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Milky mushroom


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made by Durgesh

Milky mushroom

  1. 1. Cultivation of white milky mushroomfollowing point should be included :– A. Introduction B. History C. Cultivation practices
  2. 2. INTRODUTION:-  Milky mushroom is new species. Scientifically known as Calocybe indica. It is robust, fleshy, milky white, umbrella like mushroom. It is suitable for hot and humid climate. Grow well in 25-35ºc temp. . It can be cultivated throughout the year.
  3. 3.  Cultivation is very simple and less costrequired. Harvested 24 – 28 days after spawing. Crop cycle 45-50 days. Shelf life 3-5 days. Therefore easy to handling, transportation andstorage.
  4. 4. HISTORY:- It was reported for the 1sttime in India by Purkayasthaand Chandra (1974) Calocybe is small genus of 40 species Name is derive from Ancient Greek term kalos“pretty” and “head”
  5. 5. Scientific classificationKingdom: FungiDivision: BasidiomycotaClass: AgaricomycetesOrder: AgaricalesFamily: LyophyllaceaeGenus: Calocybe
  6. 6. NUTRITIVE VALUE OF MUSHROOM:- Contain highest protein 17.2%. 64.24% carbohydrate,4.1% fat,4%solublesugar,2.9% starch, 7.43% ash. Good source of pyridoxine Vit.B₆. Low in calories, fat and sodium. High in crude fiber (3.4%)and essential minerals.
  7. 7.  Also contain 12 essential amino acids, i.e. Alanine Aspartic acid Glutamine Glutamic acid Lysine valine histidin Threonine Tyrosine
  8. 8. CUTIVATION PRACTICES:- Production of mushroom spawn substrate Bed preparation Casing Cropping Harvesting Yield
  9. 9. Flow chartChopped paddy straw 3-5 cm Soaked in cold water4-5 hr Drain out excess water
  10. 10. Hot water(3-4 hr)/chemical treatment with carbendazim and formalin Drain of excess water Drying at 60-70% moist level Prepared bed
  11. 11. Pining the beds Incubated bed for 12-13 days Apply casing Beds are to be incubatedRegularly sprayed water maintain 50-60% moisture levelPin heads appear 8-10 days after casing Harvesting after 3-5 days Packing and drying
  12. 12. Bed Preparations
  13. 13. Apply casing
  14. 14. White milky mushrooms