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Speed Cameras


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Although there is good road safety performance the number of people killed and injured on our roads remain unacceptably high. So the roads safety strategy was published or introduced to support the new casualty reduction targets. The road safety strategy includes all forms of invention based on the engineering and education and enforcement and recognizes that there are many different factors that lead to traffic collisions and casualties. The main reason is speed of vehicle. We use traffic lights and other traffic manager to reduce the speed. One among them is speed cameras.
Speed cameras on the side of urban and rural roads, usually placed to catch transgressors of the stipulated speed limit for that road. The speed cameras, the solely to identify and prosecute those drivers that pass by them when exceed the stipulated speed limit.
At first glance this seemed to be reasonable that the road users do not exceed the speed limit must be a good thing because it increases road safety, reduces accidents and protect other road users and pedestrians.
So speed limits are good idea. To enforce these speed limit; laws are passed making speed an offence and signs are erected were of to indicate the maximum permissible speeds. The police can't be everywhere to enforce the speed limit and so enforcement cameras art director to do this work; on one who's got an ounce of Commons sense, the deliberately drive through speed camera in order fined and penalized.
So nearly everyone slowdown for the speed Camera. We finally have a solution to the speeding problem. Now if we are to assume that speed cameras are the only way to make driver's slowdown, and they work efficiently, then we would expect there to be a great number of these everywhere and that day would be highly visible and identifiable to make a drivers slow down.
Speed cameras are invariably hidden behind trees, road signs and often the first indication that one is passing through a speed camera point is the ruler marks painted on the carriageway or flash of the camera that it goes off.

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Speed Cameras

  1. 1. “speed detection of moving vehicle usingspeed cameras”
  2. 2. IntroductionWhat is speed camera?A speed camera is an automated ticketingmachineIt includes a camera mounted invariably behindroad signs or trees It can be extremely handy to monitor the vehicleA new method develop for both car extraction andspeed detection
  4. 4. HISTORY• The Dutch Company Gatsometer BV,which wasfounded in 1958 produced the Gatsometer• The first Radar for use with road traffic in 1971• The first mobile speed traffic camera in 1982• Speed camera was introduced in West London in1992• Following their success in reducing speed wasexpanded to many other areas in Great Britian
  5. 5. BASIC PRINCIPLE INVOLVED IN SPEEDCAMERASRADAR makes use of electromagnetic wavesto detect objectsIt gives information about speed, distance ofobjectsIt makes use of Doppler effect to determinevehicle speed
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION TO DOPPLEREFFECTThe apparent change in pitch due to relativemotion between source and observerThe apparent pitch produced by soundingbody appears to be higher than actual pitchThe principle of this effect is is well known inthe study of sound known as Doppler effect
  7. 7. DOPPLER EFFECTThe principle of speedcamera that is Dopplereffect can be described bythe formula fM = 2vfEcos(α/c)
  8. 8. FROM THEORY TO PRACTICEThe basic of every speedcamera is SHF generatorIt can transmit the beam inspecific directionsPower of oscillator isusually less than 10mwIt checks whether themeasured speed exceedsthe present value
  9. 9. VEHICLE SPEED DETECTION BYLIDARIt does not makes use of Doppler effectThis system calculates the distance at whichthe object is and from the change in distancemonitored in a specific time lapseThe frequencies here are higher and trickier tojam
  10. 10. TYPES OF SPEED CAMERASGastrometer speed camerasPeak traffic speed camerasSpeed spike camerasTruvelo speed camerasSpecs system speed cameras
  11. 11. Gastrometer speedcamerasManufacturer of the UK’s redlight cameraRed light camera was originallyused to measure red lightoffecences
  12. 12. PEAK TRAFFIC SPEED CAMERASFounded in 1990 and based inthe NetherlandsIt uses either loops within theroad surface or radar
  13. 13. SPEED SPIKEthese new type of camerascommunicate with each other viathe GPS Satellite NetworkIt can track a vehicle usingnumber plate recognitionallow two cameras to talk toeach other
  14. 14. Truvelo speed camerasThis system is designed to takephotographs of the front of a passingvehicle.This allows the picture taken to showthe driver of the vehicle as wellIt uses an infra red flash whichproduces no visible flash to theapproaching driver
  15. 15. SPECS SYSTEM SPEED CAMERASSpeed Violation DetectionDeterrent, SVDD is the digital brainwhich the SPECS system is baseduponIt consist of two video cameras eachfitted with infra red illuminators.It gives the ability to work 24hrs7days a week
  16. 16. APPLICATIONSOperation during the rain or mistMeasurement rangesReaction timeContinuous transmission.
  17. 17. COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLICAWARENESSA key objective was to ensure that people are madefully aware of the speed camerasmake people aware of the speeding and benefits ofspeed cameras make awareness in the local level, national leveland also in government level about these speedingand casualties due to speeding
  18. 18. ADVANTAGES OF SPEED CAMERASpeed costs livesEconomic benefitSpeed camera’s are a tax on the richGood for environmentHigh speed is bad for communities and othertype of exercise
  19. 19. CRITICISMS OF SPEED CAMERASThey cause accidents because people brakefrom 40 to 30mph.Speed is not the main cause of death.Countries without speed cameras have lowerdeath rates.
  20. 20. FUTURE TECHNOLOGIESA speed camera designed to catch speedingmotorists The asset camera should be able to pick outdrivers who are not wearing identify tailgating can also note number plates and recognisecars with out-of-date tax discs and noinsurance.
  21. 21. CONCLUSION A new approach for vehicle extraction and speeddetection was proposed These cameras reduces accidents and protects theinnocent road users The system also provides location and velocityinformation for each vehicle as long as it is visible- It can reduce 40 percent it of accidents by the year of2010.
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