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Using obi apps to consolidate data for taleo, salesforce and net suite apps_ppt


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With an increase in the adoption of cloud applications by large corporations, most organizations today are in some form of hybrid state i.e. they are using a combination of both on-premise as well as cloud applications to run their business.
Regardless of where the applications maintain their data, organizations need the ability to see a complete view of the company spanning across different parts of the business, which in this case would be combining insightful data across on-premise as well as public cloud instances.
To take some examples:
->Combining HR and Financials data to analyze Revenue per employee
->Combining Sales and Financials data to create customer Scorecards
->Combining Sales and Order Management data to improve your demand planning system
->Combining your Sales and Financials Data for Forecasting

In this article, I would like to present multiple design approaches that other organizations have successfully used to consolidate data from multiple cloud and on-premise applications and to perform seamless analytics across these varied data sources.

If you are attending Collaborate15 (#C15LV), please join me to discuss this topic and case studies of what other organizations are doing to address this challenge.

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Using obi apps to consolidate data for taleo, salesforce and net suite apps_ppt

  1. 1. REMINDER Check in on the COLLABORATE mobile app Using OBIApps to consolidate data for Taleo, Salesforce and NetSuite Apps Prepared by: Shiv Bharti Practice Director, Oracle Business Intelligence Perficient, Inc. Best practices on consolidating on prem Applications and cloud applications data to build an Enterprise Business Analytics Warehouse Session ID#:10234 @shivbharti
  2. 2. Introductions Shiv Bharti is the Practice Director of Perficient’s National Oracle Business Intelligence Practice. Shiv has solid experience Building and Deploying Oracle Business Intelligence Products. He has successfully led implementation of over 75+ Oracle Business Intelligence and Custom Data Warehouse Projects. Shiv has worked in multiple industries and with clients that include fortune 500 companies . He has Expertise leading large global teams, as well as in-depth knowledge across multiple verticals and technologies. Prior to 2008, Shiv was a member of the Oracle and Siebel Core Engineering Teams and responsible for the Design and Development of numerous Business Intelligence Applications. Connect with me:
  3. 3. Agenda ■ About Perficient ■ Oracle BI Applications Overview ■ Oracle Cloud Analytics Overview ■ Cross-Functional Analysis ■ Consolidating on Oracle BI Applications Platform ■ Consolidating on Oracle BI Cloud Analytics platform ■ Q&A
  4. 4. About Perficient This is a subtitle or bulleted list
  5. 5. Leading Technology Consulting & Solutions Firm  Founded 1997  $450M+ in annualized revenues  85% of revenue from recurring clients Platinum Partner w/1,800+ Oracle Implementations  Enterprise Information Management  Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)  E-Business Suite  Oracle Technology, Middleware/SOA  Customer Experience / CRM  Oracle Certified Education Partner Key Differentiators  Focused expertise, lower cost, faster time-to-value  Highly-experienced consultants  National coverage  Perficient uses Oracle to run its business  10+ years participation in Oracle Open World Projectsize,BreadthofExpertise Depth of Expertise, Efficiency & Value, Client Importance PERFICIENT, Inc. Experts in delivering business-driven technology solutions
  6. 6. Oracle BI Applications Overview This is a subtitle or bulleted list
  7. 7. Complete. Open. Integrated. OLTP & ODS Systems Data Warehouses Data Marts(SQLServer, Oracle…etc.) ) Packaged Applications (Oracle, SAI, UltiPro) Excel XML/Office Business Processes OLAP Sources(MS Cube) Exadata Unstructured & Semi- Structured ERP Analytics Planning & Forecasting Financial Close & Reporting Strategy Management Profitability Management CRM Analytics Industry Analytics BI Server Common Enterprise Information Model Essbase Dimension Management Predictive Analytics Interactive Dashboards Reports & PublishingQuery & Analysis Detect & AlertOffice Search Embedded MobileScorecards Data Sources BI/EPM Platform BI/EPM Apps
  8. 8. Sales  Opportunities  Quotes  Pipeline Marketing  Campaigns  Responses  Marketing Costs Service  Service Requests  Activities  Agreements Contact Center  ACD Events  Contact-Rep Snapshot  Targets and Benchmark Loyalty  Members and Points  Transactions  Promotions Price  Price Waterfall  Deal Desk  Price Segments ERP ANALYTICS • 370 Fact Tables • 595 Dimension Tables • 8,200 Prebuilt Metrics • 17,700 Data Elements • Customer • Products • Suppliers • Internal Organizations • Customer Locations • Customer Contacts • GL Accounts • Employee • Sales Reps • Service Reps • Partners • Campaign • Offers • Cost Centers • Profit Centers CRM ANALYTICSCONFORMED DIMENSIONS MODULAR DATA MODEL Finance  Receivables  Payables  Cash Flow  General Ledger Procurement & Spend  Procurement Performance  Supplier Performance  Spend Analysis Order Management  Sales Orders and Invoices  Bookings, Billings, Backlog  Order fulfillment process Supply Chain  Inventory Performance  Inventory Bill of Materials  Customer & Supplier Returns Human Resources  Compensation  Recruiting, Training, Learning  Workforce Profile Projects  Project Funding  Project Budgets  Project Performance Adopt the Data Model – Don’t Build Your Own Comprehensive Conformed Dimensions Ensures Cross Functional Alignment
  9. 9. Pre-mapped metadata, including embedded best practice calculations and metrics for executives and other business users A “best practice” library of over 8200 pre-built metrics, 88 intelligent dashboards, 2576 reports and several alerts for Executives, Managers and Business Users Pre-built ETL to extract data from operational tables and load it into the DW, sourced from PSFT, Oracle EBS and other sources Pre-built warehouse with 370 star- schemas designed for analysis and reporting on financial analytics • Presentation layer • Logical business model • Physical sources 1 3 2 4
  10. 10. Sources can Oracle ERP, Non-Oracle ERP, Legacy or Custom Applications Informatica or ODI for Extract, Transform and Load into the Data Warehouse. Simple, yet powerful data warehouse architecture. Robust pre-defined OBI EE metadata built specifically for Oracle ERP Customers. All Oracle ERP data integrity and relationships built in. OBI EE Analytics reporting tools, including dashboards, reports, graphs, etc. Metrics / KPIs Logical Model / Subject Areas Physical Map OBI EE Analytics Server OBI EE Analytics WebDashboards by Role Reports, Analysis / Analytic Workflows Informatica(ETL) / Oracle Data Integrator(ODI) Oracle ERP Non-Oracle ERP Source SystemsLegacy Data Warehouse Database Metadata Data Warehouse Administration
  11. 11. Build from Scratch with Traditional BI Tools Weeks or Months Back-end ETL and Mapping DW Design Define Metrics & Dashboards Back-end ETL and Mapping DW Design Define Metrics & Dashboards Training/Roll-out Training/Rollout Quarters or Years Source: Patricia Seybold Research, Gartner, Merrill Lynch, Oracle Analysis Prebuilt business adapters for Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and others Prebuilt DW design, adapts to your EDW Role-based dashboards and thousands of pre-defined metrics Easy to use, easy to adapt • Faster deployment • Lower TCO • Assured business value Speeds time to value and lowers TCO
  12. 12. Oracle Cloud Analytics Overview This is a subtitle or bulleted list
  13. 13. Lower Cost • Reduced infrastructure cost • Reduced IT maintenance cost • Reduced customization and upgrade cost Faster Innovation • Faster pace to product innovation • Modern, global platform • Shorter upgrade cycle State of the Art Analytics • Best-practice analytical content • User experience-focused design • Comprehensive analytic capabilities Lower Risk • Reduced administrative burden • Guaranteed system availability • Scalable platform for future expansion Why is the Cloud So Vital?
  14. 14. Consumer Style Experience ■ Intuitive, interactive, engaging ■ Visually stunning ■ Inherently social ■ Natively Mobile Self-Service Everything ■ Purchasing & provisioning ■ Data load, modeling, mash-up ■ Data analysis ■ Dashboard and report authoring Delivered on Enterprise Class Infrastructure ■ Security, Performance, Scalability, Elasticity, Reliability ■ DB, Identity Management, Application Server ■ Automated provisioning, patching, upgrades, backup, recovery ■ Extendable. Cloud, hybrid cloud and on- premises support Cloud Benefits
  15. 15. Proven BI Platform With a Clear Strategy Built with enterprise-class software, proven on-premises with thousands of customers globally Leverage existing skills Business driven self-service Simple administration and fast provisioning
  16. 16. BI Cloud Service Launch Capabilities: the summary ■ OBIEE Answers & Dashboards ■ Mobile HD ■ Integrated Database Service ■ Thin Client Data Loader ■ Thin Client Modeling Tool ■ Thin Client Service Admin Console
  17. 17. Multiple Data Loading Choices BICS Data Loader Simple File upload BICS REST API* Recommended for ETL integration SQL Developer Interactive data loading and administration DBCS REST API Define your own custom API PL/SQL Data Import Generic Web Services data import
  18. 18. Cross-Functional Analysis This is a subtitle or bulleted list
  19. 19. Case study – revenue forecast report
  20. 20. Case study - Sample GPM Report SCOM Analytics Projects Analytics Financial Analytics Proc & Spend Service Billing/Invoice and Revenue information was pulled from Oracle EBS modules of Receivables, Order Management, Projects, and Service Contracts as well as the Custom system. Cost of Materials Sold (COMS) information was sourced from portions of Oracle EBS modules of Inventory/Cost Management, Procurement & Spend and Projects as well as Custom Apps interfaced costs.
  21. 21. Case study – common subject area from multiple apps Requirement: For a selected Project or a Project #, provide users the ability to view:  Project Analytics: Cost, Revenue and Budget  Accounts Payables: AP Amount  Proc & Spend: Expense Amount, PO#  Fixed Assets: Related Asset attribute details/Current Asset Value Project Analytics Accounts Payables Proc & Spend
  22. 22. Design Considerations ■ Use Staging tables to consolidate data from multiple applications(on-prem/public cloud) ■ Leverage BI Apps Data Model ■ Leverage Common dimensions for analysis across applications ■ Assign Unique Data Source Number for each distinct applications
  23. 23. Consolidating on Oracle BI Applications Platform This is a subtitle or bulleted list
  24. 24. BI App Data Warehouse Cloud Source Staging Non- Oracle Apps BI App Data Warehouse Staging OBI ApplicationsOracle/Non-Oracle Apps BICS, OTBI EnterprisePublic Cloud Applications Relational Cubes Flat Files ETL Engine
  25. 25. Oracle BI Applications Platform Automate Data Management (ETL) Process Analytics Users Non- Oracle Apps Oracle/Non-Oracle Apps Public Cloud Applications Relational Cubes Flat Files BI App Data Warehouse Staging OBI Applications Data Sync BICS REST API PL/SQL Import DBCS REST API Informatica Oracle Data Integrator
  26. 26. Consolidating on Oracle Cloud Analytics Platform This is a subtitle or bulleted list
  27. 27. Oracle Cloud Analytics Platform Oracle Cloud Oracle DB Schema Service Oracle BI Cloud Service Automate Data Management (ETL) Process Web based Metadata Creation Analytics Users Non- Oracle Apps Oracle/Non-Oracle Apps Public Cloud Applications Relational Cubes Flat Files Data Sync BICS REST API PL/SQL Import DBCS REST API
  28. 28. Contact Us Within the Next Hour to Receive a Complimentary Advisory Workshop  Logical Unified Architecture  Road-Map to build an Enterprise Data Warehouse  Big Data and Advanced Analytics  Agnostic Enterprise Information Strategy encompassing all EIM Pillars CALL TO ACTION
  29. 29. Thank You! For more information, please contact: Shiv Bharti, Oracle BI Practice Director 312.291.1532 office I 312.659.3233 mobile
  30. 30. Please complete the session evaluation We appreciate your feedback and insight You may complete the session evaluation either on paper or online via the mobile app