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Always On Business Agility


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This Presentation deals with the solutions related to the Email and CRM Problems.

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Always On Business Agility

  1. 1. Analytical Co. Ltd. (Name changed)Always On Business Agility Created by : Shivaami Corporation Presented by : Punit Thakkar
  2. 2. Name changed : Analytical Co. Ltd.Business:One of the Leading Distributors ofLaboratory Equipments and Accessories in IndiaRepresenting multiple Principals from across the GlobeMultiple offices across India150+ resellers across India250+ Sales & support persons on the field
  4. 4. Analytical Co. Ltd.IT problems faced by the company:•Inconsistency in Emails•Delegation of Emails•Control of Mobile Devices•High Cost of Online Training•CRM : Security of Information•Malwares reported on CRM Site
  5. 5. Analytical Co. Ltd.Non - IT problems faced by the company:•Lack of confidence in front of Global Principals•Lost business opportunities due to down time of emails• Malvertising from CRM•Fear of competition stealing data from CRM•Overall loss of “TRUST” Internal and external influencers
  6. 6. Solutions to Email Problems• Inconsistency in Emails • Control of Mobile Devices• Delegation of Emails • Online TrainingConsiderations were:1. MS Exchange 2. Lotus Notes 3. Google Apps
  7. 7. Solutions to Email Problems• Inconsistency in Emails• Consideration : Gmail has almost nil outage or down time
  8. 8. Solutions to Email Problems• Delegation of Emails• Consideration: Delegation of Emails through Collaborative Inbox
  9. 9. Solutions to Email Problems• Control of Mobile Devices• Consideration: Mobile Devices Control Only Gmail or Blackberry Enterprise Server has this facility.
  10. 10. Solutions to Email Problems• Online Training• Consideration: Online Training: Video Chat + Hangout + On Air
  11. 11. Solutions to Email ProblemsOther applications from Google Apps were considered as bonus:• Cost = IT managers Time + License cost + Lost opportunities due to email down time• Sharing of Documents and Control over it• Sharing of Multiple Calendar• Micro site creation by the product teams• Most important: No training to be given to field staff (Almost everyone had a Gmail account & knew how to use it)
  12. 12. Solutions to CRM Problems• CRM : Security of Information• Malwares reported on CRM siteSolution offered was:VeriSign SSL Certificate to be installed on to CRM server for• Domain ownership verification = To avoid Phising Thus restore confidence with Principals• Malware Scan = Immediate alert by email warns of malware• Vulnerability Assessment = Weekly Scan & Reporting
  13. 13. Solutions to CRM ProblemsTo acquire SSL certificate requirements were:•Verify the legal, physical and operational existence of the entity•Verify that the identity of the entity matches official records•Verify that the entity has exclusive right to use the domainspecified in the SSL certificate request•Verify that the entity has properly authorized the issuance ofthe SSL certificate Is now…
  14. 14. Thank YouPunit Thakkar 98207 55885 Authorised Resellers for