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  1. 1. YO’CURES Batch No-05 Under the Guidance of, Miss. B. SHILPA.M.TECH. (ASST.PROFESSOR) Batch members D.Sravani(08Ek1A0517), N.Baby Shalini(08Ek1A0558), K.Shiva Krishna(08Ek1A0540), V. Kiran Kumar(08Ek1A0592).
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Using YO’CURES technology is mainly useful in the REAL WORLD with wide intranet accessible.  YO’CURES is used not only for register users but also the normal users by searching for categories and subcategories.  The resource of the “YO’CURES” is accessible to anyone (normal users)Within an Organization.  This “YO’CURES” is a user friendly application. 
  3. 3. EXISTING SYSTEM Existing system is meant for only to know about yoga center and how to contact it.  In existing system we doesn’t have an form for the user as well as a doctor to create an account.  If user view the site, they wanted to registered an appointment means they have to come to the yoga center itself. 
  4. 4. PROPOSED SYSTEM In Proposed system user can have registration on online itself.  We are using software and database to store the given details.  We can easily register the appointment on online.  It maintains proper communication between patients and doctors. 
  5. 5. Scope of the Project Project is developed the functionality is simple, the objective of the proposal is to strength the functioning of Admin monitoring and make them effective and better.  The entire project has been divided into four streams known as Admin, Doctor, Normal User, and Registered User. 
  6. 6. Hardware & Software Requirements Hardware Requirements:  Minimum : 120GB Hard Disk Pentium : P-IV Processor RAM : 2GB Windows Operating System Software Requirements: Operating System: Windows XP Language: C# with ASP Database :SQL Type of server : SQL Browser:Internet explorer,Mozilla Firefox,Google chrome.
  7. 7. MODULES Normal User Module  Registered User Module  Administrator  Doctors Module 
  8. 8. UML DIAGRAMS Use case diagram for Normal User User About yo’cures Contact Us Login Guest Book FreeTips Register
  9. 9. Use case diagram for Registered User Registered user View Yoga Asanas Add Appointment Change Profile View Appointment Modify Appointment View Profile Cancel Appointment View doctors
  10. 10. Use case diagram for Admin Admin Add Doctor Approve/Reject Guest Opinion Poll Add Yoga Asana View Profile Change profile
  11. 11. Use case diagram for Doctor Doctor View All Appointments Approve/Reject Appointment View Profile Change Profile
  12. 12. ACTIVITY DIAGRAMS Activity Diagram For Registered User
  13. 13. Activity Diagram For Admin
  14. 14. Activity Diagram For Doctor
  15. 15. Sequence Diagram for User
  16. 16. Sequence Diagram for Registered user Regist ered User Serv er Browse Appointment but ton It will show A ppoint ment Form fill det ails and submit Det ails sav e in db Browse V iew A ppoint ment butt on It v iew all t he Registered users Browse Modify Appoint ment butt on Here it shows a form we can modify and submit Det ails sav e in db Browse Cancel A ppoint ment butt on Here we hav e form fill the det ail and giv e a submit Det ails sav e in db Browse View Profile butt on Here we can v iew t he profile of Regist ered user Browse Change Profile butt on we hav e a form fill t he data and submit Det ails sav e in db Browse Yoga Asanam but ton It will list the yoga asanam and click one it shows description
  17. 17. Sequence Diagram for Admin
  18. 18. Sequence Diagram for Doctor
  19. 19. Data Base Design 1. Asana Table 2.Guest book Table 3.Openion Poll Table 4.Appointment Table 5.Register Table
  20. 20. Table structure for table asana Field Type Null Sno(pk) int(5) No asana_name varchar(100) No asana_pose varchar(100) No asana_description varchar(15000) No asana_tips varchar(10000) No asana_benefits varchar(10000) No asana_injuries varchar(10000) No asana_faults varchar(10000) No asana_healingeffects varchar(10000) No Images varchar(50) No Default
  21. 21. Screen Shots Normal User Home Page
  22. 22. Registered User Home Page
  23. 23. TESTING    The proposed system is tested parallel with the software effort that consists of its own phases of analysis, implementation, testing and maintenance. Unit Testing Unit testing is of three types.  Statement Converge  Branch Converge  Logical path Converge Integration Testing Integration testing is of three types.  Bottom up Integration  Top down Integration  Sandwich Integration
  24. 24. CONCLUSION This project is identified by the merits of the system offered to the user. It’s a web-enabled project.  This project offers user to enter the data through simple and interactive forms. This is very helpful for the client to enter the desired information through so much simplicity.  Data storage and retrieval will become faster and easier to maintain because data is stored in a systematic manner and in a single database. 