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Pets, Cattle, Rabbits and Microbes

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State of Union - Containerz
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Pets, Cattle, Rabbits and Microbes

  1. 1. Pets, Cattle, Rabbits and Microbes Shiva N Amazon Web Sevices MSA-Summit Evolution of Microservices and beyond…
  2. 2. MSA-SummitPhysical Evolution Image:
  3. 3. MSA-SummitTurings Machine Image:
  4. 4. MSA-SummitBlades and Racks Image:
  5. 5. MSA-SummitCubieboard Image:
  6. 6. MSA-SummitArchitecture Evolution Image:
  7. 7. MSA-SummitThe Monolith Image: 1869/ptwo/license
  8. 8. MSA-SummitSOA
  9. 9. MSA-SummitMicroservices Image:
  10. 10. MSA-SummitArchitecture Evolution SOA Coarse-grained Microservices Fine-grained Monolithic Single Unit
  11. 11. MSA-SummitIsnt Microservices just SOA? SOA Microservices Smart pipes, dumb endpoints Simple pipes, smart endpoints Centralised governance (ESB) Minimal governance Proprietary standards Open standards Services provide myriad functions Services are single purposed Distributed monoliths? Beware of the microliths!
  12. 12. MSA-SummitThe Death Star • Single-purpose • Connect only through APIs • Connect over HTTPS • Largely “black boxes” to each other • “DevOps”
  13. 13. MSA-SummitLots of folk are doing it, and talking about it
  14. 14. "I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” - Abraham Maslow (1966) Maslow’s Hammer Image: DSC_1607/Justin Baeder/license
  15. 15. MSA-SummitFoundations and Scaffolding Image:,_Hong_Kong_2.jpg
  16. 16. MSA-SummitFoundations and Scaffolding Organization Culture Image:,_Hong_Kong_2.jpg
  17. 17. MSA-SummitConways Law “organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations” - Melvin Conway Image:
  18. 18. MSA-Summit2 Pizza Teams • Two-pizza teams • Full ownership • Full accountability • Aligned incentives • “DevOps”
  19. 19. MSA-SummitRapid Innovation = 50 million deployments a year Thousands of teams × Microservice architecture × Continuous delivery × Multiple environments
  20. 20. MSA-SummitFoundations and Scaffolding Processes and Tooling Image:,_Hong_Kong_2.jpg
  21. 21. MSA-SummitMicroservice development lifecycle developers delivery pipelinesservices releasetestbuild releasetestbuild releasetestbuild releasetestbuild releasetestbuild releasetestbuild
  22. 22. MSA-SummitMonitoring Microservices Image:
  23. 23. MSA-SummitCommon Language API Calls Websites Mobile Apps Wearable Services API Calls API Gateway Authentication & Authorization Caching & Throttling Business Logic API Calls
  24. 24. MSA-SummitFoundations and Scaffolding Design Patterns Image:,_Hong_Kong_2.jpg
  25. 25. MSA-Summit12 Factor Apps Codebase Dependenci es Config Backing Services Build Release Run Processes Port Binding Dev/Prod parity Logs Admin Processes Concurrency Disposability
  26. 26. MSA-Summit Pets Physical/ Virtualization Physical/ Virtualization
  27. 27. MSA-Summit3 Tier Web Application Pets
  28. 28. MSA-Summit Pets Cattle Physical/ Virtualization Cloud Physical/ Virtualization Cloud
  29. 29. MSA-SummitFactory Pattern Pets Cattle • Autoscaling Launch Configuration • Reflection = Metadata
  30. 30. MSA-SummitThats nice… Can we make it smaller? Image:
  31. 31. MSA-Summit Pets Cattle Physical/ Virtualization Cloud Rabbits Physical/ Virtualization Cloud Containerization Containerization
  32. 32. MSA-SummitSidecar Pattern Pets Cattle Rabbits
  33. 33. MSA-SummitAmbassador pattern Pets Cattle Rabbits
  34. 34. MSA-SummitAdapter Pattern Pets Cattle Rabbits
  35. 35. MSA-Summit Pets Cattle Physical/ Virtualization Cloud Rabbits Microbes Physical/ Virtualization Cloud Containerization Serverless Containerization Serverless
  36. 36. MSA-Summit “No server is easier to manage than no server” Werner Vogels (CTO,
  37. 37. MSA-SummitServerless Compute – AWS Lambda COMPUTE SERVICE EVENT DRIVEN Run arbitrary code without managing servers Code only runs when it needs to run Scaling Never pay for idle
  38. 38. MSA-SummitEvent Driven Architectures Pets Cattle Rabbits Microbes
  39. 39. MSA-SummitServerless Web Application Pets Cattle Rabbits Microbes
  40. 40. MSA-SummitServerless Mobile Backend Pets Cattle Rabbits Microbes
  41. 41. MSA-SummitSummary • Microservices patterns are changing how we are building APIs and our applications in general • Team structure plays an incredible role in building, running, scaling Microservices • Focusing on flexible tooling that provide standards can help an organization focus on what matters • Standardize on the fundamental components below your application and evolve reusable design patterns that are relevant to you
  42. 42. Thank You Shiva N Amazon Web Sevices MSA-Summit