrion tr 0....(al i;rion drd olL,o11r.c. ttd is.o elative6ding? Explain duobinary.odins wirh md wnhout pEcodins. (03 Nr,rk)a. Denrc $ qpresion for prob.bilily oi enor in binary FSK genmrion and coheenl 03Mek, Explain wilh neat block diasrm ihe cohcEnt QPSK tansmins ud r4eiver. Forasiven bi.ary sequence 0t101000. Dnw rhe sigml space EprcFnralion md rclevui QPSK wavetorms. 0s Mrk) Binary dara is tmsmitled over AWGN channel usins BPSK ar a 6le ol I Mbps. Il is ty o.1ied ro hoe a..mgc p.obaoirN o_ e.{ P"-.n " *." ,.O . O wan/l{z. Derenine lhe alerage cdier poqe! requted at Eceiver input ilthe dctecbr n ol coherent 1ype. l^$une errc (].5) =0.000251. (0r M.r],
  10. 10. EC6la l.tplain re PoPenE dl nskhed fir-;. i;;;: al;: ; .,,,, ard sr, !e .s srown ir neu* Qo n crm ccinid ^ppr/ drho M"li$non ro obhh o;o normJ b6h tunc ons lor ign5h rPre$ ne sral s ii,,li,,, *".,", "^ I. oronhono trar bai tuncoN ii 1,, 1r.€l rf Fie.e6O) I i l,. Lisl the tunclion of coftlalion raeivcr !vtri. *ero eo. PN code i cprcad"pednIi ; l:1;i; i; "#;;.;i ; nim veriftv "equm* m ;*qu*. semmue pc oor4e tensh these pmpenes md detemne ed notr o trr .h a -,ifti wtih lirff leed bock "i. ", iiiio,*. ororrrooro, to. t ipi". "lnii".i al,s",,re trodel ordnec seqJne spead binarvPsK atlT;". *.l,,wrne eaplantrory nol.s on mv four olrhe following:a. DPCM ilNifrer and leceiver.c Specch coding atlo{ bn 6les.d Mdimm hkellhood eiimaEaid mem squar drer e$imale. =: e. Eye paitem and adaPliv. cqualialio. J x(tt
  11. 11. EC6Ia. Vith a diagm, explain FSK coherst deleclion. i) Quadmlrc Ph6e shi$ keying ii) Dilfenial Phase shin keying.c. Explain M-ary noddalion techniques.a Show that tne probability of bn cm! of a nalched lillq receiver is given by .- =I . E 2 "n IN^ (03 Mlrkl)b. Eaplain bdinm iikely nood cstinalor. (06 Mrrk)c. A binaJy data h mnsmitEd usibE ASK over a AwcN chmel al a ratc of 2.4 Mbps. The cmiei mplitude at the Ecive. h l lhe noise po sspe,lol d.s.y o =0 wad-/Hz. Fi rhe a(DC.!lbabrl r oi emr if&e deE.rion is coh€Ent. (Hinl : lake erft6) 3 . 10 1 06 Mrtksi " Detne spEsd spectrum. Explain the principle ofdned equcncc spEad specm sysrem, (0e Mrk ) i) Slow EEq@ncv noEpins. n) rasi Ac$s.cy boppi.B. A slov IwIvtrISK h6 the folloBins pasnete6 Nmboi ofbitsn IFSK synbol = 4 Nbis of MISK srnbols/bop = 5. Find lhd p@essing sain oalhe system.
  12. 12. 05EC52 Sixth Semcster B.E. Dcgrce Examinafion, Mlcroprocessors Nor.t A"s*r dh! FlvE lull queslio"s, sele.ling at least TWo qaestioasrod each Pan Explain the architeciure oI8086 nicrcproce$or, {i$ a neat diasram, alons {ilh nDcrio$ Esister. of eac h block and 02Mrk, Explainlneadlan1lgesofseghenralion. (0{ Mrrk) e llDS =CBAO H, CS =4000 H. Sl =456711 dd lP=2055H, Nharislhead&essolthe instrucdon drat L lerc hed? W hal n fie adde$ of the data? (0,1 :{ rk,!; Explain the follosing insm.tionsl i)XLAT iil sc4sB iio LEA BX, 56Hlsll i!) AA. b Dcnne re d.emb.er diedve Lp.ern $e lol.ov ngdiE.ti es: iD PTR iiDEVEN iv) PROC. Ernlain,trrh.xampe r.lloxitrE iddres nts m.dcs n8086: i) oddrcssi.g Re-qisler ii) Based indexed addrsssed"i= iii)v&iablc pon addressing i!) Slacknemory addEsingi1 a Explain lhe lolloNins pins of8086:.- ir tO(K ii) BHE / 57 iii)HoLD iv) DT/ R Wrire an ALP to tansfer 10 words oI data using RE? MOV SW inslruclionE, localion to desrinalion Iocation. Whal is lhe role ofsI, Dl registes and DFtil? wnG a MACRO lmctior i) lo ftad a cntractcr with echo iD iii) 10 read a charactcr silhoul ecnoi! iv) to display a tcxt mc$ageEE v) ro Bd a sdns of chdrcre^.q4 B d "r" er.r *Meen VACROdo poeduN-l- rBo he Wrire an ALP to nulliply a 2 digil BCD nunb.r by a single dieir BCD nmber by relealed; addition usin-q DAA inslruclion (05 Mrk, Explain the t pes or intemps along wilh acion ulen by 8086. shen an i empl occu6. Also, explain inLerupr vecror lable (r0 Mrk,
  13. 13. 058C62W le ths conllol wod fomat of 8255. Explain wi$ tlock diagru, how lo inred&e 4x4 akeybo-d wilh 8086 using 8255, O0 Mark)Imcrlace eight 7{egnent dispLay, using 8255 with 8086, write an ALP to dnphy 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6,7.8 ovs lhe eight 7+cgnenl displays continuously. (roM!rk) tbo diffeE 8087 dala t,res alons yirh rnen fonat, the control reeister fomat of 8087. the followiq innrocdons: i) FMUIP ST0), ST ii) ISQRT iiu FLD QWORDPTR[SI] iv) FLD?I v)Wilh a 6lock diastu, explai. the naxinum mode of opeEtion of 8036,Write a nole on mildsar seial bus (USB).Explain with strucnne th. speoial 80386 registeu.Wnk lhe lealures of80486 proce$or and Pentim Dmce$oi
  14. 14. 06cs45 Fourth SebesterB.tr. D.gree Examinrtion. Mat/Junc 2010 Microprocessors Notc: t.Aasret an! Ftt E lu .tuestio r,s.t..ti$ at t.a two quelioalron elch Da1 - 2-a L P shoutd b. wctt co,n., b,l P,{RT A a. Erplain&e inrenal achite.ure ormac-iiii?ncrL a; o. wr,"r is pipoli.ine. .*r ry plp.minsrl,*. r; il;:;iJii,i"fiiu, u,or, ,n. ,o,jll#Jjt, ; " l,: :-I ,:* efj-e rlo rch rr r i 1<" *,r. P: .,-, ",, ,:1J;$: 4. rrdy.j,-cmot hn-,.S. prcetu o.,e.orre_r rool) deeloomenr i..k b. Cons ld the mechlne code toi MOV Ct_,IBXI instruction. 8o8h * ih ! : u P::-l_.jql1t,tu ":"*.. m -1, re. or Le F.*,k rabre,nia .otu. rrp,ar url a I c,dmote. r, r, hiote I on. I c,- b. inpt.trer eo. 6m; c. wire an ALp b crear arr conrior nass or8os6. lflH:I] a. Differendate letween a nacro &d sub.ourin. t. r,pu;, .ir, io* *.#i# .- u" ,*,.a . , *r..rin.. *i"" ",,"101 "*") ". "*ir., ai c. wrire m alr ro varidare a psstrorrr Assune rbe conecr p6..",0 ". l;;frItl "u"ou. PART B:= 5 € LsL 1sir5 emnh.., r i) F .RN i, t FN ".t"".e^;;bi*"i*...,. .i ,t ?t tr,AqUML b (orpLr Jc f.!oriato.. s e,8 bir rurbe. usilc,e.Lio a. Illustmr Niih a ncar dnc.m. rhe solkins of so86 in re liming tliaCra ol I/O rad lpersrion. Inktue. bu 8 RAIIS !rlh .n sdda!d..odcro[5heq I".aning ^a "d,l,es,.Ioo0JUH Drar se jLstrSde.oderto, eremataddre.. d I rr Mdernbe he q.o.a8O8o !it,ulcqnen.r,espondr b m inretupl b B rflJ cxplsil opeaio1.,8tr,). wi h, near b.oci diagram . ucn-b.lhe .espon(.18080 pske.,r .,"*i.".. rVr lie ,;;;;;;, d qqor oprrion vt,ch p,oo jce. e divid( bv i" "^p. g. ,i A*;C ;:J zem inrer Lor. I r u.",r,". " i,..pr *,^: " (obvrrts, $od fomar of s25S. Exolain it Dmw the control Fphind.trersrm hoG d d.la kaBrerrch.de.. qd1)rrab.e c(Dp.es wnEtu ALP rodhDlal 0.o qona 7 kgre ttDdi"plaJosF
  15. 15. 06EC62 _l B.E. Degr.eExamination. Dcc.09/Jan.l0 Microprocessors Noiet Answer anr lItE fal q u6tio,s, seledina at least TwO qaesrions fioh each pai DiscNs bnefl), hoi ni.olrocessor n6 evolved irh rdtevmce to ils caiabillrv. bir si7. a drpotr.aio. ,0" M,,,., $ .,reL{el c r,8 80.lU.c.p..nhcroleotile oro,,ins i) Insncdon qneue il) Se-qment regisrers iii) Gcnenl prlose resisrers. 10s Nilrk, write and e{plain *ith relelmi tinins dia$d a memolv read oleration in 8086 uder min mod trhrk) !i to6 Exprain the sicnilimna of rte |oirosi.c pi6 or8086 erocessorz,99!_3dA :; ,. HI :; lsr (",i(*slli, 1 ,4..i,- oriiiL",r",l ili^...r. r"rr",i,e i,.-ui.^ -d *pr"i"**h&gr*,uol:::*) ii) HLT md M n;! iii) Jmp &d call (osMuk) . ui.,e re a.emolerdire. 4 I )ol_, .le ...ro1 De -,m"d b, to]]oMc; e. .ai , Pflce db (. ) rhe9! ii) IAJ lqu 40h31 iii) AssuME iv) EXTKIN!E d $ii..dJ-jrbrr r8rse ooetu omrC..Nb-".o d,r:ceronCo.d. $,re rcre tcojmen6 lores!h.trhe Dnru!Lionused o,M!rk) r ur sr.i,g i,t""ti-, r" p";;;;;;i;;G* Blockmo!€of N bies fron -SOLRCE, to .DESTN, ii) Concalemrc rwo stlings. w e the complereproerm s irh connrenr.;i J. rp d.n the..e^re d d h-rd"tre ir rrup.. 1.hE.n BoBo b. ci!e rhe siCnrfiace oIBIOS & DOS intmors ( DLffereniare beNeen m:cmE SlDw an i.rerface of a 8086 and cxplain irs h6ic Wnh necesary hddx€r€ i.reface of ? segment IED
  16. 16. o6LC62a. ifhat is a co-p.ocessor? wiiy it is qlled so? Cive fie sieninuce oI 3037 NDP. (Nmeri.atb Explain tle vrjou dala types rhat 8087 @ hodle. Gve exoples (06 Mrrk)c. Wrile a plogrm to obtain the h,?orenue ol a nenl Eles lriangle eiven ns sidesA&B using 8037 inrerfeed ro 8086 (osMrrk)r Explain wilh Elevmt block diagah lhe msinm mode operalion of8086.b. what re th€ cndaclerislics of the followins? i) Penphnal component inrerconnect (PCI) ii) Univesal sqial bus (USB). @6 Msklc. Show m interlace ol a printer to a 8086 pbcessor. Explain the signals of imporlarce.a. Vrile a nole on $e lriou special regisles in 80386 CPU.b. Disu$ brjefly rhe lwo nodcs of operadon in 80386.c. Desoibe the baic featues ol a Penlium proces$r.
  17. 17. USN MI,55 Fifth Semester B.E. D€gree Examination, D€c. 07 / Jar.08 Advanced Microprocessor and Microcontrollel Note I A"swer at! FIVE fut q@stio"s. a Wiih a ncat block diagian exptain fie intemal archilecture ofs0S6nicroprocesor. o loenriry -l.,odresirC modcs irne otowne jn. tu!rion,: i)A?P1IlB.xl .,vovAx. ooo sr .Bt ii ,vov.r21dpr.Ax ,.r(.c ]suB..[sr 1000H. ,uiM rs) c Dxplain the mcnory orseizalion ot 3086 nicrcprcceso. l0sMaik, a. Give rhe seven fomars ol8086 innrudions, (oM&ik) b. E"ptdn th, ronosinc ins;;;;, i)IOOP ii)TEST iii)SAR iv)MUL, (usM,rk) c. Wrile an ALP to add rwo 8-bitnumbeN using rrocedurc. (osMark, a. Wlal de s*mbltr diEctiles? Exptain aby four a$enbler dirccrivc ot 8l]s6 b. wnr;n ,!P to flnd bmbe! ot vovel chmcr^ i, olailable "lT;l,I["] lh" si,..,t ,s c. t perfomcd in 8os6 hicrcpmcesor? How sra.k opciarion I;: Iffi = -Pbrrmk.n tioona-cilubea r.rg so8o ric,ooro.e.sor ,r0v,,Lll 0. Lre..nbeilFrariou. r$c(o,.oft rnrenp , r,uc.., n.. a. Exphin dirrqenr dda ryp6 or8087. ..,i,.i:ilrr*,".-,, b. Explain the lolowing 8087 insrtudiomr ,.:a:{ .i..:,.. 4 iorv lxor iil iiit ruoii.-. i . ,/ ,., , . . iot u,,r,", .. wiile a ro e on ir.nLptre.,or ublo orS08o, r..opr ,ce*o 1l , .;;;;;;;:, a. Explain rhe fearuEs of hicoconlolter. ,"::*-1,:,1,,, !. ExphinthedilleEnioodesotoperarionof8i]il riher b. Exploin the addresins Dodes otsO5t n. WilhGehelpof blockdiagmnexplain 8l]5l microconrolier. b wlc n Aj P,odrsn,e.he -r.oin ir :e"re-a,re o ce,
  18. 18. USN 06F,c,62 Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Ex.miration, Jure-Jtrly 2009 Microprocessor Notet 1. A"s|9er ory FIyE fuu qusriohs sel*tine at least TWO qaesriohs f,oh e.h pan. 2. Statdard notatio,t ore usz.r. 3. Mksing dara be suitablr assu .d. PART - A D@{ the inteda.l achi tecture of rhe 8086 md explain Brieny explain the flas resister. O0 Msrk) lxplain &e tasie.r tlosd ea (TPA) md system area ofa pmoml compnler. 00:t arb) Wrile ar ALP lo multiply tvo l2 bit numbers slored in consecutive nemorr locatioN md slore lhe rcsult in the memor, (t0 Merk) Dillcrentiate beMe4 Direct proe@ menory addressing. Relative prceiam nemory addresing ed Indned plogrm memor] addr$sins *ilh onc or two exmlles. (06 M,rk) Il DS = AB]0IJ, CS = 8920H. SS = 2BOIH, BP = 2D45H, SP = 0ll0H, Si = 1234H DI = 4r56H then deiffine l]le physical addles ofrhe following instruclions i) Mov iBP + Dr + sl, AH irMovAl,l5036Hl (oaMrl!) a. Exphnr rh. following sting insrruclions i)MovsB GEP) sTosw ii) Repeal Prenx iii) iv) SCASB v) CMPS. b. write e aLP to oonvet los€rcase ro uppercase usins 6odula. "-""*,." "rr:iJ:ifrl lrvo lai lrocedu.es one for radins liln keyboard od one for displalils. d ot a". o oGnBDOs.J,F ,t .Hrm.ro1, /z oF a - , ll,2.n.lrrconn0.H _,. /- - r:l lfll:lll.Iuu.n 0Al{ nr) rr:: H.r-uc.on0qrr iii) 1NT21H. Fuction l.rs!rob-6rl !1f. /,..r,_=..,,. ; LJI r. Lt;i o}...,,. r Nl2 . * . T.: l.lu.orDH .)r o D,"r .be p.r-ou, ot , ( 82ia ^ prcsffio e i ,.elp c., xiS&SI4ad des,ibe .,.1 F,n. (l0yerls) PART.B a. lxplain lsolalcd md Menory Mappedl/O. 1o5M,rtrt b. Explain about the lnltowins t/O inslruclions i) N wilh fixed ddres ii) IN Nilh vriable addft$ ii, INSB iv) OUT wih nxcd addrcss !)OUTSW (0syrrk) c. l]{!lain the pnsrdmmable periphera] i.tedace {PPI) with comod b}tes of de command rceisb in ihe 82C55. (l0Mrrkn a. Draw lhe intemal stEcture or 80 x 8? rithmetic copncessor md esrlain (r0 M,.k) b Eapldin lhc folloBirg 8087 .oprocessor inshctions: i) FSQRTi ii)ISTP| iii)FSCALL n)FRNDINTi v)ICOM (l0M,rk, a Wdle shofi rcres o. lhc folloain8: i) Pedpheral C.hponent Imeronne.t (PCI)Iii) Pa.allel pinr*interlacc (LP]) 0o M-k, b. lxFiain ihe Univesal Send Bus (USB) wilh PN conn-sualion. UsB Dara, IisR connm.ls. 00 Mr}j) a Wrire a norc on nicrorroccssor. Pcntih (roM,rk) b. Explainabor special80l36 regist€^. 00M,rk)
  19. 19. 06EC63 USN Sixth Sem€ster B.E. Degre€ Ex&minaaion, December2010 Analog and Mixed Mode vl-sl Deslgn Max. Marks:l00 Notd Aasp.r a,t F.YE lutt quesnohs, sel.cting ot least TwO questionslrom each Po . : with refeEnce lo a DAC describe Ip"2 i)Resolution iil]-SB iii)DNL ill INL !) vx vi) Dynmicnnse, Find lhe value of I LSB md v*for a +bn,8 bn&d 10 birDAC. VRd=5V. (r2Mrrk) Detemine the DNL od INL for a 3-bi1 non ideal DAC silh $e siven oulput vElles.el: Conment on the monolonocily.EtF 0v 0t0 0 25V t0t!!:E lll f,,89 DEv rhe trdslt .uve for a l+i1 ADC wilh rmp inpul. Explain *hal is qunlialion ercr. Plor lhe queizarion eror gnpn for e ideal ADC. (10 Mrrlc) ExDlainlhe mixed siFml layoul hsues. OoMrrt, Design a 3-bit DAC using binary $!nch aay. Assune vRd = 5V d powr 5 mw. Find lhe dalog yalue lor lhe inpul D = 101. DEw the diaErm 6d $e!€ Wilh a ne* diasBm, explain lhe qorking ola cyclic DAC. Find ihe vahe of vollase al lhe end ol ach cycle for N : .1 vR.l =!a Explain the workins ol a succ€ssive spproxiaadon ADC, wilh a block diagmm lor fie65 5v. ADC. sire fie intemediate values for VRd = 8V, N = I and Vji = I (u Mrk) ExDhin the workingofa voltasecompaator, wi& &e help orablock dia8rm. (03 Mrk) PART - B Give the Z doiain represolation ol a lwo parh avemser md plol the magnitude ed phase eslonsc ofthe digiralfilter. (r0 Mrk) if theinp sinevave to u aleBger hts a pcal mPln.de oI 0.5V and a ftequency ol 2oMilz, detmine the pqn amplitude ol lhe averags oulrul and the delay titrolCl Ile cncuil. (06Mrrk, Develop an expe$ion for the er{ti,e nmber ot bits, in lems of $e neaNed SNR, if lhe inpul sin€mve hd a p$k mplilude ol40% ofvRr, VRd. (MM,rks) I of2
  20. 20. 06EC63 Wiih $e help ol a block diagEm, explain the accuml.te and dmp ci(uil. Plor 1ne gmeral frequency rslons ofd sveogine 6her. (,0 MrtE) S!@ify the accwcy Eqried of an S bil ADC, if il is lo be us.d io adain 12 bire wi$ INL and DNL oft 0,5 LSBS Vulr = 1.5 V. (06 Mlrks) Discus the advetag6 ed disadve6g* of cdcadlng aveEging circuils lo innease filter atteNatio.. @4nrrk)a. Explain the conceDr olinErpolalion. @Mrk,b. lxplain how MOSFET behales 6 a capacitor, Exllain Iioalins MOS capacilor. M&l!) (03c. Explain the simple delay elenont using passlEnsistors md CMOS iiverte^, 01M.rk!) D6B the eansement for a 4 bil pipelined adder d finl adder bit inplemenld usihg dlmic logic. (0r M.,k) Expiah tho limlialion of an invencr al the oulpui of a op atop, Nilh the help of ils lmsfcr cune.HoNis it ov€@he? (06M,&)c. Explain t ue single phse docking (TSIC). Using TSPC explain tne delay element (06 Mark)
  21. 21. I]SN 06EC63 Sixth Semester B.E.l Degrec Examination, May/June 2010 Analog and lllixed Mode VLSI Desisn I Note. Anseer onr FI|E lutt qu6no$. setecr,t €( r "@(sro 0 al lust ,Two queeio slrohpach pa . f5./ -.v.1 (lE(*{is ).) E E -!z...iio,N I a. Erplain dtc charactqhtics ed rq?traleno6 msociaEd sith smpl"Ndr!ddd.4i/, * r"{0 ru b. Bnefly qplain lhe ADC speci,iEcalions. (osMlr : ! c F nd the Esolulion of DAC, if oltput loitase is d6iEd ro chanse i! I mV incrcDe Ithe qhile usins a Elercn* vollagerol4v. (05 M!, Explain qualiratively rhe achjlecluE a.d workine olcharse scaline DACS. (10 Mrrk) Desisn a 3-bit charg€ scaling DAC and ,nd the yalue of outptrt voltage for DrDrDo = i00 andolt.Asmevrcr= 5v,C =0.5PF (0s irrk) Briefly exrlain lhe echiieclu & wo*ins of a pipeline digiral b analog coverrq. (o5 Merk):a Explain tb. uch r(h,ernd sorkingofa nashADC iIa 10-bn fl,sh AD(: is designed, detemire ndinu( of6et vollage of conlmtoN *,ldch will Dal<e nlIL less than !/ lSB. AssMe &El resker sdng is perfedly marchen aid&:Ei c. B.ieily explain fio blook dherm of a 2-s1ep nsn ADC lnd ns wolkins.a! a. Explain qulilalively pr€mplili€tion and dechion circuits of a CMOS conpdalor unn. Ddw thei. CMOS .ncuils. (10 M{i}slE,Aa2 ExpLin the principle of m malog nulliplier. {05 Mrk) Briefly explain CMOS ulos nuliiplid wiir lhe2i:f a. PART -B;: Define SNR. elfeclive nunber of bits md clock jifier in mned sisnat cncuih qualilatively.E Explain t[c Fiirciple of ave8ging io in!rcle SNR- in nAed siEml cncuils:> Briefly *plain ilE role ol dccjhaling filtes in ADcs. a. With a net pro€ss flow di,eEm, explain subnicion CMOS tecbnoloey difercncas as compd€d to CMOS rechnolog.B Explain hoN .apacitor &d resister elenents rc fabrjcated in subdicion Explain MOSFET a a ssjtch.
  22. 22. 06f,c63 qrtal m dedvemn!s. Explain ho{ hey m real/ed 6iJrB p6s tuckb.s. !ene6 and IMOS tudTsPcciruis. rt0Mrrrsr R€lize a 4 bit pipelined adder sing latnes o!€ralion. dd e&lain its (0s M !.) InpleneDt tull adder uing dlrdic logic snd explain. tos M.rkr)a, Cosidd r snall sisnal mplificalion of a Ioari.g cllet souce shom in Fis.Q8(A). AssMing NMOS cascade o/p resisrdnce is labeled R!.s , vhat is rhe small sisnal resistdoe scm by lesl vollage v,$l (0 M!rk) , aocakdn- , flq rr^ll ".? Iia"q Fig.Q8(A) Explain wilh the help ol ciruit diaslms. rhe technique of naling lne 2of2
  23. 23. 06EC63USN Sirlh Semester B.E. Degree E$miDatioa, Jure-Julv 2009 Analog and Mixed llode VLSI Deslgn M.x Mdks:100 Note: Ans$d an! FIWfuU qaeslots selectinq a,kanM qa. onslrm e@h ParL PAXT - A 1 a. Srar€ the !6ons for $e pedeslal eror, &mp apetu€ enor md ffipli4 ero b. Stale &d explai, specificalio$ of ADC 2 a A, 8 bit rGrstor slrinc DAC @ fabri€bd wilh ! noninil rcsislor valne of i kO. rlhe proe$ ss able !o pmlide malching of EsistDts to within t%, fird ndimm INL dd DNL of lie conveaer Asmc Vu = 5V . (06M ts) b. Elplain gflenc (uweighed) cuenl stecli.e DAC and disuss lhe rehted misnatch etus Mdr) (03 c Desien a 4 bit chdge scaling DAC lsins . splil dav A$uE lial VE = 5ved lhat C = 0 5 pl. Daw 1he equjvdldl cncuii for D = oCOl dd O0l0 md delermine fie lalne of (06Mrk) 3 a. Explain the pnnciple ofsingle slope ADC ed $e polldrns associaled ilith it 5v Elplain o0 Mskl) r Oraw Ue ttoc* aiagrm for 4 bil suc@ssive appmxioation ADC $i$ VF - t1E smq TEce tn€ oltlul al vEious stages for Y^ = I 7v Mrlc) ( o 4 a. Explain rhe purpoe of e&n staEe ol a vobge conpdaioi. Also explain lbe mrking of 1r1 O0nlork) !. it:;rl, durripryins quad acc s nurripiier phei all &€ MOSIETS itr lh€ fl lillvinE quad have &c sme thBnoB ,ollage. 0o ri,ri5) PART - B s - De1@inethe ideal SNRofaSbit daraconvener wilhaveFsing oi20 outpurj. (04M4k) b. Dr rw ,}e circuit dEemer, l{mJLion rd a)q€!g o epLarr o du( Draw the cir.L deEemeit ued lor d*ination sd aE4€ilg ed *plain &e sde 6ed c. Brins oul lhe principle ofirteryolaion. l,:;.,- (06M!rk) i Declrihe CMOS omce$ llowrv lh nut skelhe . tov,,t b Flo.a n ho* MO(|F r b_bd..6 a lapr q Al o cipkh oocrmC VOS caNi o ,.. a. Esrioato t[e [ien b-low and io{-lo-hish de,ays in Ure circniii;tro; in newe a, (a). L-}, r, 4) I ) lis Q7 (a) b. Dmw the eeEenent for 4 bil pip€lined adder md tull adder hn inplmented Ni4 c. Explain tne vorkins of sinpL delay elmat ui.s !6s Eesislor ed CMOS
  24. 24. 068C63 *dain !h. lihit tioBof inrcrter at th€ oulput oI OPAMP, wi& the h€lp of iB aansibr ctrre H6wir it ov@ooe? (07 M.rl6) C@ids lhe Ac nall sisnal siEdiff..tion of a@tils c@nl sowe s in Es@ Q8 O). AsMirg NMOS 6c.de oulpur ruistace it labcL<l RNco$ $tEi is {E shall sieral Bis*@ 6 !m byrne test aolkgp Vd? +. p@. (orM,fls) a.,L ris. Q8 (b)c. tretmirc time conslrnl of OPAMP wifi uity 8sitr Eequtuv of 100 MHz. AsMe th.t 3ll the ourpurs is f€d bek 10 rhe input also dct@ire ln. s€ltling lise fot 0l% setling 2of2
  25. 25. trsN 06EC64 Sixth S.mest€r B.E. Degree Examination, December 2010 Antennas and Propagation Nale: A"swet anr FII/Efu 4.sliois,s.l.ctinq d l.ast TWO questio"s ?oh ench pod. ; a Explainthc lollo{ing parmetets of anle.ru: i) Beao soliddgle ii) Rldiltioninlensily ; iii) Efective heiBhl , b rind the Elalion belseen IHinum efectile apenue md dnecivity. c An antenna has a neld paftem gilen by D (0) = Cos 0 Cos 20 Inr0 < 6 < 90"i; i) The half poNer beam width. ii) 1hc bcm widrb between lnsl nulls.s:::+ a fhe iadiarion inlensity of an anrenna is siven by u = CoJesinl{ for (] < O <!ana 2 dirslility. 0 < .i < 2n. Find the2 b, Calculat rhe luimun powr mcciled al a dislece oI 0.s IGIIZ circuit consislinB of tEnsmtuing ahie.n. wnh 2t dB gain gain ol 20 dB. Assune &e lrusmjllinc mrema input is 150 watb. c. powdrhsrcn. Slale and exFlain d. Exrlain ield od paftm, phase a, Derive an exprsion lor roral ileld in case oI 1wo isotropic poitrts wilh sane mplitude md oppoiLe phae Plo! lhe rlatile teld panem when lhese lwo isolropic sources aE spacedi2 b. Srale panm muldrlicarion. Calculalc ed plol rhc neld pancn d exltain rhe principle ol oI m eray of lvo non isotrcpic dissimillr surces for Nhich fi€ total field is siven by ly, *h." =I(c- l, 0 + r). rok. *** I is the refftncc ss shosn in Iis.Q.31b).qa rig.Q.3(b). oi n isoropic Doint sowe ol cqual m!ftudee *=*,(-*), wh -p eo g ves Llo ndll diNor. I r0d rhe null d.r.,on" lor an e.)! I
  26. 26. 06EC64a. Deive tne expression lbr Ut Bdiaton rcsislance ofshon dipolc. (o6Msrk,b. shdw lhat lne radialion Esislancc of a lined i2 mGnm wiih sinusoidal cunenr distibulion ise il to 73 O. (03 Mrk5)c. Obtain t.he field panem lora diDole oflenslh i)V2 I ii) 31,/2. (06M,rk)a. Obtain thc spression lor the i.sfflaneous elecl c neld and nrasncric ficld at a larse dishnce r from a Ioop ofany,adius a. (03Merk)b. Stalo dd cxp tain Babi net s principie. (o6M,rk)c. Frplain micosnip anlemas wnh neal sketches ed mcntion ils advanlages. (06 Marks)r Wnk,h.r norer Jn vnk ,h. , noterJn Logprnoo.. d.ennJ rei I rt-;,-- or -.z-."-i.r. lt;i *::s, Yc E loedded c em-s ,t ; ):rl l:)dJ.b. qn,.1b b,ercLdmre.m.insddd. D. ..nb" rhea,o^ "1.c,.19 Fi.d $e appioximare fomuk foi lhe *"" .,", " fleld srengh tl p-p,";ii!-, a - _r,.. i. iEI-ircpasation ilJ:li:: and explain horv il $ies sinusolidally. (roMaik)c. A VHF conmunicadon is 10 be established al 90 MIrz, $irh rhc innsnirei power of 35 Watls Calculate the I-OS comnunicarion dislance, il$c hciehrs of lransnitro sd receivcr antcms are 40 m and 25 m resFeclitely O4 M,rk)a Deiinelhe lollosing ar rclaled lo ionospheic prcpagation: ii) Mdimum usable tequency iii) skipdisl&ce. (06Mrrk)b. Dcnvc lhc cxpe$i o. lor re iacli vc index ol d io nosplenc hye r (03Mrrk)c ,^n electrcmagnetic Rave ,r litquency I is prcpaAalin8 lltrough a lossy diclcclric mcdium lalnre conduclilily 6, peinitiivny E = EoE. ed pemelbihy p - uo. De ve an expEsion , n. lelerh ,il e oedii, r - I slos l}- r. .nu-a r .
  27. 27. 06EC54 USN Sixah Semester B.E. Dcgrec Examinstior, Mty/Jure 2010 Ahtennas and Propagation Nor.. Ateer anr FII,E fu questio$, electinE dr leost TllO qaestions froh eo.h parr. PART -A ! a Denne fie fouo*ing wilh Fspecl $ orcm.: ts i) lsotrcpic rsdinor iii) Radialion patem 1 ! b. Antema of gai! G radiares Wl. Watls. Show ihar the 6ee spffi intensiS E ar!,c olr metes h siven by E a. Denve a €xpEssion for dte@ .fiiciency in t€ms ofradiado! esisl&e. ! Frnd lhe diErnity ddbqm widlholihe=s b. skte d prcve rbepower tneoreh c Prove thar D = 2 (n+ l) for a unidiretional patten si!"n by U = U6 @si e, Dedve m exp!.$ion fo! Eeld inlemity for two isonolic point sourus siih equal mplitude &d equal phdq 0o Mr}l)E! Diaw Uc pold diasrm of a boarlside day with nunber of€len€nls = 5 hd sp&ing = L/2. o0M,rk!)".P a. Deive an expressioh lor ndiation €sistmcc of a shon electic dipole.i! b. w i) re shon notes on l FoldeC dilole &lema i ii) Th,n lined mtem.EF PART - B[3 a. DisNss rhe f*lures of a loop mlemd. Dqive m expresion fo! ldzaE:;E b. wrire notes on : i) Hom &lenna ; ii) Slot mlem.i: a DiscBs the ledures of d heli@l eiema Give the oNtnction debils ol b. Wd ffi ps"bolic re necro_sl $/tere lhese lemse 6ed6: c Draw the connrucdon details ofe cnb.ddcd lem. a. DiscN lhe diflorent fonns ofndio wve !rcpagalion. b. Dqive e expE$ion for *ave iilt or suface wave.Ee a. ExplaiD difeEnt layen of ionospheE in detail.! b. D€6De the folloNing sith respet 10 mve prcpagation : i) CdiicallequcDcy i ii)MUl; iii) Vniul heisht ; iv)
  28. 28. USN ML62 Sixth seEester B.E. Degrec Er.DinatioD JaneTJuly 08 VLSI DeslgnTime: 3 hrs Md Mrks:loo Note. ANB.i ant FIYElull quanon! a, Explain tne wolution ofnicr&lectm.ics in ln. contexr olMoore s l-aw (0s nY.*, b. Bingodfie diffeEne betBeen bipolorand CMOS technolosies. (o5M,k) c. Oblain ihe expressio. aor drain cured (ld, for NMos ennancene.t mode dcvice i! i) TneNon satumtcn ii) salurared Esion lndicale rh. rceio. on rhe drain chaacreristics oiNMos deplerion node device 1,0ihrk,2 a. Expl,in lhe dpects of MOS lr.nsislor rhreshold vohage (V, with equations. How body-ffeci alreh the theshold voltlse ed indicak llpioal filaEs ol Vr tor NMOS/PMOS enhanceme.r xnd depleion r}Ie MOS devices. b. Wnh the cncuit, lrosfer cheaclerislics and graph oi curent vA input lolage. exptain the operslion ofcMos invener oper ion in diferenr regions ofoperation rith equation fbr oulpur voh.Be. whar h rhe cffcd olll/ll Etio oh the rasaer chdaderislics? 02 Mr*tI a. Explain NMOS deslsn stlle a.d CMOS design sryle eking an ermpte ofNAND Car. Lvitl th@ inFurs s irh its stic(diagraD. (0 Mrrk) Lambds baseddesisnruleslor i) Minifrum sia of deplelion modePMOS tansistor il) Metall to polrsil icon .on racl iii) Viacontul lmm metal I r. h.r,l7 iv) Melal 2 to diJtusion(vio andcut)d a. Disclssdre sisn incance of sh eei ftsistan.e (Rr):de capaciiueir!,rdraal ql ol .l- p.zfaidceodLl or 2- p j re dr e1 6tr , VOs e . o of inyener and hence compuE lne overall lechnolos/. Oblain the srir.able rangemeni leloJ of Lh." ivera na"enenr*hm r pr. UA V.n Uvrn. a what aE dre advanlaEes oi scali.g in VLSI technolo$? €apiain diferent scalins modcls $iih scalins factou. @? M.rL) b Explain ihe limilation of scaling on i) Miniaturiation ii) I.ierconnect od conB.t resishce. Oe Msk) c. Fi.d prcpogalion delay dfcdcaded pas lrdskroN. (0{M,b) a. To design a digital slsLm in MOS t*h.olo8y exptain sqirch tdsio bsed on ,.pds transislor ed ttushission gates". cive the sunch losic a@genenls. b. D6isn i) Peiry gmeraror ii) 4:l MUX 6 an ehple ofstructured desisn using NMOS c. Explain Drranic CMOS logic fo.3 inputNAND eate O1M.tu) a. wld is DFT? Expi.in how tesring of combinat,onal Iosic cieuils is done with sne cxmplcs. 0o Mlb) b, Explai. to{ optidizltio. ofCMOS ed NMOS invener is done. t. Podtrdion .fe he,m mrk - b. klch - up in CMOS ciEuils ed Medy for it c. BICMOS inlerter (Imprcved vosima) d. BIST @uilt in elfled)
  29. 29. 06EC64 Sixth SemesferB.E. DegreeExsminrtion, De.09-JrD.l0 Antennas and Propagation ! to@: t,4nrw*a. r .t tvE lutt ,t,*,i.", ,"t*,in<R - . dt tean rwo cktions lton 1a.h porl - /*S/ 2. Assume anr missinp data suitabtr. "/rY .-at- li9i i ! lli("eL"; , i PARr-A ii";**"Fc Definheeme,tua,p.rue De,,verheeq,anon.o,dtre.r,.,q,iX&lrifiper trcEE b. Explain the folowins term *ith iespecl to otEtra l:? i) Field zon$ ii) Efiedn€ hoiCn.E! c. A losle$,esonat i.,/2 dipole mtema havDs irput inledmce of73 O n to be comeded to a transnision line having cheact$istic inpedee of 50 O. Thc patern of the dtdma n gi!"n by u = uosdo. Find the olerall gain of tlc miema (06 Mrls)3i,9i lor r./2 dipole antema dedle & exDression for efeclie apertm ed oblain State &d explsin poBer theoren ed its aFplicario. lo point sources. For a sou@ having Bdiation intensil, u - ui SinO Sin:i, ,nd 6e dnecnvit by:! .), TerTd iu Approvn"ere lod.E9 a Prove thal lhe widrh ol ruin lole of uifom erd-fire amr is bi.ader 16- that for r nnirom;e b Explain the pnnciple oflatem oulriplication.86 c Obtain dr field patm for a lined mlfoe eay of 6 isoaopic poinl souccs sFced l"€ dnEnce ap!n. l.hc Fower is llplied wilh equal ahplitude and in phase. Also jlnd HPBNEE;€ a. Derive fafield equalio.s f.ra thin lircacenterfed utema ofLergr! L (0sMrrrr)E! b A rbin liner dipole mteM is 1/12 lo.g sd i$ loss resistance is 1.2 O lind tbe radiarion..8 resisl&c. ed efficiencr. (0a Mrrk) c. w.it€ notes o! elema i) Rhootic ii) Ioldeddipole &temE. (03 rlrrrk) PART - B Considering gendal cdc deiive the fa field equlions foi loop drtua. (0e Mrks) illuslration. Explah Babinet s pincipl€ wilh @ Mrk) ! Derivc tne equadon for inpedece ol not antema in le@ of lhe ihped&ce of rhe compleneDtaiy dipole dlema (08 M*k)
  30. 30. 06EC64a. Explain the followirg desigl pddetes ofa helical ot€ma :b. Erplain id detail the lospeiiodic dipolc may.c. Write mtcs on i) Anlenn s lor Arcud penctalins iad& I ii) UltBa A lEe space line ofsighl nicmwave link opealing ar I0 cH2 consists ofa llesmit and a receire mlema each having a gain ol25 dB. The distance be$€en the tso eiennd is 30 kml &d the power 6diar61 by rhe tdnsmit anlenna is I 0 w. Calculare the pa& lo$ ot rhe libl md rhe received no*rr An mlenna located al the surface of the eanh is used to recciv€ th€ signals i,asmnkd by eoiher Mtenna locsled al a heidt of 80 nt fron l,te spnencal suilace ol the eafth (me& radis = 6370 kmts). Calculate the optical dd Bdio horizon ifdN/dh =,19 / knl. (06 Mris) In lropoaheric plopagalion, show thal radius of cun aluE of path is a tuncriotr of rhe ate oI chase ol diele.tic constdt with heisht ed explain the ducl prcpaEation of wave. (03 Mrrk!) For ionospheic lay€s, denve the expEssion for condudivily d relative peminiviry s a tunction oleleclron densiry d ansllar lrequency. i) Cnical frequency l" I" Maimum u$ble liequetu ) rq O6tain the Elation for stip distan@ in lems of f" ed fNUr. Ionospheric wale is refleded fton E layer with linul hciCnr t 00 knl ad irom virlual heiehl 100 lmt. Detcmine $e single loop dGhnce for each Iayer. ) ol2
  31. 31. ^fTf,rfml-Tl Sinb SemesterB.E. Degee Examin.tion, M.y[une 2010 05EC6s lnfo.mation Theory and Coding Notet )neo anr FIVE full questions, plecti,s at bae rVO questionsfro eachpo. PART - A a A binsry source is enihing independenl sequcnce ot 0 and I ,irh rhe pob.biliiies P and t (1 -P) respecriveu. Plor thc cnrrcry of thc solrce voN6 prcbabiliq t0 < P < wrn.lh. ll con.lu on. (0,1Mrb) b. In a lacsimile snission of pictore rh*e aE ,boul 1.25 r tl]6 pixeh per frahe For a good t reprcdudion. I 5 brisihes levek are necssary. Asume all rhese leveh ds .quolly liksly 10 occDr.g3 Find the rarc ot infometion tansDission ilone pictue h lo be tasmited ryer] 3 minutes, .. The *ale diaeram of rhe Mnk ofi so!,ce is as shown in ihe Fis.Q I (c). P(slale i) - l 3 ii)the topy ofsource H, iii) Gr,G:dd vt1E (PG)4)alEE (nty. t) Yzgs Whal de dE impona propen ies df c o des wh ile .ncoding o souEe? (0s Mnb);t A source en irs an i, depend.ni s.q mnce of sym bo k liom a alphah€t cotuisring ol nls sy,n bo Ls A, B, c. D and E *i!h proba6iliries of l. 1, 1, 1 aid a Bp*tircly. Find rhe shadon codc ror .ach slnbo I md emciency ,.d rt dunddcy o f {he cod ii 3 sche me (06 Io, a channel marix is siven bElow ro, which ?(xr)=+, P(x,)=P(xr)= ,i -a hose!; r, = Ioooo^ec, nnd H(x), H()), H(i) , Irt*, ,1. ,ro ,l ",0 ,0" ""0""i , rQbE n,r 0r ol cf2l= 0., o.a o.r - o o, oB] (ffi"i:u ,: ., r Deip i quriemb d binm ,onecode fo rhe sotrTe shoq. rrnClrr.1 s = {s,, $, s,, s. sr, s., s,, " = {* ;; ++ ;.,:} : x= {0, 1,,, ri -d X= 10, 11 . Fird lhe codinr efficiency. (lzMrkl) b. For a bLEry er$ureohmel shom in Fis,Ql(b), find lte followinc: i) Av.Bse mutual i.romation ii) Chmel capeiq ni) Values ofP(x) and P(x, fn mdifrum mulual inlomation
  32. 32. F,C65 Sixth Setuester B.E. Desree Examination, Dec. 07/ Jan.08 Antennas altd Propagalion N ore, .lnsvet a"! FI|/E lul questions. D.". 1. nJl7 lld pr-r Ba ^f.reo!r. Direciliq. ],deftn e heighr of an anre.na. rii1. hrpri.rc.n - , ain, Iiel.l 7.npsa D.ne 6e erprcssion lor roral field. ,i .ase of hrc isotrcpic poini souces vilh same anrplitude and opposite phase. Plot the rclative field paltern when thesc No isolropic rind 1he Jnr lhe source Lilhsine squared (Douehnur) p.Ner directiviq lllLEtrate lhe pilciple of patteDr multiplicarion uilhsui(abLc exanple Dftivc rhc cxlrcssion for Arar Indor in.asc ol li..ar anay oin .lequalmpliludc ud spacing Derive $e erpe$ion lbi radialion ssismn.e ol sbor dipole Derive rhe expEsion for instant!treous eleclic field and magneic neldar.l&ge dttancc itoma loopmlenna olridius;a. osM,rkt Compare the titr lields olsmall loop and a shon dipole. (0s Mxrb)a. Gire $e bielaccounl ofdesien.onsideElions olLog pcriodicAray O0Msrt5)b Shle a.d explaln Runsey slrinciple (05 Msrk, _Heli.al tutennar are iodispensable i.r sp&e conmu.ication lpplicurionl .hniry &ec stalenenrinbiet (0s Marks)a Dcscribethc im ponanr lc aturcs of Pyram id al HornAnlennab. Write notes on i) Adaptile [ase stalion anle ras ot reirisftiala. Discu* fie s,lienr ti atu.ds o I gro und sale propagarionb. Disti.gunh broeen E lalerand Spordic E lal,er olnrDosphcrec. $rhai are rh. effccts of .fih s masnclic neld on propasalion olrddioa. Explain lhc foll.ring tems in c.nncdionvnh skr $a!e tansml$ion Ihe faclor.D *hich lher depend i) MannuD 0sable frequenq ii)b Dhrinsuish bodren vinual hcishr and Actual hcishs ol eiodzed laler.
  33. 33. 05Fic65 Sixth SemesterB.E. Degree Examination, Decembe. Z0i0 lnformation Theory and Coding Max- Marks:100 Notet Akswer an! FIVE rutt quesrio s, sete.tiae ut least TWO qaestions lrotu eoch pa . PART-A Define : i) ,noDd ot inlbmation ii) Alerase source iDlonnalion Ete. (0jrhrN I Derivc an eFressio. lor averase intumadon .omenl ot symbols in to.g tndependent sequences iol itturb) A dhcele nemory less sourcccotuains some alrhabel S = lS. Sr. Sr. Srr u hP=l l r.2 i) Calcul ate the eftrop y of the soLyce 5= ii) Cs lculare Ure entopy oa rle secohd ord er cxte. si on of rhe s o urce. d. For ihe se& diagram ofthe Mekov source ofrhe !is. Ql(d), find il Siate probabililies ii) Enlropy ol each sar iii)Enhoryofrhcsouce. EY a-! Fie QlLd) a b. Derie 1tr€ *pEsion fd code efficiency dd code edundancy Erplain $e steps in rhe Shmon,s eicoding algotuhn fo. g;eding V=i;",,,.", Shamon s eocoding algo hm and in llbh Q2(c), ard obtaincodeefi.ie I/3 ll/16 l/3:. a. What h a discde comunicarion chmet? ilustrate rbe model ot (01M,ik) b. A discrete nedoryless source hN e alphaber of scleo with lrobabilities tur hs ourpurade(ribed in Eble Q r(bl Frnd; i) Shmnotr Fano code for &is souice iitcodi so sl sr sl s4 s66 111 I/3 ,8 t/t6 A 2@ menory souce is wilh S= {s,, s?, s:, s+s5. 56} md P= {0.,1, 0.2, 0.t, 0.1, 0,1, 0.05, 0.05) Con ruct d binr4 HuFiin odr by ptache lhe cohposne slmbol d high as possible md deremihe lhe vriance o{rhe uord ie0sn! (03 Mrbl
  34. 34. 06EC65 Denre Butual infomation d explai. its properties. (MMrrk) For a chmel, the mahx is siv€n as P xr o.: o.o o ? ro6Mk .,,, 4 ",,od cnmel clpacily, eiven dE input srtbol occu wi6 equal Probabihv lind l(X r Y) Stare las, ed explain Shenon - Eartley (06 Mi.k!) ror e AVGN ch@el vnh 4 (Hz bmd{i h ad nohe power spedEl oetriD ]oo t! h/. Lhe "iCD pover reql rcd a tbe re.1J. 0.1 murcJate tle capacity;frhis ohanel. or Mrrk) IUulBle the lollo$irg lems Nd in enor contol coding wilh example i) Block leiBh ii) Code Ete iii) Hmming weighl iv) Hmine P-oe rhar Cllr lu -0 ora.).rem-.clredblocl(od" For a sy$natic (6. _r l) liree block code oo I o l0 0l I I 0l .1... I , lilddl heooe ve,ro6 .ll i.r D-ak ercoder c.rcur b-leabo.e.ooe . / iii) Find minimm HaDning mighl. ... :):/ poiynomial - givo by Fo! s (7, 1) bindy cyclic code the eenehlor is C(x ) = I + x + xr lind rhe generaior and padty check natrices. ln a (15.5)cyclic code rhe AennJior polynornial 6 ci!en by -u, -- I , r D he ololl J.,Ciar oi ai e For the convolulion encoder shoM in Fie. Q7G). tlre inlomalion s !_ind tne orrpul sequence using tihe donain approach. !is.Q7(b)b. For lhe conlolution encoder shom in FiC, Q7(b). dmw Lc i) Srarc rabh ii) Srale lraNilion lable iii) staie diac@ iv) The cotr*ponding v) Usins tne code n€e find rhe encoded sequence for the hessage (l0l I 1).a. Shoftened cyclic codeb. Bu6t €Eor orecling codcs{l R€ed Sol.m$ codes ) of7
  35. 35. 06EC65USN Sixth Semeter B.E. Des.ee Examinatior, Jutre-July 2009 lnformation Theory and Codlng Md Mtrks:100 Note.l. Anse.r an, FIW full q@stiots, sele.tin€ dt leae rWO qtestioas lrom eoch pdi. 2. MitsibA daro Mr be s$itobly Nsutud 1 a. lind M expression lo! average infomation cont€nt of srBbols in long independent (03 Merkj b. A souce produces qtbols A, B, C wiln equal prcbabilities al a late ol 100/ec. Due 1o noise on lhe chmel, lie probabilities of @rect r€ception oI the vdious synbols @ 4 shoM io ra6le O1 O). P(i/i) R I % 0 )4 v v, c x x Table Ql (b) Deremine the mte at which irfomalion is beins kdsmilted. (07 MrlJ) For the second order Metov souce Figue Ql G) with binaiy so@e alphaber G = 0, l), fud: i) Stale probabililies ii) Enfiopy of cach slate. iii) iv) Show that G, > G, > IIG) (r0 Mrk) f: ) 4") t!-! Iig. Ql (c) ris Q2 (t) a Explain rhe sreps in the Shmotr s Encoding algorirhrn for saeratirE binary code.@1 M,rk) b. Usinc Shenon encoding alsorilhm fmd the binary code for symbols of le.Et I dd 2 (i.e. - N l&2) g€n€rBted by lhe infomtion souce given in ngue Q2 (b). Also conpute lhe avense nunber ofbit synboled elflciency oIlhe.odes for bofi caes. c. lor the entopy of a zero mdory source. pmve lne exfehal propeny. a. A non srmetJic binary chmel shoM in fiCrre Ql (a) nas a symbol mte of 1000 i) Find H(yi, H(Y), Hc(, Y), H(xA), E(Y,O, Itx). Tare P(x=o)=+, P(X=1)=1, o=0.75,0 = 0.9. ii) Fibd the capacity ofchmnel for c6e (i) iiil Fiod the caD&ity of the binory symeElc chMel who d=p=0,75. !is. Q3 (a)
  36. 36. 06EC65 I/hal is bin{y @Ee chmel? Obtain e expEsion for lhe ch@el Slale ed explain Shmon Eartley lae od dcnve o expression for A Ga6sim cndrel h6 a bedsidrh of4 kEz and a tw sided nohe ..10 *!c uz srgrulNscr a rtc rcf er ha ro op mairL rd ;ual ro o.l milli Mn. Cahuhe rhe capaciiy or the chmel. PART - B Desisn a lind block codc wltb a mi.imm distance of ttuee md a nessaBe In a lined block mde rhe srrdrome G Eiven by l ) I rnemro nqui (J1 : r)Petrchec{n,hlHl iii wnktr.oderdd decoder, rL.r. iv Ind.heode qoro roraitrhe me.s"geq v) How ndy errc^ it @ detecl ed corect : yi) Write rhe steded amy nt Frno lte"yrhne to.lne relenedd,.a.Otr()t o1rturk) 2.,-{ii:. Zi=-). lno 15.5cv.l-..o,le!h9s !-a.o.po eo^ia,g,..0 u1 1Z--(, ;i; lx x-r".r "r. ** u^"""/ _"",Yi e(xl 1;;r:;:-.;";r;;n* ---ir 1 i, u nre Lhe bto. ( dia*-m ot encoder rd dMder. il (!{.:r{ I ,., Find uF code$ord iJ, rhe re.see rolot kiL- ,/: r iii) Ifrhe Eceilcd data is tO0l)I(]t0ll]l]0o01 h n a vald;d;i ,) I! ," a (7.4) binary cycric code tnc sencrator poiyronial is eiven 6N&1=i N]t[J " l, *.. ri,a 0," codcwod for mssages (1001) ed 0 Ot I ). S[ow the conrents ot,esisters al each nep. (0M{l(5) ror Lre (3, 2, l) convonnion eicold shom i, Fis.?(a). rind lbe code*ord for ihe input sequ*ce u: [101l0], Bins .r Tmedorai anfl .i. @cn. T d,ter ooar- dprloach, iii) Usinc seeBror mar.ir. ll0 Mfk) -_5b. Fis.7G) Io. dre convolulion 6codq shom in Fig.7(b) i) tind rhe mde nre @d comtrainl lengd ii) wdte tlce, sr"!e asd rrellis diag.an.c. Bu6t emr corecti,C codN