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Application of Operations Management

MBA Guest Talk
Alliance University, September 2015

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Application of Operations Management

  1. 1. Shivananda  (Shivoo)  R  Koteshwar   Teacher   Facebook:  shivoo.koteshwar   For MBA Students, Alliance University, Sept 2015
  2. 2. 1.  Principles  of  Operation  Management   2.  Introduction  to  Logistics   3.  Inventory  and  Supply  Chain  Management   4.  Introduction  to  Project  Management   5.  Total  Quality  Management   6.  Operational  Strategy    
  3. 3. 1.  Definition  of  the  problem   2.  Construction  of  the  model   3.  Solution  of  the  model   4.  Validation  of  the  model   5.  Implementation  of  the  final  result  
  4. 4. !  Examine   problems   encountered   in   Planning,   Operating   and   controlling   production   of   goods  and  services   !  Key   Concepts:   Waiting-­‐Line   Management,   Quality   Assurance,   Production   System,   Project   Management,   Inventory   System,   Quantitative   methods   to   formulate   managerial  problem  
  5. 5. !  Studies   the   efficient   delivery   of   goods   and   services   !  Key   Concepts:   Vehicle   Routing,   Shipment   Size,   Shipment   mix,   Product   design   and   customer   service,   Warehouse   Site   and   location   analysis,   Management   of   service   operation  
  6. 6. !  Examines   modeling   and   analysis   of   global   supply  chains  in  order  to  improve  service  and   decrease  cost   !  Key   Concepts:   Demand   and   Supply   study,   Managing   Inventory,   Forecasting,   JIT   Production,   Deterministic   and   Stochastic   Inventory   model,   Materials   requirements   Planning,  Supplier  management  
  7. 7. !  Focuses   on   management   principles,   methods,   and   tools   to   effectively   plan   and   implement  complex  projects   Planning Closing
  8. 8. !  Focuses   on   organization-­‐wide   efforts   to   install   and   make  permanent  in  climate  in  which  an  organization   continuously   improves   its   ability   to   deliver   high   quality  products  and  services  to  customers   !  Key  Concepts:  Quality  as  defined  by  customer,  PDCA   cycle,   Cross   functional   teams   or   quality   circles,   Steering   Committee,     Seven   Basic   Tools   of   Quality   (cause  and  effect,  checklist,  control  chart,  Histogram,   Pareto  Chart,  Scatter  Diagram  and  flow  chart)   !  TQM  has  been  overshadowed  by  ISO  9000,  Lean  manufacturing  (7  Wastes  –   Transportation,   Inventory,   Motion,   Waiting,   Over   processing,   Over   production  and  Defects)  and  Six  Sigma  
  9. 9. !  Focuses  on  strategic  management  of  operations   and   manufacturing   in   domestic   and   international   companies.   Developing   and   implementing   a   coherent   strategy   based   on   continuous   improvement   of   quality,   productivity,  products,  processes,  and  customer   services.     !  Key   Concepts:   .   Facilities,   capacity,   process/ work-­‐force   planning,   organization,   people,   systems   integration,   coordination   between   operations,  marketing,  engineering,  and  R&D.  
  10. 10. 1.  Robust  Airline  Fleet  Composition   2.  Planned   Obsolescence   in   Product   Design   -­‐   Critical   Review   and   Servicing   Opportunities   3.  Service   Design:   Integrated   Approaches   to   Determine   “What   to   offer?”   and   “How  to  deliver  it?”   4.  OR  Models  and  Methods  for  Line  planning  in  Public  Transportation   5.  Newsvendor  Models  under  Biased  Demand  Information   6.  Transferring   concepts   from   production   to   services   using   the   example   of   the   push-­‐pull  boundary   7.  Comparing  tools  for  service  process  design  –  a  review  on  suitable  methods   8.  Integrating  the  customer  side  into  service  process  design   9.  On  the  applicability  of  petri  nets  to  service  process  design   10.  Origins,   development   and   future   perspectives   of   the   Business   Process   Modeling  Notation  (BPMN)   11.  Reinventing  Performance  Management   12.  Strategy,  modeling  and  algorithms  for  health-­‐care  systems   13.  The   interface   between   operations,   computer   science   and   statistics   (e.g.   "big   data"  or  business  analytics)   14.  Reconfigurable  systems  -­‐  dynamic  automation   15.  Agri  food  supply  chains  
  11. 11. 1.  Concepts  and  Techniques  related  to  materials  management   2.  Computer  and  Quantitative  models  used  in  formulating  managerial  problems   3.  Concepts  and  Techniques  of  Value  Analysis  to  effectively  control  costs   4.  Deterministic  and  Stochastic  inventory  models   5.  Just  In  Time  Production   6.  Logistics  Management   7.  Project  Scheduling   8.  Site  and  Location  Analysis   9.  Application  of  Quantitative  Analysis  &  Computers  for  managerial  decision   making  in  operations  problems   10.  Quality  issues  related  to  enhancing  customer  satisfaction  (both  internal   and  external)  to  ensure  long-­‐term  customer  loyalty   11.  Ethical  Issues  in  Operations  Management   12.  Crowd  Sourcing  in  operations  research   13.  Fitting  in  impact  of  :"Perceptions"  and  "Behavior"  of  Human  Resources  in   process  and  mechanical  operations   14.  Problems  encountered  in  planning,  operating,  and  controlling  production  of   goods  and  services   15.  Use  of  material  &  supply  chain  management  in  manufacturing  &   service  organizations  to  reduce  inventory  levels  while  retaining  adequate   service  levels  
  12. 12. 16.  Decision  making  in  public  and  private  sectors   17.  Studies  and  conclusions  of  McGregor,  Maslow,  Herzburg,  Likert,  Aggyris,  and   Blake  on  Operations  Management  Behavioral  Science   18.  Tools  in  project  management   19.  A  study  on  Production  and  inventory  control,  procurement,  distribution,  and  their   interrelationships   20.  A  study  on  Total  Quality  Management,  human  resources,  finance  and  accounting,   information  systems,  and  their  interrelationships   21.  Investigation  into  computerized  production  technology   22.  Study  on  Plant  layout  design  depending  on  type  of  production  system   23.  Flexible  Manufacturing  Systems   24.  Computer  Integrated  Manufacturing   25.  Workforce  Management   26.  Modern  Trends  in  Project  Management   27.  Optimum  value  for  investments  on  transports  to  be  enough  for  the  huge  event   28.  Modeling  the  social  media  networks   29.  Modeling  the  service  expectations     30.  Green  and  sustainable  supply  chains  
  13. 13. !  Physical  Model   !  Mathematical  Model  (Symbolic  Model)   !  Deterministic  Model  (Eg:  EOQ  Model)   !  Probabilistic  Model  (Game  Theory)   !  General  Model  (Eg:  Linear  Programming)   !  Specific  Model  (Eg:  Sales  Response  Curve)  
  14. 14. The Prisoner’s Dilemma: An illustration 0,10 5,5 2,2 10,0 X Y Does not confess Does not confess Confess Confess Alliance strategy: 2 years each Based on trust , risky Cost of betrayal high (10 years) Most suitable for long run Opportunism in an economic transaction may be curbed keeping long term interests in mind X confession: 0 or 5 years X not confession: 2 or 10 years Individual strategy implies confession If Y thinks similarly, he will also confess End result: 5 years each
  15. 15. !­‐cant-­‐understand-­‐ chinas-­‐slowdown-­‐without-­‐understanding-­‐ supply-­‐chains     !  Factors   !  Oil  Prices   !  Labor  Costs   !  Automation   !  Risk  
  16. 16. All pictures are from with either no copyright or wit common creatives
  17. 17. ! corecurriculumoperations   !   !   !  http://serviceoperations.bwl.uni-­‐ serviceops/OPM_781_Research_Seminar.pdf   !­‐management   !­‐ Operations_Management_1._Concepts_and_Techniques_related_to_ma terials_management_2._Computer_and_Quantitative_models_used_in_ formulating_managerial_problems   !     !­‐of-­‐or-­‐models-­‐ and.html       !­‐cant-­‐understand-­‐chinas-­‐slowdown-­‐without-­‐ understanding-­‐supply-­‐chains    
  18. 18. Visit my slideshare to view all these presentations
  19. 19. Shivananda  (Shivoo)  R  Koteshwar   Director,  Mediatek  Facebook:  shivoo.koteshwar   LINKEDIN:     BLOG:   SLIDESHARE:  
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MBA Guest Talk Alliance University, September 2015


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