ISN                                                                                            06EC61                     ...
06EC5l                                          PART  Ba.   wnh $e block di.ems of QPSK taoin€r ad Eceiv.r, dplain lhe sen...
usN                                                                                       t6F,C62                         ...
0SEC62                                           PART   -Ba.   Wilh dev&l int iface diasmq qile a flowchad and prcsrm code...
05EC53         usN                      Sirth Semest€r B.E. Degr€e Errmtuation, June/July 2011                            ...
06EC53                                              PART_B    Assmirs fts q@lizaiion noise voltag€ to be VBB/yl2. Show rha...
0sN                                                                                                  06EC64               ...
068C54     &plai! lh. pDr6eiti@ of wve b, Drlu of i) SuhG Erc i, Difr&ti@ o0 M.rk )     rd Topoaldic wwe !tu!.!Btiot, !!w ...
I]SN                                                                                                 06EC55               ...
06EC65  a.     Dqive   e exlE$ior     for   ct@el.apej, ofe bilary Eralw che@i.                           (05   M.rk!)  6....
U8N                                                                                              06EC661                  ...
USN                                                                                               o5nc662                 ...
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6th Semester Electronic and Communication Engineering (2011-July) Question Papers


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6th Semester Electronic and Communication Engineering (2011-July) Question Papers

  1. 1. ISN 06EC61 Ea Sixth Scmcster B.E. D€grec Examinatior, Jun./July 2Oll Digital Communication Note: l. Ahsuet irhr FIVEfu 4o6tions, selectidz d b6t rtYO qLenionslron each pan 2. Misihg ddtd b. saitablt asmed. € PART -A t a. Bnefly explain lLe v ious b6ic procc$ine operado.s i, a digilal conmuni@tion syslem. (06 Mfk) b. Consider lhe messag€ siglal c(0 = A@s(2rf.o . Plor dE slectnm oi the discEt€-time ! sisDl ss (t) dedved hy smpli.c et) for the sanplitr8 Bles: i) f! = 4 , n) fi = 3i. 06 M!&) c. A lov pds sigal st) is sdpled !o eet s(t) Bitrs nar iop smpling Eerhod. obiah rhe expr$ion for rhe suplins sisnal s(t) &d its speclm. E€nce sh6w Inat flal lop sdplins!P: leadsto mplihld€ dislortion md explai. how n is mrecled dui.glt.drtudoli, (03 Mrrk) 2 a. Explain lhe $ree basic nDdioN of a regeneralive rcpealer h a PCM slsrm, with a btockE3 diasru of the regeneralir€ reFater, (06 Mrrk)?t b. Five ne$aee sigmts s(r), s,(r), sr(r), sio and g(r) havins bandyidih! 2 KHz, 2 (,6i 2 KHz, 3 (Irz md I ruz e to h€ rresmitEd on a tine divisioD nnndd.x.d bsis using a9? .ommon cnmet. Seru! a ehene for ac@ndishins this nurrid.xins eqnirmat qirh @h D.ssaAc sisnaL smpl€d at its Nytuist Ele, Iind d1e Bini(M tEsmission ba widlhEi c. Ddive m €xpE$ion for the ourput sig@lro-q@tiation noise 6iio of a ejfom quntiarE!F5 in lero oI srep size ol the q@ti4r. Hocq show thar for a onkead t !e ;ifom .udns Lhc sNR h (SNIR," 7.2rdB qheR .a js4r:hDba ot bns pci lmph. -rM;:;!E! A delta nodulator systea is designed to op€nte ai loiiiD$ the Nlq,isl6te to. a sisnal with a 1O (Hz bodwidlh, Detmi," th" .uxi.,r4rsNR fo. u r-rer, iO,r .in,.ioia bsbins m slope over load mi. (0,r Mrk) b. Wilh a rea! block diasm, *plain how e oDtic ibe jsr.dJbr rne trdsnission ol (03 M.*n Corsidd a mdom binary sequerce theE birs ffi siatistically ild@edenl d €qudly:: likiy. Detemine fie porer speclul ddiry for the NRZ potr fo*t ..q,"*nturioo or the binary sequence. Iiol the powr spectla. (osM k) A @mputer puts ont binary data at rhe nre of 64 Iiilobns p6 sg@d. Ihe ouhut is!idT tdsined uing a bee bdd bilary ?AM systeE tlur is desiened 6 tuve a raised cosioe spectruD. DehiDe tle trmni$ion bmdwid6 EquiEd for @ch ofrte following roll or radoErl)a-0.0 ird=0.5iii)d=0.75 iv)d-t.o @5M.rk)2 The bioary dala 001 r 0l I I0l e alplied to rhe input of a duobinary lBor with pi€code!. Co$mrt lhe pre. ode, outp( duobnry coder ourout,pcdoeI*Fer ouFur.o- (ir ilioal br O, rii) itrirla bn L Supoo"e Lh.r d@ b ercr d;rg rt6 ision, lt; ket prcdu.d by scond dieit k redu*d ro Bo. Consrtuci {re rcw l@iw ulput. Wiite lhe n4essary equtiom ad !rcctdEs at eacn step. c. Writ€ a short mre on EYE PATTERN
  2. 2. 06EC5l PART Ba. wnh $e block di.ems of QPSK taoin€r ad Eceiv.r, dplain lhe sendltjon ed ddodulation ofaQPsKwave, (03M i,)b, The biiary *qrence 1100t000110 ls applied lo a DPSK trmniner DEw the bloct diag@ of th€ tdnite. IlLutate tE e€.eElion of lh. D?S( sigml ed ste&h tle rcsuling wayefom at lle DPSK Ednihd oulprt (03 Mnk) An FSK system Lansnits binary dara ar lne nE of 2 , 106 bns per seconA Dui.g lne souee of trdsnission AWGN of krc n.m dd two sided powr spectral dersiiy lo_10 wtis per n€fiz is added to the siCml. The dditude of ihe reeived sil]uoidll wv€ lor digit I or 0 is 1 nicrovolt. Detemine dE avelaCB lrobability ol synhol cror Esuing non-cohemtdd€ction. (0{Mrk) Using tle crM s.bddt orthogo@lialion goc.du., 6nd a sel of olthonomal bsis frrctiom ro Ep6ent the 4 sicnals s(l), s,(l), $(t) and s(1) shoM in rhe Fis.Q6(a) belo{. ExpBs each offiese sigbals in te s ofte sei ofbdis nhciios, (r,Mrrk) Fis.Q6(a)b. Explain tne imp.rt nce ol g€omerric inrerpretarion of sig.als. Illustrate fie &obetric rpfstaiion of sicaols for the ce of a 2-dinensioral sienal spu". ,* , rt@i;, ,*o,a. With block diagdms of a delector ud wrking of a @mlatior vecror Eceives, exllain lhe leiver. (03 M!tu)b. wlEi is a narched filter? Stow that $e spe.tiE ofrhe onrlnl signrl ofa batched fiher qilh the natched siglal d inDu! is prorortiomlto the endgy sD4tral deGity oI th. inpulc. co.sider the sisn l (t) snoM in Fis.QTG). Delemirc the inpulse response ofde tuaiched filer. Plot the impuls €spoEe ed th. @tch.d filter oulput a o firction ofline. Fis,Q7(c) t A psiodic PN seaurn* (mdiinm l g{r sequetue) of penod {Ci} = 00lrl0l00i1l0l"-. State &d yeriry lhe balre Folerty md Mb. A spt !d speotrm @muicaliotr sysien h6 the following pddelff : Infomation bit duation = 16 = 4 milli ss , PN chip dualion- Tc = 2 mim s8. Fid Ue bn lale ofthe binary da1a, PN sequd@ lengd, bandwidlh ofrhe PN pqucn€ and pmEsing eain oflhe srstes, (0s Mrrk)c. t What freqMcy hop spead speciu? Describe th€ worting ofa Eequency hop spead NiFSK st6ten €nployins slow-AEqueey hoppins lcclnique, 00 Mrrk)
  3. 3. usN t6F,C62 Sixth Semesrer B.E. Degree Et.Dirarioo- Jure/July 201I Microprocessors Note. l. Ae.r dn! FIW fu qwnio$t s.l@tirB at Ldst TllO qustions ftom each parl 2. Missi,E rldtd be sailablr asMe.L PART - A T a Exdain thc "look ahead" featues of8086 prccssor. (o3Mtrkll.; b. wirl sutable emds, exrlain ?sw i6 8086 pro@ssoi (06Mrlr c. The opcode for MOV i,silxdion is 100010. D€ternire 1tE oachine laCrDge @de for rn. i) Mov A!,BL ii) MOV, AX, BXAI iit Mov AL, IBx] iv) MOV AX, DS:[BP+ v) MOv AL 0234h1 vi) MOV 4r,34h [BE*e!:! a. Dchine atElhq the folowiDs iBtructions d. valid op@lion &d flals dfer.d, if lot valid Ddtion fie Mon I i) )oAT Al- iD MOV B)q [DX] iii) NoT 34h v) TEST oPR1, O?R2 lab.l. vi) JNGE (06M.*slai Write a prcCrar to d not. Accelt th€ shin! qnldhd th€ siE string is palin&one thrcus! Ieyboad md pdnt a suiiable mesag€, s "PAIINDROME d NO,;i PAIINDROME", (O6M,I What & dsnbtcr dire.livs? Eidain the sisnjficace of lne following dsenb!.i: diecliles with slitalle emples: i) LENGTI iO TF.Q NODB iV) EQU (O3MTK).BiE a. List tlD sLing prlbilivE. Explai! thm wilh suitable exmples.EE b. wdte 8086 MAcRDs to ac*pl a datl frob keybodd dd lo display Esulti€ Using anoye rddos, nite a prcgr@ 10 add two uprcked BCD Dmbes €- Write e algodliE d a proE@ to convet ihe 81vm fou digit BCD daiaa,ET6 a. Expllitr tbe intempl sttucte of 8086, Wrir. lhe iDctiotr of ltl€at fit b. Vril€ a€ to geneEre NMI ilteEulr otr pord 6ilue1od explair. c. W € subrcurires 10 pedom llc foliowing in 8086 proessor :E it Reset hap iag
  4. 4. 0SEC62 PART -Ba. Wilh dev&l int iface diasmq qile a flowchad and prcsrm code fm 4 x 4 Eatrix teyboEd detcl debouce dd en@da Pr@dw. U0 M,rls)b, Vlite & .nsoritbh and a prosld for e 8086 ploced* b dtiv. th€ stePPd 6otor. Assm€ ue desirEd die€rion of oiatioD is ptts.d to {r. prGdue in A! (AL = I is cloctwis, AL = O is comla4lockuie) ed tb lruhd of steps is Pssd to lha prc4dE in CX Also Esue tull-sle! ood. ud the delay of 20 c betqlen €aoL ste!. SlDw the nsessary ilterfncing details. 0o M.rxr)a. Repremt 178.625 using 80 bit lenloEy rcal fo@t. Us€ hex fomar for cxPEssing the (0r Mnk)b. Explain the fo[o*ing i6trn€1iotrs of 808? @prcesu with suirab]. exdPles : 0 FILD i0 FXCE in) FLDPI jV)IINIT (03Mrk!)c. Daw lnc foruts of STATUS d CONIROL FgisteE of 8087 NDP sd dcnne e&h bit (03 Mirr,)a. Draw aiinirg diagru to ex€cute a Ddory Mite opeali@ in minin@ Eod. of 8086 prmssr 0d explai!, {06 M.ik)b whar m rhe dfiemt statu ftar e giv.n ouL oD lhe bG S:. S, md S"in dimm mod€ of 8086? Eow ditr@nl coDEol sisals ee een€tat d fron this hB? ExPlah bneflv each ofc- Exptain the op@lion of Bel se.riotr of8284A clock gderator.& ExelilE nnclion oflhc followins 80386 pi6 : i) ERROR i, PEREQ ii, L,ocK iv) READY v) ADS vi) RESET 1 vii) D/ C vii, M lhe rEtul model of oohrumins dE Ihg EFLAGc. l;plaitrthefollovingwithEspect10?e iupo@ssor: i) Brech pr€diction logic i0 Cach. slMtue iii) SuD.. erld ehir.ctN.
  5. 5. 05EC53 usN Sirth Semest€r B.E. Degr€e Errmtuation, June/July 2011 Analog and Mixed Mode VLSI Design Note. 1. Aas q@ttioB selecting et FIVE full zt l.dst TtlO qu6tl4hs fiom each Parl 2. Mbsing tldtd tu! b. saitablr 6sshed. PART _ A ! g .. ErTlain the ch!&terislics ofa s@ple md hoH cn uit wd in converti4 adog e ndinM DNL (in LSB, for a 3bir DAC wluch ha tn€ following fie DAC hne 3-bit &cuacy? r@i, wfiat is the Esoluri.n ofthe DAC t Does*+ 00t 010 0 100 r0i lt0 l1l 0 t.5623 2.0 2.5 # =3_4375 4_lt5 in in d€1ail rhe .ssues io mired si8,Bl hyouB qrh (fr{€r.<ld iir nower sumlv md uoudine s:ue liilliueldrr gr .|nnin1C Explai! .hage !@[ng DACs md Ltyolt consideralioBa A 3 bi! ,sistor shing DAC M, dclisned *iih a d€siEd i$is1d of 500 O. Ana fabricalion,36 disnrall @used rle @tul ulD. ofrl€ resislon to ]e,E!3,! Rr= 5000, Rr=4800, Rr =4700, R4= 5200, Rr-510O, R6=490(), R7- 5l0O ed &=5004,:! Delemine tle IIHiDm INL ed DNL forth€ DAC ssuing vrr= 5 v, (06 M.rk) For a binary w€ighred clrnr steeinii DAC, oblain fie etpr.ssion for INL 6 ud DNL n$Ee (06 M.rk)9!E* Wirh a n al hlock diagm, €4lai! the slccessive alproxioalion ADC. Dnw the relew.i binary search w.v€fom for ! 3-bn MtL D = 101. (03 Mrk)NE Desisn a 3-bit nash AlC qil! ib q@lizalion e@ cslered ahout zelo LSBS. DetemineiE lle qorsl-case DNL ed INL, if rcsislor natching is kroM lo be 5%. assue thai V"r= 5V. (06 Mak)!: Explah with a block dias@, du,l slope ifi€EEted ADC. (06 M.rk)EE6: a. Wilh a rclde! diagrd sing MOSFETS, explain the 3 stages of a volllge @mlaralor 1!, Mrrk)! b. E&lain lhe @ncept of salos nultiplier. Wil! relevat d 8@ d€sdbe the pd?ing of a CMOS mdriplid llat us$ Eultiplyinsqud. (03Mrk)Eg
  6. 6. 06EC53 PART_B Assmirs fts q@lizaiion noise voltag€ to be VBB/yl2. Show rhat av.Eging ihe oltpuls ofa data conve er qiU inprcle SNR. (05 l,tlrk) Erllain fie accmulale and dm! cieit ued fo! delination in ADC. DEw lne EEqucncy BpoN ofthe ciouil for vdios ldB ofK. O0 Mllls) DesritE lhe b dps 6lrc! inpLnentation wing a @mb filt ! ed a digiial Es@tor, (05 M.rk) Wiln a nal diagrh, expllin lne CMOS prcss flow for sub - 0,35Im pr@$. (07 M..k) Deeiibe ofa floating MOS capacitu. the nethod of implemmlation 106 Mrrb) Eplai! low . sinlle delay elem€d ce b. qliad sins i) pss rmislo! md i, clock CMOS lqic. (o7Mitu) wilh circuil, qplain the working of a 4-bit pipdin d addd. a Deat D..{ the ciEuii ued for inplenoling l-bit irl adde!. (r0 Mrr*.) Dacribe the impldenrdion of a sqitch uine NMOS dd PMOS logic. Mrk!) (0r th. lbcedB ftr selsrilg ihe chaml loelh of ! MOSFET, in rlrlog.ircun d6iel. (0. Mrrr!)L Explain the pmc* of bidiitg. pBh"luU e!ffier c,/p sLg. sith a it@ling cmnt desisl (05M!rk) or drnernbar mpbncr oal N4 sole follow€r ld€l shiner fo. (07 M.rks) (03 Mrrks)
  7. 7. 0sN 06EC64 Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Etamnrdion, JurerEly 2011 Antennas and Propagation Notet Antuq atr FIWfUU qaertio8, s.lectihe dt ledd rWO q@sti,m l,om .dch pcrt - PART A ,E I a. D.nne the led dftctivity ed efie.tire op@lor ofD tuteM. Ddive the relado! forD in terns ofA. (o€ M-k) D€file the following with r€sp€.t to mt@ i) EEe.tiveheiehr i, AnremafiddzoD4. (o,lMlrks) ! Calcula& tne directivity ofthe sol@ with ihe pattem u = !n sitrO si!3{ uilg E i) Escr method iD Apprcxinule Eelnod. Trte 0 < e < I1 dd 0 < 4 < rI. (03 Mrk)si 2 .. T!. €eived b, the meiyins etema Et a disrece of 0.5 lo over a &e. spde .t a power!B ttg@ncy oI I GtIz is l0.8mv. Calculale the input to the &esnising &l!ma if g&in of!+ tasnittilg mr€m ed rcceiving d1o@ is 25dB aad 20dB Espstivdy. The gair is with rcspecr lo i!oh!l. sue,EY b. Explain lhe @ncept ofp.iDciple ofpattem Duliplicatiotr with aa,orahlle. (06 M.rt€)IE c. snow Lhar he widrh ol lne pritripk lob€ ota uil(m end-6F;r,ay is enrr rta rlar oia mifom brcad{ide uay. .: (03tu s)9? 3 a Ddiv. the led cq@rio, !d r lir@ @y ri, strrpic loirr_ror.r,Tq of eaiDl ed speiig, Ex!1rin ile !p4!atio! B i) Br.6d ide amy ii) Eid iEiiay. , .la b. 4 GoEopi. poii! $!res e pla.d a$!t. .fte po*r is."SL9 Xn t_glr- ed a pnae diferece of E1 b.t*d) adie.r el€bcdl, dc.i (. Usine *oUi U.n"* et&l merho( *k ulak rs "U I lhe dielarce betwtr elments of brcad{de 5mv s,nose bed ro*d b be 450 ar a tum.v of I 0MH7 nree ;e s eleme.r m lte Ma). a. Sbniry Aom the .oncept of nBeaetic vetor dd electlic scalc poi.ntials, derive the expressios Ior th€ 6eld omporents of z short dipole fo! both em6ai @ dd for fieldiE (r0 Mrk) b. Wnteeteonfoldeddipoledtem OaMrkiE! c. A half kye dipolc in A.e spee is ndiating wilh a crent of 1A (d, at the ddeie*s tc6i@l Iind the ogle 0 for mdinu field sEenglh ed delenrine the field shength &dEB powq density Et a poinr nib Aom lne mtem ar the (!respondine aDele. (06 Mrrk)gi PART-B a. Daive Fd fiel.l expEssioB for sall loo! etema, Oo Mrrk)I b, E,plah th€ diffmt t)pes of 6t lguld ed cncde hoE tutema lor etarguld hoh miie design equation for fle m8le. (06 Mrtu) c. Exllain tE sldl md complmenirry atof4, (06M!rk) a. Explain lhe diat mode patleh ed th€ ph6e vdocity of Mve prclagation on Monollld O0 M.rk) b, Expbin the working of log leionic eLma (05 M.rlc) c. Writc a noie on Enbed,Ced dd ?lasna ni€M (05 MfI.!) I of2
  8. 8. 068C54 &plai! lh. pDr6eiti@ of wve b, Drlu of i) SuhG Erc i, Difr&ti@ o0 M.rk ) rd Topoaldic wwe !tu!.!Btiot, !!w ltEt tte 6diq of of pd! is . nDEiid ofEt of otEge of rcn&ri@ indd wih neighi oil lxplln lhe dt&l Prc!6grlio! of wE. o0 M.rkr. ExDlaiDthe E c{tei@ of INe rBflectiotr a@ iorosptlr. Fd lolo6Di6ic mre EoDlr.tioa shov thst dtdu.tion fa.tor i5 giv@ b, 106 [r.rr.rc. A high 6ql@y Edio liDI{ ir grlblisbed 6r r naB. of 2oooto. I I ttr E0ctio Egid of th. ionosDh@ k ar r h.ieh oa 300kb od hs a qitiel qu@y ol 8Mllz. C6Lrdtt tt t trAinM ulabb A.q@cy. Dsiva lhe fotuul5 EeA
  9. 9. I]SN 06EC55 Sixth SeDester B,E. Degre€ Exsmimtior, Jrneduly 2011 hformation Theory and Codilrg Msx. Marlcrloo Note Ans|I onNItE IuA qustiont s.kctine at t.N two qu.stiors Imn .och port PART _ A E th€ inlo@adon oontenl of a aessag. is a logaifihic nuc&n I of ik prcbabiliry Mark) (06 expre$id fo! aveBge iifomalio, contol (entropy) of long indepddent (0,r Mrik) nodel of. Mekofi sole in Pig.Ql(c). :t i* -d i+ Fie.ettc) $ Frn4 ii Stak probabrllt} ii) FD@pJ ot t-Er o;ds soue @ lemrd ord.r:ou.e Hts, E * udHry) iiilGr G jL)Filcienc) ajd rcdundecy ot 6F ordq souce, (0vrrk) ! Explain ShMon eDcodine algodtnh. Desjsn e m6der sing Shjimm encoding a,goiirhr.i. she for.a n":g r qvo, ok d poqbniry srari.Ls p t r,8, i.t6. 1/t6. 1.4. 1.8-. I,-rIt 3 rodLreeri:(i.r raEdu.b., {rs{D, ) txplah wilh a bl(rrhe oigibl comshi.orion sysr(r indi.atrns tte vdoL ,E rypes of comhicationliag@, chmels. Aje, de5ne lhe v&jous pe@bilni; ed nhen9 1 r.laiioNhip with rspect lo coding cho@I, G0 Mrrtc)s, T A $ue eniB m independed seqEne ot spbots rroD & atphsbel cotuhiing of 5,3 sldlols A B. C. D dd t wi$ pDb3hliri8 p - I 0.4. O 2. 0.2; O.t. 0.t De;mitr & Hunile, i) Shiituu rhe @Ebued srmboh lugh s posibh. iiir.Stunilg Ur coobued srrtDl a lo* 6 pGsibte. ijir Find mdine efEciacy ,rio* o Uori U,.g e ""a TIE inpd ro rhe ch*.l@sisrr of j ,*m x = I xr. L. x,. &, 5 r.udqsY { y.yr.).. J. t. ahe n M of rhis ch"drt is dvm -.I "r "r*, #rH:li i! i?ic,ejGi.,? E. 0.25000 E 0.1 0.3 0 0 a 0 0.0, 0,t 0! 0 0 0,05 0.1 000.050Ea , ute ll(x), HtJ, H(xy), H ii) f dara lrdmbsion ed nuturl iDfmarim in) .l .alacity, cl@d emciocy and redudecy. I of2
  10. 10. 06EC65 a. Dqive e exlE$ior for ct@el.apej, ofe bilary Eralw che@i. (05 M.rk!) 6. Explair the shturo0 Hdte) lh@lem md$,i lib . =r,aa- ...s ro3MrrEr B +@! c. A CRT t.Eiial h ued m ok alphE!@qic dah idn r:-H*#;#ff iyr_n:*.-Ff :#,in,lffi.-f Sft $ il n, !,q $e *a*g. r rd uE i,,ro-auotr pn cha&te . chtur.l caD&itv iitl Fildolewihu; Etesr khich dB dsa ce hr h!, * be .;:l::fl PART_f, a Exphir the turix EpI s.nEti,o! oflM bt@k cods b Coeder . 16. j t@q btat( code whok geEdor Dablx i. givh b.toq. lr o 0 r I tt c=Jo r o r , nl lo o r r o rl * ::l:,]j] (!s1e*tr._ ii) AII uoi!. q.isbE &d d d.n.s ,iir MiniM @,Mb *..a*.i^i- w€ieht &d n) rrit.cbal oEix ,,o." i,-.?lii l"" ift?hffi.*:;:.,.,*rmffi:::*:trI{:1";.[;:,r".ia,d(x)=, +x3." I i;l*H.:i*x,"LHslcrarorporFobiar sx). * -,,, " -1,ITl til, il-?i ryHli lr.T,f x["8fi",ffi iri ; :;,;:[.lffi1T:lii; rl2 vrkr)L{plain ,oe folowilg cnor conror odes: ii) Shoftncd crtlic 6der iv) BNI ald ladom e@r @ftcrios cod*...T*T,*li,"HIi**. code witrd.,-(r r o).so,-,r o r, uod80)-01D. I Li PiDd EE effcEtu; ur) DEv Ue encod* btoct ditu rv) Iind tne serelaior oaEix vl lind rtre codtuord aor lhe bc$ae. eouenc. i I rI I 0 l) Ltufer dmaiD appmact. 6ing tioFdollM tud (r0 M.!k)
  11. 11. U8N 06EC661 Sixth Semester B.E. D€ge Eramination, Junr uly 2011 Programming ln G++ Not , Antuer ary FIWfuil4@ttiols, sel.ctlnp tt Last TWO qaeslobsltum.och part. PART _ A ,! a, Wlal e pEproksso. dit.tives? Wlit is nudio? Giv. adcast six exmpl* of E PrePrcces$! dirccliv.s. (07 Mlrlc) E b. with e emple, exllain the drt Epes ed veiabt.s in C+. (0i M,r{.) c. Writeaprcgamtofindlhercois of aquad&liceqution dr +ix+o=0 uiog twiichi &d (o? Mrrk) n a. Explain the EioN looping constlcts *ailable in C+ wilh their synrax. 0? M r.) b. Write a C+. Fo8!@ to inpui a *ries of inte.r n@b6 and sm thed ad te@iBic whenEE-*": i) uing for loop ii) Bilg while l@p. (0s Md.!) c. Vlite aCri proemto addthe l6t l5 ev€orub6 md disDlay theirsun, (05M.rk)Ed a. eriou g?es ofolmtos avdilable i! C+ wili exmple. De*ribe lhe b. How do you pss e my to a tunction? Explain wili exeple pmslm. c, Vrit a Cri prog@ to calculate aE ud painetd of a ciel€.ET a. Wtll d. th. tbE rcquircd staicmots for d.ry fiuciion in C+.? Wnt€ lo add the valne &m 1 to N uils Frclion (N = lO)?AE b, wlat @ rhe advdnlges of usirg tulction? Exllain nston pameteB ed:! pssing nechdism (with exmple pogm), uins swap, two integer nub6.5i PART - B5:as. a. D.fitre .la$ and object. With lhe h€lp ofg.nfrl syntd d*cdb. a clas, cl6s o@b6 ed cla$ objed meys 6d v€cloB. 00 Mrk!) b. What @ cl6s md cl6s d6fr.ror? Give {r checl€listics of @ch (rtml8h *mde pregm) to frd ilE ldgth of a srdng. o0 M,rtr) a. w"d is opmrd osloadins? WiLl dr gensat synd qplain the Foce$ of opqator .wn& 00 M.&)!P b. aC+i progrelo overload lh.++ ed- opeattr, 00 Mlrk)ep B. Exp,ainhownewatrdd€let opelarorntug€n6oryaltcdiondynmicauy. 0.Mr*s)6 b. Wnte a C+ Uogtm to deoonsrate the rcw md detete op.Btd in overloading, (0fMr&; .. wlEi tu iihentance? Explain difreEnr rr!6 ofblrilmq (10 Mrrr,)2 wliie short loles on th. Iolowing :: a. Public, lnvate dd Drctec..d b. L@al slaric dd slobol y{iables! c, Bse cl,$ ad derived cl6s d. R@Bi@ &d inlira nncti.n.
  12. 12. USN o5nc662 Six.h SemqterB.E. Degree Examinitiotr, Jure/July 2011 Satollite Communlcstlon tlot t Answet @! FIW tull qtestiois, sddtinq at l.zst TWO qu.$tions I,om etuh pan I PART -A + a- Explai! teqrclcy au@atios for a salcllit. @6Mrrk) b, Vil! suillble diagm explaitr vuiou defi.iti@ of tetus u.d to desdibe the losili@ of o6it wirtr Hp.ct 10 earth, !! €. ihe Calculate the apog* dd prige heighrs for lhe o$ilal ptuetcs given O0 e = 0.0011501 MrLi) @d a = 7192-3 tm. Assme a n meanhodiuof6371kb. (0,1Mrl.,) a, Exllain plat @ olbit p.rtubatioB lh.,r tol place becsue ot non{phdicity mtue of eaih. flrrh) (07 b. Dedyc e expr$sion ftr gmsiation ryheieli. (0rMrk) c, Explai! in detaillhe eadl eclipse ofsaleltite du rresft outage. 00M.rr.!)!a33 a. ErFlain what is mset by EIR?. A satellite do*Tli.l ar t2 cHz openres wifi a tresoil _ po*r of 6W d a etem gain of48.2dB. Calculate tE EIRP in dBW. OsMdk) b. ofrhm. Lisl lhe loses sufeEd h a sat€ltile link? ErTtain each 01 Mrk!;11B"a a. WlEtisneorly sei.lhe atritude? Explainr*otras ofatritude conrol. {06 M.rk)Et b. Erylairnoh€ e whftl stetilizationofsarellire. 106 Mrrk!) c. Wilh a leal bloct das@ explain TT ad C albsysreE. (0s M.rk) PART -B a. Explain with 0r lelp ofa ret block diaEld of home teminil for DBS TV/FM rceprion. b. wlal is ftster mrem rv systen? widl rie help of a diagtu ,.,.,r. - *-"tly"THlSd MAry s)6reD. ,oo c. Wilhene illtrsration exptair the b6ric corcell ofTDMA. 10, ^r,.r"t "*"i a, ExrbinM*ing ofslade srs|em. (D! M.rr,)l€ b. Erplain the Irme and busl fomac for a IDMA systeD. (lz M.rk)Et a. Explain frequdc] md loldizalion to! dilecl broddcasr srellil. edices.di b. Explai. itrbriefdiflemt tlTas ofsacllile bobile swic*. !a:. Writ. notes on I a. G?SIa c. SusFclEo.ou ortir