Website Designing and Internet Marketing


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Website designing and internet marketing, need of the hour, a well designed and optimized website, gets ranked well in search engines.

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Website Designing and Internet Marketing

  1. 1. Website and Internet Marketing
  2. 2. What are your expectations Today?
  3. 3. What lies above is tiny Compared to… What lies below
  4. 4. Internet users in 2002
  5. 5. Exploding Internet Internet users in 2008
  6. 6. Is this our… Target Audience?
  7. 7. Just imagine, how big this opportunity can be?
  8. 8. Connect with prospective customers Expand reachable markets Give better service to clients
  9. 9. Consistent marketing Project and work sharing Save Printing & Mailing costs
  10. 10. A website is your Shop or Office on Internet
  11. 11. So, what is a website? Website Images Content
  12. 12. Website Designing – Life Cycle Imagination Objective Future Planning Developing Internet Marketing Trials & feedback
  13. 13. Website Designing – Precautions
  14. 14. Website Marketing on Internet Social media iPR PPC SEO Directories Emails
  15. 15. Email Marketing Keep In Touch Fast and Easy Interactive Personalisation is possible Click track is Possible Saves on Printing cost
  16. 16. Directories Listing Fake enquiries are possible Increases traffic to your website Easily searchable Lists other competitors as well Template driven designs Lack of personal attention
  17. 17. Search Engine Optimisation Long term benefits – Tree to fruits 70 % of people use search engines to find website Easily searchable Keywords SE friendliness of your website Being on 1 st Page always matters The cheapest marketing tool
  18. 18. PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising Cheaper than other medias Key word driven / Audience Choice Budget & Bid Immediate enquiries / response Define geography Ideal for short term benefits
  19. 19. iPR – Internet PR (Online PR) Create Brand Perception It has ripple effect, similar to newspaper article Get visibility on SE’s Generate Interest / Create hype Customer retention & loyalty   Ideal tool for new launches
  20. 20. Search Engine Marketing – Yahoo Results TOP in Search means TOP on mind
  21. 21. Organic Search V/s Paid Search (PPC) Business is on 1 st page of Search Engines TOP in Search
  22. 22. What Is Social Media social media is basically a conversation hi whats up? social media
  23. 23. What Is Social Media social media is also your online reputation Love her! He said what? social media
  24. 24. Social Media Marketing Generate Positive feedbacks New method of marketing Better visibility on SE’s Up date on daily basis Interact with Customers/prospects   Demonstrate products with Video
  25. 25. YouTube in 2007 Consumed As Much Bandwidth As The Entire Internet in 2000
  26. 26. eMarketer More than 1 in 8 viewers make a purchase after watching a video ad online
  27. 27. Questions & Answers
  28. 28. Presented by Punit Thakkar Mobile: 9820755885 Email: [email_address] Website: |