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Global Warming


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Global Warming. Impact on India , world . Steps you can take to prevent global warming

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Global Warming

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  6. 6. Welcome<br />A presentation by: Amogh Sharma, Anishkumar,, PrashantKotnala, PureeshJawa, Sumit Kumar<br />ShivPrakash, <br /> 4CT-A, B .E. (YCCE, NAGPUR)<br />
  7. 7. What is Global Warming ?<br />MAIN CAUSES :<br /><ul><li>Greenhouse Effect
  8. 8. Feedback Mechanisms
  9. 9. Solar variation
  10. 10. Anthropogenic Activities </li></li></ul><li>Effects of Global Warming <br /><ul><li> Climatic Changes
  11. 11. Economic
  12. 12. Ecological
  13. 13. Social</li></li></ul><li>India Warming<br /><ul><li> Effects: cyclones,sea level rise,glacier retreat, sundarbans, landslides,coralbleaching,islands
  14. 14. Economic: Reduction in GDP,submersion of Mumbai,refugee trouble
  15. 15. Past climate Change:Kashmir,Thar desert
  16. 16. Rain pattern Change</li></li></ul><li>Control measures : International<br />UNFCCC<br />IPCC<br />Kyoto Protocol<br />
  17. 17. you can make the difference<br />U Can make the difference<br />Reduce , Reuse Recycle<br />Use less heat and AC<br />Switch to energy efficient devices<br />Drive less & Drive smart<br />Use the off Switch <br />Plant tree<br />Educate Others <br />Use the resources optimally and in a less wasteful manner<br />
  18. 18. Thanks!!!<br />