Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013
July 2013
Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013
Today, one of the biggest problems that
students of class VI to IX th face is to
Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013
The Amaatra Academy is a strong supporter of
student consultation and with the suppor...
Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013
As you are already aware, we have partnered with South United Football Club to train ...
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Newsletter, The Amaatra Academy - July 2013


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The Amaatra Academy monthly newsletter, July 2013

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Newsletter, The Amaatra Academy - July 2013

  1. 1. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013 NEWSLETTER July 2013
  2. 2. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013 Today, one of the biggest problems that students of class VI to IX th face is to keep pace with CBSE curriculum along with the training programmes for IIT-JEE, Medical and other Entrance Exams. Coping with different topics, separate orders of study at different times of the day and traveling to various coaching centres becomes quite an enduring task. Keeping this in mind, The Amaatra Academy has formulated a “dual-study system” wherein the CBSE curriculum and the co u r s e m ate r ia l fo r co m p et it i v e examinations are taught in synergy with each othe r. This do ne thro ug h a combination of competitive exam coaching during regular school ours and enriched learning programs on Saturday. So, while a student studies a particular topic for his or her Board Examination during their regular classes, the extension of the same is taught to him/her for the competitive exams by subject matter experts within the school campus. Students can avail facilities including latest books and journals, reference material etc from the library. All our students in VI to IXth are compulsory enrolled into this program. The principle behind making this compulsory is to ensure that our students can excel any competitive exam they plan to appear for post Xth or XIIth standard – as they are more or less in similar format. The school has researched the different competitive exams that students can prepare for depending on their interest areas. You can a c c e s s t h e li st h e r e - ht t p : // of-all-competitive-exams-at-school-level The program is a part of the value-added education we impart to Amaatraites. There will be no additional fee for this program, but all reference material for the program will need to be procured by the students. The first of the many competitive exams we are preparing our VI to IXth students for is the Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). It promotes Science, Introductory Computer Education, Mathematics and English in India and other places like Singapore, Oman, Qatar, Nepal, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, U.A.E. and Durban. For more information on  SOF please refer to - h t t p : //w w w . s l i d e s h a r e . n e t / shivoo.koteshwar/12-competitive- examssof-olympiads We would welcome parents to be volunteers to coach our students for the competitive exam coaching. Please get in touch with me incase you would like to volunteer for this program. Prof Shivanan da R Koteshwar Director, The Amaatra Academy Editorial from the Director’s desk
  3. 3. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013 The Amaatra Academy is a strong supporter of student consultation and with the support of our staff and principal; Student Voice Team will be given many exciting opportunities to become involved in key initiatives, which support the growth and development of the school. Student Voice looks to encourage students to take a more proactive and empowered approach to their education. Looking at both the school structure and the curriculum, students and staff work together to evaluate existing opportunities for students to voice their opinion and also develop opportunities for them to become actively involved in many of the decisions affecting them. The School Captain is appointed or elected to represent the school. At The Amaatra Academy, the School Captain is an honorary position awarded to the student who excels both academically and in extra-curricular activities. We have selected Ajo George as the School Captain for 2013 – 2014. The School Vice-Captain, Cultural Captain, Sports Captain and the House Captains are from class XI - Aditi Gupta (School Vice-Captain), Shivani Shetty (Cultural Captain), Tarun B (Sports Captain), Mahesh Venkat Sai (Aryabhata Captain), Abhraneel Sen (Charaka Captain), Rahul Babu (Panini Captain) and Srikumar V (Sushruta Captain). They will be involved in developing and implementing various initiatives across the school. The House Captains are supported by respective Vice-captains. All vice-captains are from class IX - Ashritha Chidananda (Aryabhata Vice-captain), Mopidevi Vaibhav (Charaka Vice-captain), Samyukta R Prabhu (Panini Vice-captain) and Shriya Barpanda (Sushruta Voce-captain). We thank our previous student council for their valuable contributions. Kudos to Mayank Bansal, Nikhil Vinod, Navneet Shankar and Samyukta Prabhu. Student Voice Team
  4. 4. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013 As you are already aware, we have partnered with South United Football Club to train our students on soccer. There soccer classes scheduled every day for our students who are a part of the school soccer team – both for junior and senior teams. The students who are part of the either teams will not need to pay the fees towards the coaching. The soccer coaching on campus is open to students in the neighbourhood or to your child’s friends who might be interested. Please contact the school office to know more about the referral bonus you can avail and the special fee for the referred child. The South United Football Club is also organizing a soccer camps during this school break. These camps are hugely discounted for kids who are enrolled into the coaching program at The Amaatra Academy. Free Soccer Training @ School Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) We had scheduled parent teacher meetings across all grades with our parents. The parents were given a summary of the overall progress and what has been the trend across the entire batch. The school management highlighted some of the success and what is planned for the students for the rest of the semester and year. We have set-up follow up meetings with parents who have voiced some concerns and suggestions with regarding their children. We encourage parents to not just wait for these scheduled parent teacher meetings, but encourage you to fix an appointment with the school office and meet with the principal or the school director on Saturday’s. Please feel free to revert to me or staff at The Amaatra Academy in case of any clarifications or to understand the progress we are making on the topics discussed. KUDOS! CORNER Congrats to Amaatra MUN team! It was our first participation in a competition and we have won 3 awards. 2 delegate awards to Agni and Samyuktha. And one honorary team award to Syria team- Agni , Samyuktha, Vaibhav and Shriya.