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Important questions


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code of civil procedure

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Important questions

  1. 1. express newspaper v. UOI2. sakal papers v. UOI3. bennet coleman & co v. UOI4. hamdard dwakhana v. UOI5. tata press Ltd v. MTNL6. prabhu dsatt Sharma v. Supt Tihar jail7. charulata v. state8. association for democratic reforms v. UOI9. kameshwar singh v. state of bihar10. brij bhushan v. state of delhi11. k.a.abbas v. UOI12 bobby international v. om pal singh13. raja gopal v. S.O.T.N1. Amendments in CPC (O-14 R.5 O-41 R.3)2. Ex-parte Proceedings under CPC- O-9,41,3. Process of Stay under CPC (stay of suits(SEC. 10),stay of proceedings(O-41 R.5), stay of execution(O-21 R.26-29) etc.)4. Substitution (O-22)5. Order 3 CPC …………6. Interpleader suit with illustration(O-35) S.887. Injunction at every stage comparison with Cr.P.C.also(O-39(TEMPORARY), SPECIFIC RELIF ACT)8. Receivership at every stage comparison with Cr.P.C.also(O-40)
  2. 2. 9. Appointment of commissioner(O-26)10. Provisions of taking evidence under CPC at originalstage and appellate stage(O-18, 41)11. Powers of appellate court (O-41)12 Inherent powers of court u/s 151 CPC compare itwith the power u/o 41R3313. Steps in Execution Petition14. Precept & Garnishee(SEC.46 & O-21 R. 46A-I)15. Various sections & rules which put executionproceeding in motion.(O-21)16. Discuss special proceedings in Suit in the light ofjudgment laid down in Afcons Infrastructure Ltd. vCherian Varkey Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd., (2010) 8 SCC2417. Short notes :-(a) Section 80 CPC, (b) Settlement of Issues at original &appellate level (explaining preliminary issues &preliminary point)(O-41,14)(c) Counter Claim, Cross Objection(O-8 R.6A, O-41 R.22)
  3. 3. (e) Limitation(d) Two Problem  Execution, Substitution,constructive Res- judicata, Limitation