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Social Influence Marketing Trends for 2010


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Here are my top Social Influence Marketing Trends for 2010. Important trends and strategies to consider for your brand

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Social Influence Marketing Trends for 2010

  1. Social Influence Marketing Trends<br />January 21, 2010<br />@shivsingh<br />
  2. “<br />The purpose of a business is to create a customer<br />”<br />– Peter Drucker<br />@shivsingh<br />
  3. The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers<br />@shivsingh<br />
  4. Leaving your only job to be taking care of your existing customers<br />Trust me, that’ll be harder not easier…<br />@shivsingh<br />
  5. TREND 1: SIM enters the mainstream<br />@shivsingh<br />
  6. TREND<br />1<br />SOCIAL<br />INFLUENCE MARKETING<br />DIRECT RESPONSE<br />BRAND MARKETING<br />This is a new dimension of marketing and it cannot be ignored anymore. It is not a channel or a tactic<br />@shivsingh<br />
  7. TREND<br />1<br />Dare you practice Social Influence Marketing?<br />Allow the community to shape and evolve your brand<br />Market to the community and not just the individual<br />Use technology to bring you closer to customers, not further<br />Let go of your content and the sanctity of your product pages<br />Bring in the social graph and not just the customer<br />@shivsingh<br />
  8. Practicing SIM produced measurable business results for Mattel. Revenue increased during the course of the effort<br />@shivsingh<br />
  9. Do you need more of a justification for SIM? Pepsi using social instead of the Super Bowl ads for marketing purposes<br />@shivsingh<br />
  10. TREND 2: Social influencers drive sales<br />
  11. TREND<br />2<br />It is not just about a platform, yours or anyone else&apos;s<br />@shivsingh<br />
  12. TREND<br />2<br />72% of internet users say they are exposed to too much advertising<br />Are you doing anything about that?<br />@shivsingh<br />
  13. TREND<br />2<br />We haven’t know how to reach these people<br />And these have typically been ignored<br />CUSTOMER<br />Do you know who your key, social and peer influencers are?<br />These continue to get the most attention<br />@shivsingh<br />
  14. Savvy Auntie is a social influencer for Disney’s customers. They partnered with her in 2009 to reach their target audiences. Who are your Savvy Aunties?<br />@shivsingh<br />
  15. TREND<br />2<br />Here are some others. Are you paying attention to these people? Do you know how to reach them? They matter more than you realize.<br />@shivsingh<br />
  16. TREND 3: Putting people before brands<br />
  17. TREND<br />3<br />By developing <br />Social Influence Marketing Voices<br />@shivsingh<br />
  18. TREND<br />3<br />SIM Voices<br />Multiple, authentic individual voices<br />Transparent and googleable<br />Engaging and conversational<br />Appears where conversations are<br />Unique to the person not the company<br />Manifested in a real person<br />Used only by real people<br />Brand Voices<br />Singular company voice<br />Reflects the brand personality<br />Everybody follows the brand voice<br />Appears in all brand touch points<br />Usually unique to the company<br />Sometimes manifested in a person<br />Used everywhere –signage to ads<br />You’ve probably spent a 100 years developing strong brand voices. Now its time to develop strong SIM voices<br />@shivsingh<br />
  19. Once a upon a time Best Buy only advertised like this. The way many other companies continue to advertise<br />@shivsingh<br />
  20. But then it started developing SIM Voices starting with the CMO, Barry Judge and other members of his team <br />@shivsingh<br />
  21. Now they’ve taken their whole brand social – social influence marketing voices are the face of their brand across every channel and platform<br />@shivsingh<br />
  22. TREND<br />3<br /> Brand VoiceSocial Voice Social Brand<br />Where are you on this continuum? Where do you need to be?<br />@shivsingh<br />
  23. TREND<br />3<br />Your <br />Community<br />Your Brand<br />Your Community <br />Your Brand<br />Also remember, you must make your community core<br />@shivsingh<br />
  24. TREND 4: Every decision becomes social<br />
  25. 3,000,000<br />That’s the number of tweets a day. But what are they about?<br />@shivsingh<br />
  26. They are about influence. Here’s research from the auto space<br />@shivsingh<br />
  27. Social influencing matters in the car industry<br />More than 20% of car recommendations by influencers are followed… even for such a personal purchase.<br />Source: Yahoo! Advocacy Research.<br />@shivsingh<br />
  28. As a new car is a key conversation topic<br />Connected consumers will tell 20 PEOPLE on average.How many people did you tell about your purchase?<br />AUTOS<br />CONSUMER<br />ELECTRONICS<br />HOTELS<br />20.3<br />14.7<br />11.1<br />Source: Yahoo! Advocacy Research.<br />@shivsingh<br />
  30. The point is you’re never going to buy a car again alone. You’re influencing and are being influenced everyday<br />@shivsingh<br />
  31. TREND 5: Measuring it all<br />
  32. TREND<br />5<br />What’s your SIM Score?<br />SIM Score = Conversation Share + Sentiment*<br />*Adjusted for influence<br />This can be the single brand health metric you use to manage your brand in the social web. Ad Age and Forrester think this is worth looking into.<br />@shivsingh<br />
  33. IDEA<br />5<br />You can manage it against real world word of mouth too<br />@shivsingh<br />
  34. Mutual Funds: SIM Score over three weeks<br />And track it over time to understand how you’re indexing against competitors<br />@shivsingh<br />
  35. IDEA<br />5<br />SIM Score questions to ask yourself<br /><ul><li>How does advertising impact the SIM Score?
  36. How does the SIM Score change during the lifetime of a campaign?
  37. Can you put a program in place to manage the SIM Score overtime?
  38. Does the SIM Score adjust appropriately for varying levels of influence?
  39. How does the SIM Score relate to other business metrics?
  40. Can the SIM Score serve as a leading indicator for sales?</li></li></ul><li>The final question are you evolving at the pace SIM is?<br />4<br />1<br />Experiments<br />The nephew tests<br />2<br />Social Platform Rush for Brands<br />3 <br />SIM Strategy<br />Integrated Marketing<br />You’re somewhere on this continuum<br />4<br />Social Brands<br />Becoming more human<br />5<br />Real time Brands<br />with real time products<br />6<br />Managing the Community Model<br />And probably need to move into these areas too<br />@shivsingh<br />
  41. 5 Trends for Social Influence Marketing<br />SIM enters the mainstream<br />Social influencers drive sales<br />Putting people before brands<br />Every decision becomes social<br />Measuring it all<br />@shivsingh<br />
  42. Thank You<br />Shiv Singh<br /><br /><br />