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4th Semester (June-2016) Computer Science and Information Science Engineering Question Paper


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4th Semester (June-2016) Computer Science and Information Science Engineering Question Paper

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4th Semester (June-2016) Computer Science and Information Science Engineering Question Paper

  1. 1. )rY$* trE coresponding analytic fu nction. c. If (z) is a regular tunction of z, prove ,nrn [-]r.+llr(r)l' = +lr'(r)l' [a*' oy')' 4 a. Evaluate using Cauchy's integral fonnula l?9ilZa" around a rectangle with vecices u z- -).e il{f '**'ill USN 1$MAT41 IVIax. V{arks:100 Fourth Sernester B.E. Degree ENamination, .Iune/.Iuly 2816 b. b. b. do g () o 3Pbo- *rr ico ,T .ts e.l oY! OC ,Eo Es q,E OO EOtr 6< aJE -?o "9.- a9 o..l.1 atE LO ^^o *6) A' o c) lr< -N o c Z d P op. Time: 3 hrs. c. 2a. 3a. b. Using Adams-Bashforth method, obtain the y(0) - 0, y(0.2) : 0.0200, y(0.4) : 0.079s, twice. Engineering Mathematics * lV Note: l. Aruswer aruy FIVE fall questiows, selectirug atleast TWO questiows frotm e*ch part. 2. Use of statistical tables permitted. Using Taylor's series rnethod, solve y' : * * y', y(0): 1 at x: 0.1, 0.2, considering upto 4th degree terrn. ($6 Marks) Using modified Euler's method, {'!nd an approximate value of y w'hen x:0.2 given that dy ?=x+y andy: I when x:0. Takeh:0.i. Performtwo iterationsineachstage. dx (07 Marks) dv solution of rl =x-y2 at x : 0.8 given that dx y(0.6) : 0.1762. Apply the con'ector fonrruia (S7 Marks) Emptroying the Picard's method, obtain the second order approximate sclution of the fbllowingproblernatx : O.Z, 9:x*yz. d-'' =y*r*, y{0)=1, z(0)=-.1. (sSMarks} OX CX Solve !=t**, and *=-*n for x:0.3 by applying R-unge Kutta method given dx dx y(0) : 0 and z(0) = 1. Take h : 0.3. {$7 Marksi Using the Vlilne's method, obtain an approximate solution at the point x : 0.4 of the d2y ^dproblern :*+3*J- 6y=0 given that y(0): i, y(0.1): 1.03995, y(0.2): 1.138035, ' dx' dx y(0.3) : 1.29865, y'(0) : 0. 1 , y'(Cr.1) = 0.6955, y'(0.2) : 1 .258, y'(0.3) : 1 .873. (07 Martrrs) Define an anaiytic function and obtain Cauchy-Riemann equations in polar fonn. (06 Marks) Show that u : e'* (x cos2y - y sin2y) is a hannonic function and de'rernine the ($7 Marks) (87 S4anks) 2 + i, -2 + i. (06 Marks) Find tkre bilinear transforrnation which maps l, i, -1 to 2, i, -2 respectively. Also find the fixed points of the transfonnation. (S7 Marks) Discuss the confonnal transformation of w : 22. (0? Marks) 1 af2 ,.
  2. 2. 6 a. The probability that sushil will solve a problem is 114 and the probability that Rarn will soive it is 213. If sushil and Rain work independently, what is the probability that the probiem wili be solved by (i) both of them; (ii) at least one ofthem? (G6 Marks) b. A cornmittee consists of 9 students two of which are from first year, three from second year and four from third year. Three students are to be removed at random. What is the chance that (i) the three studonts belong to different classes; (ii) two belong to the same class and third to the different ctrass; (iii) the three belong to tn-e same class? (07 Marks) c. The contents of three ul:rs are: I white, 2 rcd,3 green balls,2 white, I red, 1 green balls and 4 white, 5 red, 3 green bails. Two balls are drawn from an um chosen at random. These are found to be one white and one green. Find the probability that the balls so drawn came from 5 a. Reduce the differentiai equation: the third um. 7 a. The probability mass function of a variate X is il Find k ii) Find p(ri < 4), p(x ) 5), p(3 < x { 6), p(x > 1) iii) Find the mean. fGiven V;05 5d.f =12.591 {<rk+** 2 af 2 1OMAT41 PAR.T'_ B ')y=0 into Bessel forrn and write the complete solution in terms rl rClV ClV .) ) x- --a +x--!- +{k-x- -ndx' dx of t,(x) and t-n(x). b. Express (*): a3 + 2x2 - x - 3 in terms of Legendre polynomials. c. if cx and B are the roots of tn(x): 0 then prove that ' | 0. G+[3 r j xt,tcxx)t,(px)dx =J][r,_,to;],. c = [J o t7- (06 Marks) (07 Marks) (07 Marks) (07 Marks) (05 Marks) b. Derive the mean and variance of Poisson distribution. (07 Marks) c. The meanheight of 500 students is 15lcm and the standard deviation is 15cm. Assuming that the heights are normaliy distributed, find how many students heights i) lie between 120 and i55cm; ii) more than 155cm. fGiven A{2.A7):0.4808 and A (0.27):0.1064, where A(z) is the area under the standard normai curve from 0 to z > 0]. (07 Marks) a. Ihe rneans of simple samples of sizes 1000 and 2000 are 67.5 and 68.0cm respectively. Can the sarnples be regarded as drawn ftorn the same population of S.D 2.5cm fGiven zo.os - i.96]. (06 Marks) b. A random sample of 10 boys had the follcwing l.Q: 70, 120, 110, 101, 88, 83, 95,98,107, 100. Do these data support the assumption of a population mean I.Q of i00? [Given toos for 9d.f : 2.26]. (07 Marks) c. The following table gives the nurnber of aircraft accidents that occumed during the various days of the week. Find wtrether the accidents are uniformly distributed the week.rsrnDuteo over Ine Days Sun lVlon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Totai No. of accidents t4 x6 8 12 ii 9 t4 84 0 i 2 a J A + 5 6 o(x) k JK JI 7k 9k 11k 13k (07 Marks)
  3. 3. /L B br ( s + o ZUSN MATDIP4Ol o a. € E () (! 6) ! ()x d= -'oo I ioo .= c-.i 03 <f o! FO @2 a= o(j >+ .?Q ?q c.v o.j G,i, o.:>, q= ao! O= !o L-> =o(.) - LJ< . ^: ; z P a* 1a. b. c. Time: 3 hrs. 4a. b. 5a. b. c. x+1_ y-2 = are perpendicular. (07 Marks) (07 Marks) 1) and the 1ine, {85 Marks} 2 3 -r Findthe constant'a'so thatthevectors Zi-1+[, i+Z:-Zk and 3?+aj+S[ are co-planad.-4 (07 Ntarks) -)^+^)+ trf a = 2t+3j-4k and b =8i -4j+ k then prove that a is perpendicular to b and also find l* *l lax bl . (07 Marks) tt Find the volume of the parallelopiped whose co-terrninal edges are represented by the vectors, -+^-+^) a=i*j+k, b=2i+3j-k and c=i-j-k (06Marks) Find the veiocity and acceleration of a particle moves along the curve -+ r = e-2'i + 2cos5tj+ 5sin Ztk at any time 't'. (07 Marksi Findthe directionalderivative af x'yz3 at (1, 1, 1) inthe direction cf i+ j+Zk. (sTMarks) Findthedivergenceofthevector f,=1*y, +ytzyt*(3"' +y'rj+(xzr -y'zi. {s6Marksi z+1 a. b. ,. Fourth Semester B.E" Degree Examination, June/Juty 2016 Advanced Mathematics - l! Note: Amswer any FIYE full qwestions" Find the angle between any two diagonals of a cube. Frove that the general equation offirst degree in x, y, z represents a plane. Find the angle between the lines, *-1_ y-5 = rol und x+3 _ y =z-5 10s352 2 a. Prove that the lines, x-5 = y-1 _r-5 und ^*3 _y-5 _z 3 1 -2 1 3 5 b. Find the shortest distance between the lines. x-8 _y+9 _z-10 und *-15 _y-29 _r-5 3 -16 7 3 8 -5 c. Find the equation of the plane containing the point {2, 1, +^+-) F = (x +y+l)i + j-(x+ y)k, show that F.curlF = 0. Show that the vector field, i= (3x+ 3y+az)i+(x- 2y+32)j+(3x+ 2y-z)i Find the constants a, b, c such that ihe vector field, F = (x + y' + ar)i+ (x -r cy + 2zlj+ (br, + 2y - z)i is irrotational" Max. Marks:i00 (07 Marks) (07 Marks) (S6 Marks) (07 N{arks) is solenoidal. (07 Marks) (06 VIarks) r ^fni ut -1
  4. 4. a. prove that r(sm at)= t' h b. Find l-[sin t sin 2t sin 3t]. c. Find r-lcos' tl. a. Find the inverse LapXace transform of I ( ,.)l b. Find L-rl logl t+ L '' t'J-J I c+) I c. Find t--'l . " - l. Is- -4s+13] (s+1)(s+2)(s+3) MATDIP4Ol (07 Marks) (07 Marks) (06 Marks) (0t Marks) ' (07 Marks) (06 Marks) 8a. b. Solve the differentiaX equation, yo *2y' +y = 6te-' under the Conditions y(0) = S = y'(0) by Laplace trarLsforrn techniques. ' (ls Marks) Solve the differential equation, y'-3y'+2y=A y(0)=0, y'(0)=1 by Laplace transform techniques. (10 Marks) * x * *.,*., 2 of2
  5. 5. 5I- csr*rltl.l USN 10cs42 E x a m i n dfrb*rnlfu n e/J u ly 2016 Gombinatorics Max. Marks:100 (06 Marks) is mininl.rm and A is maximum of the degrees (05 Marks) (05 Marks) d. a- o o d ! o. E rO d) d C) E9 -:> d9 ;r)*tt ot) ' .= ..i(cv aa?u a= ax ()(1) 60 - €E -i? () 6r: o-X oi i; .9 AEc.< !o 6.v>,! oav C ori *o tr> :L U<. ^i ; Z (! o. Fourth Semester B.E. Degree Graph Theory & t lme: J ffs. Give one example for each. b. For a graph with n vertices and m edges, if E of vertices show that E < (2mln) < A. Note: Answer FIVEfwll questiows, selecting at least TYVO qaestions -from each purt" PlR.T_A I a. Define : i) Complete Bipartite Graph ii) Regular Graph and iii) Induced Subgraph. Fig Ql(c) Write a note on Konigsberg's seven Bridge problems. (04 Marks) Prove that a connected planar graph G with n vertices and m edges has exactly (m - n + 2) regions in every one of its diagrams. (07 Marks) b. State and explain Kuratowski's theorem. Show that the graphs K5 and K3.3 are non-planar by re-drawing them. (06 Marks) c. Find the chromatic polynomial for the following graph. If 5 colors are available, in how many ways can the vertices of this graph be properly coiored? (07 N{arks) Fig Q2(c) c. Show that the following graph is isomorphic to Kuratowski's.second Graph (K:.:) Define Trees. Prove that a tree with n - vertices has n-1 edges. Define: i) Spanning Tree ii) Rooted Tree and iii) Full Binary Tree. Give one example for each. Explain prefix codes. Obtain an optimal prefix code fcr the SUCCESSFUL. Indicate the code for the message. Explain the steps in Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm. 3a. b. c. 4a. b. (06 Marks) (06 Marks) message MISSION (08 Marks) (06 Marks) Using Prim's algorithm, find a minimai spanning tree for the weighted graph shown beiow. . {07 Marks} Fie Qa0) c. Three boys B 1, Bz, B: and four girls G1 , G2, G3, G+ are such that i) B 1 is a cousin of G1, G:, Gq ii) B2 is a cousin of Gz and G4 iii) B: is a cousin of Gz and G:. If boys riust rnamy a cousin girl, find the possible sets of such couples. I of2 (07 Marks)
  6. 6. PART _ B a. i) Fiow rnany arral)gemenis are there for all letters in the word SOCIOLOGICAL? ii) in how many of these arrangements . A and G are acljacenl? . All the vowels are adjacent? b. Find the co-efficient of D x'y'in the expansion of (2x - 3y)1'?. i, a'btc'dt in the expansion of (a + 2b - 3c + 2d + 5)16 in the word ENGINE be arranged. a. Solve the recurrence relation. a,, = 2an,, + (n * i) for n:2k,k > 1, given ar : 0. c. In how many ways can one distribute eight identical balls into four distinct containers so that i) no container is left errpty? ii) the fourth container gets an odd number of baXls? (08 Marks) a. State and prove the principle of Inclusion - Exclusion for n sets. (05 Marks) b. In how many ways can the 26letters of the Engiish alphabet be permuted so that none of the pattems CAR, DOG, FIN, and BYTE occerrs? (05 l4arks) c. In how many ways can the integers 1, 2, 3, ---*- l0 be arranged in a line so that flo even integer is in its natural ptrace? (05 Marks) d. An apple, a banana, a mango, and an orange are to be distributed to four boys B r , Bz, B:, B+. Tlie boys tsr and ts2 rlo not wish to have apple, the boy 83 does not want banana or mango, and B+ refuses orange. In how many ways the distribution can be made so that nc boy is disptreased? (05 Marks) a. Using the generating fi.rnctii:ns, find the number of i) non negative, and ii) positive, integer solutions of the equation xr + x: * X: + x+ : 25. (06 Marks) b. A bag contains a large number of red, green, white and black marbles, with atieast 24 of each colour. ln ltow many ways can one select 24 of ttrese marbles, so that there are even number of white marbles and atleast six black marbles. (07 Marks) c. Using exponential generating function, find the number of ways in which four of ihe letters l{ics42 (06 Marks) (06 Marks) (07 Marks) (08 Marks) b. The number of virus affected files in a systern is 1000 ( to start with) and this increases 25A% every two hours. Using a recurrence relation determine the nuniber of vims affected files in the systena after one day. (05 Marks) c. Find and soive a recurrence relation for the nurnber of binary sequences of length n > i that have no consecutive 0's. (07 Marks) 8E{<** tot/.
  7. 7. USN Time: 3 hrs. Write a Kruskal algorithm to find the graph shown below: minirnum cost spanning tree and 18CS43 Max. Marks:100 (08 Marks) obtain spanning tree of {08 Marks} Fourth Semester B.E. Degree Exa , June/July 2016 Design & Analysis of Algorithms Note: Answer FIVE full qaestions, selecting at least TWO questions from each parL (J o (.) !€ o- a CO E d) =() ! E9oo* dU -.o bol trco .=N .d* E;i -O Es aX o(J o0( =E-Ed 5.u oAtrc. c.e(-) j 9Eri()ati EE!ai 6.Y ebo o= :t9 =iDo ei rJ< - ai o o z (n L o o" PART _ A I a. Define big oh, omega and theta notations' for analyzing algorithm. Give at least one example for each. (10 Marks) b. Write a algorithm for selection sort in ascending order. Show that its complexity is O(n2) and sort the following list 65, 50, 21,43, i0, 15. (06 Marks) c. Write the algorith* -fo, sequential search, obtain the tirne complexity of this algorithrn for successful and unsuccessful search in the worst case and best case. (04 Marks) 2 a. Explain the concept of divide and conquer. Design an algorithm for merge sort and derive time complexity. (10 Marks) b. Write a algorithm for Quick sort, and sort the following number's 10, 8, 5, 15, 25,75, tr2. Obtain its time complexity. (10 Marks) 3 a. Obtain the optimal solution for the job sequencing problern with deadline, where n : 4 profit (Pr, Pz, P:, P+) : (100, 10, 15, 27) e;r.ld dead lines (dr, dz, d:, dq) : (2,1,2,l). (&4 Marksi b. Explain the concepts of greedy technique for prim's algorithm. Obtain minimum cost spanning tree for the graph whose weight matrix is given below 03oo7q 30 co4 72 42cr 0s6 504 640oooo64 4a. Write Floyd's algorithrn below: Fig Q3(c) and solve the all pair shortest path problem for the graph shown (10 Marks) I of2
  8. 8. 10cs43 b. Write a algorithm for knapsack problem for dynamic programming and solve the following instance of the knapsack problem, fr:4, weights (wr, wz, w:, w+) : (2,1,3,2), profit (pr, pz, pl, p+) : (12,10, 20, 15) Capacity W: 5. i10 Marks) a.Exp1aintheconceptofdecreas.unoffithod,indicatingthethreemajorvariationsof the same with examples. (06 Marks) b. Write insertion sort algorithm and obtain its time cornplexity. Apply insertion sort on these elements: 25, 7 5, 40, 10, 24. (08 Marks) c. Write a aigorithm to sort by counting method. Obtain its time complexity, sort by count for given data25,45,10,20, 50, 15. (06 Marks) a. Explain the lower bor-lnd and trivial lower bound arguments (08 Marks) b. What is a decision tree? Obtain decision tree to find minimum of three numbers. (06 Marks) c. Explain the P, NP and NP complete probiems. (06 Marks) a. What is a N-Queen's problern? Give the state space tree for solving 4 Queen problem for at least one solution? (06 Marks) b. With help of a state space tree solve the following instance of the knapsack problem by the branch and bound algorithm N : 4 weight (wr, wz, w:, w+) : (4,7,5,3) Profit (pr,pr, F:, p+) : (40,42,25, 12) W: 10 capacity of knapsack. (05 Marks) c. Obtain the optimal solution for the given assignment problem as a matrix shor,vn below using branch and bound method : (G8 Marks) a. What is a prefix computation problem? Give the algorithm for prefix computation which use i) n - processor ii) r/1og n (06 Marks) b. Explain the different types of cornputational models. (08 Marks) c. Obtain the maximum speed up when P: 10 and for various value of f : (0.5, 0.1, 0.0i). (06 Marks) Jobs Ji Jz J: ulo z t bl6 4 3 Person .ls 8 I alo o 8 7 8 4 ***** 2 of2
  9. 9. USN 10cs44 Max. Marks:100 (06 Marks) (S6 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 N{arks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks) (08 Marks) is important for the system (06 Marks) Fourth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Jun,e/July 2016 UNIX and Shell Programming Time: 3 hrs. la. b. (J o o (! d:) o! oxbo# -l> 69 -;r) -*il tco .= a.t (d* :1 50 Y0) otr -OE9 ?a 6I o() -o>e .?qJ 6ll d.Etro" oi ,; .9, 6: 3o i, tE !o 5.v>,! oo-co0 (J= 90 F> :> LJ< --i.'i (.) z o. Note: Answer any FIVE fall questions, selecting atleast TWO questions from esch pert" PART _ A With neat diagram, explain architecture of UNIX operating system. With the help of examples, explain the foltrowing commands : i) apropos ii) whatis c. Explain the following with suitable examples : i) absolute and reiative pathnames i0 internal and extemal commands. 2 a. Files current permissions are rw-- w-r--writeehmodexpressions required to change them for the following : i) r--r----x ii) rwxrwx--x iii) r-xr-xr-x iv) rwxrwxr-- using both relative and absolute methods of assigning permissions. b. What are different modes of vi editor? Explain with a neat diagram. c. Write UNIX commands for the following : i) Find and replace all the occurences of unix with TINIX in the text file after confirming the user (vi editor oommand). ii) List all the files in PWD which are having exactly five characters in their filenanne and any number of characters in their extension iii) To copy all files stored in /home/r,tu with .c, .cpp and .java extensions to progs directory in current directory iv) To delete all files containing x in their file name v) To delete all files with three character extension except .or-lt from current dkectory vi) To display (list) contents of current directory and its subdirectories. (06 Marks) a. Explain 3 standard fiIes supported by UNIX. Also give details about special files used for output redirection in UNIX. (08 Marks) b. Explain mechanism of process creation. Also given details about process states and zombies. (08 Marks) c. Explain following with examples : i) cron ii) HOME iii) PATH iv) MAIL. a. i) Differentiate between hard link and symbolic link ii) Explain significance of permissions to directory. b. What does touch foo command mean? Why touch command administrator? c. Explain the following with example : i) head ii) Jail iii) cut. I of2 (06 Marks)
  10. 10. PART _ B a. With the help of exarnple explain grep command and list its options with b. Explain line addressing and context addressing in sed with example. c. Briefly explain interval regular expression and tagged regular expression. 10cs44 their significance. (08 Marks) q06 Marks) (06 Marks) a. Explain shell features of while and for with syntax. b. What is exit status of a command and where it is stored? And how exarnples. c. Write a shell code to accept a string from the terminal and display doesn't have at least 10 characters using : i) case ii) expr. a. What is AWK? Explain any three built in functions of AWK. b. What are associative arrays? How they are implemented in AWK? c. With syntax and examples, explain control flow statements in AWK. (08 Marks) it can be accessed? Give (06 Marks) suitable message if it (06 Marks) (08 Marks) (06 Marks) (06 Marks) a. Explain any three string handling functions in Perl. (06 Marks) b. With suitable exarnples explain split and join functions in Perl. (06 Marks) c. Write a Perl program that prompts the user to input string and a number and prints the string those many times on different lines to standard output. (08 Marks) +**{<Jr 2 af2
  11. 11. USN 10cs46 Fourth Semester B.E. Degree Gomputer Organ une/July 2016 Time: 3 hrs. c. 2a. Max. Marks:100 a. b. d) () o d! (g 6) (j rP (B= -:> 69 7r) -on ll sl oo .E c(!$ g;i oC e(J:€ oB 8* o() _L 60c cdd 'o>qP6 4cJ 'Ea OE p.A tro, () -: a.= 6: AE 6C !o .= >' q- ooo a cl] o= e3tr> =o(J qr< - (] 6) o z o aI Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO fuestions from each parl PART _ A List the steps needed to execute the machine instruction given below in terms of transfers between the components of processor, memory and some control cornmands. ADD LOCA, R0. Assume the instruction is stored in memory location 'INSTR'. (05 Marks) Perform the following operations on the 5-bit signed numbers using 2's compiement representation system. Further indicate whether overflow has occurred. i) (-10) + (-13) ii) (-10) - (+4) iii) (+7) - (-15) iv) (+8) + (+10). (10 Marks) Write the basic performance equation. Explain the role of each of the parameters in the equation on the performance of the computer. (05 Marks) Define addressing mode and explain any four addressing modes with an example for each. (09 Marks) b. What is subroutine linkage? With examples explain different ways of passing parameters to subroutine. (06 Marks) c. Explain in detail encoding of machine instructions into 32-bit words. Assume that there are 16 registers in the processor. (05 Marks) a. Define interrupt. What are the overheads incurred in handling interrupts? (04 Marks) b. With neat sketches explain a method for handling interrupts from multiple devices. (10 Marks) c. What is bus arbitration? With a neat diagram, explain any one approach used for bus arbitration. (06 Marks) a. With a block diagram, explain a general 8-bit parallel interface. (10 Marks) b. List out widely used bus standards in a computer system. Further, explain the READ operation using PCI bus with a timing diagram. (10 Marks) PART _ B a. What is a cache? Explain any two cache mapping functions with neat sketches. (10 Marks) b. What is a virtual memory? With a neat diagram, explain the method for translating virtual address to physical address. (10 Marks) a. Explain the design of a 4-bit carry-look ahead adder. (08 Marks) b. Multiply (+14) and (-6) using Booth's algorithm. (07 Marks) c. Perform the division of number 8 by 3 (8 + 3) using restoring division method. (05 Marks) 7 a. Write the sequence of control steps to execute the instruction, ADD (R:), Rr on single bus architecture. (07 Marks) b. With a block diagram, describe the organization of a micro frogrammed control unit. (10 Marks) c. Bring out the differences between micro prografilmed control and Hard-Wired control. (03 Marks) (10 Marks) (10 Marks) 8 a. Explain any two shared memory multiprocessor models. b. Briefly explain SISD and SIMD architectures with neat diagrams.
  12. 12. gET{TEA9. LtIlfi'tl'Y USN Time: 3 hrs. 2 a. Explain the following addressing modes with examples : i) Direct addressing ii) Immediate addressing iii) Register indirect addressing iv) Base plus index addressing v) Base relative plus index addressing. b. Explain how virtual address is translated into physical Given :CS : 2000h, DS : 4000h, ES : 6000h, SS : SI: 100h and LIST:0014h Find the physical address for the following : D MOV DL, LrST[Sr] ii) Mov AL. Lrsr[Bx] [sr] iii) MOV AH. CS : [BX] iv) MOV CL.23h [BP]. 4 a. Explain the following instructions with examples : D DAA ii) RLC iii) AAM . iv) MOVSB. 10cs45 Max. Marks:100 (10 Marks) address in 8086 microprocessor. 8000h, BX: 300h, BP :200h, (06 Marks) (08 Marks) Fourth Semester B.E. Degree Examih n, June/July 201,6 Microprocessors Note: Answer any FIYE full questioms, selecting stlesst TWO questions from each part. d(J o o. d () () ! 3e x,- 7rt :^ ia .= c{ cB$ g6' -u o> 3n a;; oO boi a3b BH -? o; Ar o.6. tro- o: i.96: AE, !o 6 .:i tro0 c- :i tr> - a'.1 o o z 6 H o. PART _ A 1 a. What is a microprocessor'/ Explain how data, address and control busses interconnect various system components. (05 Marks) b. Explain in detail with a neat diagram, the working of the internal architecture of the 8086 microprocessor. (10 Marks) c. Giving the format of the 8086 microprocessor's flag register, explain in detail each flag bit. (05 Marks) c. Explain the working of PUSH and POP instructions indicating the state of the stack after the execution of the instructions. (04 Marks) 3 a. Giving the general machine language instruction format of a MOV instruction, generate the machine code for the following instructions : i) Mov DI-, [DI] ii) Mov [1000H], DL iii) Mov [BP], DL iv) MOV WORD PTR IBX + 1000H], 1234H. (trO Marks) b. Write an ALP to sort five 8-bit numbers stored in an array in descending order using bubble sort algorithm. (06 Marks) c. Explain the working of XLAT instruction, illustrate its importance using a suitable program. (04 Marks) b. Write an ALP using 8086 instruction set to count the nurnber of ones in a given 8 - bit number and store the result at a memory location. (07 Marks) c. What is a procedure? Explain the sequence of operations that take place when a procedure is CALLed and RETurned. I ctf2 (05 Marks)
  13. 13. b. c. t0cs45 PART _ B a. Differentiatebetween: D Assembler and linker i, PUBLIC and EXTERN iii) Macros and procedures. (06 Marks) b. What are modular programs? Explain. Using the PUBLIC and EXTERN directives write a program in assembly language that reads a string into an array in one module and converts the string to uppercase in another module. (08 Marks) c. What is recursion? Explain. Write an ALP to find the factorial of a single digit positive number using recursive procedure. (06 Marks) a. Explain the significance of the foilowing pins of an 8086 microprocessor : i) READY ii) TEST iii) ArE iv) HOLD. With neat timing diagrams explain read bus cycle and write bus cycle. With a neat diagram, explain the minimurn mode configuration of 8088 microprocessor based computing system. (08 Marks) a. Differentiate between memory mapped IO and IO mapped IO. (04 Marks) b. What is address decoding? Why is it required? Explain how a 3 - 8 line decoder could be used to interface 64K memory using 8K memory chips. (08 Marks) c. Design a memory system to interface 8 x 8K EPROM and 8 x 4K SRAM to 8088 microprocessor. Assuming SRAM memory starts from 00000H and EPROM from E0000h. (08 Marks) a. Explain the control word format of 8255 PPI in IO mode and BSR mode. Construct control words for the fotrlowing : i) Port A input, PORT B output and PORT C output ports i0 PORT A bi-directional mode, PORT B output port iii) Set PC1 and tdset PCS. b. With a neat block schematic diagram explain the internal architecture of 8254 PIT.(08 Marks) c. What is DMA? Why is it required? Explain the basic DMA operation. (04 Marks) ,F*{<** (04 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) 2 of2