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  1. 1. Summer Internship Project on Brand Penetration of HCL Learning ltd. Submitted by:- Shivansh Saxena M.B.A 3rd sem.
  2. 2. CONTENT  Education Industry in INDIA  HCL-Overview  Competitiors  Objectives of Study  Research Methodology  Data Analysis and Interpretation  Conclusion and Suggestions
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION EDUCATION INDUSTRY IN INDIA  One of the fastest developing sector worldwide, it is the second-largest industry after healthcare.  Education and training sector in India is standing at $600 billion  India has more than 1.4 million schools with over 227 million students enrolled and more than 36,000 higher education institutes. India is one of the largest higher education systems in the world.
  4. 4. HCL Enterprise-Overview  HCL Enterprise is a US $ 6.5 billion leading Global Technology.  Operates in 31 countries including around 500 points of presence in India.  HCL Technologies is one of India's leading global IT Services companies.  HCL Infosystems Ltd. with revenue of US$ 1.6 billion is India’s Premier Distribution and IT Services and Solutions Company.
  5. 5. Cont…  HCL Learning Ltd, the learning solutions subsidiary, serves the entire spectrum of education and training requirements across schools, colleges, individuals and enterprises and offers Digital Content & Learning Solutions Solutions offered by HCL Learning Ltd.  DigiSchool  MyEduWorld  Career Development Centres
  6. 6. COMPETITORS  Some competitors who have a pan India presence and even abroad.  CMC  Jetking  NIIT  APTECH
  7. 7. Research Methodology Objective Of The Research Study To Study the Brand Penetration of HCL Learning Ltd. in IT Training Industry, in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR), And A General Market Analysis Of Its Brand Image Among Competitors To Increase Market Share Of HCL Learning Ltd And Enhance The Brand Penetration Of The Company In Delhi-NCR.
  8. 8. Cont…  RESEARCH DESIGN The research was conducted in HCL Career Development Centre, located at Noida  SAMPLING DESIGN The sample respondents were selected from faculties and students of various colleges in the region of Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Noida, and Delhi.  SAMPLE SIZE The size of the sample under study is 60 respondents from the different area of Delhi (NCR).
  9. 9. Cont…  SAMPLING UNIT AND METHOD The method used is the Random Sampling method.  DATA COLLECTION Questionnaires were filled by respondents. The data collection was based on semi- structured questionnaires.
  10. 10. Comparative Analysis  When the educational qualification were asked from 60 respondents, I found that there are- UNDER GRADUATE 15% GRADUATE 37% POST GRADUATE 25% Faculty 23%
  11. 11. Cont…  To know the image of HCL learning ltd. In the public, respondents are given five company name which are HCL CDC , Jetking, NIIT, CMC(Tata), APTECH and told them to give 1-5 ranks to all. So that we can find out which company is better than other according to the public.  Ranks are given by the respondents as follows- HCL CDC Jetking Rank 1 62% respondents Rank 2 8% respondents Rank 3 16% respondents Rank 4 6% respondents Rank 5 8% respondents Rank 1 10% respondents Rank 2 27% respondents Rank 3 3% respondents Rank 4 17% respondents Rank 5 43% respondents
  12. 12. Cont…  APTECH CMC(TATA)  NIIT Rank 1 10% respondents Rank 2 20% respondents Rank 3 22% respondents Rank 4 26% respondents Rank 5 22% respondents Rank 1 14% respondents Rank 2 33% respondents Rank 3 22% respondents Rank 4 24% respondents Rank 5 7% respondents Rank 1 8% respondents Rank 2 15% respondents Rank 3 30% respondents Rank 4 22% respondents Rank 5 25% respondents
  13. 13. Interpretation The analysis shows that:-  HCL CDC was Ranked NO 1 in the research with 60 students ranking it as the No 1 training center amongst its competitors.  95% of the respondents knew HCL while 5% did not.  52% of the respondents knew about HCL career development center and 48 % did not.  the Outdoor Promotion is the most effective way to reach to the people.  9% opted for Print Media, 7% opted for Electronic media and a staggering 84% opted for Outdoor Promotion as the medium of Brand awareness of HCL CDC out of a 60 respondents in the NCR.
  14. 14. Cont…  55% respondents were interested in joining the HCL CDC while 45% respondents did not want to join CDC.  Out of 33 respondents who would like to join HCL CDC, 22 are aware of CDC while 11 are not.  69% respondents were eager to be an IT professional, while 31% did not wish to be IT professionals out of 60 respondents in the NCR.
  15. 15. CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTIONS  So many competitors in existing market and they were also providing the same training programs with good quality.  HCL CDC had a good brand name and Image in the market and customers mainly preferred it because of the HCL brand name.  HCL CDC should start its promotional activities more in untapped areas to further boost growth and penetration.  HCL being a prominent IT brand in India can grow very fast in the already dominated markets by powerful players such as NIIT, Aptech, Jetking and CMC