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3rd Semester MBA (Dec-2013) Question Papers

  1. 1. USN 1 2MBAFM323 I I2MBABI333 Third Semester MBA Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.2Dl4 Banking of Financial Services Time: 3 hrs. ' I : (.) (-) Max. Marks:100 Note: 1. Answer any Threefull questionsfrom QNo.l to Q.No.6. 2. Question No. 7 & I are compulsory, t ir-^ ^t'rt.-^^ value t^Lt^- :^'^^-.--r.1-, 3. Use of Time ..^r,.^ tubles is permitted. o o. o (! I a. b. c. Differentiate between credit card and debit card. a,n1te on relationship between the banker and the customer. ]ri1e Explain the'Bank's obligation to customers. (03 Marks) 2 a. b. c. What is correspondent banking? What are the factors determining exchange rates? Explain the role. functions and facilities of EXIM bank. (03 Marks) 3 a. b. c. What do you understand by "Groen shoe option"? (03 Marks) Explain the process of book building. How it is different from private placement? (07 Marks) What are the SEBI guidelines for merchant bank? (10 Marks) 4a. Differentiate between Repo and Reverse Repo. What is reverse *o.lg.ug."? Whlt the.benefits? 1e Explain the SEBI guidelines relating to issue management. (07 Marks) (10 Marks) a) ! 3e Jh 6 -^l coa .= a-l d<- tso ()gl -O =E a= oO b. 50tr >d la O-;5 :c c. 5a. b. c. o.e (.) -i eE !o o.>,k ootrbo 0J= go =d F> :o 5rJ< a. b. c. 1 a. :^ a) o '7 (10 Marks) (03 Marks) (07 Marks) (10 Marks) What is credit rating? (03 Marks) What is securitization of debt? What are its benefits? (07 Marks) , What is factoring? What are the types of factoring? Distinguish between factoring and bill discounting. (10 Marks) What do you mean by dematerilisation? Explain the process of venture capital financing. What are the functions of NSDL? (03 Marks) (07 Marks) (10 Marks) A customer approaches his banks fijr a loan of 6 lakhs and he is prepared to submit any one of the lollowing as security: (i) A life insurance policy of Rs.9 lakhs. (ii) A portfolio of mid cap banking stocks worth Rs.10 lakhs with a face value of Rs.10 / share. 1i o (07 Marks) b. Which security, the banks should accept? (10 Marks) A FD in the name of Mr. Krishna and Mr. Mohan payable to either or survivor, is presented for pre-payment discharged by Mr. Krishna alone. How will you as a banker deal with the situation? (10 Marks)
  2. 2. 1 Case Study 2MBAFM323 I 12MBABT333 : to diversify, towards this end, it decides to buy a certain the machinery or have it on lease basis. machinery. The company could either buy Tejaswini Ltd. has a plan ,,,: This machinery can be purchased for 15 lakhs. It is expected that machinery will have 'a useful life of 5 years with a salvage value of Rs. 1 lakh after the expiry of 5 years. I The purchase can be financed by a loan at20Yo p.a. repayable in five equal,:nstallments (inclusive interest) becoming due at the end of each year. ... Alternatively the machinery can be taken on yearly lease rental of Rs.4;50,000 for 5 years. 1; .,1' i.' Advice the ,company as to the best t,',tt'"t' t ,"'' option between these two. You may assume the .::::: .,,,."' .. '' " (i) The machineiy wltt constitute a separate block for acCounting purpose. (ii) The company follows depreciation on W.D.V basis being 25%. ( iii) Tax rate is 35%o. (iv) Lease rentals are to be p-aid at the end of the yeaf. (v) Maintenance expenses estirnat_-ed at Rs.3,lak-hs are to be borne by the lesee. (20 Marks) "'{< ll,* *''*"l* ':' .1,, .. ..',,.., :. ,) ,li' 2 of2
  3. 3. 12MBAHR343 USN Third Semester MBA Degree Examination, Dec. 2013 I Jzn.2Ol4 Learning and Development . o o I ".',t" Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 o. Note: l. Answer any TIIREE questions,from Q.No.l to Q.No.6. 2. Q.No. 7 and I are compulsory. o () a. b. c. L 8e. d= A;J -oo ll troo d$ O (03 Marks) What is transfer of learning? (07 Marks) Explain theiteps involved in designing the training programmes. Discuss the' fii9131shy of learning behavoiur with the application of Bloom's Taxonomy. 2a. b. c. :IJ oE aO Where do you apply synergogy? (03 Marks) Elaborate on the factors contributing to competencies for trainers. (07 Marks) (10 Marks) e'- 3a. d= o() o-o o0e -o What is training evaluation? b. Explain the different methods of Training Needs Analysis (TNA). c. Discuss Kane's seven step model. :q tro. oj o= to qtE !o o.- >,h (07 Marks) (10 Marks) a. b. (10 Marks) What are the different types of e - learning? *job training with brief explanation. Mention the five needs of supervisors in on - the c. Elaborate on the six component analysis of training needs. a. Explain the concept,oi Blended learning. Briefl y explain Kirkpatrick' s evaluat ion model. D iffere nt iate between pedago gy and andrago gy. R= 't, (B 3d) OE (03 Marks) b. c. ffi c a. b. bo- What are the advantages and disadvantages of classroom methods) Diqcuss the factors contributing to enhance learning. w (05 Marks) (05 Marks) Marks) Marks) Marks) (10 Marks) (10 Marks) EOO iu= so => ou U. lr< J.i a. o 2,.' H b. o c. d. You are a training consultant of XYZLtd. You need to advice Nich & Co., on the training method that they need to select for the group of trainees to pick up practical skil'ls. The method you suggest should minimize the training cost and also should enhance transfer of (05 Marks) learning. If you are asked to handle the post - lunch session, as a trainer how would you make the (05 Marks) session more interesting and interactive? As a trainer you have conducted an Outward Bound Learning (OBL) method. 'Framing' and 'Implementation' part was done meticulously, however 'Debriefing' was left out. So, what (05 Marks) is the consequence? You are a trainer appointed to train other trainers on effective presentation skills. What tips (05 Marks) do you pass on to them?
  4. 4. 12MBAHR343 CASE STUDY: Mr. Salim is 28 year old software engineer working in a high-tech communication company called Parseys in Mumbai with two hundred employees. He had been working at his current job for six months. Salim was having difficulty in understanding his supervisor's fast paced instruction and also felt his supervisor showed little patience in addressing his questions and confusion. Salim was also intimidated in team meetings and found that he was still processing a question while co-workers were formulating their answers. Salim did not want to set a parl fiom his pe€rs and was therefore reluctant to seek clarification regarding directions and responsibilities. Although technically very capable, Salim could not deliver on his professional commitments resulting in a poor performance placing him on the conditional status, without a sixth month salary increase. However Parseys came to know the value contributions of Salim and ultimately wanted him to come out of his performance problems so that he might be a more ' ', effective member of the organization. The Human Resource Manager at Parseys diagnosed that,salim's difficulties where due to learning style differences and referred Salim to Mr. Kotyan another Project Manager known for his coaching skills through the series of interviews Mr,'Kotyan diagnosed that Salim struggled with expressive language and slower language processing speed though technically very brilliant. Questions: a. Why was Salim referred to IVIr. Kotyan rather than being coached by his own supervisor? b. Why did Parsey's take trouble in arranging coaching,for Mr. Salim rather than terminating (05 Marks) his services? (05 Marks) What kind of training and development would you suggest to Mr. Salim to come out of weakness? (05 Marks) , d. What are the qualities of supervisor to ensure that there is full transfer of learning at the work place. ' (05 Marks) ,,, c. a
  5. 5. 12MBAHR342 USN Third Semester MBA Degree Examination, Dec.2013lJan.20l4 Gompensation & Benefits Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note:1. Answer any TIIREE full questions from Part A. 2. Part B & Part C are compulsory. d) o o ! 0. E (.) . PART. A L a. b. c. What are perks and perquisites? What are the advantages and disadvantages of CTC? State the objectives and provisions of payment of Bonus ACT. (03 Marks) 2 a. What is the purpose of salary survey? (03 Marks) (07 Marks) (10 Marks) (.) ox 6v -.o ool troo .=N CBs :: OO Y(] (Jtr _co o yl o() b0i -o >! 6r 3.) 'Ca OE x9 i wlli:#: (07 Marks) l'":1,:u'J1?:j::;a,u,ory b.*n (10 Marks) *? 3 a. b. c. What is severanc e pay? ' , ,| Explain dilferent types of incentives? ::.. What are the factors affecting executiv.e compensation? 4 a. b. c. What is subsistence allowance?, Explain wage-fund theory. a. b. c. (03 Marks) .,, .l (07 Marks) (10 Marks) (03 Marks) .,:., (07 Marks) What are the different methods ofjob evaluation? (10 Marks) What is increment and,explain stagnation increment? What are the characteristics of a best compensation plan? Explain the characteristic features of cost to company approach- (05 Marks) (05 Marks) (10 Marks) ov ()j a= ao atE Explain how benefits motivates employees. , 5 .:i >! bov <o0 o= *o tr> ulr< .i6i VL (05 Marks) ,, !o "Job evaluation is key for compensating employee". Discuss. "Stock options hold advantages for both employees and employer". (05 Marks) Explain. (05 Marks) "Government of India actively promotes various pension schemes for the citizens". Explain. 6) (05 Marks) Z L o I of2
  6. 6. 12MBAHR342 PART _ C Case Study : The Universal Electrical Company is a mobile manufacturer, Mr. Nagesh established the company in 1990, he was keenly aware of the importance of a highly motivated workforce, and how the company's success, infact depended on it. Therefore, Mr. Nagesh had to ensure that each employee would work as deligently as possible for the good of the organization. I'r' Mr. Nagesh realized that the best way to motivate employees would be tb tint< the company's reward and recognition system to its goals. To establish this, connection, Mf. Nagesh developed and implemented a comprehensive incentive system. Its aim was to improve the company's overall performance by allowing contributing workers to share in the proceeds. The plan rewards employees for tuming out quality products effectively while controllin$ Costs. The system includes the following components: Paying by pib$ciate : Production workers are paid according to the number of "pieces" or product units they,produce that are not defective. If a custonrer sends a defective piece back to the company, the employee who produced it must repair it on his or her own time. Paying )rear end bonus : To reward workers further''for their efforts, Mr. Nagesh introduced a year-end bonus system thaJ,gives all workers an opportunity to nearly double their salaries. Employees get the bonus if the company's aqnual profit increases. Providing stock options : Mr. Nagesh also provided his employees with the option of buying company's stock at a low cost. Emplbyiies are also given ,irure, of the .ornpury', ,io.k based on annual profits. Questions: a. b. c' d. How does Mr. Nagesh want to motivate work force? 105 Marks) What would be the future expectation of Mr. Nagesh from ernployees of Universal Electrical ....,,,,,,' (05 Marks) Would you agiee with Mr. Nagesh and his comprehensivL incentive system? Substantiate the answer with reasons. (05 Marks) What othei;rbwards do you think will sustain the motivation of the employees? 1os Marks) {< {< {< ,i< * 2 of2
  7. 7. 12MBAFM322IBL332 USN Third Semester MBA Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.ZDl4 lnvestment Management Time: 3 hrs. Note: tt' () o o 2. Q.No.7 and Q.No.8 ore compulsory. rl I a- b. I o. c. a. q) b. o 3e c. a. b. c. 69 _.o ool trca .= c (d* g6' 0)tr -E(I) o() ootr o= }U a l.E G: LO 5.e 5e lr<, :^ o o z o List the major players in the secondary markets. ,'" (03 Marks) Define risk. Explain different types of risk. (07 Marks) ,, , You have gathered the stock prices as at the end of each year on March 31 for a frm called All Weather Ltd. For the last.six Years the price,data is as given below: Drlcer{lata N as lven Year 2002 2008 2004 :2005 2006 2007 rrut.gi.;' c. ^X AO What is a green shoe option? (03 Marks) State the fi,mctions of a stock market index. Discuss the dilferent methodologies for calculating the' Sock market index. (07 Marks) Explain the difftlen1 modes of raising funds in the primary market. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) preference share'is lurrently selliig for Rs.44 per share in the market and pays Rs.4.40 annual dividend. If an investor's required rato,-of return is l2Yo, what is the value of a preference share fo1 that investor? Should the investor acquire the preference shares? ,6 6< E3 E> (10 Marks) 4 a. Z company's !co ,r? d) 'Ea or: cbo o= (03 Marks) (07 Marks) D a= .9d Distinguish between economic and financial investment. Describe the features of a good investment. Discuss the different types of money market instruments. Stock price (Rs.) 130 r42 ;169' 154 189 210 Find out the following: The expected return of the sto.ck;. ii) The risk as measured by variance and standard deviation. E* 60 Max. Marks:100 l. Answer any TI{REEfull questionsfrom Q.No.l to Q.No.6. r. ',: ::l'- [8;ffiII:] Pioneer constfdeiions Ltd. has been in the business of construding residential flats. It has been doing considerably well and constantly growing at lYo annually for the past several years. The last dividend paid by the company was Rs.3 per share. Due to its reputation. the frgr,reeeived an overseas contract that would add to the growth and the prospect of the firm. Tlre',nranaging director confirmed to some investors that for the next itrge years the . Company would grow at double the rate at 20oh rather than at usual 10%. The investor's : required rate of return is 25o/o. ,.. i) What should be the current price of the share assuming constant growth? ii) Assuming that the firm would-grow at 20o/o for next three years before reverting to normal growth of l0o/o, calculate the share price. (10 Marks)1 5 a. J.P. Lights is a company engaged in the manufacture of electric bulbs. As on 31" March the shareholders funds position of the company is as under: 4,55,000 equity shares of face value of Rs.10 Rs.45.50 lakhs 95,000 preference shares of face value of Rs.10: Rs.9.50 lakhs Reserves: Rs.60 lakhs Preference dividend payable is20o/o of face value. : Profit after tax before preference dividend : Rs.58 lakhs Market price of equity share as on 31't March : Rs.1 14. Find the P/E ratio. ':$lfiI (03 Marks)
  8. 8. 7 12MBAFM322IB[332 5 b. c. Discuss the factors to be considered in industry analysis. (07 Marks) are the rate ofret tne oI returns on tock A and the market index for a five year period. Year Return on stock A Return on market 1 -0.15 0.44 2 0.47 0.36 1 J 0.15 0.17 -0.12 4 0.09 -0.10 5 0.05 i) Calculate the beta of stock A. lD Compute the total risk for stock A and decompose the total risk into syStematic and " ", uxslstematic components. Followi : c. ;:-,:':'l What is, behavioural finance? Explainlthe different forms of market effrciency. What are the empiiical tests for different '.1, , ,i forms of maltet efficiency? (07 Marks) The following'three portfolilos orov ide the wm lcu lven belo w Portfolio Average annual return (oZ) Standard deviation Correlation coefficient A 18 27 B ,t4 18 C 15 I 0.8 0.6 0.9 Market 1i,, 12 Risk free rate of interest is 9%. i) Rank these portfolios using Sharpe and'Treynor methods. ii) Compare boththe indices. , I ..,,,,,,,; " (10 Marks) ,, 7a. b. d, Identiff the risks associated with the fo:ilowing: i) ii) Rise in the consumer price index Lock out iii) Association of a political leader iv) Announcement of the decline in bank rate v) Announcement ofthe decline in bank rate vi) Fall in the value of cuffency. (05 Marks) Mr. Ramaswamy is a 52 year old government employee. He has plans to invest around Rs.4 lakh in a safe avenue. He also plans to invest Rs.10,000 per month in mutual funds throughthe'SIP route. Could:you please guide Mr. Ramaswamy to safe and guaranteed ventures so that he can spend'his retired life with financial security? (05 Marks) Mr. Mohan is 23 years old. The only investments he has been able to do so far were for tax saving purposes. He is currently investing in a LIC policy with a premium of Rs.36000 annually and also some money in the PPF. He is looking for other investment options with good returns in 5 to 10 years time. He can invest Rs.50,000 per month. Kiridly suggest different options. (05 Marks) Consider the chart given in Fig.Q7(d). 1U Fie.Q7(d) 9 oa p- Arrive at adecision as to whetherthe rto.l'iirU. Uo,lght or sold at time period 'T'.(05 Marks)
  9. 9. 12MBAFM322IBL332 Case sladv: a. An investor invests 30% of his funds in risk free asset and the remaining 70Yo of funds in an index fund that represents the market. The risk free return is 8%. The index fund is expected to give a return of 2lo/o. What is the expected return from the portfolio of the investor? The standard deviation of rettrns from the index fund is 9.80. What is the standard deviation of the portfolio retprn? (Q4 Marks) b" , If the investor withdraws his investment in the risk free security and invests the same also in '" ti"lhe index fund, what is the expected return? What is the portfolio (04 Marks) If 4part fiom investing his entire funds in the index fund, the investor borrorys a sum equal to ZEiYa"'of his available funds at risk free rate of interest and invests:the Same also in the (06 Marks) index fund, what is the expected return? What is the portfolio (06 Marks) d. List the asSumptions of capital asset pricing model. risk? c. risk? , ,: : . ,.. ,,,..,,.. r'l!'",.:t ***rk* 11 ,, :'-'l ,,,.', ,::, il 1r, . ,.,. .l ': " i1_-i ,l1rr ; i: 3 of3
  10. 10. IZM.BA32 USN Third Semester MBA Degree Examination, Dec. 2013 I Jan.2Ol4 Operations Management () ... o o Tirne; 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 .i.......Note:l.AnsweranyTIIREEqueStionS'fromPartA. ,," () 2. Part B snd Part C are compulsory. () PART - A Qa Define Operations Management. (03 Marks) b. Explain the Managerial uses and limitations of Break Even Analysis. (07 Marks) c. A manufacturer of critical components for Two - Wheelers in the automotive sector is interested in forecasting the trend of, demand during the next year as a key input to its annual planning exercise- The past sales for the last three years are given below : a. d9 =r) oJl troa .:N (€$ o:Y og -e gl I : PERIOD ACTUAL DEMAND PERIOD ACTI]AL DEMAND Year 1 :01 Year 2 : Q3 360 387 Year 1 : 02 438 464 'Year 2: 04 Year I : Q3 359',, Year 3 : 01 505 Year 1 : 04 406 Year 3 : 02 618 Year 2 : Ql 393.,. Year 3 : 03 443 Year 2 : Q2 4,65' .'' Y'ear 3 : 04 540 Extract the trend component;pf the time seiies data using linear regression and use it for predicting the future demand of year 4. (I0 Marks) *,^ a= oO o-d ooi cB(B -o >e .G 6r '!,d .:l' OE o= ,oLEi a !o ^: bo' cbO o= po -; ..i o "' Mention the variables affecting labour productivity. (03 Marks) Discuss the 'CHASE' and 'LEVEL' strategies of aggregate production planning. (07 Marks) c. Calculate the vendor rating for the following. The item under consideration is all VOr a. b, =o 5L o: . Write a brief note on forecasting as a planning tool. (03 Marks) b. Describe the various types of plant layout. (07 Marks) c. Calculate the standard time per article produced from the following data obtained by a work sampling study : Total No. of observations :2500; No. of working observations : 2100 ; No. of uniJs produced in 100 hours duration: 6000 units ; Proportion of manual labour : 213 ; Proportion of machine time : 1/3 ; Observed rating factor' : ll5 % ; Total allow.ance : 12% of normal time. (10 Marks) a. q5o.' oJ () -' ,, .:::.. ,, ,jl. suppliers. DATA ::', A R C Ouantitv Suoolied l5 10 I t2 Ouantitv Acceoted I 9 Price of each item Rs 15 Rs 19 Rs 21 Delivery promised 6 weeks 6 weeks 6 weeks Actual deliveries made 8 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks Weightage for quality : 70%. Price : 2A%, Delivery : l0%. (10 Marks) What is Lead Time? (03 Marks) I of i
  11. 11. I2MBA32 b. c. b. c. (07 Marks) (10 Marks) State any three factors affecting facility location decision. Differentiate between products and services. 5a. Enumerate the descriptive characteristics of service operations. Mention and explain the elements of operations strategy. (03 Marks) (07 Marks) Compute the Composite Break Even Point (quantity) for multi product situations and,,fhe (10 Marks) Individual Break Even Point. DATA PRODUCTS '-,:, A B D C 10 20 15 t0 Sellins orice oer unit (Rs) 6 15 6 9 Variable cost per unit (Rs) (units) I 000 2000 1000 1000 Sales volume .... The Total Fixed cost is Rs 4800. (03 Marks) a. What is Matef,i4l Requirements Planning? (07 Marks) involved in the delivery of services. b. Comment on ihe.fastors c. A manufacturer offum equipment is considering 3 locationi - A, B and C for a new plant. Cost structure shows,that the variable cost at the sites are Rs 100 per unit. Rs 90 per unit and Rs 95 per unit respectivoiy. If the plant is designed to have an effective capacity of 2500 units per year and is expected to operate at &A!/o efficiency , which is the most important location on the basis of actual, output. Agsilme' the fixed costs per year at the sites are Rs 240000, Rs 270000 and RS 252000 respectively. Also determine the range of annual volume of production for which oach of the locations A, B and C would be most u'" ri' , (lOMarks) PART - B a.ThemanagerofaCommerei*tgu,kffiddethenumberofATMmachinestobe installed in an ATM countbr. Each machine can process 100 customers per day. One machine will result in a fixed cost of Rs 2000 per d4;r.,,v/hile two machines will result in a fixed cost of Rs 3800per day. Variable costs will be Rs 20per customer and revenue will be Rs 45 per customer. ii) If estimatod demand is 90 to 120 customers per day, how many machines should be purchffid? b. The (05 Marks) shows he monthly demand over 6 months 11!,1e Month I 2 J to 4 for a 5 uct. 6 Demand (units) t2a 130 110 t40 110 130 ',::,',,,Determine the forecast of demand for the 7 month using 3 month simple mo.vrng average (05 Marks) method. A work sampling study is to be made of a typist pool. It is felt that typists are idle 30% of the time. How many observations should be made in order to have 95.5% confidence so that (05 Marks) the accuracy is within + 40 ? (Given C:2 for 95.5Yo confidence level). d. A firm has four work centres - A, B, C and D in series with individual capacities in units per day shown below : RAW MATERIALS i) ii) iii) [Cl| t-rl I I (340) (4oo) I I l(360) ----*l;l-----+ (450) Identif,, the bottle neck centre. What is the system capacity? What is the system effrciency? ACTuAL ourPur (3oo) (05 Marks) 2 of3
  12. 12. 12MBA32 PART _ C a. A two rvheeler component manufacturing unit uses large quantities of a component made of steel. The annual demand for the component is 2500 boxes. The company procures the item from a supplier at the rate of Rs 750 per box. The company estimates the cost of carrying inventory to be 18% per unit per annum and the cost of ordering as Rs 1080 per order. The company works for 250 days in ayear. Design and inventory control system a, , item by calculating the economic order quantity and number of ordors r. '. :,,i) ii) iii) b. trrlff:f; ,Th Whal is the overall cost of the plan, when you focus on the cost of economic order (05 Marks) quantity? The *lpplier is willing to offer a discount of Write a note CIn ABC 2%o on the unit pricg for 400 boxes. Should '':,'l-',, analysis. (05 Marks) ,,, ,, JJJJJ l. '!r' :::
  13. 13. 12MBA31 USN Third Semester MBA Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.20l4 Strategic Management ,,,'i' Time: 3 hrs. d ,,, Max. Marks:100 Note: C) o I a ls. :' b. (.) = () Answer ony TI{REEfull questionsfrom QNo.l to QNo.6. 2. Q.No,7 and Q.No.8 ore compulsory. 1. c. Define strategy. (03 Marks) What are long term objectives? Explain the qualities of long term objectives. (07 Marks) Discuss the strategically relevant components of a company's extsmal environment. L 3s 50-v, . sv -bo I ioo .= o.l xbo oi -O o> o2 aX o() (10 Marks) a. b. c. What are the three competitive generic strategies? (03 Marks) What is resource based view (RBV) of a firm? What makes a resource valuable? (07 Marks) Discuss the components of strategic management model. t10 Marks) a. b. c. What is turnaround strategy? Explain the BCG groMh share matrix. Explain different types of strategic cohtrol. 4a. 509 (g(o b. .G c. 6v 53. o-6- b. o-i c. i; tolr= 4 sr LO ^.= >(r ooo sOO o= so tr> :o VL o- 6a. b. o o a ,ro Marks) What do you understand by the term strategic intent? *rMarks) Explain the value chain qn4.lysis for diagnosing a firm's strengths . (07 Marks) Explain Porter's five force model. Use the model to analyze the telecom industry. (10 Marks) Explain three levels of strategy. (03 Marks) What are the'fust mover advantages and disadvantages? (07 Marks) principal managerial components of strategy implementation process? What are tt-re 'i (lo Marks) iiri: ,,,,i' ...,,,,,,.. . , State any three benefits of benchmarking. (03 Marks) What are distinctive competencies? What are the sources of distinctive competencies? (,QJ c. Marks) What are the strategic options avaiiable for a company that decides to expand ouislOe its domestic market and compete L'< - $i '2/ internationally? (10 Marks) (rl 7s. b. The shoe manufacturer'NIKE" does not manufacturer any shoes, instead it outsources them to countries like Thailand and India. What do you think are the reasons for this? State its drawbacks if any. (10 Marks) Close up tooth paste used Glycerine instead of Calcium Carbonate as whitening agent and differentiated itself from all other tooth pastes. What according to you are the pre-requisites lor differentiation strategy? What are the pitfalls of it? (10 Marks) 1of )
  14. 14. I2MBA31 Cuse study: In 2006-07 PTC food division decided to enter the fast growing (20-30% annually) snacks segment, an altogether new to it. It had only one national competitor - Trepsico's Trito. After a year its wafer snack brand Ringo, fetched2}o/o market share across the country. Ringo's introduction was coincided with the cricket world cup. The wafer snacks market is estimated to be around Rs.250 crores. The company could take the advantage of its existing distribution network and also source potatoes from farmers easily. Before PTC could enter the market, a cross functional team made a customer survey through a marketing research group in 14 cities of the country to know about the snacks of eating habits of people. The results showed that the customers within the age group of 15-24 years were the most promising for the produet as they were quite enthusiastic about experimenting new snack taste. The company reported to its chefs came out with 16 flavours with varying tastes suiting to the targeted age-group. The company decided to target the youngsters as primary target on the assumption that once they are lured in, it was easier to reach the whole family. AdVertising in this category was extremely crowded. Every week two-three local products in new names were launched, some times with similar names. To break through this clutter the company decided to bank upon humor appeal. The industry sources reveal that PTC spent about ' 50 crores on advertisements and used all possible media print and electronic, both including the creation of its own website WWW.Ringoringoyoungo.Com with offers of online games, contests etc. Mobile phone tone downloading was also planned which proved very effective among teenagers. The site was advefiised in all dot com nstworks. EMTV. Shine TV, BEE TV and other important channels were also used for its advertisement along with FM radio channels in about 60 cities with large hoardings at strategic places. Analysts believe that Ringo"s success story owes a lot of PTC's widespread distribution channels and aggressive advertisements. Humor appeal wiis a bid success. The 'RINGO' was made visible by painting the railway bogies paving across lhe states. It has also been successful to induce Lovely Brothers, Future group to replace Trito in Big Bazar and chain of food bazaars. PTC is paying 4%o higher margin than Trepsico 'to future group and other retailers. Ringo gave Trepsico a run for its money. Trito's share has already been reduced considerably. Retail tie-ups, regional flavors, regional humor appeals have helped PTC. But PTC still wants a bigger share in the market and in foreign markets also, if possible. a. b. c. d. Questions: Explain the theoretical frame work of SWOT analysis. What are the strengths of PTC? What are the weaknesses of PTC for entering into the branded snacks market? What kind of marketing strategy was formulated and implemented for Ringo? need to be done by Ringo so as to enlarge its market? ***,f{< 2 of2 (04 Marks) (04 Marks) (04 Marks) What else (08 Marks)
  15. 15. I2MBAFM3?I USN Third Semester MBA Degree Examination, Dec. 2Ol3 / Jan.2014 Advanced Financial Management o o Max. Marks: 100 ::, ! a o C) Note: l. Answer ony TIIREE questions,from Q.No.l to Q.No.6., u;= 2. Q.No. 7 and I are compulsory. z'r$L la. ox d9 6 orJ .: What is Discriminant analysis? b. Explaintne Operating and Financial synergies of mergers. c. Explttifi,various short term sources to finance working capital. troo .: ai hoo Y(.) og: -O Ets o> ?a 6= 3a. boi b. c. -6 !6 o! o.Xoj o= t() qli !o il.€l ^-, Marks) Marks) Marks) What is corpprate dividend tax? Marks) b. What are demerits of excess and inadequate investment in curre w how you (07 Marks) will determine level of current assets with the help of grapli c. Two firms, Venkat ttd and Sai Ltd., are identical in all aspects except leverage in capital structure. Venkat Ltd ?,las .10% Rs 3,00,000 debentuibs. Both the firms have the same EBIT of Rs 50,000. The equity capitalization rate of Venkat is 16 percent and Sai 12.5 percent. You are required to calculate the total value ef each firm and show arbitrage process assuming an investor holds 10% of the outstanding shares of the Venkat Ltd. (10 Marks) a. I oc) /s$Y What is Conglomerate Merger? (03 Marks) , Explain EVA and MVA. (07 Marks) : A firm is contemplating an inorease in the credit period from 30 to 60 days. The average collection period which is at present 45 days iS expected to increase to 75 days. It is also likely that the bad debt expenses will increase from the current level of 1 percent to 3 percent of sales. Total credit sales are expected to increase from the level of 30000 units to 34500 units. The present average cost per unit is Rs 8, the variable cost and sales per unit is Rs 6 and Rs 10 pe.r unit respectively. Assume the frm expects a rate of returns of l5Yo. (10 Marks) Should the firm e,,,,+tend the credit period. 4a. (03 Marks) Narrate on}he features of ideal capital structure. (07 Marks) b. Discuss-pros and cons of credit period and cash discount. c. Thq Gahges pump company uses about 75000 valves per year and the usage is fairly constant at 6250 per month. The valve costs Rs 1.50 per unit when bought insuantities and the carrying cost is estimated to be 20 percent of average inventory investment on an annual 'basis. The cost to place an order and process the delivery is Rs 18. It takes 45 days to receive delivery from the date of an order and a safety stock of 3250 valves desired. You are required to determine i) The most-economical order quantity and frequency of orders i, The order point iii) The most economical order quantity if the valves cost Rs 4.50 (10 Marks) each instead of Rs 1.50 each. itooo i ol) o= go F> =o 5k U< <N o o z,: 1i o a 5a. b. c. (05 Marks) Briefly explain symptoms of industrial sickness. A Company's operating income (EBIT) is Rs 50,000 cost of debt 10 percent and outstanding debt Rs 200,000. If the overall capitahzation rate (Ko) is 12.5 percent, w-hat would be the total value of the lrm and equity capnalization rate under Net Operating (05 Marks) Income (NOI) approach. The following information supplied to you, determine the theoretical market value of equity shares of a company as per Waite's Models.
  16. 16. l 12MBAFN'I3?I Earninss of the comoanv Dividend oaid Number oI shares outstandinq Price earnins ratio Rate of return on investment Rs 5.00.000 Rs 3,00,000 1,00,000 8 0.15 Are you satisfied with the current dividend policy of the firm? If not what should be lhg .i. optimal dividend payout ratio in this case? t;..rli (10 Nlar-kS) 6,; a. Write a note on Postal float and Lethargy float. (0t Marko (05 Marks) Explain the rationale behind Bonus issue and stock split. c.-.The sales of Texas manufacturing for the year 2000 was Rs 1400. Its profit margin on sales '' s 5ol0, dividend payout and tax rate 50o/o each. If the Balance sheet as on 31.3.2012 is ' 'b,,, Share caoital 170 Retained earnings 210 Fixed Assets lnventories 230 Term loan Accounts pavable 80 Receivables 9.5 120 45 220 Cash 70i Provisions ,tt'.' ,,'Short term Bank borrowings Total 450 Total 845 ,, 845 prepare proforma Balance sheet as well as Income Calculate external uirement and prepare profo statement if external fund'iequirement is raised equally from short term liabilities and Bank borrowings. For the year 2$1,3 sales is expected {o increase by 40% and every thing else ( l0 Marks) remain the same. a. b. c. d. On September,2013 Micro soft aunoirnced abquision of Nokia for $ 7 .2 billion. Discuss the various motives of Microsoft behind,[his acquisition deal. (05 Marks) A manufacturing company is oft€h generating excess cash and it has consulted you on managing its short term surplus sash balanee. What are the ways you will advise the company to manage its surplus funds? Justify the,same. (05 Marks) Mr. Kailash a owner of a srnall scale industry iS, a,rnoderate risk taker and wishes to issue equity and debentures to'{inance his working capital needs, do you support / not support his decision and why? (05 Marks) '-A OeDt financing 1$ ailvisable to certain level and after thatl'it is not, though the cost of debt "A debt Imancmg is aovlsaDle certam leve is cheaper to equity"'. Do you agree? Explain. (05 Marks) ............... ,' Particulars Sales Purchases & Salaries 1, infoimation : ( Ks infanrs) Gs ln Prepare a cash budget for July - December from the following The estimated-sales, expenses, etc are as follows : rollows exDenses. elo Oct Nov 50 l1 20 20 60 25 28 22 Julv Ausust 40 t4 l6 12 14 t4 l8 l8 20 Misc Exoenses 5 6 6 6 7 7 Interest Received 02 Wases 02 Sale of Shares (20 Marks) Dee 40 Sept 50 June 35 65' 1 02 20 i) 20%o of the sales are on cash and the balance on credit. ii) lYo of the credit sales are returned by the customers ;2o/o debts are uncollectable : 50% of the good account receivable are collected inthe month of the sales and the rest during next month. iii) The time lag in payment of miscellaneous expenses and purchase is one month. Wages and salaries are paid fort nightly with a time lag of 15 days. iv) The company keeps a minimum cash balance of Rs 5 lakhs. Cash in excess of Rs 7 lakh is invested in Gor,.t. securities in multiples of Rs 1 lakh. Short fall in the minimum cash balance are made good by borrowing from the banks. Ignore interest received and paid. JJgJg .)
  17. 17. 12MBAHR341 USN Third Semester MBA Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.20l4 Recruitment and Selection Time: 3 hrs. 'r,,, Note: l. Answer any TIIREEfult questionsfrom Part-A ' .o",ti,", 2. Part-B and Port-C are compulsory. Max. Marks:100 (Q.No.t to Q.No.6). ' a) o ::,."' o I a. b. o 0) c. oX 2a. d9 --^t Eoo .=N (0+ xbo Yo OE: -c a) o2 a: o(.) o! ootr b. c. PART ;... -A What,is recruitment yield ratio? '::'...,:"'"",, (03 Marks) Explak.,,,.ttre criteria employed in choosing an appropriate medium of recruitment with relevant"iltustrations. (07 Marks) Account for the decline in the usage of job descriptions in organizations. Explain why competency apprbach to analyzing jobs has replaced traditional joli analysis. (10 Marks) maturity? ''' What do you.rr.un by emotional (03 Marks) Outline the objectives and features of a good recruitmelt policy. (07 Marks) What is a Realistic Job P iew (RJP)? What functions does it serve? Explain how RJPs are used in recruiting by drafting a realistic job advertisement. (10 Marks) 3 a. b. What are affirmative action plans IAAP)? (03 Marks) Define interview. Explain the factors that undermine the effectiveness of an employmenl c. Explain the methods of forecasting internal supply of human resources in an organization. interview. (07 Marks) (10 Marks) 4a. What is the rationale for designing employment practices by frms? (03 Marks) b. c. -.o or: What is "validity" of a selection test? Explain the ihree types of measuring validity in Wi:,'Jt'f;,. i) ii) o. 6. ote o 5a. a= dE €t !o boo c ail o= b. G; qo tr> :O - lr< o o Z lJ o 6i 6 a. .. .,. :,::",:,, What,is,shortlisting? Explain the two approaches of developing shortlisting criteria. '1,,'"," 5O.= >(ts -.,; Joining dhy formalities to be fulfilled by employers. Contpflls of appointment order. .-l ;o (.) '"-, notes,en. " ,, (05 Marks) Y/hat are the federal guidelines pertaining to the staffing of disabled workers? (05 Marks) '{ou are given the tisk of developing a campus ,...riting strategy for obtiining talented B-school graduates with degrees in MIS (developing and maintaining a company's'computer information network). i) What preparations do you make before visiting the campus? .; ii) What strategies do you launch in order to "make your presg campus lfl the long run? l0 Marks) iiI Write short notes on: i) Contract recruiting ii) Targeted recruitment. A new employee is about to join your company as an "assistan} Design an induction programme covering the contents of the formal orien[#ion. (10 Marks) I of )
  18. 18. 12MBAHR341 PART 7 a. ,,, , b. c. d. - B Assume that you have to develop an HR plan for a new generation private sector bank having branches in major towns in India. What specific external factor would be important (05 Marks) lor you to consider? Suppose you are asked to manage a restaurant in a holiday resort near Deharadun. Drlring the summer it is profitable to keep the business open, but in winters you need only one half of the cooks, servers, supervisions and cleaners. What actions would you take in October for (05 Marks) tt. beginning of the peak tourist season? How would you go about designing a selection test for aPaza delivery driver? (05 Marks) Mr.X, an apartment manager with ABC developers, entered the apartmehtl'of a resident by making use of the passkey and physically assaulted her. The court charged ABC developers $75,000 in bnder to compensate the victim. Is the company (ABC developers) liable to pay? (05 Marks) Justifu. ::," PART - C CASE STUDY You are the HR director at hiatttr source, the drug store chain in the U.S. which is preparing to open new stores in Dallas and Ho,uston. Each of the store will require about fifteen clerks. Your recruiting efforts have been Specessful and each store has attracted about hundred applicants lor those fifleen jobs. You have performed a job analysis and concluded that the clerks must be able to learn to operate cash registers and make changes accurately. The clerks are expected to take the initiative in providing friendly assistance to customers and show up for work on time. In additions, because of the presence of controlled drugs on the premises, you want clerks who In view of recomme-hding following questionsl a. ' rl' r: the "1' What specifis selection tools would you use for selecting the clerks? Justify the cost effectiven€ss of the b. c. a complete selection system for health source, answer same. (07 Marks) Howwbrildyoutest/assessthereliabilityofyourselectionsystem? WUt,,iffect will your selection system have on both the hired and rejected candidates' auitudes towards health source? r''r,1,,,,,, (06 Marks) ,<**{<{< 2 of2
  19. 19. I2MBAFM324 USN Third Semester MBA Degree Examination, Dec. 2013 I Jan.2Ol4 Gost Management () o o Time: 3 hrs. . la. ! oX -y- Note: l. Answer any TIIREE questionsfrom Q.No.l to Q.No,6 ..... o (.) Max. Marks;100 2. Q.No,7 and -^t coo .= a.l are compulsory. (03 Marks) What,i$ meant by cost? . '' -.'., (07 Marks) b. What arethe classifications of cost? Briefly explain. c. ABC Co:tltd has three production departments A, B and C and two service departments D and E. The fotlo*i"g fig*.r company. *" 6 I ""tru"t.d bs0 Rent and Rates General lishtins Indirect wages -o PoWer -! (.) oc) do 50i ,6 E6 -?() ,:: OE o. 6. tro. or! 2a. to alE L() 5.v >,! bocho o= *o tr> Xo 5L U< *N o,, i0 L o. Rs 5.000 Rs 600 Rs 1500 Rs 1500 Rs 10,000 Rs 10"000 Deoreoiation of machinerv SundrV exoenses The follo anls fuither detail are ava ilable A B E, Total C D Floor space (Sq. ft) 20,000 4000 5000 4000 1000 6000 Lieht points 2$"', 20 10 120. 30 40 (Rs) Direct waees r0.000 3000 I 500 500 2000 3000 H.P of machines 150 60 30 10 50 Value of machine (Rs) 2.50,000 60.000 80,000 1,00,000 5,000 5,000 Apportion the costs to,various departments on the most equitable basis and prepare overhead (10 Marks) distribution sumry4 . : a: o -7 fr. t,,, (03 Marks) What is Ov,erhead? : Rs 2,00,000 : Variables cost : Rs 1,20,000 ; b. The follow,furg information is given : Sales Fixed cosf : Rs 30,000. Calculate i) BEP ii) New BEP if sel'lin$ price is reduced by 107o'', iii) New BEP if variable cost increases by 10% iv) New BEP if fixed cost (07 Marks) ,inereases by l0%. c.,,, ZenLtd., supplies you the following data Direct material cost Rs 48,000 Direct wases Rs 22.000 Variable overhead - Factory Rs 13,000 Admin & Sellins Rs 2,000 Fixed overheads - Factory Rs 20,000 Admin & Selline Rs 8,000 Sales Rs 1,25,000 Prepare as income statements, under absorption costing and marginal costing. (10 Marks) 3a. b. c. What are the classification of Budget? (03 Marks) Explain the steps in activity based costing. (07 Marks) Define cost audit and explain the advantages of cost audit to managements, shareholders , consumers and governments. (10 Marks)
  20. 20. 12MBAFM324 a. What are the tools and techniques for cost reduction? b. Explain in detail the various kinds of internal reports. c. Explain the features of Balance score card performance measure. (03 Marks) (07 Marks) (10 Marks) a. A factory has three production departments A, B and C and two service departments P,land .:,, ,,, Q. The overheads departmental distribution summary shows the following : : Rs 6,00,000 ; C : Rs 5,00,000 ; P : Rs 1,20,000 ; Q: Rs l;00,000. A: Rs 6,50,000 ; B The service de rtment ex are allotted ona basis as follows :i" S1S AS Production departments Service departments A B P C o 30% 40% Service Dept P t5% lSoh',, 40% 30% 2s% 5% ,,,Service Dept Q Show how,the exoenses of the two service denartments i t.r the expenses cha rged to production departments are department on the basis of Repeated distribution method. (10 Marks) A Company manti'fbcturing two products, furnishes the following data for a year ' b. Products Annual output (units) i A 5,000 ' TotalNo. of Total number purchases orders Total machine hours .' set 20,000 1,20,000 - 160 of uos 20 44 B 60,000 384 The annual overheads are as under: Volume related activity costs Rs 5,50,000 ; Set - up related costs Rs 8,20,000 ; Purchase related costs Rs 6.18,000. You are required to calculate the coit per unil of each product A and B based on Activity ,,' based costing method. (10 Marks) ......,,.. a. A standard mrx to product,o ne unit ot.product is as {bllows :900 Material, 60 units @ Rr 15/ p.u, A : Material B 80 units @ Rs 20lp.u 1.600 :2.540' Material C 100 units @ Rs 251 p.u Total 240 units 5000 During thp fno nth ot Aprrl, I0 unrts were actually produced and consUraption was as follows: Material A 640 units @ Rs 17.501 p.u Material B 950 units @, Rs 18.00/p.u : )7 9)5 Material C 870 units @ Rs 27.501 p.u 5???5 Total 2460 units Calculate all material variances. (10 Marks) b. The expenses budgeted for production of10,000 units in a factory are furnished below : :71,200 :17.100 Rs Material Labour Variable O/H Fixed O/H (Rs. 1.00.000) Variable expenses ( direct ) Selling expenses (10% fixed) Distribution expenses (20Yo fixed Admin. Expenses (Rs 50,000) un ir 70 25 20 10 5 13 7 5 155 : .,, (10 Mnrks)
  21. 21. 12MBAFM324 a. The following information has been made available fromthe records of precison tools Ltd. for the six months of 2012 (and the sales of January 2013), in respect of production X: (i) The units to be sold in different months are: July 2012: 1100 ; November 2012: 2500 August 2012: ll00 ; December 2012: 2300 2012:1700 October 2012: 1900 September , ; January 2013:2000 (ii) There will be no work in progress at the end of any month. (iii)Finished units equal to half the sales of the next month will be evffy month (including June2012) You are required to prepare production budget for the six months of b. c. in stock at the end of 2012. (05 Marks) (05 Marks) Distinguishbetweenabsorptioncostingandmargina1costing. Compare the activity cost based techniques with traditional costing methods and explain the (05 Marks) benefits of ABC.-' d.Distinguishbetweencostauditandfinancialaudit. (05 Marks) From the following information for the month of January, prepare a cost sheet to show the following components: i) prime cost ii) Factory cost iii) cost of production iv) total cost. (20 Marks) Rs. Direct material Direct wages Factorv rent and rates Office rent and rates Plant re0airs and maintenance Plant depreciation :Factory heatine and lishtins Factory manager's salary Office salaries D irector's remuneral ion Teleohone and oostase Printins & stationarv Lesal charses Advertisement Salesmen's salaries Showroom rent Sales 3 of3 57000 28500 2500 500 1000 1.250 400 2i,400 1,600 1,500 200 100 150 i,500 2,500 500 1,16,000
  22. 22. 12MBAHR344 USN Third Semester MBA Degree Examination, Dec.2013 /Jan.2Dl4 Labour Law & Employee Relations '' Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note: Answer any TIIREEfuII questionsfrom Q.No.1 to Q.No.6. ). Question No. 7 & I are compulsory. 1. 6) o o ! a 1a. b. c. C) o ! ox z 6e -.o oo ll ioa ioo Y(] -o 2a. b. c. 3a. b. c. 4a. Define industrial relation. Discuss the various functions of trade union. Explain,{Lo and its influence on legal enactment in India. (03 Marks) (07 Marks) (10 Marks) Define negofialion. Briefly describe ;fu ,,disciplinary procedure. What are the duties um mUiUties of registered trade union? Marks) .Lxplaln'set ott' Explain'set off and 'set on' under bonus act. onl act. ,,,,ii (05 Marks) i$y Explain the benefit provided to the women employee under the maternity benefit act 1961. b. c. o2 Define the term strike and lock-out: Under industrial dispute act 1947. (03 Marks) Write a note on employee's provident fund and miscellaneous provisions act 1952. Briefly explain the provisions of the factories (07 Marks) a: workers. oc) ' 5a. b. ,6 c. to health and welfare of (10 Marks) ,l ' a0< act 1948 relating , :: Write a note on provisions of apprentice act. (05 Marks) What are the benefits undet ESI act? Explain. (05 Marks) Explain the provisions.ielating to payment of gravity under payment of gravity act t972. (10 Marks) ,(J 5i3 o. 6- 6a. oj o= b. a'E E50 iD= *o tr> b. lr< =el () o z o o. d. and (10 Marks) .'t'',, abolition),ECt. DiscusS the provisions governing workmen's compensation under workrnen compensation (10 Marks) ':".: !o =E(H >' VL I What is coetract labour? List out main provisions of contrast labour (regulation ,,, 1ct' The manager of a Bharat steel factory ask a employee to work for 70 hours including over time in a week. Discuss the reasons whether the worker is bound to work for such long hours in a week. ios Ma4ks) A workmen goes to attend to his work riding on a bicycle and is involved in an accident in the course of the journey. Is he eligible for compensation under ESI act? (05 Marks) Bharath worked with a company for 10 years 5 months and now he is in dilemma whether to transfer the PF from previous to current or withdraw the total amount. If he withdraws can he get 100% including employer's contribution? (05 Marks) An employer was working as an office assistance even at the young age from 1974 was not contributing and sum to the family pension fund. Under the 1995 EPF scheme he was computed to become member of it, can he forced to join the new pension scheme. (05 Marks)
  23. 23. 12MBAHR344 Case Study: 8 Phil, a supervisor, made several unsolicited sexually suggestive advances towards Julie in the workplace. Despite Julie repeatedly asking Phil to stop, the advances continued. Julie reported the matter to her manager, John. In recent months John had heard of similar complaints from other female safety but this was the first formal complaint. ,:.:, Unsure of what action to take John sent Phil a copy of the organization's Sexual'Harassment policy and asked him in an email to read the policy document and not to aef in a manner that wouldL contravene the policy, but took no other action. The behaviour bontinued and Julie and the.other female siaff made a formal complaint to the equal,@loyment opportunity .,,1f', commlsslonQuestions: a. b. c. d. Did the organization meet its duty of care to its female employees? What risks does the orga*uation face? ,"'', Can the organization retrieve the situation Frame the policy guidelines to Overcome the *oftplace harassment. ***'k* 2 of2 (05 Marks) (05 Marks) (05 Marks) (05 Marks)