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Innovation at Scale - Top 10 AWS questions when you start

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Innovation at Scale - Top 10 AWS questions when you start

  1. 1. ©  2015,   Amazon   Web  Services,  Inc.   or  its  Affiliates.   All  rights  reserved. Shiva  Narayanaswamy,  Solutions  Architect,  AWS 19th August  2015 AWS  Innovation  at  Scale Melbourne
  2. 2. AWS’  Rapid  Pace  of  Innovation AWS  has  launched  a  total  of  1,173  new  features  and/or  services  between  inception  in  2006  and  2014 2011 82 159 2012 280 2013 516 2014
  3. 3. AWS’  History  of  Innovation AWS  has  been  continually  expanding  its  services  to  support  virtually  any  cloud  workload,  and  it   now  has  more  than  50  services  that  range  from  compute,  storage,  networking,  database,   analytics,  application  services,  deployment,  management  and  mobile. 2009 Amazon   RDS Amazon   VPC Auto   Scaling Elastic  Load Balancing 2010 Amazon   SNS AWS   Identity   & Access   Management Amazon   Route   53 2011 Amazon   ElastiCache Amazon   SES AWS   CloudFormation AWS   Direct   Connect AWS   Elastic   Beanstalk GovCloud 2012 Amazon   SWF Amazon   Redshift Amazon   Glacier Amazon   Dynamo   DB Amazon   CloudSearch AWS   Storage Gateway AWS   Data   Pipeline 2013 Amazon   CloudTrail Amazon   CloudHSM Amazon   WorkSpaces Amazon   Kinesis Amazon   Elastic Transcoder Amazon   AppStream AWS   OpsWorks 2015 Amazon   EFS Amazon   API   Gateway Amazon   WorkMail Amazon   Machine   Learning AWS   Device  Farm 2014 AWS   KMS Amazon   Config Amazon   Cognito Amazon   Mobile   Analytics   Amazon   ECS Amazon   RDS   for   Aurora Amazon   Lambda Amazon   WorkDocs AWS   Directory   Service AWS   CodeCommit AWS   CodePipeline
  4. 4. 1.  How  does  this  cloud  thing  compare  with  my   datacenter?  
  5. 5. On-­Premises  Infrastructure                                                            Amazon  Web  Services Security Network Servers Storage  &  Database RDBMSDAS SAN NAS Security Network Servers Storage  &  Database Security  Groups NACLs Access  Mgmt EBS S3 VPC VPC Amazon  EC2 RDSEphemeral ELB AMI Instances
  6. 6. Global  Footprint 11  regions 28  availability  zones 53  edge  locations Over  1  million  active customers  across 190  countries 900+  government  agencies 3,400+  educational  institutions Everyday,  AWS  adds  enough  new  server  capacity  to  support when  it  was  a  $7  billion   global  enterprise.
  7. 7. Example  AWS  Region AZ AZ AZ AZ AZ Transit Transit
  8. 8. Example  AWS  Availability  Zone AZ AZ AZ AZ AZ Transit Transit
  9. 9. Example  AWS  Data  Center
  10. 10. In  2014: “Friends  don’t  let  friends build  data  centers.” Charles  Philips,   CEO
  11. 11. 2.  How  do  I  connect  my  office/datacenter  to   AWS?  How  does  networking  work?  
  12. 12. Corporate  Data  Center
  13. 13. 3.  What  use  cases  are  people  having  great   success  with?  
  14. 14. Tens  of  Thousands  of  Customers   from  Australia  and  New  Zealand
  15. 15. 4.  Is  AWS  a  place  to  run  Microsoft  Windows   workloads?
  16. 16. Windows  +  SQL  AMIs 27  Amazon  published  Microsoft  Windows  and   SQL  Server  AMIs Windows  Server  2012  R2 Windows  Server  2012 Windows  Server  2008  R2 Windows  Server  2008 Windows  Server  2003 Microsoft  SharePoint  Foundation  2010  (2008R2) 5  Windows  OS  versions,  in  up  to  19  languages 18  SQL  Server  versions/editions
  17. 17. Microsoft  on  AWS
  18. 18. AWS  SDKs  &  Toolkits   Java .NET nodeJS Node  JS Ruby RubyPython PHP iOS IOS Android AWS  CLI PowershellVisual  Studio Eclipse
  19. 19. AWS  Management  Pack  for  System  Center  2012
  20. 20. Amazon  EC2 Amazon   Route  53 AWS  Direct   Connect Amazon   S3 Amazon   Glacier Dynamo  DB Amazon  RDS ElastiCache Amazon  SES Amazon  SQS Amazon   SNS
  21. 21. 5.  Can  I  run  high  performance  workloads  on   AWS?
  22. 22. Compute  Services Elastic  Compute  Cloud  (EC2) c3.8xlarge g2.medium m3.large Basic  unit  of  compute  capacity,  virtual  machines Range  of  CPU,  memory  &  local  disk  options Choice  of  instance  types,  from  micro  to  cluster  compute
  23. 23. Scalability  on  AWS Time:  +24h Scale  using  Elastic  Capacity >1500   cores
  24. 24. Scalability  on  AWS Time:+72h Scale  using  Elastic  Capacity <10  cores
  25. 25. Scalability  on  AWS Time:  +120h Scale  using  Elastic  Capacity >600  cores
  26. 26. Throughput EBS DynamoDB RDS
  27. 27. TOP500:  76th  fastest  supercomputer  on-­demand Jun  2014  Top  500  list 484.2  TFlop/s 26,496  cores  in  a  cluster  of   EC2  C3  instances   Intel  Xeon  E5-­2680v2  10C   2.800GHzprocessors LinPack Benchmark
  28. 28. 6.  Application  re-­architecture  /  do  I  have  to  change   my  app  architectures?
  29. 29. 7.  Will  my  data  be  secure?
  30. 30. Security is  Job  Zero YOU  ARE  BETTER  OFF  IN  AWS  THAN  YOU  ARE  IN  YOUR   OWN  ENVIRONMENT • “Based  on  our  experience,  I  believe  that  we  can  be  even  more   secure  in  the  AWS  cloud  than  in  our  own  data  centers.” -­Tom  Soderstrom,  CTO,  NASA  JPL • “Nearly  60%  of  organizations  agreed  that  CSPs  [cloud  service   providers]  provide  better  security  than  their  own  IT  organizations.” Source:    IDC  2013  U.S.  Cloud  Security  Survey,   doc  #242836,  September  2013
  31. 31. AWS   Foundation  Services Compute Storage Database Networking AWS   Global  Infrastructure Regions Availability   Zones Edge  Locations Network Security Server   Security Customer  applications  &  content You  get  to  define   your  controls  IN the  Cloud AWS  takes  care   of  the  security   OF the  Cloud You AWS  And  You  Share  Responsibility  for  Security Data Security Access   Control
  32. 32. Key  AWS  Certifications  and  Assurance  Programs
  33. 33. Multi  level  security • Physical   security  of  the  data  centers • Network  security • System  security • Data  security DATA Defense  in  Depth
  34. 34. 8.  Where  is  my  visibility?
  35. 35.  Health  Dashboard
  36. 36. AWS  Cloudtrail
  37. 37. AWS  Config Continuous  stream  of  resource   configuration  changes Review  full  history  of  all  configuration   changes Review  configuration  change  impact   across  resources
  38. 38. CloudWatch  
  39. 39. 9.  Do  I  have  to  change/throw  my  current  skill   sets  out  the  window?
  40. 40. 10.  Where  do  I  start  my  technical  learning?
  41. 41. AWS  Training  -­ Modalities On-­Line  Training Instructor  Led  Classes Certifications Gain  confidence  and  hands-­ on  experience  with  AWS.   Watch  free  Instructional   Videos  and  explore  Self-­ Paced  Labs Learn  how  to  design,  deploy  and   operate  highly  available,  cost-­ effective,  and  secure  applications   on  AWS  in  courses  led  by   experienced  instructors Validate  your  technical  expertise   with  AWS  and  use  practice  exams   to  help  you  prepare  for  AWS   Certification Intro  to  AWS  Videos AWS  Essentials Self  Paced  Labs Learn  how  to  work  with  an   AWS  service  in  minutes   with  free,  online   instructional  videos Get  familiar  with  AWS   core  services  like   Compute,  Storage,   Database  and  Network  in   one-­day  course Gain  practical,  hands-­on   experience  working  with   technology  in  a  practice   environment Learn  at  your  pace…
  42. 42. AWS  Training  Courses  for  APN  Partners New TCO and Cloud Economics e-learning
  43. 43. Thank  You