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Technology - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


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Technology - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Showcase of whats coming and few product examples
Technology Predictions for next 25years
BMS College of Engineering, PhaseShift 2015

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Technology - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  1. 1. Shivananda  (Shivoo)  R  Koteshwar   Director,  MediaTek   Facebook:  shivoo.koteshwar   BMS Engineering College, PhaseShift 2015 Sept 2015
  2. 2. !  Science  is  derived  from  a  latin  root   word  meaning  Knowledge.  Science   is  knowing   !  Technology   is   the   making,   modification,   usage,   and   knowledge   of   tools,   machines,   techniques,   systems   to   solve   a   problem,   improve   an   existing   solution   to   a   problem.   Technology   is  doing   Technology is simply "applied science"
  3. 3. Fitness Trackers Sound Wall Pet Cube Google Glasses Connected Toothbrush
  4. 4. Regular watches getting smarter Mini 3D printer Pacif-I Melomind - electroencephalogram (EEG) Trackers Wireless Charging
  5. 5. Fashion + Fitness Tracker The Ring Walk Car Smarthing Hub Bendy Liquid Metal Coils – Stretchable Speakers Autonomous Cars
  6. 6. Product Development Cyber Security Robotics Wearable Devices Design Thinking Wireless Networks Sensors Modeling Solar Smart Energy System Machine Learning Technical Writing Lean Manufacturing IPR Logical Design Megatronics / Bomb Diffusion – Circuit Debugging Automation in MAV Sequencing Smart Grid Analytical Techniques Computational Fluid Cloud Remember:  In  Game  Learning,  its  not  just  about  the  game;   you  are  required  to  Learn  too  !  
  7. 7. Shivananda  (Shivoo)  R  Koteshwar  
  8. 8. !  In  1990  (twenty-­‐five  years  ago),  he  predicted   !  That  computer  would  defeat  a  world  chess  champion  by  1998.  Then  in  1997,  IBM’s  Deep  Blue   defeated  Garry  Kasparov   !  That   PCs   would   be   capable   of   answering   queries   by   accessing   information   wirelessly   via   the   Internet  by  2010.  He  was  right!   !  That  by  the  early  2000s,  exoskeletal  limbs  would  let  the  disabled  walk.  Companies  like  Ekso   Bionics  and  others  now  have  technology  that  does  just  this,  and  much  more   !  In  1999,  he  predicted……     !  That  people  would  be  able  talk  to  their  computer  to  give  commands  by  2009.  While  still  in  the   early  days  in  2009,  natural  language  interfaces  like  Apple’s  Siri  and  Google  Now  have  come  a   long  way   !  That  computer  displays  would  be  built  into  eyeglasses  for  augmented  reality  by  2009.  Labs  and   teams   were   building   head   mounted   displays   well   before   2009,   but   Google   started   experimenting  with  Google  Glass  prototypes  in  2011   !  In  2005,  he  predicted……     !  That  by  the  2010s,  virtual  solutions  would  be  able  to  do  real-­‐time  language  translation  in  which   words  spoken  in  a  foreign  language  would  be  translated  into  text  that  would  appear  as  subtitles   to   a   user   wearing   the   glasses.  Well,   Microsoft   (via   Skype  Translate),  Google   (Translate),   and   others  have  done  this  and  beyond.  One  app  called  Word  Lens  actually  uses  your  camera  to  find   and  translate  text  imagery  in  real  time.  
  9. 9. !  By  the  late  2010s   !  Glasses  will  beam  images  directly  onto  the  retina.   !  Ten   terabytes   of   computing   power   (roughly   the   same   as   the   human   brain)   will   cost   about   $1,000.   !  By  the  2020s   !  Most  diseases  will  go  away  as  nanobots  become  smarter  than  current  medical  technology   !  Normal  human  eating  can  be  replaced  by  nanosystems   !  The  Turing  test  begins  to  be  passable   !  Self-­‐driving  cars  begin  to  take  over  the  roads,  and  people  won’t  be  allowed  to  drive  on  highways   !  By  the  2030s   !  Virtual  reality  will  begin  to  feel  100%  real   !  We  will  be  able  to  upload  our  mind/consciousness  by  the  end  of  the  decade   !  By  the  2040s   !  Non-­‐biological   intelligence   will   be   a   billion   times   more   capable   than   biological   intelligence   (a.k.a.  us)   !  Nanotech  foglets  (self-­‐reconfiguring  modular  robotics)  will  be  able  to  make  food  out  of  thin  air   and  create  any  object  in  physical  world  at  a  whim   !  By  2045   !  We   will   multiply   our   intelligence   a   billion   fold   by   linking   wirelessly   from   our   neocortex   to   a   synthetic  neocortex  in  the  cloud.  
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  11. 11. !­‐gadgets-­‐you-­‐can-­‐actually-­‐buy-­‐this-­‐ year/2/     !­‐five-­‐ most-­‐disruptive-­‐innovations-­‐at-­‐ces-­‐2014/1/     !­‐ instant&rlz=1C5CHFA_enKW506KW506&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-­‐8#q=in novative+products+from+ces+2014     !     !­‐Products-­‐and-­‐ Solutions-­‐769365569777590/timeline/     !­‐Os     !­‐kurzweils-­‐mind-­‐boggling-­‐ predictions-­‐for-­‐the-­‐next-­‐25-­‐years/     !­‐technology/2015/05/move-­‐over-­‐ raspberry-­‐pi-­‐this-­‐startup-­‐is-­‐building-­‐a-­‐9-­‐computer/     !   !      
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  13. 13. Shivananda  (Shivoo)  R  Koteshwar   Director,  Mediatek  Facebook:  shivoo.koteshwar   LINKEDIN:     BLOG:   SLIDESHARE: