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Bhel corporate social responsibility report 1

  1. 1. BHEL- Corporate Social Responsibility Shivesh Ranjan PRN- 12020841165 Shivesh Ranjan C Sec-Copyrights © reserved with the author.
  2. 2. Rooted in Culture Slogan- Powering Progress…Brightening lives… Mission- Be a Committed Corporate Citizen, alive towards its Corporate Social Responsibility Vision: A world class engineering enterprise committed to enhancing stakeholder value.Copyrights © reserved with the author.
  3. 3. Motivation “We cannot hold a torch to light anothers path without brightening our own.” • Service is key to satisfaction • Intent to make BHEL’s CSR work as the gold standard for others’ to follow.Copyrights © reserved with the author.
  4. 4. BHEL- Organizational Setup for CSR Corporate Level Unit Level • HSE & CSR Group • CSR Sub Committee • CSR Level-1 Committee • Board Level Committee for CSR & SDCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  5. 5. BHEL- CSR Process (DPE Guidelines- Best Practices) • Planning (CSR Action Plan) • Long Term, Mid Term, Short Term- Quantitative goals Planning • Concurrent & Final Evaluation • Implementation (CPSE considerations) Execution • Engagement with Specialized Agencies (NGOs, Trusts) • Research, Documentation, Advocacy, Promotion Research • Act as Think Tank • Funding Funding • CSR Budget created through a Board of Resolution as a percentage of net profit • Impact Analysis Impact • Baseline Survey and Documentation AnalysisCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  6. 6. CSR Areas Approved by BHEL Board of Directors Environment Adoption of ITIs & Protection & Energy Skill Development Vocational Training Conservation Institutes Adoption of Villages Education & Disaster/ Calamity & Community Promotion of Talent Management Development Infrastructural Health Management DevelopmentCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  7. 7. BHEL’s CSR Push- Triple Bottom Line For the year 2011-12, an Concern for it’s amount of Rs. 30.05 BHEL adopted its CSR Economic, Social and crore (0.5% of PAT of Policy as per DPE Ecological impact 2010-11) is earmarked guidelines from 2010-11. for CSR projects BHEL undertakes socioeconomic and Improvement of living community development conditions and hygiene in programmes to promote villages and communities educationCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  8. 8. BHEL’s CSR Push- Triple Bottom Line Employment for handicapped, BHEL provides financial assistance Widow resettlement, Employment to various NGOs/Trusts/Social for Ex-serviceman, irrigation using Welfare Societies treated sewage ‘Vision To All- BHEL’s Call’- Joint Collaboration between BHEL and LV Plantation of millions of trees Prasad Eye Institute to promote eye donationCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  9. 9. BHEL’s Social Initiatives- A Glimpse Tree plantation drive at BHEL, Bhopal- a Bus donated to Arivalayam - School for step towards a cleaner environment Special Children run by BHEL, TiruchirappalliCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  10. 10. BHEL Impact & The TransformationCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  11. 11. CSR & Risk Management For reducing operational and environmental risks, BHEL has included monitoring and mitigation steps Disaster/natural calamity aid, pollution checking Disaster management in camps. Collaboration with Leh, Sikkim Central and State Govt. Disaster management teams. Energy saving and CDM is a planned conservation of natural activity for each Unit resources through and carbon credit forms environmental part of budgeted activity management Clean Development Dynamic classifier system Mechanism projects to to improve combustion reduce greenhouse gas efficiency of boiler and emissions reduction of NOx emissionCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  12. 12. Measurable Achievements- 2011 BHELs placement assistant cell (PACE) in Tiruchi helped 7941 Act Apprentices and 56 villages having nearly BHEL trained apprentices and 8419 vocational trainees/ 80,000 inhabitants have been wards of employees to find students trained in 2011 adopted. jobs for around 611 ITI, diploma, and degree holders. Environment Improvement 252 water purifier units were Projects(EIPs)- Plantation of provided to 52 public health 31 lakh trees, 47 Lakh Sq. M centres at Latur in of green coverage, and 110 Maharashtra rainwater harvesting plantsCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  13. 13. Recognition & Commitment OHSAS 18001:2007 BHEL was awarded Awarded the ISO Occupational Health the ‘India Shining Prestigious Golden 14001:2004 & Safety ‘Star CSR Award’ at Peacock Award for Environmental Management the ‘Leadership Occupational Health Management Systems Certification conclave’ organized & Safety 2010 Systems Certification from M/s Det Norske by Wockhardt Veritas (DNV) FoundationCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  14. 14. Recognition & Commitment Member of CoRE (Corporate Roundtable on Model Centre for Set up a Pollution Control Development of Strategies Occupational Health Research Institute (PCRI) for Environment) Services at Trichy launched by The Energy Research Institute (TERI)Copyrights © reserved with the author.
  15. 15. BHEL & UN Global CompactCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  16. 16. BHEL- Compliance with UNGC NormsCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  17. 17. Copyrights © reserved with the author.
  18. 18. My Part- Suggestions/Initiatives • Revise Mission Statement: “To become India’s most admired company by doing its best to sustain a healthy and prosperous environment and to improve the quality of life of the people of the area in which it operates” • Increase CSR budget to 4% of Net Profits from the current 0.5% • Top- down Approach: – Partner with CSR units of other companies and work out a common action plan – Ensure that all suppliers to BHEL follow environmental, occupational, health & safety norms • Incentivize CSR for Employees: Implement ‘Special Payout Plan’ based on weekend-hours devoted by employees on BHEL’s CSR projects. Special Awards to be given to employees who are most active in the CSR field.Copyrights © reserved with the author.
  19. 19. My Part- Suggestions/Initiatives • Initiate Bottom- up Approach to CSR: 1. Source information about specific needs in an area from employees and residents around BHEL plants 2. Let the 5. Plan to employees and accommodate 2-3 other stakeholders such projects for formulate a plan of each BHEL unit action (Co-plan) 3. Form volunteer 4. Monitor, control groups and provide and assess the work resources to get the plan executedCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  20. 20. My Part- Suggestions/Initiatives • The temporary medical camps at few places to be transformed into permanent medical centers • Set up a Teacher training institute at Tiruchirappalli in South and Bhopal in the North • Focus on forming Self Help Groups and not just philanthropy for community development • Develop a scale to measure CSR impact of BHEL based on: – Measuring health, safety and opportunities for workers including workplace injury and illness rates, greenhouse gas emissions, total energy use. – impact of companys operations on the environment and communities • Initiate regular audits and release of Annual CSR Report quantifying the impact of each year’s CSR activities as an initiative towards CSR communicationCopyrights © reserved with the author.
  21. 21. “We cannot hold a torch to light anothers path without brightening our own.”Copyrights © reserved with the author.
  22. 22. References • • UN Global Compact- • The Ten Principles- • Scope IICA CSR Conclave- .pdf • ‘BHEL to spend Rs. 1.5 cr. for CSR activities’- paper/tp-national/tp-tamilnadu/article3322856.ece • Bhel wins praise for CSR initiatives- 03-10/india-business/27831537_1_bharat-heavy-electricals-bhel-csr • BHEL Annual Report (2010-2011)- • Corporate Social Responsibility- n.pdf • LV Prasad, BHEL team up to promote eye donation- © reserved with the author.